In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 61

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 61: Ranking competition (Part 10: Seven Formula of Thunderbolt)

Ranking competition (Part 10: Seven Formulas of Thunderbolt)

Alongside the huge fiery red colored phoenix, the rapier of Feng Wu slashed towards the Wall of Thunder of Qian Dong. “Hong!” The Flame Phoenix Slash easily cut through the wall of thunder just like a hot knife cutting through the butter. Then the slash advanced towards Qian Dong.

“Not good.” The pupil of Qian Dong shrunk, and he immediately reacted. The violent lightning battle qi all around his body immediately change into a mysterious formation, then it densely covered his body. Then his whole body released a mysterious purple colored lightning light. “Thunderstorm——-purple lightning step!”

“Swish.” The whole body of Qian Dong immediately changed into a purple colored thunderbolt and advanced forward. “Hong” The ‘Flame phoenix slash’ chopped at the place where Qian Dong was standing just a moment ago. Alongside the loud explosion sound, the stones at that place of the arena was completely scattered.

Just after the explosion sound stopped, the purple colored lightning on the body of Qian Dong also slowly disappeared. That long purple colored lightning light behind his body also slowly turned into lightning system element and dissipated in the air. He turned around and watch the place where he was standing just a moment ago, he found a deep hole in that place. Cold sweat started to pour out from his forehead.

“A close call, if not for my quick dodge, I would have lost the match.” Wiping out the cold sweat from his forehead, Qian Dong felt a deep fear in his heart. And he no longer dared to look down upon this female student.

“Humm, you are quite fast at dodging.” Feng Wu didn’t care about Qian Dong successfully dodging her attack.

“It seems I have to go all out.” Qian Dong gradually became serious. He considered about something for a moment, then decided his next move.

“Lightning Shadow Formula!” Qian Dong yelled, then the purple colored violent lightning battle qi of his body slowly gathered within his body. Then his both hand held his huge sword then made a horizontal slash.

“Hong longlong!” Just when Feng Wu was surprised seeing the move of Qian Dong, a tremendous thundering sound rang out. The sky became dark, and it became impossible to see anything.

“Not good. Phoenix Guard.” Feng Wu had a bad feeling inside her heart, so she immediately released her flame phoenix battle qi for safeguard. Then a huge phoenix appeared above the head of Feng Wu, which spilled a golden yellow colored flame radiance to guard Feng Wu.

“Kacha!” At this time, along with the purple colored lightning streak across this boundless darkness, Feng Wu clearly felt her Phoenix guard had received a violent impact. A round of huge impacts shocked her. She was so scared that, without losing any time she poured out a large amount of her battle qi to the phoenix guard to maintain her defense.

When her vision was restored again, she discovered the phoenix above her head was already dim and the shield around her body was also on the verge of collapse.

Feng Wu removed phoenix guard, and turned around. She saw Qian Dong was half-squatting with the support of his huge sword and was panting heavily. And his radiance of battle qi was also weak. It looks like the burden of that move just a moment ago was very large.

“Are you already at the end of your rope? Since it is like that I ought to make my move too.” Seeing Qian Dong was exhausted, Feng Wu tightly held her rapier, then she turned into a fiery red radiance and dashed straight towards Qian Dong.

Seeing Feng Wu was dashing towards him, he shakily stood up with the support of his weapon. He had never expected that his certain kill skill Lightning Shadow Formula unexpectedly didn’t get the desired result. He had found this Lightning Shadow Formula in a mysterious ravine, and at that time in addition to Lightning Shadow Formula, he had also obtained additional six formulas. They were jointly named Seven Formulas of Thunderbolt. Each formula was above earth grade. Right up until the preset he could use only two formulas, and he couldn’t display even the half of the actual might of this formula.

Qian Dong estimated his remaining amount of battle qi, then he grinded his teeth inside his heart. He decided to make his final decisive move. If this resolve the opponent then he would win, if not then he would lose. Rather than waiting for the defeat, it’s better to struggle until the end.

Deciding this, Qian Dong inserted his huge sword inside the floor in front of him, then he put the palms of his hand together. The battle qi started to gather between his palms in a special way, very quickly a ball of lightning energy comparable to the size of the football appeared between his palms.

Then Qian Dong concentrated that ball of lightning energy in his right hand, after that he hit above his weapon with his right hand. Suddenly a towering lightning light was released from the huge sword which covered his whole body. Now his whole body changed into an enormous lightning beam.

“Lightning Light Formula!” Along with the roar from Qian Dong, he suddenly changed into an enormous lightning beam and advanced straight towards Feng Wu, and behind a long tail of purple colored lightning followed him.

Everyone knows that the speed of lightning is very fast. Although the body of Qian Dong had changed into lightning, his speed was nowhere near the speed of real lightning. Nevertheless the distance between him and Feng Wu was short, so he covered this distance in a flash and arrived in front of her and made a surprise attack.

Seeing the changes on Qian Dong, the pupil of Feng Wu shrunk, and was simply unable to respond in time. But due to the long time instinct of her body, she instinctively created a simple barrier in front of herself.

Crackling sound of lightning continuously rang out. The barrier set up by Feng Wu lasted for only a moment, then it was broken through by Qian Dong who was changed into a lightning beam.

But that moment of time was enough for Feng Wu to react. Along with the loud cry of the phoenix from within her body, the flame phoenix battle qi around her body suddenly rose sharply. Then all the battle qi around her body was poured into her rapier, very quickly the rapier was surrounded by immense golden color battle qi.

“Rage of Celestial Phoenix!”

Feng Wu slashed Qian Dong who was turned into lightning beam with her rapier which surrounded by immense battle qi.

“Hong!” The sound of energy explosion rang out.  As the attack of Feng Wu and Qian Dong collided with each other, immediately the invisible energy shock wave spread in all direction.

While Feng Wu and Qian Dong was locked in the stalemate, the lightning power of Qian Dong was unceasingly trying to break through the attack of Feng Wu and advance towards her. But the rage of celestial phoenix of Feng Wu tightly blocked him. And along with the crackling sound, the lightning spark was unceasingly appearing between them.

Along with the passage of time, it was obvious to everyone that Qian Dong couldn’t carry on much longer. The battle qi around him was slowly becoming dim, then finally his body appeared from within the lightning beam.

“Dong!” The body of Qian Dong directly fell down on the ground. Then Feng Wu stopped her rapier and her battle qi also slowly dissipated.

When the judge saw that Qian Dong had collapsed, without losing any time he removed the barrier, then immediately move to the side of Qian Dong and examined him. Then he discovered that Qian Dong had lost his consciousness because he had completely exhausted his battle qi.

“I declare Feng Wu as the winner of the match.”

After hearing the announcement of the judge, Feng Wu clearly felt relief. Although she had not used all the cards in her hand, nevertheless she had no choice but to say that Qian Dong was a persistent opponent. That lightning battle qi along with that last move used by Qian Dong, almost forced her to reveal her blood lineage.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Seriously, I wanna see Mc fight! Hope these fillers are worth something later on.

    1. i hope this just to introduce relate party skill… and not doing flash back later like … the regular naruto!!!

  2. for those complaining about not seeing MC fighting… if we relate this to the Naruto series, then this part of the story would be the Chuunin Exam . . where each/various characters shows their specialty/abilities . . .

  3. Thanks for the chapter. What does she mean by “almost revealed her blood lineage”? Was she not using Phoenix techniques throughout the entire battle?

      1. Thanks for answering but the question was rhetorical, heh heh. What I was trying to say was that by using Phoenix techniques throughout the entire battle she was already displaying that she came from some place that uses Phoenix techniques and maybe because we are readers and have the profound ability of predicting the obvious, or simply because we are not as stupid as some of the people in these web novels, it is quite obvious that she comes from that Phoenix place.

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