In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 93

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 93: Freeze over thousand li

[T.L: 1000 li = 500 km]

Freeze over thousand li

“Number one.” Seeing the sudden change, Ximen Xinbo who was at the back immediately roared nervously.

“Humph, don’t look down upon me.” Looking at the explosions in the air, Ren Tianyou sneered. This was the common trick used by shinobi in the Naruro world, attaching a Kibaku Fuda (paper bomb) to a surface or wrapped around kunai, this gave an unexpected effect.

At this time, “swish” “swish”………….with a several piercing sound, four figure suddenly shot out from the smoke of explosion, and flew in the air. Carefully looking, they were Ximen Shu and others who were affected by the paper bomb of Ren Tianyou.

The gold colored dragon battle qi of Ximen Shu was violently stirring around his body, and his body was completely unscathed. Even under this kind of surprise attack, Ximen Shu still was able to defend himself, worthy of Deity-ranked expert. But the remaining four Saint-ranked warriors were not that fortunate, each and every one were injured. One of them had his meat of his right arm blown off, making his bone visible. Fortunately this fellow was still able to refrain from screaming.

“What is this thing? Is it alchemy goods?” Looking at the condition of the injury of the bodyguards, black lines appeared in the face of Ximen Shu, and asked Ren Tianyou. Before they could touch the enemy, three people of their group were already injured, could this be described as a failure in the end.

“Ask the God of Death.” Ren Tianyou replied, but simultaneously, he felt a movement under the ground. “Not good!” Ren Tianyou immediately jumped forward. After Ren Tianyou had just left, at the place where he was standing just a moment ago, suddenly innumerable sharp thorn of earth appeared at that place, nearly piercing Ren Tianyou.

At this time, Ximen Shu who was in the sky seize this opportunity, and a fired a huge battle qi chop towards Ren Tianyou. But just when this battle qi chop was about to hit Ren Tianyou, he suddenly disappeared from that place without a trace. Then the battle qi chop of Ximen Shu hit the ground, and a loud sound of explosion rang out.

About ten meter away, the figure of Ren Tianyou suddenly appeared. Lifting his head, he looked towards Ximen Xinbo and saw Ximen Yue’er at his side, and he saw that magic wand in her right hand was flashing with earth yellow colored radiances of magical power.

“Is she for real?” Ren Tianyou silently whispered, for Ximen Yue’er to be able to grasp such a perfect timing in a battle, he was very surprised, he had never expected that she unexpectedly ha such a deep fighting experience.

“Everyone, we should quickly resolve this fight.” Right now Ximen Shu was thoroughly angry, as he was a Deity-ranked expert, but his attacks were repeatedly dodged, this made him felt like he had lost his face. Then he released his powerful battle qi, and this powerful battle qi spread all around. Right now finally Ximen Shu exhibit the real power of Deity-ranked expert.

Then the body of Ximen Shu flashed, changed into a gold colored light beam and disappeared from where he was standing just a moment ago. Then suddenly a sound of breaking through the void sounded from the side of Ren Tianyou, and Ren Tianyou saw Ximen Shu had suddenly appeared at that place, and was waving his huge sword towards him.

After being hit by the sword, Ren Tianyou changed into a log and disappeared from that location. “Again this move? So where is the real body?” Looking at the log, Ximen Shu snorted with disdain, then looked all around him. And he immediately discovered Ren Tianyou on the right side not too far away, after that he immediately chased towards Ren Tianyou in a high speed.

“Humph, Futon—Juha Reppu Sho! (Wind style—Beast Wave Gale Palm!)” Ren Tianyou quickly made of series of hand seals, then waved his right hand. After that a huge wind chakra claw advanced towards Ximen Shu in a very high speed.

Seeing this wind chakra claw, Ximen Shu immediately waved the huge sword in his right hand. And this wind chakra claw was successfully blocked. At this time, Ren Tianyou suddenly sensed a huge magic fluctuation in the sky, and when he looked up, he saw that Ximen Xinbo was quickly chanting an incantation while firmly holding the magic wand in his right hand. And a large amount of ice system magical power was gathering at his side, and along with the incantation of Ximen Xinbo, innumerable amount of huge ice arrows appeared in front of Ximen Xinbo and they were all pointing towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

After Ximen Shu saw that Ximen Xinbo was preparing a big move, his body flashed, then appeared at the side of Ximen Xinbo. After that looking towards Ren Tianyou, he poured a large amount of his frenzied gold colored battle qi towards his huge sword, and this gold colored battle qi in the sky looked just like the sun. Afterwards the huge sword in his hand immediately rose to the sky automatically, and with the loud dragon roar, the huge gold colored energy sword slash appeared in the sky, and a huge dragon made up of energy was unceasingly circling around the blade of that huge sword.

“Ice magic arts——-light prison arrow formation!”

“War dragon domination!”

Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo both of them simultaneously completed the preparation of their respective big moves, then under the command of these two people, these innumerable huge ice arrows and also that huge dragon sword slash immediately shot towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou looked at these incoming horrifying attacks, then he quickly removed the gloves on his hand, after that he bit the thumb finger of his hand and quickly made a series of hand seals. Then he heavily slammed both palms on the ground.

“Kuchiyose—Sanju Rashomon!” (Summoning art—Triple Rashomon!)

“Hong longlong ~~!”

Accompanied by heaven shaking thunderous sound, the ground unceasingly started to vibrate, shortly afterwards numerous cracks appeared on the ground in front of Ren Tianyou, and three huge gate suddenly grow from the ground completely blocking Ren Tianyou from the front. After that the attacks of two Deity-ranked experts immediately collide against these strange huge gates, and a loud sound of explosion rang out.

When the dusts of explosion dispersed and the vision was finally restored, everyone of Ximen clan couldn’t help but open up their mouth widely because of great surprise. They saw that strange huge gates that had appeared from the ground in front of Ren Tianyou had successfully blocked the attack of Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo. And from these huge gates, death aura was unceasingly spreading in all direction, and especially that terrifying huge face on the gates, made them sense even more terror.

At this time, they suddenly discovered that the mysterious person who had attacked them had appeared above that huge gate, and was facing towards them. And at the mouth location of mask, they clearly saw a cruel smile.

Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals, then after completing making a hand seals, he brought his hand near his mouth, then a huge fire covering the range of twenty meter advanced towards the clansman of Ximen clan.

“Katon——–Goka Mekkyaku!” (Fire style—–Majestic Destroyer Flame!)

“What? Fire system ability!” Seeing the sudden appearance of huge flame, Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo were so surprised that their mouths were wide open.

“I’ll block it, number two, quickly prepare your magic.” Ximen Shu anxiously spoke, then his body flashed, appeared in front, and released a huge amount of his aura which spread in all direction.

“Domain———Dragon Origin!”

With Ximen Shu’s body being the center, a space fluctuation started to spread in all direction, and being inside this domain, the peoples of Ximen clan immediately discovered that the world around their surrounding seemed to change. It felt as if a huge energy dragon was unceasingly wandering at the side of their body, and also they sensed that their body was somewhat heavy, and finally they felt that it was a little bit harder to control their own body. This was Ximen Shu’s domain—–Dragon Origin. With his own power of blood lineage, he combined his insights, and formed a special domain space. Anyone caught in his domain were terrorized by the immense might of dragon energy, and that dragon energy of this domain was also not to be trifled with, as once it encounter the enemy, they would immediately pounce on, and thoroughly devour that enemy.

And on the outside, Ren Tianyou only saw that his Goka Mekkyaku (Majestic Destroyer Flame) suddenly stopped at five meter away from the peoples of Ximen clan, as if something suddenly blocked it.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Seeing his ninjutsu was oddly stopped, Ren Tianyou was quite surprised and bewildered, then underneath his mask, his Sharingan changed into Mangekyo Sharingan.

“So it was like this.” After carefully observing for a while, an understanding light flashed in his eyes. Under his Mangekyo Sharingan, he could clearly see that countless molecular energy from Ximen Shu were spreading all around him, and the 5 meter radius space around him had changed into a special energy domain. These energies were extremely concentrated and very small, the eyes of ordinary person was powerless to see it, but under the Mangekyo Sharingan of Ren Tianyou, it nevertheless had nowhere to hide.

And all of these energies were under the control of Ximen Shu, it could attack and defend, and was extremely powerful. If an ordinary person accidently fell into this domain, then that person would be directly swallowed by this energy without leaving a single residue.

“It seems this should be the domain of Deity-ranked expert, still truly mystical. However I should not let him work overtime.” Ren Tianyou crooked his head and carefully thought.

At this time, Ren Tianyou suddenly sensed a bone-piercing coldness from the location where people of Ximen clan were located. Even Ren Tianyou himself couldn’t help but shudder. Lifting his head, he looked, and saw that from the middle position of clansmen of Ximen clan, a huge layer of ice were quickly spreading in all direction.

“Ice element Saint Spell——Freeze over thousand li!” Along with the voice of Ximen Xinbo, all around them immediately changed into a world of ice and snow. And the fire style ninjutsu was also completely destroyed by this ice system magic.

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  1. So the girl that Ren fought before was stronger then Two god-rank expert, as she managed to destroy one gate well the two God rank experts couldn’t even get through one lol

    1. RTY is a bit stronger now than he used to be and even in the Naruto story it’s somewhat variable exactly how strong the Rashomon gates are, but presumably the more chakra you have the stronger the gates you can summon are.

  2. Please change the way fights go, its like them showcasing their moves and not a real fight. Fights are quick, he seems to just take to long… idk man its really annoying for some reason.. Its just like anime.. but this is a novel so dont roll that way. In the tournament it was bearable because its wasnt a fight to the death but this one is… and they seem to be showing off. Your building and building the anticipation in the fight but its annoying. Fight to the deaths are quick, I love the novel, its the fights that are awkward and slow and show-offy

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Tsukiyomi or Susanoo? C’mon Ren Tianyou. We all been waiting for you to use them.

  4. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Hmm.. so they arent shocked by the wind element jutsu but shocked by his fire ones? I wonder if Dual element user is relatively rare but not scarce.. and triple is unheard of?

    1. I think the reaction comes from the element counter. Fire>ice.
      But usually the opponent/mc would mention any rarety during battle. Maybe in next chap?

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