In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 62

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 62: Mission System triggered

Mission System triggered

Looking at Feng Wu who was stepping down from the arena, a light flashed in the eyes of Ren Tianyou. In the eyes of others, Feng Wu had barely won this match with great hardships and danger, but from the observation of Sharingan, Ren Tianyou had clearly saw that, many time a strong fluctuation of special energy sprang out from the body of Feng Wu. But every time it appeared, she forcedly suppressed it. Ren Tianyou was completely sure that, within her body she conceal a powerful unknown power.

Over time, slowly following several match quickly passed. Yan Xinluo, Sun Chuqian and furthermore Wang Haiqing also smoothly won their respective match and advanced to top 8. The participants of the top 8 were already determined.

Warrior court: Ren Tianyou, YanXinluo, Sun Chuqian, Wang Haiqing, and Feng Wu;

Magic court: Wang Yanli, Hai Fu;

Illusion court: Li Xinyun.

The quarter-finals matches will take place tomorrow. And there will also be the matches for the remaining 8 participants to determine their ranking.

Seeing that the matches for today was complete, Ren Tianyou also withdrew his eyes from the arena. Then he started to leave the square with Wang Jiafei and others. Then he walked towards the square where the matches of second year students were taking place.

He arrived at the location where matches of the second year were taking place, then he saw that the square was still bustling with matches to determine top 8. Ren Tianyou looked carefully for a while, and finally found Lan Yan and others.

“Lan Yan, how are things? What is the outcome of Tianxing and Li Feng’s matches?” Arriving next to Lan Yan, Ren Tianyou asked.

“Eh, Tianyou.” Seeing Ren Tianyou, Lan Yan revealed the smile on his face and said, “Tianxing already won the match and advanced to top 8, but Li Feng lost his match.”

“That is understandable. Tianxing has, in addition to his 7 Star Broken Bone blood lineage, still has a great strength. And once he activate his blood lineage, his destructive power is extremely terrifying. But the strength of Li Feng is relatively a bit lower.” Hearing Lan Yan, Ren Tianyou sighed with feeling.

“Never mind, for Li Feng, it was pretty good to advance into top 16.” Long You said.

“Hehe! Oh, that’s right, since the matches are already over, where is Tianxing and Li Feng?” Ren Tianyou looked around but he didn’t catch the sight of Luo Tianxing and Li Feng, so he asked curiously.

“Tianxing went to his teacher’s place. As for Li Feng, hei hei, his fiancée dragged him away to console.” With a vulgar smile on his face, Lan Yan answered.

“Eh, fiancée? That fellow Li Feng is already engaged?” Hearing Lan Yan, Ren Tianyou was surprised and asked.

“Yes, big brother Tianyou. His fiancée is my second big sister.” Long Luoluo jumped in and said.

“Your big sister?” Ren Tianyou was even more surprised.

“Hehe, it’s this way. Li Feng and my second big sister Long Bingyun knew each other from childhood. And their marriage was also set from childhood. I guess in another two years, they will hold the marriage ceremony.” Long You explained to Ren Tianyou.

“So it was like that.” Hearing Long You, Ren Tianyou was somewhat clear. It turned out to be arranged marriage of minors but it seems those two were not against this marriage arrangement. And it was obvious that they really loved each other.

“By the way Tianyou, do you have time five days later?” At this time, Lan Yan asked Ren Tianyou.

“Five days later? What’s the matter?” Hearing Lan Yan, Ren Tianyou asked curiously.

“It’s this way, five days later, our auction house is holding a grand auction. I hope you are interested, as at that time you can check out if there is anything you like.” Lan Yan said.

“Eh, auction?”

“Yes, the auction of this time is the grand auction which is held by our Lan Diyin auction house once in a year. On the occasion of this auction, nearly all the super forces of Divine Wind Continent will come to our auction house to attend this auction. Although our auction house always holds a continent-wide grand auction every year, but this is the first time this many people are attending.”

“Why is that?”

“Almost all of them wanted to attend this auction for a thing, Divinity Crystal.”

“Divinity Crystal?”

“Correct, Divinity Crystal. It is said that, long time ago an expert who had ascended to Godhood died, and the divine power within his body congealed into a kind of most valuable treasure, that is Divinity Crystal. It is said that within this Divinity Crystal, there are some insights of that expert. So it is extremely useful for us cultivators. If the Saint ranked expert use this Divinity Crystal, then it will increased the probability for them to comprehend their domain, and advance into true deity rank powerhouse. The probability is as high as 90%. And there is also a possibility for Deity ranked expert to comprehend the insights within it and ascend to Godhood, but I haven’t heard of anyone who had successfully ascended to Godhood. This is only the legend, nevertheless it truly is an undisputable fact among high Deity ranked experts. Only this ability of Divinity Crystal to help experts to advance into Deity rank is enough reason for everyone to long this valuable treasure for day and night. How’s that Tianyou, at that time don’t you want to see all the experts fight with each other for this Divinity Crystal?”

But even after Lan Yan cried out for a long period of time, Ren Tianyou didn’t answered. They could only see that the face of Ren Tianyou was shaking with excitement as if he caught the sight of something inconceivable.

“Tianyou, Tianyou, what happened?” Luo Mengwu was surprised to see Ren Tianyou like that, so she shook his shoulder.

“Eh, eh, it’s nothing. Rest assured, I will also attend the auction at that time.” Ren Tianyou responded. Then he hastily said, “I have something urgent to do, so I will leave first.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou turned around and left quickly before they could question him.

Luo Meng Wu and others looked at each other in blank dismay. Seeing the quickly disappearing back view of Ren Tianyou, they didn’t know what had happened. “What happened to big brother Tianyou?” Long Luoluo said in surprised.

“Yes, normally only you girls have ‘that urgent matter’ for several days in a month. And it looked like his state of mind was unstable, don’t tell me, Tianyou also got infected with that disease?” Lan Yan stroked his lower jaw and said with a vulgar face.

“Drop dead!” Lan Xinmeng and other girls violently kicked Lan Yan with their jade legs and send him flying.

“Ah!” Instantly Lan Yan suffered his retribution.


Ren Tianyou had hurriedly left that place because he had unexpectedly heard a prompt from the system within his body.

“Triggered mission——–Mission System opened: regardless of any method, seize the Divinity Crystal, then pour its energy into the system. Mission rewards: open mission system, 30,000 system points, and increase the exchange function of Exchange System. Mission failed Penalty: close Mission System forever. Time limit: 7 days.”

Precisely because of this system prompt, Ren Tianyou had excitedly left, while thinking about plans. Previously this Mission System, one might well say was not shaken by thunder, and regardless of any method it didn’t have any movements. And after he had carefully examined the system, the result he got was lack of core energy of the system, so was unable to open. But unexpectedly without doing anything this system actually activated now.

The reward of this mission was extremely rich. If the mission system was opened, then he would have a new ways to earn system points. But this mission was not easy to accomplish. So many peoples will come to seize this Divinity Crystal, and with his little bit of gold, it won’t even be enough to call a price once for that crystal. So he had only one way left to get it, i.e. rob.

He had to rob it after someone buys it from the auction, as he don’t want to create a trouble for Lan Yan’s family. But the person capable enough to win the Divinity Crystal in the auction, would definitely not be a simple person at all. So at that time he must have a great battle.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. This is good now we will have Ren Tianyou fighting some more Saint-level people and maybe even a God- level person.

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    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Why isn’t he worried about the failure result? And if he can use cores as a trigger, then does that annul the failure result or not?

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