In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 95

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 95: Combination ninjutsu

Combination ninjutsu

Along with the two thunderous dragon roar, two huge dragon heads suddenly drilled out from inside that black hole, and shortly afterwards along with the heads, their whole bodies also slowly squeezed out form that black hole. Along with the appearance of these two huge dragons, the horrifying might of these two dragon spread in all direction. Due this dragon might, Ximen Yue’er and others couldn’t help but felt that their body were heavy, and immense pressure was pushing down on their body. Both of their legs started bent a bit, and were being forced to slowly kneel on the ground by this pressure.

“Why did you two brothers summon us? Eh?” Both huge dragons flapped their huge wings and flew next to Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu, and one huge dragon whose whole body was completely gold color opened its huge mouth and asked question in human language. And just at that time, its huge dragon eye noticed the cutoff arm of Ximen Xinbo, and furthermore the destroyed surroundings underneath them. Seeing these that huge gold colored dragon couldn’t refrain from becoming surprise and bewilder. “Xinbo, what happened to your arm? Why cut off?”

“Exactly, quickly tell us who did it, actually dared to injure the contractor of I, Great frost dragon, Diaixinao. Look how I will tear him into shreds.” Remaining huge dragon whose body was completely ice white in color, and was releasing terrifying cold air, opened up its huge dragon mouth and spoke in rage.

“Adelaide, Diaixinao, we summoned you because this time we met an extremely formidable enemy. Due to that we had no choice but to summon you to lend us your strength.” Ximen Shu looked towards two huge dragons and spoke.

“Is that formidable enemy, that masked guy over there?” Golden huge dragon Adelaide looked towards the direction of distant Ren Tianyou, and asked doubtfully.

“Yes, that’s him. You must not look down upon him, that guy can use Sand system, Fire system, and Wind system, these three types of energy, and in addition we do not know whether he still have any hidden strength. Also he can use a kind of terrifying black flame, you could say that there is nothing that couldn’t be burned by that flame and also this back flame can’t be extinguish. My arm was precisely cut off for that reason.” Ximen Xinbo stared straight at Ren Tianyou, and intense hatred could be seen on his face.

“Flame? Xinbo, even under your strength you are in this condition? A mere flame defeated you, my untold hardships to help you obtain ice system energy is really wasted.” Hearing Ximen Xinbo, Frost dragon Diaixinao said in disappointed manner.

“That is not the case, Diaixinao, you must not underestimate this flame. My ice system magical power couldn’t extinguish this flame, instead it became the fuel to the flame. If you don’t believe me, look there that black flame is still burning till now without disappearing.” Ximen Xinbo explained to Diaixinbo.

Hearing Ximen Xinbo, Diaixinbo turned its huge head downwards to look, then it saw that the extremely evil looking black flame was still burning in the middle of the ice and snow world created by Ximen Xinbo. All the surrounding ice-cold hard layer of ice were slowly being burnt without leaving anything, and the Amaterasu flame was also getting bigger and bigger.

Looking at this black flame, Diaixinao just snorted with disdain while releasing an ice-cold breath from its nostrils, after that it opened its huge mouth and released its terrifying ice cold dragon breath. Because of this dragon breath, the air around started to froze into the pieces of ice cubes.

After releasing its dragon breath, Diaixinao had an expression of complete confidence with itself, but the result nevertheless nearly made its huge dragon eye balls to pop out and drop in the ground. Its dragon breath as if a moth darting into the flame was completely swallowed by that black flame.

“What?” Seeing the end result of its dragon breath, Diaixinao cried out in alarm. And the golden dragon Adelaide also didn’t dared to believe what he had just seen with its own eyes. It clearly knew the coldness degree of the dragon breath of Frost dragon Diaixinao. It could be said that the ordinary flame couldn’t even come close to its body, and even the fire system magic of Deity-ranked fire system magician could hardly have any effect on its body. Yet now this little unassuming black flame actually directly swallowed up the dragon breath of Diaixinao, and also after swallowing this dragon breath, the flame became bigger. In the end what kind of strange fame is this?

“Humph, want to extinguish my Amaterasu, you still have a long way to go.” Looking at the move of this frost dragon, Ren Tianyou snorted with disdain. But inside his heart nevertheless became cautious. Originally there were only two Deity-ranked experts, which was already quite bad, but now he have to deal with additional two Deity-ranked horrifying huge dragons. The battle was going to be even more difficult.

“We just have to watch out for that guy’s flame, and that will be enough.” Ximen Shu turned his head towards Adelaide and said, “We should hurry, if this get drag on for a long period of time, it will be more disadvantageous for us. The injury of Number two is only temporarily suppressed, and he cannot fight for long time.”

“Fine, get on my back and let’s start.” Gold dragon Adelaide answered, then called Ximen Shu to get on its back. Ximen Shu immediately jumped on the back of Adelaide, and his gold colored battle qi harmoniously combined with gold colored dragon power of Gold dragon’s body. And they looked just like a golden sun in the sky, and illuminated all the surrounding space.


Golden dragon let out a loud dragon roar, then the dragon power around its body suddenly rose sharply, then carrying Ximen Shu on its back, it quickly advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

“We should also.” Tightly holding the magic wand with his remaining right hand, Ximen Xinbo also flew and landed on the back of Frost dragon, and spoke.

“Rest assured Xinbo, look how I’ll avenge you.” Diaixinao said to Ximen Xinbo, then directly followed the figure of Gold dragon, and advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

“Group brawl? I’m also not alone.” Looking at the incoming two huge dragons and two brothers of Ximen clan, Ren Tianyou immediately made a series of hand seals in a high speed, “Ninpo——-Kage Bunshin no jutsu!” (Ninja art——Shadow clone jutsu!)

Along with the “peng” sound, the white smoke appeared, and at the side of Ren Tianyou, a single person having the identical appearance of Ren Tianyou appeared. And he thought, ‘Dividing into many shadow clone would only waste my chakra, besides in current situation only one shadow clone is enough to deal.’

After using shadow clone, Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone both started to make a series of hand seals at the same time. After both of them completed their hand seals, Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone simultaneously roared.

“Katon——Ryuen Hoka no Jutsu!” (Fire Style—–Dragon Flame Caterwaul!)

“Aooooo!”, “Aooooo!” ………………Along with the several loud roar of the dragon, a dozen or so dragon shaped flame was spited out from the mouth of Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone, and they advance towards incoming Ximen Xinbo, Ximen Shu and their dragons.

Looking at this attack, Golden dragon Adelaide became serious, and said towards Ximen Shu on its back, “Incoming, make preparation.”

“I understand.” Ximen Xinbo immediately answered. This dragon was his partner for a very long periods of time, so even without communication with their mouth, they could easily sense what each other wanted to say, so he clearly knew what he should do.

“Draconic Shield!” The mouth of Adelaide opened and closed, quickly chanting the incanting, then very quickly huge gold colored light shield appeared in from of them. Then the attack of Ren Tianyou hit on this shield, and immediately numerous ripples started to appear on this light shield. The light screen was unceasingly becoming weaker under the impact of the attack, and after a bit of time, it almost became transparent.

“What?” Gold dragon Adelaide was shocked beyond words, it didn’t expect that its Draconic shield would actually got almost destroyed this easily under the attack. Seeing this it was so scared that, without losing any time, it poured out huge amount of its energy to maintain this Draconic shield as long as possible.

Looking at the plight of Adelaide, Ximen Shu immediately gave up the preparation of his next attack, and yelled loudly, “Domain——Dragon origin!”

“Swish!” The invisible energy fluctuated under the control of Ximen Shu, and that energy condense in front of them, and changed it into an energy shield to help Adelaide to block the attack of Ren Tianyou.

No kidding, this Katon——Ryuen Hoka no Jutsu (Fire Style—–Dragon Flame Caterwaul) was ‘A’ ranked fire style ninjutsu. When Uchina Madara had used this ninjutsu, although Tsunade was able to successfully block this attack, but all the remaining energy of her forbidden jutsu, Byakugo no Jutsu (the Hundred Healings jutsu) were completely exhausted. At present although Ren Tianyou was far away in strength compared to Uchiha Madara, but even in that case it was not that easy to block this attack of Ren Tianyou.

“Number two, we will stop this attack first. Both you and Diaixinao quickly make a move, you must not give him any time to attack again.”

“Understood!” Ximen Xinbo answered. After that the Frost dragon Diaixinao directly bypassed Ximen Shu and advanced towards Ren Tianyou. And simultaneously on the back of that frost dragon, Ximen Xinbo started to chant incantation.

“Draconic magic——–ice storm!”

Ximen Xinbo and Frost dragon simultaneously yelled, then the air suddenly became cold, after that the cold icy aura gradually appeared in the sky, and changed into a huge ice and frost tornado column which advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

Looking at the incoming ice storm, Ren Tianyou and his shadow clone simultaneously make a move.

“Wind style—-Rasengan!”

“Suiton—–Hahonryu!” (Water style—–Ripping Torrent!)”

“Combination jutsu——-Gufu Suika no Jutsu! (Combination jutsu—-Art of the Hurricane Vortex!)” Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, a huge water column suddenly appeared in front, and the wind style ninjutsu, Rasengan was combined with it, this turned into a huge tornado of water column which was surrounded with wind. Then this jutsu advanced towards the incoming ice storm.

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  1. the feelings when you got exited because of the fight then suddenly the cliff is in front of you,and the author/TL be like “do you like to hang here for a day?”

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *still wondering how amaterasu work* does it energy to burn? then can’t he just make a low level wind jutsu to redirect the flames to chase the enemy? and how is that ice field not get burned?
    even if it burns physical object, just use something as a mediator and flick it at the enemy… and it still don’t explain how the ice field not getting burned and starting a forest fire..

    1. It doesn’t work like ordinary fire. It’s more like a concept. “Can burn anything” and “Will keep burning till it’s target is gone”.

      If on the arm, it burns and spreads until it covers your whole body. Unless you cut the arm off first, in which case it disappears after burning the arm to nothingness. That’s only if it hits the skin though, if it’s on your clothes you can tear them off fast.

      If it hits a tree, it’ll spread through the entire tree and burn it all.

      It could destroy the whole world if it actually spreads, but it doesn’t, it’s limited to its target and any attempts made to extinguish it.

      So in this chapter where the fire actually started spreading and growing away from the severed arm… isn’t how it actually works.

  3. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *still wondering how amaterasu work* does it energy to burn? then can’t he just make a low level wind jutsu to redirect the flames to chase the enemy? and how is that ice field not get burned?
    even if it burns physical object, just use something as a mediator and flick it at the enemy… and it still don’t explain how the ice field not getting burned and starting a forest fire..

    1. Itachi can control amaterasu too. Fast enough to chase sasuke in curse seal mode. Unless rty can control it like sasuke, i dont think it can be combine.
      Naruto ended with so many unsolved questions. Even the databooks contradict with some facts in the actual manga

    1. most of his genjutsu needs eye contact, and right now he is wearing mask, which makes harder for him to use genjutsu. **this may or not be the reason****

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Aww, damn it no one ever uses the Wind Release: Rasengan this saddens me quite a lot.

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