In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 86

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 86: Cruel smile

Cruel smile

In front of the door of Lan Diyin auction house, a mysterious masked person wearing a black colored robe with red clouds imprinted on it suddenly appeared. This person looked at the sign of Lan Diyin auction house, then without stopping, he directly walked over to the gate of auction house.

“Hello, please show your entrance ticket.” At the gate, he was stopped by staff who was responsible for checking the entrance tickets. Then the staff held out his hand towards mysterious masked man for ticket.

This mysterious masked man didn’t utter a sound or a word, just took out a card and handed it over with his gloved right hand. Even though the staff was quite curious, but fortunately he had been working in auction house for a long period of time, and he had seen all kinds of person wearing strange dresses, as a result he was not too surprised.  After taking the entrance ticket of this person, he swiped that ticket on the groove of the gate, and then the magic stone of the groove flashed with a red light.

“This is your entrance ticket, welcome to Lan Diyin auction house. Please come in.” Seeing that there was not any problem with the ticket, the staff returned the ticket, then stretched his right hand and invited him to enter.

This mysterious masked person took back his entrance ticket, and without looking back, he disappeared inside the gate.

This mysterious masked person was without doubt Ren Tianyou, he was wearing the dress of Akatsuki group of Naruto world, and had also worn the mask of Tobi, which Tobi had put on after he had got Rinnegan.

After Ren Tianyou knew that the crucial point to activate his mission system was the ‘Divinity Crystal’ of this auction, he had already made his preparation at an earlier time. And to guard against the unexpected, he had forced himself to not use any of his ninjutsu and doujutsu in the competition of the academy. And he had also refused the invitation from Lan Yan for this time auction, and used this dress which was only known to himself to conceal his identity to come here. And also in case his identity was leaked, he didn’t want to involve them, so he had acted on this alone. He was alone, and even if his identity was exposed, he could just run away, who was capable enough to stop him. And this Divine Wind continent was very big, and how could there not be any place to shelter him.

Honestly speaking, for the matter of this robbing, Ren Tianyou still had conflicting views inside his heart. After all these peoples and he himself didn’t had any enmity or hatred, so he was anxious to rob that thing from them. Nevertheless he was powerless in this matter, after all he didn’t have enough gold coin in his body to buy this thing fairly. He had 600,000 gold coins which looked pretty much, but if seriously calculate, he estimated that he couldn’t even buy the scrap of ‘Divinity Crystal’. And also he must complete this mission, because if he fail this mission, the penalty was too serious. And Ren Tianyou could not bear this penalty, and he didn’t dare to let the Mission System close forever, as without this he would lack different ways to earn system points.

Walking for almost three minutes through a long corridor, he finally saw the exit in front of him. Arriving at the exit, a huge auction room appeared in front of him. Carefully sizing up this huge auction room, he discovered that this auction house actually covered more than thousand square meter area. Before him he saw a great numbers of seats, and straight ahead there was a huge auction platform with a huge red colored cloth behind it in the auction room. And around the auction room, there were many private rooms too. And in the midst of auction room, many peoples were already sitting on the seat, and chatting with their peers.

Just then, an attending female came next to Ren Tianyou, then respectfully said to Ren Tianyou, “Hello mister, May I ask what your seat number is.”

“Box no. 33.” Ren Tianyou replied using a hoarse voice, then handed his entrance ticket to her.

That female attendant respectfully took the entrance ticket, look at it, and discovered it was indeed box no. 33, then she returned back the entrance ticket. After that she said, “Mister, please follow me, I’ll show you to your room.”

Ren Tianyou followed that female attendant all the way towards the right side of auction room, then climb the stairs, and arrived at the floor containing the private room. Then that female attendant stopped in front of the door with a number plate 33, after that she took out a magic card and swipe it on the groove of that door. Then along with a ‘ding’ sound, that door suddenly opened automatically.

Entering into the box, a private room of about 50 square meter appeared in front of his eyes, and a huge magic lamp was dangling from the roof. This magic lamp was releasing a soft white light illuminating the entire box.

Ren Tianyou sat on the huge magical beasts hide chair, and his buttocks immediately felt soft sensation, this may be comparable with the sofa on the Earth. And on the nearby table, there were several plates of delicious fruits, and at left hand side, there was a device with quoted price.

“May I ask if you need anything, Mister?” That young girl respectfully asked Ren Tianyou.

“No need, you may withdraw.” Ren Tianyou waved his hand.

“Ok. If you need anything, you can press that red button on the wall, then we will come over to serve you.” After finishing speaking, that beautiful maid leave the box, then closed the door.

Ren Tianyou looked at the device with quoted price, just looking it for a short time, he grasped the usage of this device with quoted price. Blue colored button was to increase the price by 1000 Gold coins, green was to increase the price by 10,000, and red was to increase the price by 100,000. Next to these button, there were button with 1, 2, 3, 4……… These few digits represents to increase the price to the digits times the current amount.

Sitting on the chair while holding the plate with fruits and eating it, Ren Tianyou was boringly waiting for the auction to start. “Didn’t expect that the family of Lan Yan was actually this wealthy, if nothing else, only the amount of people attending this auction is enormous. Fortunately I asked him to left one box open, or else I would also be like those people who are squeezing at the outside seats.” Looking at those crowd of squeezed sweating peoples, Ren Tianyou rejoiced regarding his decision.

Ren Tianyou boringly looked outside the box around the auction house, then suddenly he saw several familiar figure in the number 07 box.

“Member of Ximen clan.” Looking at those several person wearing a cloth embodied with huge dragon design, hidden behind the mask, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but to expose a cruel smile. “Hehe, Very good, didn’t expect you also actually came here, this way without much extra effort dispose you all altogether. I will treat it as a little bit of interest for the original host of this body.”

“Of course it would be best if you get the ‘Divinity Crystal’ too, this way I won’t have much sense of criminal guilt. If you all were be my opponent, it’s unlikely for me to be soft-hearted…..”


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  1. so is he stronger than a god tier?
    because the item is something that can be useful to god class and to defend such a precious item
    wouldn’t the buyer be god tier or someone with god tier as guard?

    if it turns out that he can OHKO the guards that would be stupidity in a highest level

    1. it can advance a person to god tier, their not god tier because its no use to god tiers when it can only advance a non god tier.

    2. He needs it for naruto system mission. Maybe it can be use for system point.
      Maybe he will get enough system points to buy demon tail beast? Hehe

      1. + i believe wht they truly aim for is the probability to gain insights from the crystal. The owner of that power manage to turn into a god before he died

  2. Even if he hates his ‘family’ he would rather rob them then random people? Blood is thicker than water, so I can’t understand how he would feel more guilty robbing random people then his own family…even if they were mean to the previous hosts body. And they can’t even really be blamed for it since he was weak and born into a super clan in a strong eats the weak world.

    1. he was abandoned he was treated cruelly then chased to death although ren tian you has no connection to them his host body is, with its memory merge with tian you.

      1. I’m not saying they don’t deserve retaliation, I’m just wondering how he can feel guilty of robbing random people and not feel guilty of robbing his family. He shouldn’t feel guilty for either

        1. he felt guilty towards others because they dont have any resentment or grudge to each other except his host family.

        2. Wouldn’t you feel bad for breaking a person’s nose if you didn’t have any sort of enmity with them? Wouldn’t you feel bad if you totalled the car to a person you have no animosity with? Why wouldn’t he feel bad if he had to rob an innocent people of a very valuable treasure? This blood is thicker than water thing doesn’t apply to complete jerks who literally had him killed not to mention the fact that they treated him like crap is completely inexcusable regardless of whether the world is a dog eat dog world.

  3. The logic for how MC got that room makes no sense.

    Friend’s family owns auction house. Friend invites MC, MC says no. MC’s going to go alone with identity hidden to not get his friends in trouble if he’s exposed.

    MC asks friend to leave one vip room open, guessing that means don’t sell it to anyone. So maybe MC’s gonna ninja his way inside?

    Nope, MC somehow got the ticket to the room. The room which friend took off the open rooms list per MC’s request. Which means MC shouldn’t have the ticket, because it’s not being sold.

    Also plenty of people saw costumed MC visit the auction house and enter the vip room. So after he steals the crystal, they just gotta investigate the room. Which leads right back to his friend, who was asked by MC to leave the room open. Idiot.

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