In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 81

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 81: Finals (Part 3)

Finals (Part 3)

The several specters who were wearing a black armor, holding a spear and riding the undead horse came out from the illusory gate in succession, and also finally the dragon roar sound rang out from inside that gate, then a bone dragon which was made up of white skeleton came out from the gate, after that it flapped its wing and flew in front of Yan Xinluo and lowered its head. After that five specters riding on the undead horses came next to Yan Xinluo and stood there just like a bodyguard.

“Is this for real? Is this a group brawl? Does he really want to bully I, your father with numbers?” Seeing the sudden appearance of several specters, Ren Tianyou immediately had a pain in his ass. Although he already knew that the blood lineage of Death clan ‘Heart death’ had the ability to connect to the bottomless nether world, can open the gate of death domain, and summon the specters to fight, but this summoning in front of him was truly abnormal.

Just take a look at those five specter knights riding the undead horses, you could easily sense the strong death aura they were releasing, which was not any weaker that the aura of Great Swords Master ranked human warrior. Furthermore they were Great Swords Master level fighter who were unafraid of death, incorrect, they were already dead many years ago, so there were no reason for them to fear death.

Okay, let’s not speak about this, just take a look again at that thing that flew in front of Yan Xinluo, f**k, without doubt even bone dragon had come out from inside that gate. As long as something is associated with the word dragon, then that something would definitely not be simple at all. And also from the figure of that bone dragon, while living it was not the earth dragon or wing dragon which were from inferior dragon clan, but it absolutely was from legitimate dragon clan. Although after death it had turned into an undead and cannot utilize its full power when it was at its peak, nevertheless from the aura of this bone dragon, Ren Tianyou had determined that this bone dragon was still comparable to saint ranked human warrior.

Five Great Swords Master ranked specter knights, in addition simultaneously a Saint ranked bone dragon, and furthermore Yan Xniluo himself who was also Saint ranked warrior, in a flash Ren Tianyou felt a great pressure……..

Standing on the head of bone dragon, holding the Karma transmigration, Yan Xinluo gave a command, then suddenly the bone dragon issued a dragon roar filled with death aura. After that flapping its bone wings, it advanced towards Ren Tianyou in a high speed. Behind bone dragon, the five specter knights immediately tightly held their spear, rode their undead horses and charged towards Ren Tianyou.

“Too bad. It seems I should get serious.” Looking at the Yan Xinluo and his undead goons advancing towards him, Ren Tianyou revealed a wry smile, “Since it is like this, I should dispose each and every one of them.”

“Ao!” The bone dragon issued a dragon roar, and it opened up its mouth, and released a death dragon breath towards Ren Tianyou.

“Humph!” Seeing the dragon breath of bone dragon, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted with disdain. Shortly afterwards the lightning light around his body abruptly rose, and all of his hairs stood up erect. Ren Tianyou had increased the lightning system chakra a step further, to obtain even more powerful strength and speed.

“Swish!” The silhouette of Ren Tianyou suddenly became blurred at his original location, then gradually leaving behind an after image, he disappeared for that location. And the dragon breathe of bone dragon hit the ground of arena, suddenly with a ‘chi chi’ corroding sound, the surface of the arena was immediately corroded beyond recognition by the dragon breath. It seems like after the death of this dragon, it had gradually lost its original attribute, and had its attribute changed into death attribute. Even its original dragon breath had changed into a death dragon breath which was filled with the corroding ability of death system.

At this time, at the side of bone dragon who was in the process of attacking, a sound was suddenly heard, and saw that Ren Tianyou who was emitting a strong lightning light had suddenly appeared at that location. And his right elbow which was covered with a violent lightning light was advancing towards the bone dragon.

“Raiton—Erubo!” (Lightning style—Elbow Bolt!)

“Hong!” Under the stunned gaze of everyone, with the strength of that small body of Ren Tianyou, he immediately hit the bone dragon who was more than 20 meter in height.

“Cross-shaped undead slash!” At this time, Yan Xinluo who was standing on the bone dragon waved his right hand, then the Karma transmigration made a slash. After that a cross-shaped undead slash appeared in the sky and advanced towards attacking Ren Tianyou.

But Ren Tianyou merely hit the ground with his right leg making a big ditch in that place, and immediately changed into a lightning light, then disappeared from that location. The attack of Yan Xinluo penetrated merely the after image which was left behind by Ren Tianyou and hit the ground.

“Swish!” Ren Tainyou directly appeared in front of the five specter knights who were in the process of charging, then lifting his head he revealed a cruel smile, “You should go ahead.” Shortly afterwards he clenched his fist which was completely covered with lightning system chakra, and using the newly learned powerful strange fist of Tsunade, he hit at the ground.

“This is for stopping I, your father!”

“Hong!” A loud explosion sound rang out. When the fist of Ren Tainyou landed, the ground suddenly changed into pieces and pieces of debris spattered in the air. A deep crater appeared at that place, and the several cracks on the ground immediately advanced towards the direction of those five specter knights.

Knights, this profession at the moment charging, their strength is absolutely strongest. Although Ren Tianyou had never fought against knights, nevertheless he was well aware of this principle, and these five specter knights possessed the power level comparable to Great Swords Master. But…………

After Yan Xinluo saw the attack advancing towards those five specter knights, almost simultaneously they pulled the reins, and the undead horse issued a horse braying sound. Shortly afterwards their bodies released a layer of deep grey colored death fog, then along with the undead horse, they changed into a light beam and sprinted towards Ren Tianyou.

“Death sprint!”


“Swish”, “swish”, “swish”…………. Tightly holding the spear in their hands, the five specter knights darted towards Ren Tianyou, then waving their hands as they tried to stab Ren Tianyou with their spear.

“Humph!” Ren Tianyou coldly snorted. Then leaving behind afterimage he disappeared from that location and appeared in the sky.

Looking at Ren Tianyou who had jumped in the sky, those five specter knights immediately tightly pulled the reins of their undead horses. Then urged their horses to stop, and made a circular formation, and simultaneously tilted their spear towards the sky. All five spears were pointed towards the sky, then all five specter knights released a death energy and poured it into their spears. Gradually deep grey colored radiance appeared at the tip of the spear.

“Humph, let’s see who is faster now.” Looking at the movement below him, Ren Tianyou without a slightest bit of fear, snorted coldly. Then he speed up the movement of chakra in his body, and suddenly changed into light beam and quickly advanced downwards. When falling down in a high speed, Ren Tianyou raised his right leg, as if his leg had turned into a huge lightning axe, and chopped downwards.

“Raiton—Girochin Doroppu!” (Lightning style—Guillotine Drop!)

“Combination skill of specter——Death Obliterate!”


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    1. we really need sfx and sounds to be within ** or ”.
      Otherwise one poor fellow learning English will really think google search snort and come up with “Snort is an open-source, free and lightweight network intrusion detection system (NIDS) software for Linux and Windows to detect emerging threats.” 😛

  1. i like how he can fight
    but when i comes to a female
    hes weak af (the teacher)
    is this guy a hardcore white knight?
    pisses me off and ruins the story for me

    1. Dude…….He was never weak again Female. If not he couldn’t even fight his last 2 matches
      The so call Intimidation Pressure that you often seen in Anime/Manga/Novel, even the Strongest Characters there sometimes Flinch or Shut Up/Obey those Pressure. That’s Common Sense.

      1. But in real life when you have power why would you flinch and shut up
        Like I’m dead serious if he wanted to he could kill her unless she’s god realm then it would be uncertain that he could kill her
        This is just the author showing flaws in the novels
        Not even gonna start

        1. Just go read plenty of JP novels with OP MCs. You still can see how they shut up when meet with female glare. It’s already a type of writing that been going on for long and Definitely not a flaw. What to say…..a type of “basic” fear? Many households or couples in real life still have the man/guy “raise the white flag” against their wife/gf or just basically a girl “rage/intimidation glare”.

          1. Just because you ofte see that in jp ln, dosent make it good or normal. Its just annoying how he turns into a complete retard whenever its about a female, so what if they glare or get angry, why would he feel bad and get scared from that and keep turning to a bitch from that. It never happens when its a much stronger guy that glares or gets angry, but allways when its a female, that just complete bs and bad writing.

  2. Thanks for the chapter
    Have you tried switching the “I, your father” to “this daddy” ? I am a complete noob when it comes to translating and don’t know if there are any problems with that phrase.
    I just thought the phrase “this daddy” would fit, since it is like a duke or king saying “this duke/king will etc”
    But like I said. what do I know ^^

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