In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 78

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 78: Semi-finals (Part 9: Six transmigration change)

Semi-finals (Part 9: Six transmigration change)

“Good.” Seeing the rushing Yan Xinluo, Anda Lasi let out a laugh, then he flew straight towards Yan Xinluo to receive the sword slash.

“Gigantic spirit palm!” Anda Lasi oddly smiled, and a powerful power of lava bubbled out from his right hand, that changed into a gigantic palm of flame and advanced towards incoming Yan Xinluo, as if he intend to slap him dead. But………

“Humph. Chop!” Seeing this huge palm, the karma transmigration in the right hand of Yan Xinluo at his will issued a deep grey colored sword slash. And he didn’t stop even for a moment, and closely following that sword slash, as he continued to advance towards Anda Lasi. With a “swish” sound, this sword slash cut through the gigantic palm just like cutting through a tofu, and the surplus energy advanced towards Anda Lasi without reducing its speed.

“M-hm…………” Seeing that his own gigantic spirit palm actually had so little effect, Anda Lasi let out a surprise voice, then a huge flame spirit shield appeared in front of him, firmly blocking the sword slash of Yan Xinluo.

Feeling a pressure coming through from above the shield, Anda Lasi became surprised and bewildered, and yelled inside his heart, “Compared to the beginning, the energy had increased by many times. The most crucial point is, the intensity of energy is unknown times more than it was at the beginning stage. It seems his blood lineage is really not simple.”

The intensity of energy is extremely important for any cultivators. When ordinary warriors cultivates, they absorbs the power of elements from the void which is filled with impurities. Let’s say, after turning that energy into the battle qi in their body, they again try to purify these battle qi inside to remove those impurities. But no matter how they purify, it is quite impossible to completely purify all the impurities contained in that battle qi, they could only try to reduce the impurities as much as possible. And the more pure the energy is, the more formidable the attack and defense become. And if other people wanted to defend against the attack from purer energy, they must waste more energy to do so.

When Anda Lasi was surprised and bewildered, Yan Xinluo had already flew in front of him. And with the karma transmigration in his hand, together with his grey colored battle qi he directly slashed towards Anda Lasi.

“Humph. Can it be you still truly think that I, lava god———Anda Lasi is a vegetarian?” Seeing Yan Xinluo directly attack him from the front, Anda Lasi let out a loud roar. After that a huge magical power of lava rose, and directly melted the attack of Yan Xinluo. Then a huge amount of the boiling hot magical power was released in the air.

Along with the eruption of Anda Lasi, suddenly fiery red colored clouds fluttered in the air above the arena, and the whole arena was surrounded by this clouds, alongside the simple and vigorous lava magical power.

“Flame heart rage, fire cloud break; Skill of lava god———lava burning the city.” Anda Lasi quickly chanted the incantation. After he completed the chant, from the fire cloud in the sky, a burning hot magma rained down towards the whole arena.

When he saw the explosion of magical power from all over the body of Anda Lasi, Yan Xinluo had already expected something bad would happen, so he had already started to pour his undead battle qi along with the energy of his blood lineage ‘Heart death’ inside his karma transmigration.

After pouring the energies, the blade of karma transmigration let out a violent trembling buzzing sound. Then suddenly karma transmigration left the hand of Yan Xinluo, and started to unceasingly hover above his head.

After that Yan Xinluo bit his right hand, and taking the blood in his both hand he quickly made a hand seals, then alongside the quick movement of the hands, the death energy overflowed, and that energy seep inside the karma transmigration which was hovering above his head.

Along with “ka ka” cracking sound, the space around the hovering karma transmigration started to disintegrate, and together with a death aura, suddenly a black hole appeared above the head of Yan Xinluo.

“Wordily creatures, all enters transmigration; myriad karma, vexed all living creatures. Transmigration six change, First form———-transmigration deteriorate.” The mouth of Yan Xinluo moved noiselessly, and the undead battle qi started to overflow and entered the blade of karma transmigration, sustaining the huge power of black hole above his head.

Along with the appearance of black hole, it consumed a huge amount of energy of Yan Xinluo, and then that black hole swallowed the raining magmas due to the ‘lava burning the city’ magic of Anda Lasi just like the whale swallowing the water. The power of this swallowing was getting bigger and bigger, gradually the red clouds in the sky created by Anda Lasi were also shucked in by the black hole, and completely removed the ‘lava burning the city’ magic of Anda Lasi.

Just when Anda Lasi couldn’t believe that his magic was broken this way, he suddenly felt a strong fluctuation behind him. He immediately turned his huge head to look, and suddenly discovered that a black hole had appeared behind him too. When Anda Lasi wanted to escape, suddenly innumerable magmas were spited out from inside the black hole, and he was hit, then fell down the arena.

Transmigration Six Change was the supreme secret skill of Death clan, each form was at least heaven grade warrior skill. First form—- transmigration deteriorate would create two connected black holes. One black hole completely swallows the attack of the enemies, after that other black hole spits it out at the enemies. It could be said that this was one of the supreme warrior skill.

Seeing the attacks of Anda Lasi were already spitted out, the right hand of Yan Xinluo moved, suddenly karma transmigration changed into a light and flew at his right hand, and the black hole above his head also gradually became smaller and smaller, then finally disappeared.

When the blood in his right hand meet with the blade, suddenly karma transmigration released the sound of excitement. Then Yan Xinluo slowly closed his eyes, and something similar to a death aura appeared form his body.

“Transmigration Six Change, Second Form———-Sword Path Transmigration.”

Yan Xinluo suddenly opened his eyes, the gaze of his both eyes looked as if it had the ability to split open the space around him. Along with the low and deep roar sound from Yan Xinluo, innumerable terrifying grey colored lofty sword qi appeared at the side of Yan Xinluo.

At the same time, the huge towering grey colored sword slash from the blade of karma transmigration, directly chopped the firmament. The length of this sword slash was over 20 meter, could be said terrifying. The body of Yan Xinluo slowly permeated into this towering sword slash.

At the same time, from the magma below, the huge silhouette of Anda Lasi suddenly launched and flew towards the sky.

“Haha, stupid fellow, could it be you didn’t know that I am lava god, and counterattacking me using my own power of lava. You this………….eh.” After floating in the air, Anda Lasi burst out into a loud laughter. But he suddenly felt a destruction aura had locked on to him, he couldn’t help but became dumbfounded, looking carefully, he immediately discovered the changes in Yan Xinluo.

“Chop!” With an explosive yell, this terrifying huge sword slash chopped towards Anda Lasi. The body of Anda Lasi was chopped into two pieces from the middle. Then the body gradually turned into fire system element and dissipated in the air.

“Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out, this sword slash after chopping through the body of Anda Lasi, directly chopped the arena into two too. Then that horrifying sword qi spread all over the arena. Under the attack of this sword slash, the flame god shield around the body of Wang Yanli was broken, then under the shock wave of this attack, he lost his consciousness.


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    1. So any fight not involving the mc is a filler? What a retard.
      Also look at the irony – a Naruto fan complaining about fillers

      1. I mean, when 4 out of 5 recent chapters are about other characters. Most of which only got 2 paragraphs of screen time before this tournament arc, so readers have no idea who they are and no reason to care about them.

        Half of which is an info dump on how op their moves are, the name, the effects, etc.

        It is definitely filler.

        Also Naruto isn’t an excuse. The author was writing well, then it exploded in popularity and got an anime. After which the editors and others forced the author to pump out chapters 24/7 to keep ahead of the anime. A lot of fillers is because the author needed time to plan the actual story. Even then you can see how inconsistencies and plot holes slowly popped up over time.

        The author of this fanfic isn’t being forced to write and publish chapters 24/7. You really can’t use “Naruto had fillers” as an excuse for the sheer amount of filler in this story.

  1. So after looking at the Chinese raws page I found that this series is completed after 381 chapters. What I want to know is if there is a sequel to this story since 381 chapters seems like way too little to complete a wuxia based story like this especially since many of the most epic battles like the ones in the school tournament can span multiple chapters?

  2. WHO IS ANDA LASI?? this should be wang yanli and yan lixuo fight isnt it?? thnx for the filler chapter though
    i actually only read the name anda lasi and skipped everyting

  3. So after looking at the Chinese raws page I found that this series is completed after 381 chapters. What I want to know is if there is a sequel to this story since 381 chapters seems like way too little to complete a wuxia based story like this especially since many of the most epic battles like the ones in the school tournament can span multiple chapters? Also if there is one will you also translate it?

  4. Hahhh…. Man you know something?? One OP move in Naruto terrorize many villages but this dude with all those OP powers act like a female dog. He doesn’t even use his filthy brain.
    Is the author degrading Naruto because it’s Japanese? From many of CN’s I came to a conclusion that you guys are too jealous of other people. Like Korean and Japanese. You won’t even give a story without explanation of how you hate this or that.

    1. i think it because the MC can’t use the perfect might of these OP moves, so it can’t show its true power and he is not owner of that OP move, just like tried to copy it, learned it. if u read carefully u can see it that writer often add some details that the MC can’t use these skill perfectly and this type of attack also is not his major….. and dont look down on the power or skill’s system of this world becuase it also has a long history, too. Next, MC didn’t fight with an A B C guy but the member of powerhouse of this world, i think it reasonable. and also if he can fight with everyone easily, what’s fun? it also can look in another point of view, if MC can learn all OP move in Naruto easily (just 2 years) and can use all of that OP move perfectly, i think that really look down on skill’s system of naruto world. so, i like it that writer tell us that MC can’t use its perfect, it show the respect of skill’s system of Naruto World, show that all these OP move not that easily to use. but so, all of these just my opinion. 🙂 (ps.sorry for my english, owwww)

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