In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 87

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 87: Different Lan XinMeng

Different Lan Xinmeng

As the time slowly passed, and when Ren Tianyou had already became mildewed by waiting, a graceful sound of music rang out, and before long the gaze of drowsy Ren Tianyou and everyone on the audiences were attracted towards the platform.

“Finally is it going to start?” Listening to the graceful music, the drowsiness of Ren Tianyou was swept away. Then he saw that the red cloth which was behind the platform slowly pulled open, after that a seductive woman wearing a red colored skirt appeared at the platform of auction room. And that exposed long and slender beautiful legs from that skirt attracted the gazes of innumerable men. This woman made a small steps and slowly walked on the platform.

“Dang! How is she?” Looking at that bewitching girl in the platform, Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. This girl was no other than the younger sister of Lan Yan, a good friend of Ren Tianyou, Lan Xinmeng.

Looking at Lan Xinmeng on the platform, Ren Tianyou had a surprise expression beneath the mask, because currently she looked many times more beautiful than usual. Looking at those slender beautiful legs, that chest which was firmly tied by skintight gown, and furthermore that pure white beautiful face, even Ren Tianyou himself started to have an amorous feelings.

“F**k, how come I didn’t find her this beautiful before?” Ren Tianyou muttered to himself.

“Welcome to our Lan Diyin auction house, I, Lan Xinmeng will be the Chief auctioneer for tonight auction. Tonight there will be many treasure auction, hope these items are able to draw your attention.” Lan Xinmeng walked on the platform, looked at the peoples on the seats, smilingly opened her red lips and spoke towards the audiences.

“Now without wasting any time, let’s start the tonight auction. The first item for the auction is a sword forged by Great forging master Dwarf.” Hearing the introduction of first item from Lan Xinmeng, the audiences suddenly started to discuss.


“Didn’t expect the first item is the weapon forged by Dwarf. It seems the value of tonight’s auction would be very high.”

“Yes ah! You could say that to have the weapon forged by Dwarf is one of the dream of all the warriors. Even ordinary weapon forged by them are far stronger than the weapons forged by other people.”

“M-hm, I just happened to be in need of weapon, waiting for this auction was worth it. You don’t struggle with me.”


Looking at those peoples who were eager to get this first item for auction, Lan Xinmeng showed a charming smile on her face. At this moment a staff walked over for behind her holding a huge sword with both of his hands, then he placed the sword in the platform, then withdrew.

“Everyone please look, this is the weapon forged by the Great forging master Dwarf. This weapon was forged using magic steel, and moreover a number of lightning mist stones were also used. So it has the effect of highly amplifying the lightning system battle qi, as a result this weapon is most suitable for lightning warriors. You can believe that after having this weapon, it would be a big help in your fight. Following the auction, starting bid of this weapon is 2,000 Gold coins, and every bid should be increased by at least 500 Gold coins. Let the bidding begin.” Holding that huge sword, Lan Xinmeng slowly introduced that sword, and started the auction.

After the introduction from Lan Xinmeng, the eyes of all the lightning warriors in the audiences became red with excitement staring at that huge sword or you could say staring at that beauty on the platform………

“I offer 2000 Gold coins.” Very quickly someone couldn’t bear anymore and started to make offer.

“Wa, someone already bid 2,000 Gold coins, is there any higher bidder?” Lan Xinmeng looked at the person who had offer the price just now, and showed a charming smile on her face, and continued to speak.

“I offer 3000!” Very quickly another continued to bid, and forced down the previous price.

“I offer 3500.”

“I offer 4500.”


While there was strong bidding war between the peoples in the audiences, there was not a single bid form the private rooms and were only looking with disdain, as for them this weapon was simply a trash. They felt that if they bid for this weapon and rob it away from the people below, this would just cause there reputation to drop.


“Well, the 177th guest offered 10,500 Gold coins, still is there anyone else with higher bid, you should know that this is a godly weapon forged by Great forging master dwarf. And using it, it is also not a dream to defeat the opponent stronger than yourself.” After the fierce bidding war, many people withdrew themselves from bidding after the price reached 10,500 Gold coins. Lan Xinmeng continued to smile lovingly and was enticing others to bid more.

“I offer 11,000 Gold coins.” At the same time, with the enticement of Lan Xinmeng another person increased the bid.

“Wa, our 364th guest again increased the bid to 11,000 Gold coins, is there anyone else with higher bid. You should know that this is a rarely seen godly weapon forged by Great gorging mater dwarf.” Lan Xinmeng again said exaggeratingly.

“I offer 13,000 Gold coins.” At this time, an extravagant son of some wealthy family wearing a white cloth stood up, and stared at Lan Xinmeng with his eyes filled with lewdness. He didn’t even looked at that godly weapon forged by Great forging master dwarf and made his offer.

“526th guest, noble son offered 13,000 Gold coins, what do you think, is there anyone else with bid higher.” Looking at that disgusting gaze of that son of some wealthy family, although Lan Xinluo was extremely disgusted inside her heart, nevertheless she had no other choice but to show the enticing smile.

“13,000 Gold coins, once.” Lan Xinluo started the countdown.

“13,000 Gold coins, twice.”

“13,000 Gold coins, thrice. All right, the first item is successfully won by our noble son. Please pay the whole amount to our staff member and you will be given an auction card of this item. And you can use this auction card to pick up this auctioned item at the backstage now or after this auction ends.” Lan Xinmeng announced that the successful bid of the first auction item. And then she said, “Now the second item for todays’ auction is magic wand of fire system.” Along with the voice of Lan Xinmeng, a staff walked on the stage and took away that huge sword. Then a female attendant holding a tray walked over.


“Ai, Xinmeng, when did she learn these tricks?” Looking at Lan Xinmeng on the stage, Ren Tianyou was speechless. The highest amount for that previous weapon was around 8,000 Gold coins, but she was able to draw out 13,000 Gold coins.

In the private room number 03, Lan Yan and others were looking at each other in blank dismay, then inside the heart of Lan Yan and Lan Yin, they simultaneously thought, “Is this really our sister which we’ve known all along?”

“Wa, elder sister Xinmeng is so cool ah.” Looking at Lan Xinmeng who was on the stage, suddenly stars of worship appeared on the eyes of Long Luoluo, this little beauty.

“Eh, Luoluo, you absolutely must not learn anything from this appearance of Xinmeng.” Looking at his younger sister, suddenly cold sweat started to flow from the forehead of Long You.

“Why?” Long Luoluo curiously asked.

“Eh, this behavior of Xinmeng is wrong. If you try to imitate this behavior, be careful Royal father may hit you bottom.” Long You didn’t know how to explain.

“Oh!” Hearing that she would get a spank, Long Luoluo immediately gave up the idea to imitate this appearance of Xinmeng.


Under the leadership of Lan Xinmeng, the auction was held in full swing, each and every items were sold at high price very quickly under the enticement of Lan Xinmeng. Many people bided high price only to get this beauty’s heart.


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