In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 85

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 85: Auction start

Auction start

The crowds of peoples in the audience were not at all stingy to give an applause to the two people on the arena who were exhausted. Regardless of who the champion was, this was peerless match, and after watching this match they were greatly benefited in their cultivation.

Looking at the warm applause from the audiences, and also looking at the exhausted face of Yan Xinluo, Ren Tianyou also displayed a smile in his exhausted face. Although his body was extremely exhausted and sore because of the use of Hachimon Tonkou (The Eight Inner Gate), nevertheless inside his heart he was actually incomparably at ease. two years ago, with regards to the strength, he only had the wishful thinking, now finally in this hot-blooded fight, using his own flesh and blood to fight, he genuinely felt pleasant sensation of fight.

Now finally Ren Tianyou also clearly understood why Madara was so excited after he came back to life from Gedo — Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth), not only because this resurrection could recover his power to the level when he was at his peak, and even more important was after being reborn from Edo Tensei (Reanimation), he didn’t felt any pain from any attack, and only after using his own blood and flesh could he experience the true joy of fighting.

At that time, Supreme Light Academy’s dean Long Feilu and Vice-dean Zhao Guanghui simultaneously appeared in the arena, “Well, today’s final match is already over. Our champion and runner-up are also already decided. Now the matches to select third to sixteenth position will be held tomorrow. After the positions are selected, the jurisdiction of the cultivation room will be decided.”

After listening to Long Feilu, Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo came down from the arena and arrived at the location of their classmates, then everyone started to surround them, “What did I said to you two before the match? This was a final match, but both of you are from the same class, so why did you risk your life like this? Big moves one after another, are you two a mortal enemies ah, trying to kill each other ah?” With her face completely cold, Wang Jiafei said. She originally believed that these two would only exchange friendly pointers, but who would have thought that the battle between these two people would get out of the hand. Just looking at the condition of the arena which was specially reinforced for the final match by Zhao Guanghui, you could see the intensity of this match.

“Yes, that’s right, others don’t need to say anything. Say something, you paralyzed face man, you actually summoned five specter knights whose strength is comparable to Great Swords Master each, and in addition Saint ranked bone dragon too, isn’t this like you want to kill a person?” Wang Haiqing also complained.

“Tianyou this fellow is even more ruthless, just looking at his big moves one after another, I dare say that 80% of arena was destroyed from the hand of Tianyou.” Sun Chuqian said with a supercilious look.

“Eh!” Hearing the complains from around him, Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo look at each other in blank dismay, then simultaneously made a wry smile.

“Fine, next time we’ll pay attention a little more, now we both are tired, so can you let us return back to rest?” Ren Tianyou said helplessly.

“Since you got that, we will let you off for now. Next time pay more attention.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Wang Jiafei looked at the injuries of Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo and that exhausted face, then said softly.

“Rest assured, I got it.” After saying this, Ren Tianyou ran away and soon afterwards Yan Xinluo also left.

After returning to dormitory, Ren Tianyou sat cross-legged on his bed, then looked at the wounds and his exhausted chakra, then made a wry smile, “It seems I really had gone a little too far while playing. Ai, first I should recover my chakra, other things can be put off until sometime later.” Sitting on the bed, Ren Tianyou began to restore his exhausted chakra.


After about 3 or 4 hours, the exhausted chakra was gradually recovered. Then looking at the wounds in his body, he raised his hand, then a light cyan colored chakra radiance appeared and covered his right hand, then he pressed his hand on the wounds, after that the wounds started to slowly heal.

Because Ren Tianyou mainly focused on fighting ninjutsu, he had only learned a bit of medical ninjutsu. So he could only heal external injuries by touching the wounds with his palm.


In just like this fashion, the day after day passed over, and the remaining matches were also over. Feng Wu had defeated Wang Yanli and acquired third position. The champion of previous competition was unexpectedly kicked out for top three. This really was one of the greatest irony………

Sun Chuqian obtained sixth position, Wang Haiqian obtained eighth rank, so collecting all the points, the class of Ren Tianyou had obtained 30 points more than the overall second position class, so without doubt their class obtained the overall first position in this competition.

The next day evening after the competition had ended, it was the date that the grand auction of whole Divine Wind Continent was being held by Lan Diyin Auction house of Kalisi Imperial capital. Innumerable personnel of different power had already arrived at Kalisi Imperial capital in succession. Those experts who were rarely seen at ordinary times, had appeared at Kalisi Imperial capital, basically everyone had come for today’s finale item ‘Divinity Crystal’, and also even if they couldn’t get this ‘Divinity Crystal’, there are many things in this auction.

In front of the huge door of Lan Diyin Auction house, all around it was brightly lit by the light of magic lamps. Everyone were wearing either a warrior cloth or magic robe or illusion robe were handing over the ticket to the staffs checking the tickets in the entrance and then entering the auction house.

At this time, a party of a dozen or so people wearing a magnificent clothes gradually come towards the entrance of Lan Diyin Auction house, and the most peculiar thing was, their clothing were embroidered with coiling dragon, and the leader of that party were two white beard old man. However the figure of this old man was extremely majestic, and even those magnificent clothing couldn’t cover his developed muscles. At his side, there was another short and small old man with similar figure, and there was not even a little bit trace of aura around their body.  And behind these two old man, five bodyguards who were wearing battle dress and holding huge swords were standing, and in the middle of these five body guards, there were five or six young girls.

Just at that time, a deafening sound of laughter suddenly rang out, “Haha, I have not expected that the member of Ximen clan would also go to the trouble of travelling a thousand li to come and attend this auction.” A strong man carrying a huge sword on his shoulder with an afro hairstyle, suddenly appeared at that place, and was laughing towards those group of people.

“They turned out to be the member of Ximen clan” The people around them suddenly understood inside their heart, these group of people were from Ximen clan.

“Humph, Mad God, you are also here? Aren’t you also here for ‘Divinity Crystal’?” The robust old man who was one of the leader of Ximen clan group, coldly snorted with disdain.

“Onom!” After this old man spoke, the crowd of people around them who were watching, immediately issued the sound of surprise. Because Mad God, the reputation of this name was too big. No one knew the real name of this person called Mad God, and everyone that knew him called him Mad God. Because just like his name, this person was extremely mad. He was bold enough to step forward to fight with any person regardless of whether his opponent was higher ranked than him, and his blood lineage was Mad Change blood linage. Once he activate Mad Change blood lineage, his power would rapidly rise higher, and especially his physical strength, would become incomparably tremendous. He is extremely famous for, once he had used his Mad Change blood lineage, and with his incomparably tremendous strength, he had burst Xili Baboon which had possessed the blood lineage of Deity ranked ancient Ape, while still alive with his fist, and from this time on, he was named Mad God.

“Haha, same here.” Hearing the disdain of that old man, Mad God didn’t get angry, instead laughed. Then turned around and entered Lan Diyin Auction house.

“We’re going.” That old man commanded, and led everyone to enter the auction house.

Next innumerable experts who were rarely seen at ordinary time arrived here in succession. And surrounding crowd of peoples finally got the chance to widen their knowledge. Illusory Shrine, Magic Domain, Flame Phoenix Villa…………each and every experts entered the auction house in succession.


At Supreme Light Academy, in the dormitory of Ren Tianyou, a person wearing a black cloth with red clouds windbreaker was standing, and his face was covered with white colored mask with black spiral lines. And through the location of the eyes of the mask, two blood red colored pupil could be seen. “Tonight, it’s time to show the true power of Sharingan of Uchiha clan to the peoples of this world.” After that hands which were wearing gloves made a series of mysterious hand seals and then the body of that person changed into a white smoke and disappeared form that location………..


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          1. yeah i know but that mask is when obito claim to be madara…
            not using tobi persona..
            hence why i said it madara mask

    1. obito mask only has one eye hole, which corresponds to him only having one functioning eye… madara mask, well…needs to be said…???

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  2. At that time, Supreme Light Academy’s dean Long Feilu and Vice-dean Zhao Guanghui simultaneously appeared in the arena, “Well, today’s final match is already over.

    fking “Well” again, it doesn’t go there!

  3. What rank are the teachers and grade 5 students supposed to be? The first grade people are nearly saint rank with some clearly being stronger than normal saint rank. So are the teachers and 5th grade students all god ranked? probaly not since the dean is only middle god rank. I’m confused…

    1. Its a special class for monster students. I dont think the author can clearly explain rank on each student with diferent bloodline power and skills ( warrior,magic,ilusion)

  4. So I get that there haven’t been any donations lately but why was the last chapter of the week released by Tuesday? I mean what about the rest of the week? Also, as to why there haven’t been any donations for sponsored chapters in the last week or two, does anyone know if there is some kind of problem with the donations tab or system?

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