In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 64

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 64: Quarter-finals matches (Part 2: Soft water light saber attack)

Quarter-finals matches (Part 2: Soft water light saber attack)

“Why do you always have to be so stubborn? Don’t you know I have no other alternative?” Hearing the words full with hatred, Wang Yanli said with a complicated expression.

“Humph, enough nonsense, let’s start.” Sun Chuqian simply ignored the explanation of Wang Yanli. And a blue light started to flash around her body, as she activate her soft water battle qi and sea spirit blood lineage in succession. Then she took out her rapier, after that holding her rapier which was wrapped with soft water battle qi, she advanced straight towards Wang Yanli.

Seeing Sun Chuqian was advancing towards him, Wang Yan li sighed helplessly, and with a complex expression he stared at Sun Chuqian. Finally with no other option, he held his magic wand in his hand and quickly started to chant the incantation.

“Flame spirit break!” Along with the completion of incantation, Wang Yanli brought his magic wand in front of himself and the flame started to appear.

“Break!” Wang Yanli looked at the rushing Sun Chuqian, suddenly a flame ring with destructive power from the magic wand rushed towards incoming Sun Chuqian.

“Humph. Soft water slaughter!” Seeing the attack of Wang Yanli, Sun Chuqian coldly snorted, and a violent blue colored radiances suddenly appeared above the already prepared rapier in her hand. The radiance changed into a huge blue colored rapier, then she slashed it directly towards Flame spirit break of Wang Yanli.

Along with the colliding of the two attacks, a loud explosion sound rang out. Soft water slaughter of Sun Chuqian directly broke through Flame spirit break of Wang Yanli. And the remaining energy continued to advance towards him.

“Flame spirit shield!” Seeing the incoming attack of the rapier, he released a flame from his magic wand, and that flame changed into a huge flame shield in front of him. At the same time he began to chant the incantation for next magic.

The Soft water slaughter was only able to create a simple ripple on the shield of Wang Yanli. And the energy on the rapier of Sun Chuqian slowly disappeared.

Seeing her attack didn’t work, she tried to close the distance between them. In a fight between warrior and magician, it was easy for warrior to dispose a magician in a close quarter combat, but it was harder to get near the magician to have a close combat.

When the distance between them was just two meter, the unexpected shout of Wang Yanli was heard.

“Scorching hot impact!” After he completed his chant, a huge magic flame suddenly appeared on his body, and furthermore this magic flame didn’t attack, rather it move towards the floor under his foot. Then this flame changed into a huge wave of flame. And with Wang Yanli as a center, that flame wave spread towards all the direction.

“Humph, this trick again.” Seeing the magic of Wang Yanli, Sun Chuqian coldly snorted. In the last competition, she was defeated by this attack. Now once again seeing this trick, she coldly snorted, then held her rapier before her, and poured the battle qi of whole body towards the rapier.

“Shield of Sea Spirit!” A sea blue colored barrier of battle qi appeared before her. Just after the Shield of sea spirit appeared, the Scorching hot impact of Wang Yanli arrived before her, the huge wave of flame heavily hit at the Shield of sea spirit, causing a blue colored ripple to appear.

The waves of flame continuously hit the shield, but the shield of sea spirit of Sun Chuqian was also sufficiently tough. It tightly blocked Scorching hot impact, but the impact produced by this magic nevertheless continuously pushed Sun Chuqian back. Just after she was pushed 5-6 meters back, the impact of the flame finally stopped.

It was not unexpected that his magic didn’t have the desired result like last time. If the same trick worked second time on the same person, then that person was obviously an idiot, and Sun Chuqian was clearly not an idiot.

“Hehe, it seems you are more powerful than before.” Wang Yanli said with a smile.

“Humph, you don’t need to think about this matter.” Sun Chuqian coldly snorted with a disdain. Then in an imposing manner, once again she poured all the battle qi in her rapier, then behind her an image of huge sea wave whirlpool appeared.

“This is? Three Waves of Sea Spirit move of Chuqian.” Seeing the preparation of Sun Chuqian, Ren Tianyou spoke. He had personally experienced this move, so in a single glance he had recognized it.

“Yes, last time she had used this move. But you resolve the match in a flash not giving her the opportunity to use remaining two moves. But she is still concealing a unique skill.” Wang Haiqing said.

“Eh? What unique skill?” Asked Ren Tianyou.

“Hehe, just wait and you will know. The strength of Chuqian is not as simple as it looks on the surface.” Wang Haiqing didn’t gave the answer to the question but smiled mysteriously.

With no other choice, Ren Tianyou looked towards the arena.

“Three waves of sea spirit, First form——–Sky Dividing Sea Wave!” Along with the voice of Sun Chuqian, suddenly just like a huge tide of sea wave, the slash of the rapier blot out the sky and cover up the earth and advanced towards Wang Yanli. At an earlier time, when Sun Chuqian was preparing for this attack, Wang Yanli had felt a pressure. So he didn’t dared to be careless, and without wasting any time had started to chant the incantation. Just when Sun Chuqian released her ‘Sky dividing sea wave’, the magic incantation was also similarly completed at the same time. “Roar!” After the incantation of magic was completed, the roar of the dragon rang out. Then a huge dragon made up of flame encircled around the body of Wang Yanli. Then under the command of Wang Yanli it rushed in front of him.

“Flame dragon break!”

Under the attentive gaze of Sun Chuqian and furthermore all the audiences, the Flame dragon break of Wang Yanli and the Sky dividing sea wave of Sun Chuqian collided with each other. Immediately the chains of explosion sound rang out, and the invisible energy shock wave spread in all direction. The flame dragon and the slash tide of rapier unceasingly faced with each other, and were trying to swallow each other, nevertheless they were powerless to suppress each other. The two attacks were consuming a huge amount of energy. So along with the passage of time, the size of flame dragon was ceaselessly reducing, and the radiances of the flame was also becoming weak and dim. And the size of the slash tide of rapier of Sun Chuqian was also ceaselessly reducing, and even the imposing power of that slash was not as strong as it was at the initial. When the energy of both Flame dragon and the slash tide of rapier were nearly exhausted, suddenly the huge blue colored rapier slash destroyed the nearly disappeared Flame dragon and that rapier slash advanced towards Wang Yanli.

Originally when her ‘sky dividing sea wave’ and magic of Wang Yanli were struggling with each other, Sun Chuqian had taken the advantage of the cover of her slash tide of rapier, and prepared the move Three Waves of Sea Spirit, Second Form——– Soft Water Light Saber Attack, and using the battle qi of all over the body, attacked towards Wang Yanli. This attack had destroyed both her warrior skill and magic of Wang Yanli which were about to dissipate, and without giving any time to prepare, this attack quickly advanced towards Wang Yanli.

“Not good!” Seeing the huge sword slash appeared out of thin air, Wang Yanli was surprised, and inside his heart he secretly cursed his own carelessness. Now there was not enough time to prepare a large scale magic, and the Flame spirit shield he had casted just a moment ago was also destroyed. In an instant Wang Yanli fell into disadvantageous position.


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  1. I liked the story, and now its all fillers….
    can you spoil me if wangli or chuqi girl will be significant to tian you
    or will they be nothing but filler names that we’ll never ever hear again in next chapters?
    should we give a damn about them? 😛

  2. Guess I gotta pull a Naruto Shippuden and stack chapters
    Can someone tell me what chapter this dumb tournament ends on?

    1. cant be help XD if he only going on about MC he gona burn out fast.

      i do hope it moderate though, dont go 20chapter flash back like the series!!!

      1. I understand your logic of over using an mc… But that only happens if the novel is really long like 600+ chapters.
        This novel only has 300 and is still wasting them

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Give Profs to the Author for writing clearly about other fights with the Xianxia style in another world. But since most of us came here for the Naruto style so it can’t help for people to feel bored and considered this fillers.

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