In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 76

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 76: Semi-finals (Part 7)


“Not good………”Seeing his flame dragon break destroyed, Wang Yanli could only cry out in alarm. Due to this muffled sound, the blood of his body was rolling over and over. Then the magic wand in his right hand started to flash with flame radiances, and surrounded Wang Yanli. Then he changed into a long flame light beam and moved downwards.

“Flame spirit shift!”

With a “swish” sound, Wang Yanli who was completely surrounded by burning hot flame magical power appeared on the arena, and had barely dodged the undead waltz attack of Yan Xinluo. Just when Wang Yanli had landed on the ground, Yan Xinluo also started to fall on the ground from the air, and directly landed on 20 meter away opposite from Wang Yanli.

Looking at Yan Xinluo who was at the opposite side of him, Wang Yanli displayed a bitter smile. Wang Yanli had overestimated the strength of Yan Xinluo as much as possible, but that was useless as his flame dragon break was destroyed too easily, and still had enough energy to force him to use flame spirit shift to dodge that attack. In this case………..

A fiery colored light flashed in the eyes of Wang Yanli, the flame magical power around his body gradually changed into boiling hot lava, and was released all around him in a very high speed. Gradually the whole arena changed into a boiling hot lava zone. “Lava Domain.”

Shortly afterwards, Wang Yanli waved his magic wand, while quickly mumbling something, then a lava wave which could bolt out the sky and cover up the earth threw itself towards Yan Xinluo. “Lava Tide.”

Looking at the advancing lava waves, a pallid light flashed in the eyes of Yan Xinluo, then the karma transmigration on his hand automatically flew in front of him. Shortly afterwards, Yan Xinluo also took a large stride with his right leg, and the grey colored radiances on his body was poured into karma transmigration. Then suddenly a huge grey colored sword slash which looked like it could split heaven and earth apart advance towards the lava wave.

“First dance of undead—————undead slash open the heaven!”

“Hong long long” a loud sound of explosion rang out, just like a hot knife cutting through a butter, the ‘undead slash open the heaven’ of Yan Xinluo completely cut through the waves of lava, and still continued to advance towards the direction of Wang Yanli.

When they saw that the Lava Tide was so easily cut through, they discovered that they couldn’t find even the shadow of Wang Yanli, he had already disappeared without a trace. Only heard a ‘hong’ sound. And ‘undead slash open the heaven’ had left behind a deep ditch. Yan Xinluo was still standing at the same place, and the karma transmigration circled around in the sky and flew back in the right hand of Yan Xinluo.

When Yan Xinluo was searching for Wang Yanli, suddenly, in the sky above his head, he sensed a huge fire system magic power. Yan Xinluo couldn’t help but immediately lift up his head, only to see Wang Yanli who had spread open his wings of heavens and was floating in the air right above his head. His mouth was noiselessly muttering, and a huge magical power sprang out from his body. Then in the air above the arena, innumerable huge lava ball appeared, it was densely packed, and gave the people a kind of strong visual sense of shock feeling.

“Nice trick, but…………..” Looking at those densely packed lava balls in the sky above his head, a cold light flashed in the eyes of Yan Xinluo, but there was not even the slightest amount of fear in his eyes. Shortly afterwards just like before his karma transmigration automatically flew before him along with grey colored light, and started to revolve around the body of Yan Xinluo in a high speed.

He quickly clasped both of his hand together, then a rich undead battle qi poured out, and flowed into the blade of karma transmigration. “Void undead, karma change to nil. Six transmigration change, undead six shield. Open!”

Along with the voice of Yan Xinluo, with a ‘swish’ sound, karma transmigration suddenly divided into six and dropped on the arena from the air. Shortly afterwards, Yan Xinluo opened both of his hands towards the sky, then from both of his hand a strong undead battle qi came out, then it changed into six path of radiance and poured into karma transmigration. Immediately six cold ashes colored radiance protective screen was raised from the blade of karma transmigration, and surrounded the body of Yan Xinluo. Even at above the head and beneath the toe, similar protective screen appeared. On the top of this protective screen, a mysterious grey colored rune appeared which exude a mysterious aura.

Just then, the magic of Wang Yanli who was floating on the air was also completed. Looking below at Yan Xinluo who had already prepared for the defense, his eyes burned with flame, then he said, “Meteors fall. Give me a destruction!” Along with the voice of Wang Yanli, suddenly innumerable lava balls that were floating in the air, just like a meteors shower, they started to directly rain down towards the arena. Although this magic looked extremely magnificent, but its destructive power actually was…………

“Hong longlong”, “hong longlong”, “hong longlong”…………….Along with the fall of these lava balls on the arena, a series of loud explosion sound rang out, causing the whole arena to fill with dusts, and these dusts blocked the vision of everyone from seeing what was going in the arena. After the lava balls in the sky fell, again another batch of lava balls appeared in the sky and started to fall towards the arena.

This magic continued to fall for whole one minute. Although one minute seems extremely short duration of time, but for the peoples of the audiences who are watching the battle, they actually felt that one minute a very long period of time. Everyone in the audience, including Ren Tianyou were looking at the arena without blinking their eyes, all of them wanted to see the circumstance of Yan Xinluo. But this boundless dusts were blocking their line of vision, even the Mangekyo Sharingan of Ren Tianyou was useless in this condition, and after all it didn’t possessed the see through ability like Byakugan.

Just when everyone were holding their breath, a grey colored ‘+’ shaped battle qi radiance slash advanced towards Wang Yanli who was floating the sky. Shortly afterwards a person silhouette broke out from the dusts of the arena, if this person was not Yan Xinluo who was holding karma transmigration then who else could it be.

Wang Yanli who had not prepared for the defense was hit by this slash attack, but that flame god shield which he had released at the beginning blocked this attack.

Yan Xinluo held the karma transmigration, and he was also floating in the sky, his strong grandeur which was accompanied by rich undead battle qi were spreading all around him.

Sensing the aura which belong to saint rank expert, and seeing the ability which solely belong to saint rank and higher level expert to fly without any skill from Yan Xinluo, Wang Yanli showed a bitter smile, and said, “I had never expected that you were powerful to this extent. Although now I know that it is impossible for me to win this match, nevertheless I will not admit defeat. I want to use my strongest final move.”

“That is much better, if you had really admitted a defeat, then I would have look down upon you. If you have any move left to use then use it. I want to see the strongest attack of the member of Magic Domain.” Hearing Wang Yanli, the eyes of Yan Xinluo flashed with the strong fighting spirit, and the aura of his body became even stronger.

“As you wish.” Saying that, Wang Yanli held his magic wand, and quickly poured the magic power from all over his body towards his magic wand, and with a strong aura of peak-Great magic master, he started to chant the incantation.


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  1. Why does he not mention the high learning ability the shragin gives him
    Even if it’s bloodline or whatnot you can still make a lesser version of the skill thought it won’t produce the same effect it’s better then nothing

    This is a Naruto basics
    Unless he can’t research it in Google in China or some shit
    Not fully showing off the shraginew it’s like he nevred it

    1. The learning ability might not apply here as the Sharingan copy ability comes from its sharp senses: The reason the Sharingan lets Ninjas copy other Ninjas techniques is because the Sharingan can see the individual hand seals and the specific flow of Chakra required to use the ability.

      As everyone else uses a different source of power, that particular aspect of the Sharingan is less useful than it would be in the Narutoverse.

    2. Our MC already have more powerful techniques than the opponents, so why do he need to copy others’ technique and make crappy version of that technique. That will only be the waste of time.

      1. its learning ability
        he can find out new things besides his jutsu’s
        and he can “blend in”
        and he can add it to his tai jutsu’s collection

    1. this is really lame, I don’t even care how they fight, battle system suckz… what karma transmigration,wtf is that I forgot, open blood lineage?? why the need to say it

      1. karma transmigration is the name of the weapon of Yan Xinluo. In every novels, they will shout the name of the move. KAaaaaMEeeeeHaaaaaMeeeeHaaaaaaaaaa *Wink*

  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Hmm.. i guess it won’t be interesting if the finalist isn’t even a saint class combatant if Ren already showed that he could beat a Saint class magical beast..

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