In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 73

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 73: Semi-finals (Part 4: Asakujaku (Morning Peacock)

Semi-finals (Part 4: Asakujaku (Morning Peacock))

When the dusts of explosion dissipated, he saw Feng Wu and Golden wings Phoenix was surrounded by the gold colored phoenix shield. It seemed at the last second, Feng Wu had released the shield to protect both herself and Golden Wing phoenix from explosion. Still, blood could be seen on the corner of her mouth, and the shield was also already very dim. From this you can understand that it was not that easy for her to block the continuous attack.

“A’Wu, are you all right?” Golden Wings Phoenix flapped its wing and floated in the air, then asked Feng Wu who was on its back.

“I’m fine.” Withdrawing her energy shield, Feng Wu nodded her head and answered. She forced down the turmoil of blood within her body, then firmly stared at Ren Tianyou, as if to prevent him from initiating a surprise attack.

“Little Wu, it seems you were right, the speed of this fellow is too fast, it is very difficult to hit him with our attack. And his attacks are also extremely powerful. If this goes on then we will only sink in passive situation and take a beating.” Looking at the Ren Tianyou, Golden Wings Phoenix said seriously. Although after hearing the warnings of Feng Wu, it was also somewhat prepared, but it had never thought the speed of Ren Tianyou was fast to this terrifying degree, they couldn’t respond in time, and even the phoenix god shield was also destroyed by his attack.

Even if the move is very powerful, but it couldn’t land on the opponent then that was just a garbage. Both Feng Wu and Golden wings phoenix understood this point very clearly. And from the current situation they already knew clearly that they were not comparable to Ren Tiianyou in terms of speed.

“Since it’s like this then let’s use omni-directional attack to attack indiscriminately, ok.” After thinking for a while, Feng Wu come to this decision. After all that was the only way left to them. Finished speaking, and Golden wing phoenix easily understood the intention of Fen Wu. Along with the sharp cry, Golden Wings phoenix let Feng Wu jump out from its back, then it flew opposite direction to Feng Wu, and together locked on to Ren Tianyou who was on the arena beneath them.

Feng Wu saw that Golden Wing Phoenix was already ready, then simultaneously both of theirs body released a golden yellow colored radiances. Feng Wu held fire phoenix sword on her hand, pointing sword point in the sky, then a golden colored battle qi soared to the sky. Gold wing phoenix was also doing the same kind of movement as Feng Wu. A perfectly straight two golden colored light beam soared towards the sky, and was glittering just like a shining mirror. Seeing this the people of the audience have no choice but to close their eyes.

“Combination skill——-phoenix wings soar in the sky.” Both Feng Wu and Golden Wings phoenix simultaneously shout loudly. Suddenly the golden yellow colored light beam of both Feng Wu and Golden Wings phoenix spread in all direction. The two light beam gradually joined together, and spread on the whole arena, without doubt it also swallowed Ren Tianyou who was within the arena.

The light beam lasted for about 30 seconds, then it slowly became weak and finally disappeared. After the light beam had disappeared, seeing the circumstance in the arena, everyone couldn’t help but became greatly surprised. Because they couldn’t see even a shadow of any person in the arena, there was only a 10 meter radius deep hole on the arena. And even the shadow of Ren Tianyou had disappeared from the arena.

“Tianyou.” Seeing this, the classmates of Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but became greatly surprised, and they were worried whether Ren Tianyou was able to survive that attack or not.

“Can he reach only to this extent?” Seeing and sensing that the aura of Ren Tianyou had disappeared without a trace, disappointment flashed in the eyes of Yan Xinluo. Although the combination skill of Feng Wu was quite powerful, but if he was in the position of Ren Tianyou, then he could have still blocked this attack. But Ren Tianyou whom he had viewed as a rival……….. When Yan Xinluo felt disappointment, his blood lineage ‘Death Heart’ was suddenly filled with aura of destruction, “This is…………..” Experiencing this familiar aura, the eyes of Yan Xinluo flashed with a sharp light.

Feng Wu saw that the arena was destroyed by her and Golden wings phoenix combination skill and Ren Tianyou also had disappeared, while breathing heavily. The radiance of battle qi on her body was also very dim, then flying to the side of Golden Wings phoenix side she said, “Little gold, isn’t this a bit overkill? It seems that guy is dead from our hand?”

“Thai is impossible A’Wu. Although our combination skill is powerful, nevertheless that guy is also extremely powerful. From his earlier offensive power, you should also know it. At most this combination skill will only heavily injure him, I think even the heavy injury is impossible. We shouldn’t lower our guard.” Golden Wings phoenix was not that optimistic within its heart, as a saint class magical beasts, its capacity to judge the opponent was not that bad. From that extremely high speed and that incomparably violent offensive power of Ren Tianyou, it had guessed that it was not that easy to kill Ren Tianyou.

When the Golden wing phoenix was carefully being on the alert, under its mental perception, suddenly an incomparably violent aura appeared. The violent aura was from…………….right beneath them.

“A’Wu, be careful. That guy survived, he is coming.” Just when Golden wing phoenix had yelled, suddenly an incomparable violent aura came out from inside that deep hole of the arena. Even the Golden wing phoenix itself felt a strong pressure from this aura.

“Hong!” an explosion sound rang out from that deep hole of arena, shortly afterwards, a blue purple colored lightning was launched from underneath the arena, straight towards Feng Wu in the sky.

“A’Wu, be careful. Phoenix guard.” Seeing the purple light advancing towards them from under the arena, Golden Wings Phoenix anxiously cried. Then quickly flashed and arrived at the side of Feng Wu, opened its wings, then a golden colored radiance was released from the head of Golden Wings Phoenix, which encircled both itself and Feng Wu. This was the one of the lifesaving skill of Feng clan.

“Raiton—Rariatto! (Lightning style—Lariat!)” An explosive sound come out from inside the blue purple colored light beam, shortly afterwards this light beam as if changed into a board sword advanced towards both Feng Wu and Golden Wing Phoenix.

“Hong” sound rang out, the Phoenix guard of Golden Wing Phoenix received a violent strike, but it didn’t break. Due to the impact behind the attack they directly fell towards the arena.

The blue purple colored light beam and the shadow of a person within it, if not Ren Tianyou then who else could it be. However the current appearance of Ren Tianyou was not like when he had first stepped inside the arena. The clothes on his upper part were already utterly tattered, the sexy muscles of Ren Tianyou were completely visible. And a trace of blood was visible on the corner of his mouth, it seems like it was not that easy for Ren Tianyou to block that attack. Looking right now at Ren Tianyou, his body was violently leaking a deep blue colored chakra, even the body had changed into red in color.

The fact was Ren Tianyou had already opened Sixth gate———- Gate of View of hachimon tonkou (The Eight Inner Gates). After concealing it for four days, he had finally used hachimon tonkou (The Eight Inner Gates), as he had to hide his greater part of the strength, he couldn’t use ninjutsu, and couldn’t use doujutsu. So, he had to opene hachimon tonkou (The Eight Inner Gates) to successfully defend from that attack, but who would have thought that he would be forced to open up to sixth gate—-gate of view to completely block the impact of attack.

Ren Tianyou looked at the falling Feng Wu and Golden Wings Phoenix, since he had already opened sixth gate, then he had to use this to end the match.

He turned around his body, then he tightened up his arms, and started to pour a strong chakra towards his arms, then looking below at the targets, he punched in an extremely high speed. Because the speed of his punch was too fast, the sky was filled with the afterimages of the punch of Ren Tianyou, and no one was able to determine which one was real.

“Asakujaku!” (Morning Peacock!)

Along with the explosive shout of Ren Tianyou, innumerable fire meteors suddenly appeared in the air along with the punches of Ren Tianyou. And it pursued the falling Golden Wings phoenix and Feng Wu. Innumerable fire meteors just like a peacock tail looked extremely gorgeous, but within this gorgeousness, endless dangers were hidden.

“Not good.” After Feng Wu landed on the ground, and just as with great difficulty she stabilized herself, she heard an unusual sound from above her. Lifting her head and looking towards the sky she discovered the innumerous fire meteors were advancing towards her. Seeing this she had no other choice but to increase the energy into her Phoenix guard. Just after she had increased the energy on her phoenix guard, the Asakujaku (Morning Peacock) of Ren Tianyou hit the target.

“Honghong”, “honghong”, “honghong”…………..As the fire meteors of Asakujaku (Morning Peacock) hit the target, immediately a round of violent explosion sound rang out, and the whole arena was covered with dusts.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Was it really necessary to have described his abs as “sexy”, and what about that purple lightning? That was not a color that was used in the anime with the Lightning Chakra Mode of the fourth Raikage.

    1. Of course. How else can he get the girls? Sexy and powerful, I bet they’ll be conducting night raids on his room after this tournament ends haha

      Also I think the colour became weird because he was using the gates at the same time.

      1. The fact he has “sexy abs” is not the problem with me it is the fact that it wasn’t a necessary description in a fight.

        Yeah, that is one theory, a good one at that (I speculated the same thing), sadly we will probably get no confirmation.

  2. “Raiton—Rariatto! (Lightning style—Lariat!)”
    “6th gate———- Gate of View”
    Damn, to think that Tian You need to use this much skills to fight back. Though that’s with only Elite Ninja rank and not Kage or Akatsuki rank like in Naruto World.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. The last 3 gates don’t release chakra from the body. Its sweat and blood. Not to mention the fact that the 6th gate releases a green color the 7th gate releases a blue color and the last gate releases red. This guys fucking up a little bit now. Also gate openings are not instantaneous especially at the latter half. That requires focus and willpower, while this guy might have the willpower seeing as a saint level attack is about to crash into him in a fraction of a second I don’t know if the author knows about the narutoverse as much as he thinks he does.

    1. Fun fact, on at least one occasion, can’t remember said occasion, in the anime the 7th gate released a green color and in the manga it always releases a green color.

      I don’t remember it being said anywhere that gate openings can’t be instantaneous, I know for dramatic reasons it isn’t opened instantaneously but I could of sworn that one of the gates were opened instantly on at least one occasion, I could be wrong though I stopped watching the anime after the manga finished.

      1. I apologise for how lengthy this is.

        It’s not instantaneous due to hesitation. Starting from I believe to be the third gate excessive force is applied to bones, muscles, and blood vessels, while the brain has to take that strain immediately on the first gate. The first two gates actually require the brain to be adjusted I highly doubt that to be as easy as the flip of a switch. Also you can’t just open one gate, for him to open the gate of view/joy the first five have to open in succession. Even if the time for activation in the narutoverse is extended for drama, going through gates is like someone doing squats but at the first gate you add a weight bar. At the second gate you double the amount of weight and with every gate after doubling the previous amount. It isn’t something you can adjust to so quickly. Also RTY said something about the 6th gate being a more recent ability. To use it so well in its initial battle seems excessive no? Not only did he do it flawlessly, he also opened all 6 in a fraction of a second. That’s like throwing a few hundred pounds on a persons shoulder and them acting as if they hadn’t felt a thing. It doesn’t seem right.

        1. I wasn’t really talking about the bullshit this author talks about and Ren Tianyou. This explanation of the eight gates is something I never heard of reading the manga, watching the anime, or even on the narutopedia. Can you tell me where this is stated or where something like this was displayed?

          1. When guy lee or kakashi talk about opening the gates in the anime and in the manga they usually shiw a diagram of where the gates physically manifest. The first 2 are in the brain, the next three are in the spinal column the 6th is at the stomach the 7th is in the pelvic region or what the chinese version call the dantian and the 8th is on the heart they then begin to discuss the effect each have on the body the first two cause a strain in the mind evident in the pulsing veins on the forehead. The next 3 or four affect the body itself which is why the skin becomes red due to over exertion of muscles, blood, and bones hence the muscle damage the last two or three go far beyond that depending on whether you read the manga or watch the anime to the point the energy released (not chakra) is visible. In the manga only the 7th and 8th release a color, blue and red respectively. In the anime it’s green blue and red for 6, 7, 8 respectively i don’t know what episode or chapter but they speak about it in lee vs gaara, guy vs kisame, and guy vs madara.

            1. I wasn’t talking about where they are placed and what the effects are I know where they are and what they do, I was talking about your squats analogy. And once again the energy released in the manga is green, if you read blue somewhere than it was a mistranslation.

              1. The squats was my own description for why I thought it was ridiculous for RTY to open six gates all at once in the fraction of a second without any form of a pause between.

      2. Also the 7th gate releases a blue color. Its the reason guy is called the blue beast. It’s what he’s known for.

        1. No, he is not called the blue beast he is called the green beast the only reason it is blue in the anime is because Kisame mistook it for chakra which is depicted as blue in the anime BUT in the manga different people have different colored chakra.

    1. Not really, plenty of athletes have a muscle tone that most people would consider sexy, or if of the same sex, then jealous.

      Its pretty much similar to that of a footballer or a professional swimmer (even the divers). Tight muscles, no excess bulk, and depending on preference a tan.

      Considering he lived 2 years as a wild man, he probably has a bit of a tan, his training includes his body so he is likely slim looking but muscular as well. Matching that kind of description. I expect most of the other warriors don’t train their bodies well, so are either overly bulky, or simply rely on their talent without putting too much effort in to it.

  4. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    So peacock won agInst a phoenix?
    I call for a do over! This beauty pageant is not fair!

  5. … i know why naruto was famous…this variety of attacks and skills….in the anime and manga we can’t discern it…but in the novel i get to know it’s real charm

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