In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 80

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 80: Finals (Part 2: Battle between a tiger and a dragon)

Finals (Part 2: Battle between a tiger and a dragon)

“Swish!” Ren Tianyou had changed into a huge lightning light and was in the process of pursuing retreating Yan Xinluo. Then his right hand heavily hit the undead shield, after that immediately the lightning system chakra of Ren Tianyou and the undead battle qi of Yan Xinluo issued out a violent friction sound. This was extremely ear-piercing unpleasant to hear sound.

“Hong!” The Rariatto (Lariat) of Ren Tianyou directly destroyed the undead shield, and hit the body of Yan Xinluo. Immediately afterwards Yan Xinluo was sent flying.

After flying almost 10 meters, Yan Xinluo flipped several times in the air, and steadily landed on the ground. Looking at Ren Tianyou who was emitting violent lightning light in front of him, Yan Xinluo wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. Then suppressed the pain in his abdomen, deeply inhaled a breath, and condensed all of his battle qi at the karma transmigration. After that he waved his right hand, suddenly karma transmigration changed into a huge sword tip, then the body of Yan Xinluo changed into a light and entered into this sword tip. Afterwards that sword tip quickly advance towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

“First dance of undead—————undead slash open the heaven!”

Looking at the advancing sword tip, Ren Tianyou quickly stirred his lightning system chakra, then he suddenly changed into a lightning light and disappeared from his original location. But the ‘undead slash open the heaven’ of Yan Xinluo immediately turned around and chase after Ren Tianyou.

“Humph, do you really think I am a pushover that you could causally knead?” Looking at the knife tip which was pursuing him, a pallid light flashed in the eyes of Ren Tianyou. Then he bend all of his fingers except index finger of right hand, and all the lightning system chakra of his body started to gather on his index finger of right hand.

“Raiton—Jigokuzuki———Ippon Nukite!” (Lightning style–Hell Stab———One-Finger Hand!)

Ren Tianyou stopped running away, stretch out his right hand, then along with his whole body changed into all-conquering lightning spear, and then advanced towards that incoming sword tip. Ren Tianyou was preparing to destroy this attack with power, ‘you still don’t want to use any big move to deal with me? Fine, I, your father still have many big moves. I, your father cannot use any of my ninjutsu and doujutsu, but I still have many taijutsu left. Raikage’s Hell Stab, Raiga Bomu (Lightning Self Bomb), Erubo (Elbow Bolt) and so on……….Maito Gai’s Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 inner gates) ——— Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock), and if it is truly necessary I could even directly open seventh gate and use Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger).’

Ren Tianyou who was changed into the lightning spear and Yan Xinluo who was changed into a huge sword tip finally collided in the air. “Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out, and due to the after match of this explosion both of them were send flying backwards.

“Swish!” While flying backwards, Ren Tianyou balanced his body, and making a beautiful arc in the sky he landed on the ground. On the opposite side of him, Yan Xinluo had also just landed on the ground, then he stretch out his hand and caught karma transmigration.

“Haha, really refreshing. This is a real fight, I, your father finally get to have a decent fight. Paralyzed face man, I hope you don’t let me down halfway.” Looking up towards the sky, Ren Tianyou laughed heartily, and his whole boy was emitting a dense fighting spirit. Before getting this system and cultivating in the Magical beasts’ forest for two years, while he was still on the Earth he had always long for strength, and he always felt happy while playing a fighting games. In the Magical Beasts’ forest although everyday Ren Tianyou had hunted magical beasts to test his own strength, and especially before he came out from the forest, he had KOed a saint rank magical beast.

But beasts after all were beasts, even if their strength were very high, the joy of fighting against them were not comparable to the joy felt when fighting against the humans. Since entering the Supreme Light academy, everyday Ren Tianyou was looking forward to this cultivation room ranking competition. And he had reached all the way to the finals of this competition, but he felt happy only in the match against Feng Wu and this current match which was against Yan Xinluo. Finally he could use the result of his more than two year’s hard training in this battle, so how could Ren Tianyou not be excited?

“Haha, take my move.” Ren Tianyou directly changed into lightning light and in a flash appeared at the side of Yan Xinluo. The palm of right hand had changed into lightning light hand sword and was advancing towards the head of Yan Xinluo.

“Raiton—Raigyaku Suihei!” (Lightning style—Lateral Bolt of Pain!)

“Dang!” The Karma transmigration on the right hand of Yan Xinluo blocked the attack of Ren Tianyou, but under the huge force from the attack of Ren Tianyou, the right hand of Yan Xinluo was unceasingly shaking, and the right hand of Ren Tianyou was gradually pressing towards Yan Xinluo.

At this time, Yan Xinluo suddenly kicked towards Ren Tianyou with his right leg, but this little trick of Yan Xinluo couldn’t trick Ren Tianyou who had already opened his Mangekyo Sharingan. The left leg of Ren Tianyou directly blocked the attack of Yan Xinluo. However the unexpected thing for Ren Tianyou was, just after Ren Tianyou blocked the kick of Yan Xinluo, the right leg of Yan Xinluo stepped on the ground and suddenly Yan Xinluo changed into gray colored light and retreated back, successfully parting from the attack of Ren Tianyou.

After Yan Xinluo parted away from the attack of Ren Tianyou, he was panting heavily. Just a moment ago in a split second, he had exhausted a great deal of his power. Current Yan Xinluo didn’t have the ability to withstand the attacks of Ren Tianyou after Ren Tianyou’s whole body was covered with lighting system chakra, moreover Ren Tianyou was using the strength of Tsunade’s strange fists too. Although Ren Tianyou had only mastered less than 10% of this powerful strange fists of Tsunade, nevertheless you should not underestimate this, as you have already seen the real might of these fists in the real Naruto world. Single fist from Tsunade could completely disintegrate the whole ground, destroy the walls, and destroy anything in front of her. So the physical strength of Yan Xinluo was not enough to contend against Ren Tianyou.

“Heart Death, open!” Yan Xinluo roared, and immediately a strong deep grey colored fog sprang out from Yan Xinluo. After he had discovered that the current level of power was not enough to deal Ren Tianyou, Yan Xinluo decisively opened his blood lineage, and became ready to use the power of his blood lineage to deal with Ren Tianyou.

Looking at Yan Xinluo who was emitting grey colored fog, Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk his brows. Seeing this power of blood lineage of Si Shen clan ‘Heart Death’, Ren Tianyou was deeply wary against the power of this blood lineage.

At this time, the fog around Yan Xinluo was being absorbed by his body, as if the whale was swallowing the water, and gradually Yan Xinluo’s figure was revealed from that fog. Right now the body of Yan Xinluo had a layer of thin deep grey colored strong qi, then the death aura spread all around him, and also a deep grey colored diamond shaped mark appeared between his eyebrows, it seems incomparable mysterious.

Yan Xinluo lifted his hand, and felt the incomparable familiar blood lineage power, then his lips curled into a mysterious smile. He waved his hand, and Karma transmigration which was surrounded by deep grey colored radiance appeared before him.

“Gate of death domain, open!” Along with the voice of Yan Xinluo, the rays of light stopped in front of Yan Xinluo gradually turning into illusory gate. With a ‘zhi’ sound, this door suddenly opened, and revealed a black colored mysterious empty hole.

At this time, several silhouette came out in succession from this black hole. After Ren Tianyou clearly saw the face of these silhouette, he immediately felt pain in the ass, “F**k!”


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    I wonder if Hinata and Neji 64 Palms would be able to seal off the power for characters here like in Naruto for Chakra?

    1. Maybe, if he change the target. they dont have chakra pathway system, so he need to hit other place that can bring similar effect or damages.

    2. Probably not? Since in earlier chapters they explained difference in the Worlds System and the Naruto Sys. One big one being how Chakra is from the body while in the that World they use energy from the void outside their body. I guess it could weaken them (since it also mentioned how they have to purify that energy to make it more powerful, but it wont reach a full seal because of that)

  2. He shouldnt complain about not being able to use nin and genjutsu, noone is stopping him he is just being stupid by not using them.

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