In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 63

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 63: Quarter-finals matches (Part 1)

Quarter-finals matches (Part 1)

After returning back to the dormitory, Ren Tianyou sat cross-legged on the bed. He was carefully pondering the plans for next seven days.

Without doubt after robbing Divinity Crystal from the person who had bought it from the grand auction which will be held after five days, he would be treated as robber, but the main problem was how to rob.

Someone capable enough to win the Divinity Crystal from the grand auction, would absolutely be from a member of super force. It was obvious that, they were clearly aware about the importance of this Divinity Crystal. And also, many outlaws would also want to get their hands on, as a result at that time the number of experts wouldn’t be few.

And there would be many experts to protect this Divinity Crystal too. So even after successfully robbing, to escape unscathed, will not be easy. So he must form a surefire plan.

He concentrate at the system in his mind. Last time in Caryl Plains, he had disposed a large group of wolves. This had increased his system points by more than 2000. So now he had altogether 3,265 system points. He opened the Store System, looked at the things available, and was prepared to exchange several items that were necessary for his following steps.

First of all he spent 200 system points to exchange 100 shrunken, then he use 150 system points to exchange 3 Demon Wind Shuriken (Fuma shuriken). After that without any break he spent 1500 system points to exchange 300 Paper Bomb (Kibaku Fuda). And lastly, Ren Tianyou exchanged the mask and dress of Tobi of Naruto world, of course this was two eyes mask version, not the singled eye spiral mask, after all he wanted to use the doujutsu of both eyes. He had exchanged the dress of Tobi not to play cool, but to hide his identity, after all this time he was going to kill and burn and he don’t want anyone to actually realize his identity. And then he spent 1000 system points to exchange Needle Sword (Nuibari) which was one of the 7 ninja sword of the mist. Inside Store System, there were many good weapons, for example, Blade of the Thunder Spirit (Raijin no Ken) of Second Hokage. But that thing required 6000 system points and he had only a bit more than 1000 system points left, so how can he exchange it?

And the remaining amount of system points was enough to exchange one among the 7 ninja sword of the mist. And among these 7 ninja sword of the mist, Ren Tianyou was extremely fond of Needle Sword, because the shape and the ability of this sword was extremely suitable for sneak attack.

Besides, he had exchanged Needle Sword to increase his chance to accomplish the mission, and the crucial point still depends upon himself.

After that he use the remaining 300 system points to exchange 3 Food Pills (Hyorogan), in case his chakra was insufficient, at that time he could consume it to replenish his chakra. Although Food Pills had a big side effect, and place a huge burden on his body, but he had no choice because he was only at elite ninja level, and the amount of chakra might not be sufficient for this mission.

Seeing his clean out system points, he made a wry smile, and thought, ‘isn’t this spending money just like flowing water?’ After that he took out ten cores of class 7 magical beasts, and exchanged for 2000 system points. He had done this because at that time he was sure to use doujutsu of Mangekyo Sharingan in the battle, and he had to use system points to prevent himself from becoming blind. Now he only had six class 7 magical beasts’ core and one saint class magical beasts’ core for future use.

Looking at the pile of weapons appeared inside his room, Ren Tianyou took out a ninja scroll and one by one stored all the items inside it, then he placed the scroll inside his ninja backpack. After thinking for a bit, he came out from the dormitory and leave the academy, and then arrived in front of the big store in the town. He entered that store and bought the storage ring with 30 cubic meter space by spending 100,000 gold coins. After all it was not that convenient to hoard so many weapons in a single scroll.

Ren Tianyou put on the storage ring on his index finger of his right hand, then sunk his consciousness into it. Suddenly a space of 3 cubic meter appeared in his mind. After that he transferred all the weapons from the scroll to the space of storage ring. Then he went to the dining hall, eat his fill and return back to his room and go to sleep.

Next day early in the morning, at the square of Supreme Light Academy, there was a huge crowds of people. Because today was quarter finals of Cultivating Room Ranking Competition. As a result many peoples had come to watch the matches.

Ren Tianyou got up early in the morning, and did some simple morning exercise. Then he eat a little breakfast, then come at the square and wait for the start of the matches.

When it was almost 9 o’clock, dean Long Feilu appeared at the arena.

“Everyone please be quite.” Long Feilu used his battle qi on his voice and transmitted his voice to everyone’s ear. In a flash, the square became quite.

“After the great matches of yesterday, the top 8 students are already selected. They are Ren Tianyou, Wang Haiqing, Sun Chuqian, Yan Xinluo, Feng Wu, Li Xinyun, Wang Yanli and Hai Fu. Today we will select semi-finalists among these 8 participants. Hope they will present us a peerless match today too. Well, I will not waste any more time, now I declare the official start of the quarter-finals.” After finished speaking, Long Feilu disappeared from the arena.

Just after Long Feilu disappeared from the arena, the huge magical screen on the square started to flash with the names of the participants. After about 10 seconds, with a ‘ding’ sound the two names appeared on the huge magical screen. Wang Yanli VS Sun Chuqian.

Seeing the names on the screen, the brows of Ren Tianyou and other several peoples firmly wrinkled. They didn’t expect the luck of Sun Cuhqian was actually this bad, unexpectedly in a first match she encountered Wang Yanli. You should remember that Chuqian had stated that, in the semi-finals of the last time’s competition, she had encountered Wang Yanli and was defeated quite badly. Alas, it looks like these two were still predetermined by fate.

“Try your best Chuqian, if you can’t then its fine to just give up the match. After all, the difference of strength between you two……….” Ren Tianyou didn’t know what to say.

“I won’t give up. Rest assured, I will try my best and get my revenge.” Sun Chuqian firmly said.

“Ai, I’m cheering for you.” Seeing that there was no way to persuade Sun Chuqian to give up, Ren Tianyou encouraged her.

“Yeah, Chuqian, I’m also cheering for you.”

“Do your best.”


Hearing the cheering from her fellow students, the expression of Sun Chuqian became even more firm. Then she firmly stepped on the arena.

At this moment, Wang Yanli was already at the arena and was waiting for the arrival of Sun Cuqian. After arriving at the arena, Sun Chuqian tossed her identity plate towards the judge. After inspecting the identity plate, the judge announced the start of the match.

However both Wang Yanli and Sun Chuqian didn’t make any move. Seeing Sun Chuqian in front of him, with a complex expression he said, “Chuqian, you should give up. You should know that you are not a match for me.”

“Give up? Haha, truly laughable. I, Chuqian will never give up whoever the opponent of mine is. I must defeat you.” Sun Chuqian sneered at Wang Yanli and stared at him with her eyes full of hate.

“Haiqing, is there any hatred between Chuqian and Wang Yanli?” Seeing the hatred filled eyes of Sun Chuqian, Ren Tianyou was surprised. And he asked Wang Haiqing.

“I also don’t know. In the last time competition, there was also this situation. And in the end Wang Yanli used his magic and won the match. But there should be a deep story between them. However when I asked Chuqian, she didn’t tell me anything.” Wang Haiqing shook his head and expressed his opinion.

After hearing Wang Haiqing, Ren Tianyou turned around and carefully stared at each and every move of these two people on the arena.


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  1. why he bought weapon as if he want kill not to steal something. what he need is to pull off a heist not mugging…use of kamui and genjutsu is enough for that. and the obito mask, people can still see his eyes,,and he is the only one who has sharingan so the point of the mask is moot. if he want to hide his identity better use anbu or hunter-nin mask and full henge. the author is chuuni for sure.

    1. he will be fighting a stronger opponent after all the one that can buy that god class item is no ordinary cultivator. if he was at kage level its no problem also he will kill not just defeat after all a dead man cant speak.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. How is one of the swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist worth any less than the Sword of the Thunder God? That’s complete hogwash!!! Especially considering the fact that it is worth more than a fully leveled up Sharingan, come on we all know which is more useful and helpful.

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