In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 89

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 89: Fierce bidding war

Fierce bidding war

Nevertheless Ximen Yue’er treated Ximen Tianlong in a fairly good manner. Previously when Ximen Tianlong was still at Ximen house, she would often help him, and those member of Ximen clan also didn’t dared to bully and humiliate him in front of her. But Ximen Yue’er spend extremely short period of time in Ximen household, as she was basically living at the academy which was located at the imperial capital of Ailer Empire. She rarely return Ximen household, so ultimately Ximen Tianlong was expelled from clan, then was disposed without her knowledge.

Currently Ximen Yue’er had followed two elders of the clan, for the sake of widening her knowledge and experience, and in addition to confirm the news of Ximen Tianlong. And the two elders who were accompanying her were Ximen clan’s Great elder Ximen Shu, and second elder Ximen Xinbo. These two people were pillar of Ximen clan, and were well-known Deity-ranked experts. Great elder Ximen Shu, his dragon battle qi had already reached mid-Deity rank, and combined with his Saint Dragon blood lineage, he could absolutely contend with ordinary high-Deity ranked expert. And second elder Ximen Xinbo was low-Deity ranked Saint Dragon magician, could use special dragon language magic of Dragon clan, so his strength also could not be underestimated.


Finally when the peoples of big power saw their long awaiting target, Divinity crystal had appeared, immediately their earnest gaze concentrated at the Divinity crystal on the tray which was holding by the hand of Lan Xinmeng. All of them were itching to immediately take it for themselves.

Sensing the restless in the peoples of the private rooms, Lan Xinmeng unconsciously revealed a smile on her face, then she said, “This Divinity crystal was entrusted to our Lan Diyin auction house by a guest. Through the testing of our auction house, this really is Divinity crystal without doubt. I believe everyone is extremely clear on the uses of this Divinity crystal. If peak-Saint rank expert absorb the energy of this Divinity Crystal, then there is 100% chance to reach Deity-rank, and turn into apex level expert. And if Deity-ranked expert absorb its energy, then that expert will have very high chance to advance a rank without any side effects. The base price of this last item of tonight’s auction, Divinity crystal is 0. And every time at least 10,000 gold coins should be increased. Let the auction begin.”

But the unexpected thing was no one in the audience started to bid even after three or four minutes, as if all the peoples were waiting and looking at the situation, and waiting for other people to offer the price.


Even after seeing this situation of awkward silence, Lan Xinmeng didn’t care about it, because inside her heart she was extremely clear that these peoples of super forces absolutely won’t let this chance slip by. The reason why there were not any bid was naturally because they were at wait and see phase, waiting for someone to start the bidding.

“Humph, if you don’t bid, then I will force you all to bid.” Lan Xinmeng coldly snorted inside her heart, then said, “If no one wants to bid, then this Divinity crystal would remain unsold and thus returned to the original owner. Now its countdown of 10 second.”





As the countdown began, those peoples of big power finally became restless, and immediately someone bided.

“I offer 10,000 Gold coins.” A voice came from the 27th private room, and interrupted the countdown of Lan Xinmeng.

“Well, the guest from 27th private room offered 10,000 Gold coins, still is there any higher offer.” Lan Xinmeng stopped her countdown, and turned towards the 27th private room and announced the price. This time Lan Xinmeng didn’t try to entice, because inside her heart she fully knew that the Divinity crystal in her hand was already the biggest lure. Even if she didn’t do anything, they will bid.

Sure enough, with the first person offering the price, just like the switch was opened, each and every one carried on to declare their offer.

“I bid 50,000 Gold coins.”

“I bid 100,000 Gold coins.”

“I bid 120,000 Gold coins.”


Each and every one offered their price in succession, as if they would be late. The price of this Divinity crystal very quickly reached above 6.79 million Gold coins at full speed.

“Our guest of 24th private room offered 6.8 million Gold coins, still is there any higher offer.” There was not any emotion fluctuation on the face of Lan Xinmeng. As Lan Xinmeng didn’t even put this 6.8 million Gold coins in her eyes, because compared to Divinity crystal, this price was still quite low.

“I offer 10 million Gold coins.” At this time, a hoarse voice came from the 7th private room. Actually Ximen Shu looked at the slowly increasing price, and directly offered the price. He had directly raised the price to 10 million.

“Finally couldn’t bear? Old fool, hope you are capable enough to see through to the end. If this Divinity crystal landed in your hand, I will also not have a slightest amount of hesitation.” Seeing that the Ximen clan had finally started bidding, hidden behind the mask, a cruel smile appeared on the face of Ren Tianyou.

“Struggle, rob, and it would be best if this create a big chaos. Haha, I didn’t expect that a single Divinity crystal of Low God is enough to have such big effect. Humanity really is hopelessly stupid. Use this Divinity crystal to stir up a conflict and have a through internal strife. So that, at that time when our race recovered, there will not be any strong resistance.” In the dark corner of auction house, a mysterious person whose whole body was covered with black robe appeared. Then looking intense bidding war of auction house, a mysterious smile appeared in the concealed face of this mysterious person. Then the body of this person slowly entered darkness, and finally disappeared.



“Humph, do you think only your Ximen clan is daring? And you offered just 10 million, then I will offer 20 million.” A cold snort suddenly came from the first private room, and directly raised the price by 10 million. The price of Divinity crystal directly rose to 20 million Gold coins.

“Aiyo, you people of Magic Domain really are rich and imposing. This Little girl is too poor, I can only take out coins from my box to purchase, so I offer 23 million Gold coins. Hee hee, hope you don’t struggle with me.” At this moment, everyone felt that their bones had become limp, as a soft voice filled with temptation came from the fifth private room. Hearing this voice, Ren Tianyou looked towards the fifth private room, and saw a woman wearing a white colored gown, her face was also covered with white colored thin silk, and whole body emitting a mature bewitching aura, was sitting on the hide seat of that private room. At her side, Ren Tianyou unexpectedly saw his acquaintance———–Li Xinyun.

“Why is she also here?” Ren Tianyou looked at Li Xinyun who was sitting at fifth private room, and was full of curiosity. Concerning that embrace to Li Xinyun, her body was so delicate and tender, that it was still hard to forget that impression till this day. At this time, Li Xinyun seems to have felt the gaze of Ren Tianyou, she suddenly lifted her beautiful forehead towards the direction of Ren Tianyou. It seems when she saw masked Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun clearly felt that this person looked vaguely familiar, but didn’t not recognized this mysterious masked person wearing black cloth with red clouds imprinted in it.

“Haha, one of the five great illusionist, illusionist Yun Mei’er of Illusory Shrine actually pretend to be poor, truly laughable, if you are truly that shortage in money, then come with me, Liu Yuan, to become my wife. At that time, I’ll naturally pay you for support. Haha.” At that time, a domineering voice suddenly came from the first private room, and took the liberties of Yun Mei’er.

“Aiyo, didn’t expect Chief Liu Yuan of Mercenary Union actually answered me idiotically like this. If I had known earlier, I would have already looked for you at an earlier time, and take a good care of you, but I don’t know how your wife will entertain you, hee hee.” Hearing Liu Yuan taking liberties, Yun Mei’er didn’t take a slightest bit of offense, just turned her eyes towards him and answered back.

“Eh………” Hearing Yun Mei’er, Liu Yuan suddenly chocked, and was speechless, because basically all the peoples of the continent knew that the chief Liu Yuan of Dragon Warrior mercenary of Mercenary Union was well-known henpecked person. This Liu Yuan was also a marvel, as he as a Deity-ranked warrior unexpectedly had only a single wife in this continent where having 3 wife and 4 concubine was completely normal.

“Haha.” Looking at the chocking Liu Yuan, a sound of laughter came from the private boxes, and rippled through the entire auction room.


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