In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 75

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 75: Semi-finals (Part 6)

Semi-finals (Part 6)

Zhao Guanghui flew to the big hole created by Feng Wu and Ren Tianyou, then shaking his head, he sighed with feelings towards the violence of youngster now a days. Then he calmed down his state of mind, after that holding his magic wand, he started to quickly chant the incantation. While chanting, a powerful magic rippled out from his body.

“Earth return to wasteland.” After he finished the incantation of the chant, Zhao Guanghui pointed the magic wand in his right hand towards the big hole, then immediately a countless earth yellow colored magical power sprang out from that big hole. Shortly afterwards, the whole ground started to shake violently, and many people standing became unstable and were about to fall down to the ground.

Ren Tianyou who was sitting cross-legged to recover his exhausted chakra, was also affected by this violent shaking of the earth, so he stopped his recovery, and opened his eyes to look.

The big hole which was before his eyes was already filled with powerful yellow colored earth system element energy, the level of concentration of element energy was too strong to the extent that the remaining six elements energy were completely pushed aside from that place, leaving only the earth system element at that place.

The concentration of Earth elements were slowly disappearing, and after some time it finally completely disappeared, when everyone caught the sight of the arena, each and every one couldn’t help but had their mouth and eyes opened wide. They saw that in the original arena which was filled with small and big holes, was completely changed into a completely brand new arena without a single damage. And the big hole created by Feng Wu and Ren Tianyou were completely restored in a short time by the earth system magic of Zhao Guanghui.

“F**k me, this is so amazing, nearly 20 meter radius hole is already restored in such a short period of time. This is too amazing.” Even Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but swear within his heart. Now even with his earth style jutsu, it was impossible for him to produce identical result in such a short period of time, as expected worthy of being god class earth system magician.

After the restoration of the arena was completed, Zhao Guanghui withdrew his magic wand, looked at his masterpiece, nodded his head with satisfaction, and then directly flew back to the VIP section.

Seeing the arena was already restored, the judge announced the start of the second match. Second match of the semi-finals, Yan Xinluo VS Wang Yanli, was formally started.

The body of expressionless Yan Xinluo changed into a grey colored light beam and arrived at the arena, then he firmly stood there, shortly afterwards with a fiery red colored light beam appeared at the opposite side of Yan Xinluo. After the fiery red colored light disappeared, Wang Yanli appeared from within it holding a lava magic wand and wearing a fiery red colored magic robe at that place. In the audience, Ren Tianyou also stopped his recovery of chakra, he stood up and seriously started to watch the match.

The judge for the match determined that both the participants had arrived at the arena, then announced the start of the match. Along with the announcement of the judge, the body of both Yan Xinluo and Wang Yanli simultaneously flashed with grey and fiery red colored radiance respectively.

Wang Yanli tightly held the magic wand in his right hand, and suddenly a rich flame magical power bubbled out. Then a huge fireball was fired towards the direction of Yan Xinluo. Then simultaneously, he quickly retreated back and started to silently chant the incantation.

“Humph, stupid!” Seeing the magic of Wang Yanli, Yan Xinluo snorted coldly with disdain. After that he waved his right hand, then from his waist the short knife of death——–Karma transmigration was immediately unsheathed and flew to his right hand. Then he raise his right hand, suddenly huge undead sword edge was released and it collided with fireball of Wang Yanli, causing a loud explosion sound.

After canceling out the attack of Wang Yanli, Yan Xinluo didn’t continue to attack, just look at the Wang Yanli who was still chanting the incantation, then he slowly said, “One minute, I will give you one minute to prepare, adjust to your strongest state. After one minutes, I will start to attack, hope the member of Magic Domain will not disappoint me.”

Hearing the arrogant words of Yan Xinluo, the audiences suddenly made an uproar. With regards to the arrogant words of Yan Xinluo, everyone felt that he was being too much arrogant.

As everyone knows, when magicians and warriors fights, first of all magicians tries to pull open a distance, only after they felt it was a safe distance, they used magic to resolve the battle. However in the arena, it seriously restrict the distance between warrior and magicians in a battle, and someone on the level of Yan Xinluo could easily cover that distance within less than 30 seconds, then he could easily break the defense of Wang Yanli and defeat him. So Yan Xinluo had given Wang Yanli a time of one minute to prepare himself, and this was also the reason why Wang Yanli who was already high level magician started the match with a boring magic like a fire ball magic, and simultaneously retreating back.

Hearing Yan Xinluo, Wang Yanli was not angry, his eyes showed a smiling expression but his mouth still continued to chant the incantation in a high speed.

After about 10 seconds, the first chant was completed, “Wings of heavens!” Along with the voice of Wang Yanli, a pair of huge fiery wings spread open from the back of Wang Yanli, and immediately flew in the air. After he was in the air, Wang Yanli again chanted for another 30 seconds, then from above the lava magic wand, a huge flame magical power was emitted at the side of Wang Yanli and took the shape of three flame shield which continuously revolve around him. Actually this was another defense magic of Wang Yanli called magic law——–shield of flame god.

At the last 20 seconds, Wang Yanli opened his blood lineage———–lava blood lineage, and his whole body was covered with burning hot magical power.

“One minute is up, it seems you are ready, so now I will not be polite.” Seeing the time he had given was finished, Yan Xinluo looked towards Wang Yanli who was floating in the sky, then coldly said. Shortly afterwards a grey colored undead battle qi appeared all around his body, and the arena which was in contact with him started to corrode.

With a “xiu” sound, Yan Xinluo changed into a grey colored light beam, holding a karma transmigration he advanced towards the Wang Yanli in the sky. When Yan Xinluo was about to arrive, he send out two huge sword slash from the karma transmigration towards Wang Yanli.

Seeing the attack of Yan Xinluo, a light flashed in the eyes of Wang Yanli, then the wings of heaven flapped and he quickly retreated back to dodge the attack of Yan Xinluo. And simultaneously chanting the magic, along with the control of lava magic wand, a huge fire dragon was finished forming in the sky. “Roar”, with a powerful roar of rage, the fire dragon circled the air one time, then directly rushed straight towards Yan Xinluo.

“Flame dragon break!”

“Humph. Second dance of death——undead waltz.” Seeing the fire dragon, Yan Xinluo just coldly snorted. Then waving his right hand, as if he had commanded his karma transmigration, it immediately flew automatically, and quickly revolve around in front of Yan Xinluo. And the overcast halo of battle qi appeared in front of him, at the same time his undead battle qi was flowed to his right hand towards the overcast halo.

Suddenly a buzzing muffled sound sounded within the arena, hearing this voice, Wang Yanli suddenly felt as if his heart had suddenly stopped beating, and he felt pain all over the body. And this sound was getting bigger and bigger, only saw that the karma transmigration of Yan Xinluo was advancing towards him within the huge halo. Along with the increase of battle qi of Yan Xinluo in that halo, the radiance of halo was become more and more bright. Then this halo suddenly spread to all direction. At the borderline location of this halo, there was still that unpleasant buzzing sound, even the air around was vibrating because of this sound.

This attack encountered the fire dragon break of Wang Yanli, but didn’t received a slightest amount of obstruction, and directly passed through the body of fire dragon, then it continued to advance towards Wang Yanli.

The fired dragon which was in the process of advancing towards Yan Xinluo, suddenly stopped in the air. Then everyone saw that a neat cut wound had suddenly appeared at the stomach of this fire dragon. Then from that wound the upper and lower part of the body directly separated, after that it turned into fire system energy element and disappeared in the air.


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    1. I don’t mind the other characters, some of them are even actually characters rather than cardboard cut-outs which is nice. That said I am assuming from all this attention that they’re getting that these guys will be present throughout the story, if later on all these guys just vanish and we never hear of them again then yeah this is a waste of time.

      1. Ren Tian you will be fighting stronger opponents later so i dont really think that these guys will not be forgotten later on , i mean MC and them are not on the same level in the first place ..

        1. True but so far the author seems to be doing a reasonable job of showing that the cultivation arts aren’t to be trifled with. Remember that most of his friends are young masters and misses from fairly powerful clans so they too will probably experience fairly explosive growth.

          Of course RTY is OP as shit since he can literally cherry pick the best powers in the Naruto universe and combine them, even the Naruto big shots wouldn’t be able to handle him once he’s fully grown.

          Ultimately the quality of this novel seesaws back and forth so much that I’m really not confident about making any kind of prediction about where it will go in the future. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly segues into a political drama for a few dozen chapters.

  1. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *somewhere in the spectator seat* *gasp* “is that gatsuga tensho?!!”

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