In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 77

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 77: Semi-finals (Part 8)

Semi-finals (Part 8)

“Lava god of Flowing lava country, I with my lava blood lineage request you to awaken your extraordinary power, drop your flame and destroy everything, appear at this endless waste world, and destroy all the enemies before your eyes. Lava taboo skill——flame gods’ carapace.” While floating in the air, Wang Yanli held his magic wand, and under the command of his magic wand, the strong lava magical power which was being emitted from his body drifted away in the sky.

At that time, a huge fissure appeared in the sky, then from inside that fissure leak out a strong sensation of destruction. After that a strong lava magical power which was unknown times more powerful that the lava magical power which was being emitted by Wang Yanli bubbled out from inside that fissure, then it changed into a huge flame light beam and directly fell from the sky, fell on the lava domain on the arena which was made by Wang Yanli.

Along with the fall of this lava column, suddenly the lava domain of arena violently rolled over and over, and the waves of lava also unceasingly rolled over and over, then they started to gather in the center location.

As the power of lava unceasingly gathered, the lava of center location ceaselessly rolled over and over, condensed, and extended. Gradually changed into an enormous lava giant. The whole body of this giant was burning hot lava, there was a long and huge fiery red colored two curved horn in its head, and its head also had two huge hollow holes, suddenly two fiery red colored light flashed, and everyone could see two flame radiance appeared at those two huge hollow holes, those were actually the eyes of lava giant.

“Hou!” This lava giant stood up, then it looked up towards the sky and roared, causing a shock wave to spread towards all direction. An intense ripples appeared at the barrier which was just fixed by Zhao Guanghui. And after the lava giant had stood up, his height also became visible, unexpectedly it was 7 or 8 meter in height, “Boy, was it you who summoned me?” Seeing the magician possessing his power of blood lineage floating in the air, this lava giant opened its huge mouth and asked in a low, muffled voice.

“Yes, respected lava god Anda Lasi. I am the one who summoned you, I want the aid of your power to defeat the foe before your eyes.” Wang Yanli flapped his wings of heaven and arrived in front of lava giant Anda Lasi, placed his right hand at his left chest, and spoke after giving respectful magic ceremony.

“Fine, as you wished, my summoner.” Flowing the gaze of Wang Yanli, Anda Lasi caught the sight of Yan Xinluo who was also floating in front of him, then answered. After that the lava giant advanced towards Yan Xinluo quickly, even though this lava giant had a huge body, its speed was not that slow.

“Sure enough, this world is not that simple.” Seeing that lava giant on the arena, the complexion of Ren Tianyou who was in the audience become serious and muttered to himself. Although that lava giant on the arena was of no pressure for Ren Tianyou, nevertheless Ren Tianyou felt a formidable pressure from the consciousness displayed just a moment ago from within the space fissure. This was the first time he felt that he was powerless, and he clearly determined, as long as that person inside the fissure stand in front of him, Ren Tianyou didn’t know whether he could protect his life, let alone defeat him.

“It seems I must intensify up my cultivation and training. If I possess the strength equal to either Madara or First Hokage ‘Senju Hashirama’, then will there be anyone left in the world I need to fear?” Ren Tianyou muttered to himself. “Moreover I can still can revive ten tailed beast, and have the opportunity to have the power equal to Sage of six path.”


Seeing the advancing Lava Giant Anda Lasi towards him, a strong fighting spirit flashed in the eyes of Yan Xinluo. He held karma transmigration and send out 3 or 4 slash of battle qi towards Anda Lasi. Then his body changed into a grey colored light and directly rushed towards Anda Lasi.

Seeing the slash attack of battle qi advancing towards him, Anda Lasi waved his right hand, suddenly an enormous power of lava bubbled out and directly melted out the power of undead battle qi of that battle qi slash. Then the surplus energy advanced towards Yan Xinluo.

“Undead slash open the heaven!” Seeing the situation, Yan Xinluo directly released the ‘undead slash open the heaven’ attack once again. His body merged with karma transmigration, turned into a huge sword slash and directly advanced towards Anda Lasi.

“Boy, great move. But it’s too bad, it is useless against me.” Seeing the huge sword slash, Anda Lasi grinned, then suddenly a huge power of lava sprang out from his body and towards his right hand, “Flame punishment shield, and degree of cloud fusion. Lava magic skill———mercy of flame cloud.”

Along with the voice of Anda Lasi, “hong” sound rang out. Then a huge power of lava from the right hand of Anda Lasi came out, and gradually turned into a flame cloud, then encircled Yan Xinluo who had turned into undead slash open the heaven.

With a “swish” sound, these flame cloud came across Yan Xinluo’s undead slash open the heaven, then gradually turned into an extremely thin light cloud and surrounded and attached to Yan Xinluo. Oddly enough, after this flame cloud seep inside it, the slash which Yan Xinluo had turned into immediately stopped in the sky, unable to step forward even a single step. Also the sword slash gradually weakened, and Yan Xinluo appeared in that place.

At this moment, Yan Xinluo was red through and through from head to foot, and was unceasingly struggling. However he was unable to free himself from this flame cloud. “Boy, no need to struggle. I have use this mercy of fame cloud in a very special way. This move changes my power of lava within my body into a thin needle shaped which eyes couldn’t see.  As long as this move surround the enemy, these lava magical power can enter the body of enemy from any small holes on their body. Then it slowly control their body movement. Simultaneously thoroughly roast them from inside.” Seeing the continuous struggle from Yan Xinluo, Anda Lasi smiled full of disdain, and then slowly explained.

“Humph, you are merely a thought projection of god, do you really think you can defeat me? Today I shall widen your knowledge about the true power of our Si Shen clan. Heart death, manifest!” Hearing the disdainful words of Anda Lasi, Yan Xinluo stopped struggling, after coldly snorting, he released his blood lineage—–Heart death.

Along with the voice of Yan Xinluo, a dark grey colored fog shaped energy sprang out from the body of Yan Xinluo. This dark grey colored energy compared to the grey color of undead battle qi was even more profound. As the fog shaped energy deepened, in a flash the ‘mercy of flame cloud’ of lava giant ‘Anda Lasi’ was destroyed, and the death aura spread all over the arena.

At this time, with a ‘xiu’ sound, this boundless fog just like whale swallowing water rushed towards Yan Xinluo. After the fog disappeared, they saw that Yan Xinluo who was still holding karma transmigration on his hand.

After opening the power of Heart death blood linage, Yan Xinluo had already revert back to normal. He had already forced out the lava energy of Anda Lasi from his body. But after opening blood lineage, there was no change in the external appearance of Yan Xinluo. Only the grey colored diamond mark appeared in his forehead, and his eyes had become grey in color.

“Only after opening the Heart death, we can bring out to play the matchless might of the most valuable treasure of our Si Shen clan ‘karma transmigration’. And that is the time when our Si Shen clan harvest a life.” Touching that dark ice-cold blade of karma transmigration, he said indifferently. Then looking at that floating Anda Lasi, he said, “I am starting.” With that, Yan Xinluo turned into huge grey colored light rushing towards Anda Lasi.


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  1. The milking is so serious and sad. Last chapter he said he wants to use 1 more mover and that move took this whole chapter.

  2. The milking is so serious. Last chapter he said he wanted to use 1 more move and it’s still going to take another chapter after this one for the fight to finish.

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