In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 94

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 94: Doujutsu——-Amaterasu!


Along with the quick spread of this huge layer of ice, it rapidly reached to the Rashomon which was underneath Ren Tianyou. Then along with the ‘ka ka’ clear sound of freezing, this layer of ice rapidly froze this Rashomon and this freezing quickly extend towards him.

“Not good!” The eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with shock, then the space ring in his right hand immediately flashed with radiances, and a picture scroll and writing brush appeared in his hands. After that Ren Tianyou immediately opened the picture scroll, and using the writing brush with his right hand, he quickly started to draw. Very quickly the drawing took the form of an ink colored eagle. Then throwing away writing brush he quickly made hand seals.

“Ninpo—— Choju Giga!” (Ninja Art—— Super Beast Scroll!)

Along with the completion of this ninjutsu, the painted eagle looked like it suddenly came back to life, immediately flapped its wing and flew out from the scroll. Then it carried Ren Tianyou on its back and quickly flew in the sky. Just after Ren Tianyou had flew in the sky, the Rashomons on the ground were completely frozen, after that with a ‘kacha kacha’ sound, it shattered into small pieces and dissipated into the air.

“What a terrifying ice system energy, actually capable enough to freeze and disintegrate my Rashomons.” Looking at the disintegrated Rashomons, Ren Tianyou was shocked. With regard to the defense capacity of Rashomons, Ren Tianyou was perfectly clear, but now this ice system energy was actually able to completely freeze and disintegrated it. From this it was thus clear that to what extent the cold was.

“You all stay here, you must not set foot inside my layer of ice.” Ximen Xinbo turned his head towards the younger generation of Ximen clan, and said. Then he, Ximen Shu and other three Saint-ranked warriors directly flew after Ren Tianyou.

“Number two, did you notice?” In the sky, Ximen Shu suddenly came next to Ximen Xinbo and asked.

“En, from the very beginning this guy have already used Sand system, wind system and fire system, these three types of energies. And with the exception of Wind system, other two is already at the level of at least Deity-rank standard. But from the very beginning this guy had never flew in the sky, and it is a common knowledge that after reaching a minimum of Saint-rank, anyone can be able to fly freely.” Ximen Xinbo nodded his head and replied.

“Correct, for the beginning we are attacking him in succession, but he never flew in the air. And when your ‘Freeze over thousand li’ appeared, finally he summoned this strange bird, and sitting on its back he flew in the sky. This clearly explain the reason behind why he isn’t flying.”

“It means that it’s not like he don’t want to fly, but he can’t fly.” Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo simultaneously said in unison. After that both of them looked at each other, “Although this guess is extremely hard to believe, nevertheless it’s extremely possible. We can use this weakness against him.”

“Yes.” Ximen Xinbo answered. Then immediately started to chant an incantation, and Ximen Shu also immediately send the gold colored sword energy slash flying towards Ren Tianyou, no, towards the huge bird beneath Ren Tianyou. And the three saint-ranked body guards also got command from Ximen Shu, so they also immediately send out several battle qi slash towards that huge bird beneath Ren Tianyou.

“Eh?” Seeing the target of their attack, Ren Tianyou was surprised and bewildered, then he immediately commanded the ink eagle to quickly dodge, and was successfully able to dodge their attacks in succession. But at that time, suddenly the ‘breaking through the void’ sound came from behind him, looking behind, he saw a huge ice system ice dragon had appeared behind them. And it was advanced towards Ren Tianyou in a high speed by flapped its huge wings.

Ren Tianyou who was riding on the back of ink eagle, immediately jumped down in the air. Just after he had jumped out from its body, the huge ice dragon swallowed this ink eagle. “Success.” Seeing his magic had successfully destroyed its target, Ximen Xinbo was excitedly yelled. But this excitement of his was suddenly interrupted by the following change.

Ren Tianyou again took out a picture scroll, and again using Ninpo—Choju Giga (Ninja Art— Super Beast Scroll), another ink eagle flew out and Ren Tianyo just landed on its back and flew again.

“What?” The smile of Xmen Xinbo thoroughly froze, and he didn’t dared to believe what he was seeing.

“It seems they already discovered.” Standing on the back of ink eagle, Ren Tianyou thought, and inside his heart decided to become serious.

“It cannot be delayed any longer, let’s kill this annoying mage first.” Ren Tianyou firmly stared at that Deity-ranked Ximen Xinbo. The magic of this fellow was extremely troublesome for Ren Tianyou. So he decided to kill this mage first. “Since it’s like this, before anything let’s use this move.”

Underneath the mask, the right eye of Ren Tianyou suddenly released a formidable eye power, then his right eye became bloodshot, and looked extremely frightening, however the mask had obstruct other from seeing this, so no one could see this.


Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the space around the left hand of Ximen XInbo suddenly started to fluctuate for a moment, and a black colored flame suddenly appeared, then that black flame immediately covered the left arm of Ximen Xinbo.

“Ahhhh!” Along with this sudden appearance of flame, Ximen Xinbo gave a horrible shriek. And he immediately released a huge amount of ice system magical power towards his arm to put out this flame, but the unexpected thing was this flame didn’t get extinguished even after it encountered his formidable ice system magical power, and the fire actually was getting bigger and bigger and already surrounded his entire left arm.

This was indeed one of the power of his two eyes, doujutsu of right eye—-Amaterasu! This jutsu produces a black colored flame at the focal point of the user’s vision, once this flame starts to burn, it couldn’t be extinguish with anything. And until it didn’t burn to death its target it would never extinguish, and everything in this world including energies were just a burning ingredient for this flame, that’s all.

“Number two!” Seeing the miserable condition of Ximen Xinbo, Ximen Shu cried out in alarm, and hastily flew at his side. And then he thought to use his hand covered with battle qi to extinguish this flame in the hand of Ximen Xinbo.

“Don’t come here.” But he didn’t expected that Ximen Xinbo would yell in a painful voice to stop his steps, then he said, “Number one, don’t use energy, this flame is quite strange, just cut off my arm quickly.”

“But number two……….” Hearing Ximen Xinbo, Ximen Shu hesitated, must he really cut off the hand of his own younger brother with his own hand.

“Quickly ah number one, wait until this flame swallow my entire body, and I am dead. Compared to losing a life, losing a hand is much better.” Ximen Xinbo cried, and urged Ximen Shu to quickly move.

Ximen Shu gritted his teeth, harden his heart, and with a quick slash from the dragon sword in his right hand, the left arm of Ximen Xinbo which was covered with black flame was immediately cut off.

“Ahhhhh.” Ximen Xinbo let out a blood-curdling scream. And the blood started to unceasingly flow out from the cut off left arm.

“Number two.” Ximen Shu hastily flew to the side of Ximen Xinbo, caught his body, then poured his battle qi on the wound of left arm of Ximen Xinbo, temporarily preventing the blood loss from the wound.

Ren Tianyou got down on one knee on the back of ink eagle, then right hand covered the right eye location of the mask. Now he was feeling a stinging pain in his pupil of right eye, “I didn’t expect even after the system had eliminated the side effects, the pain is still this strong, after using this doujutsu. I truly couldn’t imagine if the system had not reduced the pain and normal side effects, what kind of sensation I would be feeling after using doujutsu.”

“Still.” Ren Tianyou stared at the cut off arm of Ximen Xinbo, and the corner of his mouth started to twitch unceasingly, “I never expected amaterasu would miss the target, I originally wanted to hit his head and finish him off, but it instead hit on his arm. It completely missed the target, is it because this is the first time I have used Amaterasu? Even so he at least lost his arm, and his fighting capacity greatly reduced.”

“Second grandfather, are you okay?” Ximen Yue’er flew at the side of Ximen Xinbo, and asked nervously.

“I’m okay Yue’er. You should so down, you are not capable enough to take part in this battle.” After his blood flow from his wound was stopped, Ximen Xinbo got up, and looking at Ximen Yue’er with a pale face, he replied.


“Go down.” Ximen Xinbo coldly snorted and interrupted XImen Yue’er.

“Okay.” Ximen Yue’er couldn’t help but retreat and go down.

“Number one, summon them.” Ximen Xinbo turned his head towards Ximen Shu and said.

“Now that is our only choice.” Ximen Shu couldn’t help but agree, he had never thought that this matter would developed to current condition.

After finished speaking, Ximen Shu and Ximen XInbo looked at each other, then they simultaneously released a huge amount of energy, and gradually two huge black hole appeared in the sky.

“Come out, our partner.”


“Aooooooo!”, “Aoooooo!”

After both Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo yelled, two extremely loud dragon roar suddenly came out form inside that two black hole.

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    1. You would think it would start burning the frozen ground, like how in naruto manga when sasuke fought his brother uchiha and the snake as set on fire and jumped into the forest the whole forest was set a blaze.

      1. Amaterasu makes very little sense, it’s described as being impossible to put out and it appears to spread like normal fire, yet somehow it doesn’t just spread infinitely and burn down the entire world? Just ignore it, even in Naruto the exact mechanics of Amaterasu (beyond ‘bad if it hits you’) are inconsistent.

        1. According to Naruto wiki, amaterasu will burn only for 7 days and 7 nights until it destroys its target. ***May be wrong**

          1. That would still probably wipe out half the country every time you use it, I wonder where that comes from. I do not remember a time limit on Amaterasu ever being mentioned in the manga.
            Maybe something the author answered in a Q&A when someone brought up the issue?

  1. in less 100 ch…
    he already on par with God-tier opponent except he cannot fly and having domain…

    1. Well he can’t on his own, true flight is actually kind of tricky to get in the Naruto universe though RTY’s eventual path of picking up the Rinne-Sharingan and Sage of Six Paths powers will allow him to do that.

  2. “It seems they already discovered.” Standing on the back of ink eagle, Ren Tianyou thought, and inside his heart decided to become serious.

    Why cant you be serious from the start? smh.. the hell he always doing,
    “maybe now i should use this move” no maybe you should’ve done it from the start and not waited till they pulled op moves on you… ugh so frustrating.

    1. Don’t worry your frustration will continue even more in next chapter until you cough out a mouthful of blood. **wink** **wink**

  3. And this everyone, is how you drag on a fight for no reason in a horrendous way to make the reader want to kill the author.
    I’m just wondering how the author thinks it’s a good idea to make the mc not fight to the fullest against 2 God rank level opponents (which he’s never faced before) and a handful of Saint rank (which he’s only killed a beast at this level). They are “fighting to the death” but he’s still holding back…atleast give us a bullshit reason why he’s holding back instead none at all.

    1. Really agree with this. I only see this type of holding back in anime, and since this is Naruto system maybe he wants to do it that way. But it sucks and it makes me rage so much. It would be different if he posted all the chapters dealing with the battle, instead he posts them separate. Each battle being kinda pointless…. Its a fight to the death, should be much quicker and more decisive.

        1. Battle experience doesn’t mean jack shit if he dies or if somehow they get away and he fails the mission. There are plenty of better opportunities to acquire battle experience, instead of at a time when he is doing a very serious mission.Which the repercussions of failing the mission is as good as stalling his future improvements. So come back with a better excuse.

          1. He gave himself time limit 1year for his revenge. + he got this rare chance confronting 2 strong ximens due to divinity crystal event. + he already prepared for battle and plan +even buyed akatsuki uniform + mask.

            1. no need to gauge shit if he can kill them right away. smh it useless tbh. Hes always shocked then he one ups them, then they one up him and so on until he gives his ultimate or som shit. Like is this an anime or a novel? Building up anticipation is good but not like this.

              1. Tbh i also want to know ximens bloodline power and yue’er power
                + their reaction if they know who is pein true identity lol

    2. I totally agree, i hate bs stuff like this that makes zero sense. His asking to be killed, but saddly he wont even get in to much trouble even though his doing bs stuff like this, because his the mc.

  4. with the tobi outfit he should have created Akatsuki to rob and kill other cultivators for points then he would have EMS

  5. with the tobi outfit he should have created Akatsuki to rob and kill other cultivators for points then he would have EMS

  6. Ehm….. am i the only one who thinks that’s strange? i mean…. he have the eyes of Itachi, so why can he use Amaterasu from Sasuke?

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