In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 66

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 66: Quarter-finals matches (Part 4)

Quarter-finals matches (Part 4)

“Flame spirit, return everything to ruins!”

“Honglong!” A loud explosion sound rang out. The floor where Sun Chuqian was originally standing at, suddenly cracked opened, then magma erupted out from inside that crack.

When Sun Chuqian felt an unusual change underneath her foot, she immediately dodged sideways. When she felt that she had dodged the attack, the shaking of the floor became even more intense. She saw many cracks on the floor, and a burning hot magma erupted out from each and every cracks. Sun Chuqian hastily sidestepped, but the eruption of magma was excessively crowded together, and was impossible to completely dodge it. Since she was unable to dodge, she had no other choice but to use her own battle qi to break out from this situation and avoid the attack.

Just when Sun Chuqian made a great effort to dodge jet of magma, suddenly a huge magma ball floated out in the air from the each and every cracks and appeared before her eyes.

Seeing that huge magma energy ball floating in the air, and was emitting a high temperature, the pupils of Sun Chuqian firmly shrunk, and yelled inside her heart, “Not good.”

“Hong”, “Hong”, “Hong”…………….a series of loud explosion sound rang out, which was accompanied by the jet of magmas. Suddenly the whole arena changed into the world of magma explosion, and Sun Chuqian, was at the center of this explosion.

“Not good.” Seeing the circumstances inside the arena, the heart of Ren Tianyou and others became tense, and immediately shout out ‘not good’. In the middle of this explosion, even Ren Tianyou himself didn’t know what the condition of Sun Chuqian was.

Thinking of this, Ren Tianyou quickly started to make a series of hand seals, then a powerful lightning appeared above his right hand which was accompanied by the ear-piercing sound of birds cry. Then in front of all those peoples in the audiences who were crying out in alarm, he rushed toward the arena in an extremely high speed.

“Zi Zi.” In a flash Ren Tianyou appeared at the edge of the arena, then without the slightest hesitation he stabbed at the barrier of the arena with chidori of his right hand. In a flash, a huge electric current sprang out from his right hand, and immediately after that a large amount of ripples appeared on the barrier.

Although the energy of the barrier flickered in a high speed after it was hit, and the color of the barrier became dim nevertheless the Chidori of Ren Tianyou was not able to cut open the barrier.

“Peng!” Immediately Ren Tianyou was sent back flying by the rebound of the barrier. But he balanced himself in the air and firmly landed on the ground.

“Tianyou, are you all right?”

“You all right Tianyou, why are you attacking the barrier?” After Wang Haiqing, other peoples also came near him and asked with concern.

“I’m all right, I must quickly break this barrier, or else Chuqian won’t be hold for a long period of time in this kind of huge series of explosion.” Ren Tianyou shook his head and expressed his thought.

“Fellow student, if you attack the barrier again without rhyme or reason, I will cancel your qualification of this competition.”

“Humph, shut your mouth.” Hearing the judge, already worried Ren Tianyou, suddenly got angry, and pair of Mangekyo Sharingan suddenly stared at that judge.

“You……….” Hearing the scold from Ren Tianyou, the judge immediately became angry, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw those eyes two demonic blood red colored eyes. Shortly after seeing those eyes, he suddenly sensed that more than ten metal rods were inserted in his body and he could not even move a single section of his body. This was indeed Demonic Illusions—Shackle Stakes (Magen—Kasegui no Jutsu) of Ren Tianyou.

After he resolve the hindrance, a strong electric current sprang out from the body of Ren Tianyou, and it gradually attached around his body forming a lightning armor, then all his hairs stood erect. After that he bent all his four fingers of his right hand with the exception of his index finger and dashed towards the barrier again. “Hell Stab—One-Finger Hand!” (Jigokuzuki—Ippon Nukite!)

“Swish!” immediately Ren Tianyou changed into an extremely sharp lightning spear and charged straightly towards the barrier of the arena. The index finger of the right hand hit the barrier, then he immediately felt a strong obstruction, nevertheless his One-Finger Hand still slowly started to pierce the barrier.

“Peng!” Under the attack of Ren Tianyou, the barrier around the arena suddenly fell apart. You should know that Third Raikage had used this One-Finger Hand to instantly cut off all the tails of eight tailed-beast. Although Ren Tianyou still couldn’t bring out to play the real might of this One-Finger Hand, but destroying this not too powerful barrier was not a problem.


“What, are you not going to stop this kid?” At the VIP section, Zhao Guanghui asked Long Feilu.

“Hehe, why should I stop? It’s already been a very long time since I encountered such an interesting youngster. I would like to see, how he handles this matter.” Long Feilu shook his head and with a great interest in his eyes, he stared at Ren Tianyou.


In front of the surprised expression in the eyes of the peoples in the audience, in a flash Ren Tianyou destroyed the barrier of the arena, then quickly continued on towards the direction of the center of the explosion. “Hong long long” Violent explosion sounds were still unceasingly ringing, nevertheless these explosion were powerless to destroy the lightning armor which he had activated beforehand. He quickly rushed towards the location of Sun Chuqian he remembered and searched for a while, and finally discovered her silhouette.

When he saw her, he found out that she could hardly sustain any longer, the ice battle qi surrounding her body was already very dim and soon was going to disappear. Her body was full of injuries, and blood was continuously flowing out from her body. Right now her body was clearly shaking and was about to collapse.

“Chuqian.” Seeing the present condition of Sun Chuqian, Ren Tianyou cried out in alarm, and as fast as lightning, he appeared by the side of Sun Chuqian, and held her.

“You are…………Tianyou? Why are you here?” Sensing her body was held by someone, the faint consciousness of Sun Chuqian became a bit clear. After carefully looking, she found out that the person was Ren Tianyou. Then she curiously asked him.

“Just be quite, first I will take you out from here.” Ren Tianyou interrupt her questions, then carrying her in his bosom, he quickly rushed towards the direction of outside the arena. The injuries on Sun Chuqian were extremely serious, and it couldn’t be delayed any longer and required a treatment hastily.

“Chuqian, how are you?”

“Are you all right, Chuqian?”


When Ren Tianyou rushed out from the arena carrying Sun Chuqian who was riddled with injuries, the other classmates of Ren Tianyou as well as Wang Jiafei quickly arrived before him and encircled him.

“Her injuries are very serious, without losing any time we need to treat her. Otherwise due to this excessive blood loss, her life will be in mortal danger.” Ren Tianyou seriously said, and get ready to lay down Chuqian. Then just when he was about to use Medical Ninjutsu (Iryo Ninjutsu) to heal her, he saw Yun Leixiao stood up, then he roared, “Is there light system magician, quickly come over. We have a seriously injured person here.”

Along with the roar of Yun Leixiao, a young man wearing a light magic robe came out from the crowd. Then he came at the side of Ren Tianyou and said, “I am light system magician. Please let me look at her.”

“Many thanks.” Ren Tianyou spoke with an excitement.

That young man squat down and look at the riddled with injuries body of Sun Chuqian. Then he immediately wrinkled his brows, then without losing any time, he started to chant the incantation of healing skill, “Heal!” Along with his chant, suddenly a pure white light beam fell and encircled the body of Sun Chuqian. Suddenly the injuries on the body of Sun Chuqian quickly healed. Seeing this sight, Ren Tianyou was completely stupefied, “F**k, this healing skills of this world is too amazing. So many wounds like this are healed this quickly. Even my Medical Ninjutsu can’t accomplish this.”

Seeing the injures had already healed, that man again immediately chant yet another incantation, suddenly another pure white light covered the body of Sun Chuqian, and then slowly seep inside her body. Then the originally tightly wrinkled brows also came loose. “Great heal!”

“Fuuuuu…” That youth wiped the sweats on his forehead and sighed with relief, then said to Ren Tianyou, “She no longer has any problem, now she only needs to take a rest quietly for several days to recuperate.”

“Many thanks brother. I don’t know what your name is, but truly thank you.” Hearing that man, Ren Tianyou thanked that man for the bottom of his heart.

“Hehe, I am Yi Shui. As for thanks, it is not necessary as this is the thing I have to do as a priest.”

“Many thanks brother Yi Shui, excuse me for a bit, I want to finish some matters first.” Seeing that Wang Yanli had already withdrawn his wings of heaven and was standing at ruined arena after the explosion on the arena had stopped, a cold light flashed in the eyes of Ren Tianyou. Then leaving behind the afterimage, he rapidly dashed towards Wang Yanli.

But even faster than Ren Tianyou, someone else had already arrived in front of Wang Yanli and just before Ren Tianyou knocked down Wang Yanli, that person blocked the attack of Ren Tianyou.


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  1. Someone kill me please….the only good part about this WHOLE DAMN TOURNAMENT ARC AND ITS A F****** CLIFF
    *Flips all the tables*

    1. Yeah there are lots of similarities. Or am I the only one who thinks Sasuke when we see this undead magic guy?

  2. him destroying the barrier was a good thing but attacking is not good its like those old man that had their favorite child rekt and would spout bullshit.

      1. well yeah this is new but they will have some things to say if he win this competition like violation and that he should be disqualified and such.

  3. The TL said its not a filler chapter but seriously a chapter that more than 2 or 3 times, that begin with other character without give a fuck for MC is a fucking filler. By the way thanks for the chap

  4. The author gives cool names to their techniques but we don’t even know what they do, wtf is there a meaning to giving it a name then ??? and the mc who’s a fucking idiot omg, who attack the guy who won his match with his skill and not some under handed method because he injured his ‘friend?’ FUCK HE’S TOO STUPID, it’s ok to give the mc a naruto system, but is the author obliged to make him as stupid as Naruto ?! NO THERE’S NO MEANING TO IT ! FUUUUCK !!!!

    1. Wang Yanli didn’t win his match with his skill.

      Killing your opponent is against the rules, if Ren Tianyou hadn’t jumped in and saved Sun Chuqian, Wang Yanli would have been disqualified and possibly expelled.

  5. WHAT!? this sucks, this mc has let me down . it was a fair match, wang kid beat her up with his magic , he didn’t use any tricks and she also used her lineage , it’s just he was stronger … so all is good as long as his allies hurt others , cause i’m sure the girl also wouldn’t stop if she could use that high level magic but cause wang kid hurt her he becomes insane? it was match ! he’s too overpowered i see it now…
    thanks for the chapter!

  6. He jumps into a fair battle, to help a person that he barely knows. Why dident the bitch of a teacher not do anythibg instead, its her obligation to look after them. I dont like how the mc keeps getting more retarde, his pretty much as stupid as naruto, which sucks.

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