In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 72

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 72: Semi-finals (Part 3: Explosion)

Semi-finals (Part 3: Explosion)

The gold colored column of flame soared towards the sky, and the space slowly cracked open. Then a powerful aura leak out from that fissure and spread all over the entire arena. Because Zhao Guanghui had already fixed the barrier around the arena, this didn’t affect any individuals from the audiences.

Then a piercing phoenix cry rang out, and simultaneously a golden wing phoenix appeared, and it flew in circle inside the arena. After that the fissure in the sky slowly closed up.

“She……f**king……summoned………a………beast.” Seeing that thing continuously circling in the air, and firmly staring at him with a vengeful eyes, Ren Tianyou nearly threw up a mouthful of blood as he sensed a genuine aura of saint ranked magical beast.

F**k, did I make a mistake, this is merely a competition, but what is the point of going all out regardless of danger to one’s life? Summoning a saint class magical beast, aren’t you afraid you will provoke a Deity ranked teachers? F**k, last time, I had finished off a saint class magical beast ‘Raging flame cloud lion’, and it cost me a great amount of effort to KO it. Now you have summoned yet another magical beast comparable to ‘Raging flame cloud lion’, do you really want everyone here dead?

Thinking about this the mental state of Ren Tianyou became a bit agitated. ‘F**k, if I, your father was able to summon a tailed beast, then I would have let it use its Bijudama (Biju Bomb) and send your little golden wing phoenix flying, without giving you any chance to talk over.’ But it’s too bad, Ren Tianyou still had not exchanged any tailed beasts.

Actually Ren Tianyou had considered to sign a contract with saint class magical beast first, then wait for the time until he had enough system points to exchange a tailed beast. But later he gave up this thought, because he was cultivating chakra not the cultivation system of this world, and at the same time saint class magical beast was not that helpful to him.

However now seeing the golden wings phoenix circling in the air, Ren Tianyou felt a bit of regret within his heart regarding his that decision. At that moment the golden yellow colored flame beam surrounding Feng Wu slowly weaken and disappeared. Then Feng Wu appeared.

The body of Feng Wu was surrounded by a layer of golden yellow colored phoenix wings armor, the fire phoenix sword on her right hand was also encircled by a layer of golden yellow colored radiance, and originally fiery red color battle qi had changed into a golden yellow in color. The most important change was her pair of eyes, you could see a golden yellow colored flame was flashing through the pupil in her eyes. Rising his head, Ren Tianyou caught the sight the circling phoenix, and Feng Wu who had spread open her wings of phoenix, then she suddenly changed into a golden yellow colored light and flew behind the phoenix.

“Little gold, the opponent this time is that person. Don’t underestimate him, he is extremely strong. And also the most important thing is his speed is extremely fast. You have to be careful of his speed.” Standing at back of golden wings phoenix, Feng Wu said.

“Got it A’Wu. Let’s go with old tactics, first change the surrounding environment.” Golden wings phoenix replied. Then it spread open its two wings, and the golden flame fell. Then the arena immediately ignited with golden yellow color huge flame, and under the control of Golden wing phoenix, the flames gradually encircled the whole arena. Even the shadow of Ren Tianyou was swallowed by this flame.

“Tianyou!” Seeing Ren Tianyou was swallowed by the flame, Luo Tianxing and others in the audience had a worried expression in their eyes.

Seeing Ren Tianyou was swallowed by the flame, a grey colored light flashed in the eyes of far-off Yan Xinluo, “Member of Flame Phoenix Villa? What will you do now?”

“So the member of Flame phoenix villa also entered the world.” Seeing the circumstance in the arena, Long Feilu and Zhao Guanghui looked at each other, and a light flashed in the eyes of both, then they turned around and continued to look towards the arena.


After getting swallowed by the flames, Ren Tianyou felt a high temperature even through his Raiton Chakura Modo (Lightning Style Armour), and a sharp light flashed through his eyes, “Changing the environment into something suitable for itself? Since this magical beast is your summoning beast, isn’t it okay to dispose it first?”

Finished speaking, the lightning around the body of Ren Tianyou suddenly rose sharply, the form of Raiton Chakura Modo (Lightning Style Armour) become even more distinct. All of his hairs were already standing erect, his speed and strength were further increased. The flame around him were gradually forced to retreat by the burst of lightning system chakra of Ren Tianyou, a space about one zhang around him was opened.

“Swish!” Ren Tianyou saw the Golden Wings phoenix flying in circles above him, then his body changed into lighting and leaving only the afterimage he disappeared from there. Less than a second later, he arrived at the side of Feng Wu in the air. And condensing a strong lightning system chakra on the elbow of his right hand, he attack the head of Feng Wu.

“Raiton— Erubo!” (Lightning style—Elbow Bolt)

At that time, suddenly the body of Golden wings phoenix flashed with strong golden light, and a gold colored light shield surrounded both itself and Feng Wu. “Phoenix god shield!”

“Hong” sound rang out, the elbow of Ren Tianyou hit on the light shield. Violent ripples appeared on the light shield, but didn’t get destroyed and was successful to block the attack. At this time, Feng Wu also responded, the radiance of flame phoenix battle qi of her body rose suddenly and sharply, the fire phoenix sword also flashed with flame light, then along with her battle qi she slashed towards Ren Tianyou.

“Swish!” Rent Tianyou suddenly changed into a lightning and disappeared, successfully dodging the attack of Feng Wu. He appeared beneath the body of Golden wings phoenix, and simultaneously quickly drop towards the ground, as there was no stepping place in the sky.

Ren Tianyou place his hand on his ninja backpack on his leg and took out two kunais, then he threw one kunai beneath his feet and using it as a stepping stone, he suddenly continued to advance towards golden wing phoenix in the air.

While darting towards Golden wings phoenix, he threw the remaining kunai towards the Golden Wing phoenix, then both hand quickly make a series of hand seals, “Ninpo—Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” (Ninja Art—Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!)

“Swish!” Along with the muffled voice of Ren Tianyou, the quickly flying kunai started to continuously multiply, after a short while the whole sky was covered with the kunais.

But the attack of countless kunais at ‘Phoenix god shield’ of Golden wings phoenix only released ‘ding ding………’sound, each and every kunai fell down from the sky.

“I didn’t expect the defense of this beast to be this outstanding. But…………” Finished speaking, the silhouette of Ren Tianyou disappeared from this location, and when he once again appeared in the sky, he was already above the head of Golden wings phoenix, then he took out a Kibaku Fuda (Paper Bomb) and pasted it at the energy barrier of Golden Wings phoenix. Simultaneously his right leg flickered with huge amount of strong lightning chakra, then with his right leg he which was covered with strong lightning chakra attacked the head of Golden wings phoenix.

“Get lost! Raiton— Girochin Doroppu! (Righteous Lightning Sinking Anger Lightning Axe!)” ‘Hong’ sound rang out, with the kick from Ren Tianyou, both Golden Wings Phoenix and Feng Wu was blown straight to the arena and while they were dropping, with a ‘ka ka’ sound the phoenix god shield was also destroyed.

“Give I, your father an explosion, KHA!” Ren Tianyou made a hand seal with his right hand, immediately the Kibaku Fuda (Paper Bomb) pasted at the Golden wings phoenix got ignited. “Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out at the body of Golden Wings Phoenix body. And both Golden Wings phoenix and Feng Wu was within the range of explosion.

Landing at the ground, Ren Tianyou look ahead not too far away from him, a huge dusts was rising. He quietly waited for the dusts to settle.


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  1. Argh hope he got Bijuu soon i would love to see him summoning it at the arena if his enemy is summon a saint then bitch please here lets see whose stronger saint class or Bijuu class!

  2. Explosion is Art! He should have exchanged a bit of his points before for Deidara bombs.
    Thanks for the chapter.
    Tailed Beasts here are probably God-class or higher. If he can summon 10 tails then….GG!

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