In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 71

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 71: Semi-finals (Part 2: Phoenix God Blood Lineage)

Semi-finals (Part 2: Phoenix God Blood Lineage)

Seeing the name which had appeared at the magic screen, Ren Tianyou was surprised inside his heart. He had never thought that his match would be first, and the opponent would be yet another beautiful girl. Actually Ren Tianyou hoped and also not hoped his opponent to be Yan Xinluo.

Although this sounds contradictory, he wished his opponent was Yan Xinluo because as a cultivator he very much wanted to fight Yan Xinluo. The keen sense of Ren Tianyou had sensed that the actual strength of Yan Xinluo was not that weaker than him. And within that more than two years of time he had got this Naruto System, he hadn’t got a chance to fight properly. Only at that time when he was leaving the forest did he have a strong saint class magical beast as an opponent, and also that mysterious woman who had peeped him at the night. But that magical beast was after all a beast, even after reaching the saint class, still how can the fight with the beast be comparable to fighting with humans. As for that mysterious girl, he had looked at her as an enemy who he had to kill her, so at that time, in the fight he tried to trap her using his sand skill, nevertheless in the end she still succeed to escape.

But he wished Yan Xinluo not be his opponent because currently they were after all the participants from same class. In case they encountered each other in a match, then it was certain that both of them will inflict injuries to each other. This was the thing Ren Tianyou and others didn’t want to see.

Seeing the names of the participants were not Ren Tianyou VS Yan Xinluo, Wang Jiafei release the sigh of relief. Then she said towards Ren Tianyou, “Be careful, that person called Feng Wu is absolutely not that simple.”

“Got it.” Actually he didn’t need the reminder from Wang Jiafei, how could Ren Tianyou unable to tell from where Feng Wu came from.

Ren Tianyou stepped up into the arena then he tossed his identity plate to the judge, and quietly looked at Feng Wu who was standing opposite to him. Although the other party had the slender figure, and had a sweet & charming looks, nevertheless he didn’t dared to underestimate this opponent because of this.

After the judge announced the start of the match, the body of Feng Wu immediately flashed with the fiery colored radiances of battle qi, which was accompanied by a muffled cry of the Phoenix. Then the fire phoenix sword flew out from her sheath and landed in her right hand, then it also flashed with flame. The matchless lovely beauty suddenly changed into flame radiance and advanced towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

Calmly looking at the advancing Fen Wu, Ren Tianyou slowly put his hand on the Kusanagi sword in his waist. Just when Fang Wu almost arrived before him, suddenly the lightning covered Kusanagi sword came out and blocked the attack of Feng Wu.

Seeing her attack was easily stopped, Feng Wu put forth her strength in her right hand, the fire phoenix sword suddenly bend and swept past Kusanagi sword’s defense, and still advanced towards the shoulder of Ren Tianyou. However just when Feng Wu thought her attack was a success, she heard a sound of metal colliding. The Kusanagi sword of Ren Tianyou had already arrived in front of him and had blocked the attack of Feng Wu.

“Humph! Phoenix peck!” Seeing that the edge of her fire phoenix sword was blocked by the Kusanagi sword of Ren Tianyou, a cold light flashed through her eyes, then immediately along with the cry of phoenix, above the edge of the fire phoenix sword suddenly appeared a head of phoenix. This head of phoenix opened up its mouth, passed through the defense of Kusanagi sword and hit the body of Ren Tianyou.

“Hong” a loud explosion sound rang out, and simultaneously the dusts rose up. Taking advantage of this Fang Wu without wasting any time returned back to original location.

“Tianyou.” Luo Tianxing and others watching the match from the audience, seeing this, couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

When everyone saw the circumstance inside the arena, after the dusts settled down and disappeared, everyone was so surprised that their mouth were open wide. Because in that original location there was only a big hole created by the attack phoenix peck of Feng Wu, and not even the shadow of Ren Tianyou was there. Seeing this, surprise flashed in the eyes of Feng Wu.

At that time, Feng Wu suddenly heard a sound from behind her, she quickly turned around her body and prepared to guard her body with the fire phoenix sword in her right hand.

“Raiton—Raigyaku Suihei!” (Lightning style—lateral Bolt of Pain!) She saw the body of Ren Tianyou was flickering with violent lightning, hairs were completely standing erect, and the right hand which was covered with even more strong lightning, had changed into a sharp knife, and was chopping towards her in a high speed.

“Dang” sound rang out, the right hand attack of Ren Tianyou hit the fire phoenix sword of Feng Wu, and unexpectedly released a metal colliding sound. Shortly afterwards, Feng Wu felt as if her body was slammed by a huge object, and her body was immediately send flying. “Hong” she collided with the barrier around the arena and fell down on the ground of arena, causing a huge dusts to rise up.

Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but cried out in alarm. They don’t know how Ren Tianyou suddenly appeared behind Feng Wu or how he dodged her attack from almost zero distance, and also the current appearance of Ren Tianyou looked extremely………….wild.

Actually just a moment ago, Ren Tianyou was not able to dodge the attack of Feng Wu, it was nearly a zero distance attack, even if his speed was very fast, there was no way to dodge the attack from such range. That is so unless Ren Tianyou possessed the flying thunder god Technique of Yellow Flash or had the speed of Raikage. So Ren Tianyou had used the Raikage’s jutsu of changing lightning system chakra into an armor, and had successfully blocked the attack of Feng Wu. Shortly afterwards, under the cover of the dusts, he finally appeared behind Feng Wu, then with Raigyaku Suihei (lateral Bolt of Pain) send her flying.

After the dust dispersed, they saw Feng Wu on her one knee, and while supporting her body with her fire phoenix sword, she was panting and her pair of beautiful phoenix pupils were firmly staring at Ren Tianyou.

Looking at the powerful Ren Tianyou at the opposite side, a fear flashed through the mind of Feng Wu. Again looking at her current condition, she could help but make a wry smile, “It looks like if I don’t use this, then I will lose.”

Then the eyes of Feng Wu flashed with a strong determination, the index finger and middle finger of left hand bring in front of her mouth. Then she muttered few words, “Phoenix God Blood Lineage, activate!”

“Chiiii!” Along with the shout of Feng Wu, a soaring cry of phoenix rang out from the body of Feng Wu. Shortly afterwards her body suddenly released a golden yellow colored flame. Just like bamboo shoots after the spring rain, this gold colored flame quickly covered the whole body of Feng Wu. And also the intensity of this golden yellow colored flame became bigger and bigger, and gradually changed into a golden yellow colored soaring flame light beam and rise. Then this flame light beam hit the barrier above the arena, the barrier started to tremble violently and cracks started to appear on the barrier. Afterwards with a peng sound the barrier broke and dissipated in the air.

“Not good!” At the VIP section, a shock flashed in the eyes of both Long Feilu and Zhao Guanghui, “Old Zhao, now the barrier is already broken, if they continue to fight like this, it would definitely affect the audiences. Without wasting any time, you go down to arena and fix the barrier. Remember, its ok to fix only the barrier surrounding the arena, no need to fix the barrier of above the arena.

“Okay.” Zhao Guanghui quickly answered, then he quickly flew towards the arena. The storage ring on his right hand started to flash with earth yellow colored radiances, then a magic wand with an earth yellow colored transparent crystal at the top appeared at his right hand. Then he again took out four earth yellow colored magical beasts’ cores, and at the magic command of Zhao Guanghui, the cores reached the four corners of the arena, and simultaneously Zhao Guanghui started to quickly chant an incantation, then the magic wand at his right hand flashed with strong earth yellow colored magic.

“Mother earth stop it, the ten thousands things of creation confinement. Earth system barrier—Brilliance of Earth god.” After Zhao Guanghui said these words, the four cores started to lit up and quickly restored the scattered barrier around the arena and started to rise. Then the barrier quickly encircled the arena, but there was no barrier above the arena like before. After finishing this task, Zhao Guanghui flew back to VIP section.

Ren Tianyou didn’t care about the circumstance of arena, his eyes had already changed into Mangekyo Sharingan, and firmly staring at Feng Wu who was surrounded by golden yellow colored flame light beam. Under his perception, Ren Tianyou clearly felt the increase in power, and was still quickly rising.

Suddenly the cry of phoenix rang out, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but lift up his head to look at the sky to look. When he was looking for the thing in the sky, the pupil of Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but shrunk, then his mouth suddenly burst with swear words, “F**k, did I make a mistake?”


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