In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 99

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 99: Wall of sigh

Chapter 99: Wall of sigh

Ren Tianyou advanced towards Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo step by step, and from that huge body of Susanoo, all of them could sense a huge amount of pressure. Looking at this huge Susanoo, Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu continued to retreat backwards. After going through this battle just a moment ago, and in addition using several big moves, the energies inside of their bodies were already nearly exhausted, they didn’t have any strength left to battle. Adelaide and Diaixinao, these two huge dragons, while they were trapped inside the trap of Ren Tianyou, they had exhausted quite a huge amount of their power to remove the impurity inside their body.

“It’s all over.” Ren Tianyou waved the Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade), and send out a huge sword blade chop towards them. And this Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade) sword blade chop advanced towards Ximen Shu in the sky.

“Number one!” Seeing that the huge sword blade chop was advancing towards Ximen Shu, Ximen Xinbo cried out in fear. Just when the Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade)’s blade chop was about to hit Ximen Shu, a huge figure appeared in front of Ximen Shu, on the closer look this figure was actually Adelaide, who was using its huge dragon body to take on the powerful attack in the palace of Ximen Shu.

Ren Tianyou saw that the blade of Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade) had pierced through the huge dragon body of Adelaide, then suddenly a powerful red colored energy started to absorb the body of Adelaide, and following the blade of Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade), it would be sucked in inside the bottle gourd of Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade).

“Adelaide!” Seeing that Adelaide had used its body to block the attack for him, Ximen Shu immediately yelled in utter grief and indignation. And both Ximen Xinbo and Diaixinao couldn’t believe what they saw with their own eyes.

“Since you are so eager to die, I’ll help you achieve your aim. I have heard that the dragon is covered with precious treasures from head to toe, I will accept this gift. And I will also spare you from the endless pain of Illusion world.” Looking at that huge dragon Adelaide who had taken the attack in place of Ximen Shu, the blood red colored eyes of Ren Tainyou which hidden inside the mask flashed. Shortly afterwards Ren Tianyou who was prepared to immediately suck in that huge dragon body of Adelaide thought something, and the blade of Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade) flashed. Then the huge suction power of Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade) stopped for an instant, and in that instant the Totsuka no Tsurugi (Totsuka Blade) cut off the dragon head of Adelaide.

After the dragon head was cut off, that unceasingly struggling body of Adelaide completely stopped moving instantly. Then from the cut off neck of the dragon and the huge dragon mouth of the cut off head, huge amount of dragon blood poured out, painting the ground around them completely red.

But Ren Tainyou failed to notice, with the death of Adelaide, an invisible soul energy suddenly appeared from the headless Dragon corpse and entered his body.

The whole body of Ximen Shu was covered with the dragon blood of Adelaide, and along with that burning hot blood on his body, his brain finally perceive the current appearance of Adelaide, and his facial expression became lifeless, and then that expression gradually changed into a hideous expression. When he had just reached Saint-rank, he was given a chance to enter Dragon Island, there he had signed the contract with this golden dragon Adelaide and from then on Adelaide became his battle partner. Now he had already reached Deity-rank from Saint-rank, and till now he and Adelaide were already together for more than thirty years. And he had already regarded Adelaide as his most important partner, but now because of himself, Adelaide died, so why won’t he feel extremely grieved.

Ximen Shu started Ren Tianyou with his eyes full of hatred, “You bastard, you actually killed Adelaide, I’ll fight you to death.” After finished talking, he was about to rush towards Ren Tianyou, but Ximen Xinbo used his remaining right hand to held him back to stop him.

“Number two, why are you stopping me, quickly let me go, I must kill this bastard, and take revenge for Adelaide.” Ximen Shu turned around his head towards Ximen Xinbo and roared.

“Number one, clam down a bit!” Ximen Xinbo gravely said to Ximen Shu, “If you rush to him in current circumstance, you are just courting death. Forget about taking revenge for Adelaide, instead you will also lose your life.”

Hearing Ximen Xinbo, Ximen Shu roared, “Then what should I do? Don’t tell me I cannot take revenge on this enemy?”

“Do you think the people of THAT place will let him off after he killed Adelaide? At that time, someone will naturally take revenge, even if his strength is extremely high, he won’t be able to escape.” At this time, Ximen Xinbo didn’t want to think much about taking revenge, because he knew that when the moment comes ‘THOSE people’ would take revenge for Adelaide, because from past to till now there was not a single person who had the ability to survive after they had killed a dragon. “And also right now the most important thing for us, is to return back these younger generation to clan. They are the future hope of our Ximen clan. We absolutely cannot let them fall here.”

Hearing Ximen Xinbo, Ximen Shu gradually settled down, “Yes, when the moment comes, naturally someone will avenge his death. Even though Divine wind continent is big, there absolutely will not be any place for him to stay.”

“Good, in this case we should act quickly. Let’s use that move.” Ximen Shu eyes flashed with determination and both of them looked at the eyes of each other.

“Diaixinao, you better leave this place, and return back to Dragon Island. You should not pointlessly waste your life in this insignificant fight.” Ximen Xinbo said to Diaixinbo.

“But this way you will………” Diaixinao looked towards Ximen Xinbo and said, because it already could guess what would happen if it left.

“We do not have time. I have already live for more than thirty years, it is already long enough. Only it’s a pity that from now on I can’t fight side by side with you again, and can no longer see my descendants.” Ximen Xinbo said with a voice filled with sorrow, then looked towards Diaixinao and said, “You should go away, quickly use the power of contract, even that guy won’t be able to stop you from leaving.”

“Both of you, take care of yourself.” Looking at its partner whom it had fought side by side for several tens of years, a reluctant to leave emotion flashed in the eyes of Diaixinao. Afterwards along with a boundless white color light beam, using the power of contract it returned back to Dragon Island.

“Not good!” Looking at the disappearing Frost dragon, Ren Tianyou was surprised, and secretly thought this was bad, after all he had killed a dragon, and if the other dragons knew about this, then this would not be a simple laughable matter.

“Fortunately I have worn a mask as a precaution to hide my identity, and also changed my voice. I think they wouldn’t be able to recognize me when that moment comes.” Ren Tianyou rejoiced a bit when he thought this, but he didn’t know that when he killed Adelaide, he had already invited a huge trouble for himself, and from here on he would fall into a very difficult position. But that is a part of story that is to come.

“You all, come over here.” Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu spoke towards those five Saint-ranked bodyguards of younger generation, “You five use Five Dragon Suppression Domain Formation, and release ‘wall of sigh’ and try to stall for time as long as possible. As for your family members, we Ximen clan will properly look after them in your place.”

Hearing five dragon suppression domain formation, those five saint-ranked bodyguards suddenly trembled. And their eyes flashed with the emotion of reluctant to part with their family members, because anyone who use this five dragon suppression domain formation, they would certainly die.

Five dragon suppression domain formation, this formation was high level battle formation handed down in Ximen clan. This formation requires five people with at least the power level of peak-Swords Master to use. Once this battle formation is activated, it absorbs all the life-force of the users, and the users of this formation could sustain for at most five minutes until all their life force are completely absorbed.

And this five dragon suppression domain formation altogether have five layers, one of its layer is ‘Wall of sigh’. Wall of sigh, as its name suggest, even if god face this, all he could do is heave a sigh aloud, as he would be powerless to do anything else. Although this wall of sigh formation is not as exaggerated as this, nevertheless it truly is a godly skill. This wall of sigh could bring out extremely powerful defense power which far surpass the defense level of users, it could actually surpass the rank of the user in defense power. In another words, if the actual power of user is only Saint ranked, then using this wall of sigh formation, even god ranked experts should exert their full power to break through their defense. And if five Saint ranked experts use this wall of sigh formation, then at least five Deity-ranked experts are required to break through their defense. The time limit of using this ‘Wall of sigh’ is at most five minutes, and after five minutes this formation would completely absorb the life force of user.

“Yes.” This five body guards didn’t hesitated any longer, and replied in unison. These guys and other similar bodyguards were orphan children with high talent that was bought as a slave cultivator by Ximen clan. From childhood they were brainwashed to protect Ximen clan, they were molded in such a way that they would die for Ximen clan, i.e. on the earth these types of soldiers were known as dead soldier. So all five of them didn’t contradicted the order of Ximen Xinbo.

After that these five Saint ranked body guards moved instantly, and formed a special circular formation and surrounded the member of Ximen clan including Ximen Shu and others. Then all five of them bit their right hand, and releasing a huge amount of battle qi, they quickly wrote a huge blood words. After these five huge blood words appeared in the sky, the powerful battle qi mixed with a peculiar power of life force appeared around them. Upon careful look, these five words were ‘five, ‘dragon’, ‘suppression’, ‘domain’ and ‘formation’. These five words.

“Five dragon suppression domain formation, first layer——–wall of sigh, open!” These five Saint-ranked experts roared simultaneously. Then five huge blood pillar suddenly rose from the body of these five individuals, then gradually spread and these five blood pillars combined, and changed into a huge blood colored light which covered all the members of Ximen clan. And on the top of this light the five words ‘five’, ‘dragon’, ‘suppression’, ‘domain’ and ‘formation’ were drifting away.

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    1. The MC is dumb man. He acts stupid as hell. And even tho he hasnt battle 2038293 battles and earned experiance. He breaks common sense in fights. HE waits for them to power up and attack, lets them have strategy meetings and just using genin skills like wtf. Either author wants to make MC stupid or… idk man fights are the only thing that this story sucks at.

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