In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 88

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 88: Divinity crystal

Divinity Crystal

With the enticement of Lan Xinmeng, the auction continued on in a full swing. Inside the private room, Ren Tianyou was completely bored, as these items of different world were completely useless for Ren Tianyou. Such as that so called weapon forged by Great forging master Dwarf, with compared to his Kusanagi Sword, was a trash, in addition he could still exchange famous weapons of Naruto world from his Store System.

As for those magic wands, Ren Tianyou could only use it as firewood, without any other use. As for those magic core which could be used to exchange system points, just some time ago he was the one who had disposed many of them, so why would he buy it back again, unless his brain was kicked by a donkey.


Time passed minute by minute, Lan Xinmeng who was on the stage also couldn’t help but shed some sweat from her forehead. Although she was already very tried, nevertheless looking at her own achievement, the charming smile on her face didn’t reduce at all.

“Humph, didn’t father underestimated me, and actually said that I cannot do well in auctioneer profession. Now look how this young lady is perfectly handling this auction.” Lan Xinmeng thought inside her heart.

Actually Lan Xinmeng was fond of the auctioneer profession, and asked her father to let her host the auction of tonight, but her father who used to dearly love her disagreed her for the first time, saying he couldn’t let her do it, and even more asked her not to make trouble, which made Lan Xinmeng to stamp her foot.

Afterwards Lan Xinmeng naturally was not convinced, so she got determined to prove herself to her father. So prior to the tonight’s auction, Lan Xinmeng tricked the old auctioneer who was responsible to host tonight’s auction to drink a tea which was mixed with the strong laxative. So naturally no need to speak about the result, he who was already 60 year old with only the strength of Intermediate Fighter, how could he be capable enough to stop the effect of laxative? On the spot the effect of laxative showed, then he had to run to toilet in a complete mess and never came out from there.

After seeing that her plan was successful, Lan Xinmeng immediately changed into this already prepared gorgeous dress. After that she immediately came up in the stage as an auctioneer to host this auction.

When the father of Lan Xinmen who had never imagined this, saw Lan Xinmeng appeared on the stage, that moment he almost lost his consciousness, fortunately he had profound cultivation base. Now even if he wanted to substitute the auctioneer, it was not possible, so he hastily sent a servant to look for the original host of tonight’s auction. And when they found that old man inside the toilet, the old man had already fainted due to the laxative of Lan Xinmeng. And when those servants forcedly opened the toilet, a soaring pungent smell directly assailed their nostrils, which almost made them threw up. And when the father of Lan Xinmeng heard this news, he couldn’t help but crooked his nose. In just this fashion, Lan Xinmeng was successful on her plan, and successfully appeared on the arena, this was the reason behind how she was able to host this auction.

After almost four hours later, tonight’s auction was drawing to end. Now only one item was left to appear for auction, i.e. the treasure for which most of the power had been waiting for in this auction, the finale item for tonight’s auction, ‘Divinity crystal’.

“Everyone, after nearly four hours of auction, tonight’s auction is nearing to its end. Only one final item is left for auction, and as everyone knows the final item for tonight’s auction is——— Divinity crystal.” Lan Xinmeng swallowed her saliva to moisten her throat, then inadvertently sweep all those private rooms with her eyes.

As expected, just after Lan Xinmeng had finished speaking, the peoples in audiences started to discuss with each other, and Lan Xinmeng could clearly felt that the gaze of the peoples in the private room was concentrated on her body.

“The next in order is the last item of our tonight’s auction——- Divinity crystal.” After Lan Xinmeng spoke, a female attendant came over from behind Lan Xinmeng holding a tray. This female attendant respectfully handed over the tray to Lan Xinmeng and withdrew from the platform.

Lan Xinmeng took the tray, placed it in front of auction platform. The gaze of all the peoples concentrated at the tray in front of Lan Xinmeng, and immediately in an instant the whole auction room was quiet, you could practically hear the breathing sound of everyone.

Lan Xinmeng felt the earnest gaze of everyone, the corner of her mouth slightly rose, and no longer kept people in suspense, her luxuriant jade like hand pull off the red colored cloth which was covering of the tray.

“Swish!” With the red colored cloth lifted, a dazzling blue light suddenly lit, and everyone couldn’t help but to close their eyes. After the light disappeared, everyone immediately opened their eyes and looked towards the platform. They saw a crystal which was emitting a soft blue colored light had appeared within that jade tray, and this crystal was about the size of a fist. The surface of the crystal was irregular just like a diamond crystal. Inside this crystal, there was blue colored light spot, which looked magnificent. And the instant this crystal was revealed from underneath the red cloth, the faint might suddenly spread in all direction from this circular tray, and everyone couldn’t help but became shocked inside their heart.


“As expected it is Divinity crystal and in addition it is of water system.” Looking at that crystal stone on the platform, a light flashed in the eyes of the tall old man of Ximen clan in the number 7 private room, and spoke excitedly.

“Right, actually this is water system Divinity Crystal.” That short old man also confirmed that that was their target in tonight’s auction, Divinity crystal.

“Great grandfather, second Grandfather, is this a Divinity crystal?” From the side a pretty female child wearing a light red colored long skirt asked these two old fellows.

“Hehe, Yue’er, this is Divinity crystal. Just now you should have sensed a faint yet extremely powerful might, that was divine power. After the death of the god, the remaining power of that expert had gathered together and formed this Divinity crystal. That light blue colored pellet inside the crystal is Divine power.” That tall old man who was called great grandfather by that female child explained with a smile.

“Yes, your great grandfather is correct. Actually Divinity crystal is the energy of expert who had turned into a God, and it also includes their insights. Just like our battle qi source, sea of magical power, and heart of illusion, when one break through the Deity rank, and then truly turned into Deity rank expert, all the energy inside the body come together and get unified, this is Divinity crystal.” The short old man also explained to this young girl.

“So it is like that.” After hearing the explanation of those two old man, a light of understanding flashed in the eyes of that female child called Yue’er, then lifting her graceful forehead, she looked towards the platform.

The name of this female child was Ximen Yue’er, and was most innately gifted member of this generation of Ximen clan. And she was also the half-sister of Ximen Tianlong. But her standing in the Ximen clan was like sky and earth apart compared to Ximen Tianlong’s standing. Ximen Yue’er possessed the supreme blood lineage of Ximen clan, Sky dragon blood linage which was among the Saint Dragon blood lineage. This blood lineage was supreme evolution of Saint Dragon blood lineage.

Usually the child born in the Ximen clan possessed Saint Dragon blood lineage, in fact in the initial stage they have extremely low level power, and after a long period of cultivation and gaining the insights on their blood linage, they could slowly promote their blood lineage power and evolve it into a high ranking blood lineage.

Sky Dragon blood lineage was the evolution of Saint Dragon blood lineage, logically speaking only after cultivating for a long period of time one might successfully evolve Saint Dragon blood lineage into Sky Dragon blood lineage. But Ximen Yue’er actually innately possessed this Sky Dragon blood lineage from the time she was born.

In the long history of Ximen clan, there were few others who were also born with these advance blood lineage, and these people if they didn’t die prematurely, all the remaining without exception had all become famous peak level expert. As a result the standing of Ximen Yue’er in Ximen clan was extremely high.

Actually it was not limited to the Saint Dragon blood lineage of Ximen clan, all the other blood lineage of Divine Wind continent could evolve, but it was extremely hard, and if they wanted to evolve their blood lineage then they had to make a great effort in cultivation and furthermore they should be greatly talented with enough luck too.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. So blood lineages can evolve, huh? Interesting. I feel that the author should have never even introduced the Naruto system at all and should have focused on his own world since it is most definitely much better than his mediocre use of the Naruto world.

      1. Yeah but the only two kekkai genkais that can evolve in the Naruto world are the Sharingan (which evolves into the Mangekyou Sharingan and depending on if you are a transmigrant of Asura or Indra it can further evolve into the Rinnegan) and the Byakugan (which can evolve into the Tenseigan) every other kekkai genkai doesn’t. I am also aware that his world is copied, or heavily inspired just to be polite, from the Naruto world but the stuff he has in his world is simply just more interesting than his butchering and butt kissing of the Naruto world.

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