In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 79

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 79: Finals (Part 1)

Finals (Part 1)

Yan Xinluo landed on the arena on his one knee, and was gasping for air violently. A cold sweat were unceasingly flowing out from his forehead. Successively using two form of transmigration six change was still the great burden for Yan Xinluo. He was filling pain all over the body, in addition most of his battle qi was exhausted. And Yan Xinluo was making a wry smile on his face.

Without losing any time the judge stepped up inside the arena, then after inspecting Wang Yanli, he released a sigh of relief as he discovered that he had merely lost his consciousness due to the intense shock wave. Fortunately it was nothing serious, or else………..

The judge stood up, then announced Yan Xinluo as the winner of the match. Then the audiences gave a warm applause. And especially Ren Tianyou and his classmates clapped until their hands were red. Because after the match was won by Yan Xinluo, it was certain that their class would win the first and also take the second place too, and to this must be added the points accumulated by Sun Chuqian and Wang Haiqing, so it was already decided that their class would be the overall winner of this cultivation room ranking competition.

After Yan Xinluo stepped down from the arena, Wang Jiafei said, “Let’s go, today I will treat you all to a meal outside the academy.”

“Teacher, I think you should treat us meal tomorrow instead.” Ren Tianyou said.

“Why?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Wang Jiafei was clearly stupefied.

“Now we are in extremely bad condition, so we should hurry back to recover our strength, and prepare our self for the tomorrow’s final match.”

“The top two position is already yours, and it is already clear that the overall first position is also ours. So is it really necessary for you two to fight till the bitter end?” Wang Jiafei asked.

“Ha ha, highly necessary, because this is a fight as a cultivator. And also even if I agree, you think Yan Xinluo would also agree to end it peacefully?” Ren Tianyou lightly laughed and explained.

Hearing Ren Tianyou, Wang Jiafei turned her head, and as expected she saw the eyes of Yan Xinluo was shining with strong fighting intention. Immediately Wang Jiafei covered her face with her hand and couldn’t help but heaved a sigh, “Fine. So it’s like that, I just hope both of you do not go too far in the match tomorrow.”

“Got it!” Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo both replied. After that both of them returned their respective dormitory, and started to recover their strength.


At 9 o’clock in the next morning, the square of Supreme light academy was completely filed with the crowds of peoples, and their voices. Almost all the first grade students of Supreme Light Academy were gathered here, because this was the finals of cultivation room ranking completion of first grade. And no one wanted to miss this match, one could even say that this was the match between strongest students of first grade.

In general, many peoples had gathered here from early morning, to get the suitable seat to watch this rare brilliant match. Not only that but, many power of imperial capital Kalisi had also heard the rumor about this match and rushed over to watch this match. They intended to throw out an olive branch after the match was over to draw them in their own power.

“Students of Supreme Light Academy, and everyone, good morning!” At this time, blue light flashed in the sky above the arena, and the dean Long Feilu suddenly appeared in the air above the arena. “After several days of intense selection matches, in the end we have already arrived at the final match of this completion. I believe you all are also looking forward to this match just like me. So now I will declare the official start of the final match of this competition.”

Along with the voice of Long Feilu, all the peoples of the audiences gave a warm applause. Long Feilu waved his hand and immediately the applause slowly reduced, “Now I ask the participants of today’s match to come up in the arena.”



Both Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo simultaneously appeared on the arena, they stood opposite to each other and were staring at each other. And the eyes of both of them were burning with strong fighting spirit.

“Haha, it seems like both of them already can’t wait for the start of the match. Fine, I will also not waste any more time. I myself will be taking charge of this match, now I announce the start of this match.” Right after Long Feilu flashed outside the arena, an earth colored barrier surrounded the whole arena. Vice-dean Zhao Guanghui had also appeared outside the arena, actually he was the one who had erected the barrier.

After the barrier was erected, Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo both released blue colored and grey colored rays of lights from their respective body. Karma transmigration also automatically came out from the sheath, flew to the right hand of Yan Xinluo and issued an excited sound. “Do you know? Actually I have been waiting for this match for a long period of time.” Touching the ice-cold blade of karma transmigration, Yan Xinluo said excitedly.

“Ha ha, me too.” Holding his Kusanagi Sword, strong lightning light rose form his body, and changed into a lightning armor. Ren Tianyou was also excited for this match.

“I hope you won’t disappoint me.” Both Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo said in unison. Saying this, both of them simultaneously rushed towards each other.

“Dang!” A sound of metal colliding rang out, at the center of the arena, the Kusanagi Sword of Ren Tianyou and Karma transmigration of Yan Xinluo had confronted each other. Both of them were unceasingly trying to overpower each other, but both of them were firmly blocking each other. Under the power of both of them, the arena was issuing the “ka ka” scattering sound.

At this time, the undead battle qi around the body of Yan Xinluo started to violently stir, and an undead battle qi halo suddenly appeared before his eyes, “Undead shock wave!”

“Hong!” A violent sound of explosion rang out, and Yan Xinluo as the center, a circular deep dent appeared on the arena. But the silhouette of Ren Tianyou had already disappeared.

Yan Xinluo suddenly heard a sound coming from above his head, immediately raised his head and saw Ren Tianyou who was covered violent lightning, and he was raising his right leg high up in the air, and as if a huge lightning chop, his leg advanced straight towards Yan Xinluo.

“Raiton—Girochin Doroppu!” (Lightning Style—Guillotine Drop!)

With a “swish” sound, Yan Xinluo rapidly retreated. When Yan Xinluo had just retreated less than 1 meter from his original location, the attack of Ren Tianyou fell at that original location. “Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out, and a huge strong shock wave spread in all direction, and this shock wave also advanced towards the retreating Yan Xinluo.

“Undead shield!” The undead battle qi around the body of Yan Xinluo quickly stirred, condensed, and took the shape of a huge shield in front of him. This shield successfully blocked this huge shock waves. At this time, a blue colored lightning suddenly rushed towards Yan Xinluo from the middle of the dusts in a high speed.

Ren Tianyou had opened up his right arm, and was directly chasing the retreating Yan Xinluo.

“Raiton— Rariatto!” (Lightning style—Lariat!)


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  1. “Raiton—Girochin Doroppu!” (Lightning Style—Righteous Lightning Sinking Anger Lightning Axe!)
    I think it would be better referred as lightning style–guillotine drop….to make it shorter, but meh I’m not too picky as long it’s fun to read
    Thanks for the chapter,

    1. Yeah the ‘correct’ English translation for that technique is Guillotine Drop. Most of the Raiton moves used by A and B have a loose English translation that they actually speak, with the literal translation of the kanji being extremely silly and often involving puns.

  2. The FUCK is the point of this chapter?!!!!!! Fuckin useless! OMFG. I feel bad for those that donate because their money only worth this much, shame on all you donators.

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