In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 91

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 91: Night Raid

Night Raid

Hearing the sound of hammer, both Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo jumped up with excitement. Even with their profound cultivation, now they couldn’t stay calm and collected. Because this Divinity Crystal was far too important for their Ximen clan.

Ximen Shu, Ximen Xinbo, and all the younger generation, the travelling party of more than dozen or more people left their private box. Then in the midst of the envious, admiration and hate fill gaze, they walked towards the backstage. Everyone from Ximen clan were ready to take over the Divinity crystal and immediately return back to their Ximen household.

“Chief, are we going to………….” Inside the first private room, a warrior wearing a suit of armor asked Liu Yuan while looking at the leaving members of Ximen clan. His eyes was glittering with an ominous glint, and moving closer to Liu Yuan, he made a beheading gesture.

“No, Ximen clan is not easy to deal with, if we move without careful consideration, it is equivalent to thoroughly breaking off the relation with Ximen clan. And also Ximen clan furthermore is our old friend, so until it is absolutely necessary, we won’t make any move ourselves.” Without even the slightest hesitation, Liu Yuan refused the proposal of his subordinate, he clearly understood that it would be many times more difficult to rob this Divinity crystal from them compared to robbing from ordinary people.

In the other private rooms, everyone were also having this thought, nevertheless after considering this for a while for a while, all of them gave up. Because they clearly understood the consequence of breaking the relation with Ximen clan. Although they were not necessarily afraid of Ximen clan, but even if they exterminate current members of Ximen clan, they absolutely would also suffer from heavy loss, and also would have their own strength reduce, this would only give other people chance to take the advantage.  So if they don’t have 100% certainty, they won’t upset the balance between each other.

“Number one, we’d better get out of here without losing any time. I fear those guys will not be able to bear and will make a move.” Coming out from Lan Diyin auction house, Ximen Xinbo seriously said to Ximen Shu.

“Rest assured, those guys are very smart, and they should clearly understand the consequence, so they are unlikely to make a move.” Ximen Shu calmly said, “However just in case we must leave this city tonight, and hurry over to clan.”

“Ok.” All of them answered.

But what they didn’t know was, in the darkness, a pair of eyes were already staring at them, and was following behind them all the way, to Kalisi imperial capital.

After about 3 or 4 hours, inside the forest in front of Caryl plain, the group of people of Ximen clan were riding a gale horse. Under the moonlight they quickly ran down towards Caryl plains.

“Stop.” Suddenly, Ximen Xinbo who was in the front pulled the reins and signaled to stop everyone behind him.

“What happened number two, why would you suddenly stop?” Ximen Shu also pulled the reins of the gale horse and arrived near Ximen Xinbo, and asked with surprise.

“Who are you? Show yourself.” Ximen Xinbo didn’t answer Ximen Shu, rather firmly stared at the tree in front, and asked in a stern voice.

“What? There is someone there. Everyone get ready to defend.” Hearing Ximen Xinbo, Ximen Shu was stupefied however he immediately reacted, and told everyone behind him to prepare for defense. Then he immediately got down from the horse, waved his right hand, and with a rays of light a sword filled with rich gold colored huge dragon sword qi appeared on his right hand. He didn’t doubt Ximen Xinbo, because the range of magicians’ spiritual perceptive was many times larger and powerful compared to warriors.

“Hehe, didn’t expect your perceptivity was this good, actually able to discover me.” At this time, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from behind the tree in front of them, followed by a mysterious masked person wearing a black windbreaker with a red cloud pattern came out from behind the tree, then walked towards them.

“Your Excellency, who are you? Why are you blocking our way?” Looking at this mysterious person without any aura, Ximen Shu seriously stared this person and asked.

This mysterious masked person was naturally Ren Tianyou. Since the people of Ximen clan had left the auction house, Ren Tianyou was following them all along the way. Ren Tianyou had decided to make his move, when they almost arrived at Caryl plains. Because if they were too close to Kalisi Imperial capital, then the repercussion of battle would be perceived by those experts in the city, and that could be troublesome. But Ren Tianyou didn’t expect that when he had just stopped, he was immediately discovered, so he couldn’t help but was forced to move now.

“I am the leader of Akatsuki organization——–Pein, as for my purpose…….” Ren Tianyou touched his chin, and stared at the members of Ximen clan in front of him and said, “I want something from you.”

“What thing? Do Your Excellency plan to fight us for Divinity crystal?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo both quickly thought, but they had never heard the organization having this name, and instantly they understand that it was a lie.

“No, no, no. Sooner or later Divinity crystal is mine, I came here for another thing.” Ren Tianyou extend the index finger of his right hand and waved, “And that thing is your life.”

“Haha, Your Excellency is cracking jokes.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Ximen Shu and Ximen Xinbo simultaneously laughed, but all of them unconsciously had already loosen the grip on their weapons. Since the other party had dared to come alone, then they had nothing to fear.

“Hehe, is it?” Ren Tianyou didn’t contradict, just stared at the peoples of Ximen clan. But under the mask he had a cruel smile, then he suddenly parted his legs and started to quickly make a series of hand seals.

“Not good, prepare to fight.” Seeing that Ren Tianyou had started to move, Ximen Xinbo and Ximen Shu immediately roared towards the peoples behind them. And shortly afterwards a dragon shaped magic wand appeared on the hand of Ximen Xinbo, and he started to chant an incantation in a very high speed. On the other hand, the body of Ximen Shu flashed with golden colored battle qi, then along with the dragon roar, he directly rushed towards Ren Tianyou.

“Nimpo——Ryusa Bakuryu!” (Ninja art——-Sand Tsunami!) Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly several mouth of spring appeared in the ground in front of him, but it was not water that flowed out from it, rather it was sands. After that immediately a towering sand waves appeared in front of him and advanced towards peoples of Ximen clan.

“Not good.” Seeing this towering sand waves, the eyes of Ximen Shu flashed with surprise, then his body immediately changed into gold colored light and disappeared.

“Water magic arts——-Magnificent Heaven Water screen!” At this time, Ximen Xinbo complete the incantation of his magic, then a huge water colored magical power water ball suddenly appeared above the people of Ximen clan. After that under the control of Ximen Xinbo, that huge water ball changed into huge water screen around them to protect all of them.

“Hong long long!” A loud sound rang out, this towering sand waves covered all the peoples of Ximen clan with an irresistible force. Then gradually flowed all around the surroundings like a river, numerous trees in the surroundings were already collapsed, and the surrounding terrain also had thoroughly changed into a desert.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter, also won’t the people he hung out with know it was him since he used the same jujutsu to kill the pack of wolves?

  2. This next few chapters gonna be good.
    Thanks for the chapter and “Thank you for your kind donation Tobias Klauke.”

  3. Thanks for the chapter. So sad couldn’t even think up an original fake name and fake organization such a pity.

      1. I know that Ren Tianyou has no reason to reveal his real identity hence why I used the word ‘fake’. Using the name of Pain and the Akatsuki was, and I say this in the nicest possible way, absolutely lame beyond reason and really stupid since it is obvious he is going to create a group like that.

          1. If it was humor he was going for then he should have did a Jiraiya and call himself a pervert with no equal that would have been funny.

            No. It was very educated guess not that you needed much to make such a guess in this novel.

  4. “I am the leader of Akatsuki organization——–Pein, as for my purpose…….”
    I’m laughing hard

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