In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 96

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 96: Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Reverse Summoning Jutsu)

Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Reverse Summoning Jutsu)

After the huge tornado water column and icy storm of Ximen Xinbo collided with each other, both of these two energies refused to budge, and the energies on these attacks were consumed, and then both of them vanished. After that Ximen Xinbo immediately started at the direction at where Ren Tianyou was before.

At this time, Ximen Xinbo suddenly heard a sound was coming through above his head. When he looked up, he saw that mysterious person had appeared above his head, and his right hand was coming towards him which was holding a round energy ball.

“Not good! Ice cold path!” Seeing Ren Tianyou above his head, Ximen Xinbo immediately used his life saving magic. A large amount of ice white colored cold ice radiance came out from his body which burst out behind him making a long path of ice backwards, and his body along with the appearance of this ice path, changed into a blur and go along this long ice path advancing backward. Many figure of Ximen Xinbo appeared on this ice path, and Ren Tianyou was unable to differentiate which one was real body.

“Odama Rasengan (Giant Rasengan)!” Ren Tianyou yelled, and his Odama Rasengan directly attacked the back of Frost dragon Diaixinao. Immediately after that a horrible scream was heard, as the attack of Ren Tainyou had landed on the huge dragon body of Frost dragon, and it sent flying down towards the ground.

On the other side, the real body of Ren Tainyou also appeared above both Ximen Shu and his golden dragon, his right hand similarly had an Odama Rasengan (Giant Rasengan) and it was advancing towards them. But the reaction speed of Ximen Shu was faster compared to Ximen Xinbo. He lifted his right hand, and waved his right hand which was holding his huge dragon sword which was covered with his gold colored battle qi towards Ren Tainyou.

But at this moment, Ximen Shu suddenly saw the blood red color at the eye location of the mask, then suddenly felt something wrong with his body, and the sight in front of his eyes suddenly changed. Then he felt that the line of his vision became a bit dim, and suddenly in front of him appeared a huge gold colored snake, and that snake tightly warped around his body making him impossible to move.

“This is? Illusion!” Feeling the changes on his body, Ximen Shu was panic-stricken inside his heart and muttered to himself. He didn’t think that outside of magic, Ren Tianyou could actually use such profound illusions too. Without wasting any time, Ximen Shu gathered all the spiritual power inside his body in his brain, and prepared to forcedly break the illusion of Ren Tianyou. The golden dragon Adelaide also sensed the changes, so without wasting any time it also gathered its gold colored dragon power.

“Both of you are too slow.” At that moment, the voice of Ren Tianyou came, then the body of Ren Tianyou penetrated golden dragon Adelaide’s hastily gathered gold colored dragon power which had formed into a shield, and heavily hit on its dragon back, and immediately sending it flying down towards the ground, and at the same time, the right leg kicked the face of Ximen Shu, and was sent flying too.

After that Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone both landed on the ground, then looking at the both huge dragon which was brought down with his Odama Rasengan, he and his shadow clone again started to make a series of hand seals in a high speed, after about 5 seconds both of them completed their preparation at the same time.

“Raiton—Shichu Shibari!” (Lightning Style—Four-Pillar Trap!)

The ground around the two huge dragon started to shake violently, then ‘ka ka’ sound could be heard, and 4 huge stone pillar suddenly stuck out from the ground, after that immense lightning stuck out from those 4 stone pillars, and firmly bind up both huge dragon.




Feeling a numb sensation on their body, Diaixinao and Adelaide simultaneously growled, and struggled to get out from the middle of these 4 stone pillars.

“Don’t imagine that it’s possible for you to success.” Seeing both huge dragon were struggling to free themselves, Ren Tianyou loudly yelled and simultaneously made a series of hand seals. He had obtained this rare chance with difficulty, so how could he let them struggle free this easily.

“Doton—Nentsuchi Otoshi!” (Earth Style—Mud Fall!)

Along with the loud yell, two big portals suddenly opened above the two struggling huge dragons, then a large amount of mud spew down onto those huge dragons.

Then without any pause, Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone again made a series of hand seals, “Raiton—Jurokuchu Shibari!” (Lightning Style—Sixteen Pillar Trap!)

Along with the completion of this ninjutsu, suddenly several giant pillars appeared which then formed a giant oven-like structure around those two huge dragon who were covered with mud, and this structure trapped those two huge dragon inside. After that Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone jumped and landed on two stone pillars, then again simultaneously made a series of hand seals in a high speed,  “I, your father will change you into a porcelain, Katon—Suyaki no Jutsu! (Fire Style—Biscuit Firing Jutsu!) Along with the completion of this ninjutsu, inside the two structure, suddenly a huge flame started to burn, and simultaneously the two huge dragon let out a severe horrible shriek from inside.

“Hu hu!” Ren Tainyou was panting heavily. After going through this fight, he had consumed a large amount of chakra, and the shadow clone at his side also changed into a white smoke with a “peng” sound and disappeared. But even now he still had not achieved his objective.

At that moment, Ren Tianyou suddenly sensed something unusual, and immediately he jumped up and left the stone pillar. After Ren Tianyou had just left the stone pillar, ice-cold layer of ice covered that stone pillar where he was standing just a moment ago, and then with a cracking sound, that stone pillar disintegrated turning into ice sediments.

Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu flew at the side of two huge stone prison and yelled inside, “Adelaide, are you alight?”

“Diaixinao, are you all okay?”

At that moment, the two huge stone prison suddenly gave out a ‘ka ka’ cracking sound, Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu was stupefied but without losing any time, they quickly flew back. Just after both of them had retreated, with a ‘peng’ sound those two stone prison thoroughly disintegrated, and at those two place, two porcelain statue of two huge dragon appeared.



Witnessing this, both Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo simultaneously roared loudly, but subsequently they could still felt the contractual relation between them. After sensing this, both of them simultaneously heave a sigh of relief, because they could still clearly sense the existence of contract, and also from their mental perception they could still discover the life-force inside this two statue, this explained that those two dragons still hadn’t died.

“Diaixinao, you wait, I will come to help you.” Sensing the life force of Diaixinao was still present, Ximen Xinbo excitedly spoke, then tightly held his magic wand and was ready to cast the spell to save them, but was immediately stopped by Ximen Shu.

“Don’t, number two.” Ximen Shu stopped Ximen Xinbo, “you must not behave this way. Their body is thoroughly surrounded, even to the extent that those things have already entered inside their body.  If we rashly break exterior layer of stone, their body might also torn into pieces along with the exterior stones.”

“Then what should we do?” Hearing Ximen Shu, Ximen Xinbo anxiously asked.

“We can only have faith on them, wait for them to force out those things from within their body and break through the exterior stone layer. Now we must focus on disposing this troublesome fellow.” Ximen Shu turned towards Ren Tianyou and said with a gloomy complexion.

On the other side, Ren Tianyou saw that both huge dragons were finally trapped temporarily, and released a sigh of relief. “Without these two troublesome little lizard, the pressure on me also got smaller. However I need to replenish my chakra first before anything.”

The space ring on his right hand flashed with light and then a huge scroll appeared in his hand. After that he opened that scroll, bit his thumb, and quickly made a series of hand seal, “Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Reverse Summoning Jutsu!)”

“Peng!” Along with a large amount of white smoke, another Ren Tianyou who was sitting cross-legged and was also wearing black colored wind breaker with cloud pattern on it, suddenly appeared above the scroll.

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        1. I agree. Many things in this fanfic has been 70% offscreen tarining+ 30% using jutsu to curbstomp cultivators

  1. Funny enough, i have never actually watched Naruto, so i have to google like every 5 seconds when reading a chapter.

  2. Finally he actually did something. Thought we were gonna have 10 more chapters of
    “SHALLA ice bomb”
    “NO, SHALA fire jutsu” and so on..

  3. Here comes sennin mode. But which one? Toads,snakes or slugs?Or is it Hashirama’s sennin mode?

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