In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 65

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 65: Quarter-finals matches (Part 3)

Quarter-finals matches (Part3)

In a moment before he was hit by the soft water light saber attack of Sun Chuqian, suddenly a flash came out from the body of Wang Yanli with a powerful momentum. “Flame spirit shift!”

Suddenly the body of Wang Yanli flashed with a flame light, and together with this red colored light, in an instant he disappeared from his original location and successfully dodge the attack. However the blue colored light continue to chase after Wang Yanli in a high speed.

“Humph!” Seeing that the blue colored light was still advancing towards him, he snorted coldly. Now he already had enough time to prepare his magic, but the most unexpected thing was, she actually forced him to use his sealed power within his body which was for safe keeping himself in dangerous situation. But since he was already forced to lift up his seal, he will use it without restrain.

“Lava Domain!”

Along with the voice of Wang Yanli, an intense heat spread all around the surroundings from his body. Even the air around him seemed to have evaporated, then a fiery colored lava spread all around the ground from the body of Wang Yanli. Immediately the arena changed into a lava.

“Tides of Lava!” Wang Yanli waved the magic wand in his hand, suddenly the wave after the wave of lava all around rolled up and rose, and with an overwhelming aura advanced towards the blue colored light saber.

Immediately the soft water light saber attack of Sun Chuqian was blocked by this boundless waves of lava, and this extremely hot lava evaporated the battle qi of that attack.

Seeing she was powerless to break through this waves of lava of Wang Yanli, and also if this continue on like this she would sunk into this lava, the light saber of Sun Chuqian immediately burst out. Then she stopped her this warrior skill, and revealed her figure as she landed on the ground.

Standing on the lava underneath, even after her legs were covered with her soft water battle qi, she could still feel a strong heat coming through from the sole of her feet.

Not caring about the dangerous surrounding round her, she stared at the changed Wang Yanli, then she sneered and said, “Humph, finally willing to release the seal and use your Lava blood lineage.”

“I never thought you’ve actually become this powerful. You even force me to use my power of blood lineage. Qianqian, you are a lot stronger now.” Staring at the cold expression of Sun Chuqian, Wang Yanli said with a complex expression. Although he was a bit careless at that time, nevertheless he was forced to use this power, this clearly shows that the strength of Sun Chuqian had increased by many time compared to last time.

Lava blood lineage, a high-grade 1 special blood lineage, and in some kind of situation, this blood lineage was comparable to saint grade blood lineage. Because this blood lineage gave Wang Yanli the ability to control magma, and in addition can allow him to transform his fire system magic into this special system magic, i.e. lava magic.

In Divine Wind Continent, there were only few people who had the ability to control different elements which were not within the seven major elements, for example lava, space, ice, steel and so on. And those people who can use these peculiar elements were almost invincible among the people of same class, and they can even put up a good fight against the people having a step higher strength.

But the peoples having these abilities were extremely rare. It’s said that the person having this ability was only one person among 10,000. And Wang Yanli was among them, he had the ability to control lava, so he was special system magician. And because of this inborn talent, he was able to enter core position of Magic Domain.

“Humph, do you think just because you possess this lava blood lineage you are able to easily win this match?” Staring at Wang Yanli, she coldly snorted. Shortly afterwards that blue colored battle qi radiance above her body suddenly changed, and become a little gloomy white in color. And a piercing to the bones icy chill came out from the body of Sun Chuqian. Even the temperature of the magma below her feet decreased.

“Is this?” Suddenly Wang Yanli, Ren Tianyou and others in the audiences were startled, because they could clearly feel icy chill from that battle qi.

“You have sealed your lava blood lineage, and just like you I have also sealed my own power too. This is my ice battle qi, activate!” Along with the charming shout of Sun Chuqian, immediately the original blue colored soft water battle qi completely changed into icy cold ice battle qi. This was the concealed power of Sun Chuqian.

“I am been waiting for this day for a long period of time. At the last match, in a moment of carelessness, I directly lose my consciousness with your attack. This time you must pay the price.” Staring at the starlet face of Wang Yanli, Sun Chuqian coldly said. Shortly afterwards she waved her rapier and stabbed it on the ground in front of her. Then the icy cold battle qi flowed to her rapier and then it flowed to the magma on the ground.

“Amiable water cold current.”

Suddenly the floor of the arena originally covered with the lava domain of Wang Yanli started to release an ice cold air, and shortly afterwards the originally burning hot magma rapidly cooled down. And then the gloomy white ice cubes covered the original burning hot magma, and quickly spread in all direction.

“Wings of heaven!” Seeing the quickly spreading ice, Wang Yanli was completely powerless, and without losing any time he used wings of heaven and spread the two huge wings made up of energies to fly in the sky.

The original lava domain made by Wang Yanli was gone, and was completely changed into the world of ice and snow. Looking at Wang Yanli who was floating in the air, Sun Chuqian wrinkled her brows and immediately waved her rapier. Suddenly three huge icy cold sword light slash advanced towards Wang Yanli the sky.

But Wang Yanli skillfully dodged all of them in succession, and those hit the barrier in the sky. Seeing that Wang Yanli was just dodging her attack with no intention to land on the ground, Sun Chuqian wrinkled her brows, because if he decided to hide himself in the air, then she won’t be able to do anything and she would only become live target for him.

Seeing Sun Chuqian on the arena, Wang Yanli was feeling quite complex within his heart. Because, in the last match, after all he had injured her, and also resorted to trickery to avoid the difficulty and made her lose consciousness in an instant using magic shock. But he had never thought that he would again encounter her in this match, and even more unexpected thing was the power of Sun Chuqian was actually far stronger that what he had thought. Now if he didn’t use high level magic then it was almost impossible to win this match. But if he use high level magic, and unable to perfectly control it, then he might really heavily injure Sun Chuqian, which was something he was unwilling to see. Thinking for a while, Wang Yanli still decided to use high level magic to resolve this match, as long as he completely control, it would be fine.

After deciding, Wang Yanli relaxed his mind, and waved his magic wand in his hand and start to quickly chant the incantation.

Listening to the incantation of Wang Yanli in the sky, Sun Chuqian immediately became serious. She knew that Wang Yanli was preparing to use large scale magic, but since he was in the sky, he was beyond the reach of her power, she could only be wait with caution.

After chanting for almost half a minute, the magic was finally complete. The eyes of Wang Yanli flashed with a sharp light, and pointed towards Sun Chuqian with his magic wand, suddenly Sun Chuqian on the arena heard a round of vibration sound and then the arena started to violently shake. Sun Chuqian tried to stand stability on the shaking arena.


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  1. (Read your point/before reading the chap, i’ll comment first.)

    I kind agree with your point. But, it is kinda boring. Unless it is some type of mega fight. The fights are pretty good. It is just that, people like how fked up RTY’s cheat is. I mean… wtf. In 2 years, he can rival a god damn Saint. He’s gotta awesome as moves.

    1. Consider this. Comparing his cultivation to cultivation of any other xianxia, he didn’t have any bottlenecks… Normally in xianxia cultivation takes a lot of time because they have points which stop them from cultivating further, because this is power absorbed from heavens and they have to ‘earn’ the right to cultivate further. In comparison chakra doesn’t have those as it is his own strength which he generates himself, that is why it’s easier to use and gather. He just eats and then cultivate. Over and over again. There is like 0 difficulty here!

      Though for me the most cheaty thing in this system is this ‘jutsu database’. He doesn’t need to spend points to buy those! He just learns them by reading this ‘database’. That is the biggest cheat of all! He doesn’t even need that much time to learn how to use them! Ninjutsu has a very organised system! Tell me. How much easier it is to mostly/only need to learn a set of signs to use ninjutsu comparing to skills from other xianxias where you need to learn full nature of this skill?

  2. The anime and this novel are 2 totally different things. The anime has atleast 800 episodes going for it so fillers although are really annoying don’t take away from the story. But this novel only has 380 chapters to it. So for every useless chapter, like these it can really degenerate the main plot and ending of the novel.

    1. Fillers in anime got nothing to do from the original adaptation story. Thats why we call it fillers.
      Theres no such thing as useless chapters, only good or bad ones.
      Atm our mc is waiting for his Q. Currently at boring part of the story. Just wait for it. Peace

  3. spoiler
    In chapter 90 end of the tournament.
    And start the Ninja missions (Auction) : 3

    thnx for another chapter 😀
    Google traductor .____.

  4. The thing is we can’t really fall in love with the other characters in this story and I tried to. Believe me. In Naruto you can truly love a character other than The main. I personally loved the fight Neji and Shikamru had and looked forward to seeing them more. Personally, when I saw Hinata I was thrilled that even though she wasn’t seen often she still made a huge impact in the story and in the lives of the other characters. In Naruto I remembered hating Sakura deeply and leading rant after rant on her indecisiveness, on top of leading Naruto on, and actually thinking about betraying Naruto for Sasuke after all that happened.

    In this story- other than the main character in this story we can neither relate to nor car about since they seem so 2-dimensional. It’s like the others are seemingly passing scenery as he goes around getting stronger to get revenge and find a way back home.

  5. thanks for the chapter though i only read the first line of the chapter and only the last line and everything else is skipped 😐

  6. I like this novel quite alot,I admit I started reading it because of naruto system but the more I read the more I find the world itself is quite interesting thank you for sharing the novel, ignore the haters .

    1. Naruto fans you have to realize this is not naruto this is a complete different story so stop complaining and read the story or GTFO

  7. Thanks for the chapter.
    Well, truly this aren’t fillers but still part of the main stories since this is a Competition. Usually, other novels only show the MC fight or brush past the other characters fight really quick so when this novel details on their fights, to them it’s seem like fillers. But in another view, think of this like Exam or other fights in Naruto where they show multi characters details fight or just imagine yourself at a mob character inside the novel and you are watching other competitors fight then the MC.

    1. Yeah, but in case of Naruto those characters then stayed till the end of story and were kinda important. In case of most xianxia’s torunaments there are many characters that are introduced only to play semi/important part in the arc they appear in and maybe next one. There are hardly any characters that appear later.

    2. i think its actually useless to make 2 or 3 chapters to make a side character fights after all they will be forgotten and will never be mention again after a few chapters so why bother unlike in naruto where the side character will have an appearance till the end this is a novel after all not anime 😐

  8. You know, currently I am translating next chapter, and I will spoil you a bit. There is a surprising turn of event in next chapter, look forward to it.

  9. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    It’s not boring, but it feels detached to Ren’s story.. so unless you’re making Sun or Wang into one of the main characters like naruto’s case.. it feels like a filler chapter to some readers

  10. Thanks for the fill… uh, chapters. On a more serious note, how is a rank 1 blood lineage, the weakest kind of blood lineage, at anytime as strong as a Saint rank blood lineage? Logically speaking the difference between the two should be unconquerable. That is confusing.

    1. Hey there, I think you are confused. The blood lineage goes like this rank9>rank8>rank7>……..>rank2>rank1>saint>god. Each rank have low-mid-high classification too.
      Here his blood lineage is high-rank 1 and in only specific situation it can be compared to saint rank. [situation is not mentioned] Hope you under stand it better.

      1. Oh? I swear that the ranking system of blood lineages are the same as magical beasts though. Do you remember which chapter this is stated? I would like to read it over for confirmation.

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