In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 60

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 60: Ranking competition (Part 9)

Ranking competition (Part 9)

Along with the shout of Wang Yanli, suddenly the huge flame ball which was emitting a fiery aura started to fall straight to the arena under his control.

“Hong!” Along with the fall of Scorching Hot Star Fall, suddenly this fiery ball collided with the arena and a huge heat wave quickly spread all around the arena with the impact location as a center. The purple black colored illusion fog which was covering the whole arena was evaporated and disappeared in a flash under this powerful heat wave. And now everyone could see what was happening in the arena.

Everyone saw that whole body of Zhou Guangsheng was burned red with the magic of Wang Yanli. His white colored illusion robe was also burned and was riddled with gaping holes. Now he was motionlessly lying on the ground, no one knows whether he was alive or dead.

Wang Yanli looked at the lying Zhou Guangsheng, then he flapped his Wings of Heaven and slowly landed on the ground. Then the wings slowly changed into fire system elements and dissipated in the air.

At this time the judge stepped on the arena and inspected the body of Zhou Guangsheng. He discovered that Zhou Guangsheng had merely lost his consciousness due to the force of impact, and there was not any serious injuries. So he declared Wang Yanli as a winner.

“Ohhh!” Just after the winner was announced by judge, immediately the sound of big round of applause rang out. Of course majority of applaud was from females and the males were gritting their teeth with hate.

“Chuqian, it appeared that you losing to him was not really an injustice. The strength of this fellow is extremely high.” Staring at Wang Yanli who was slowly stepping down from the arena, Ren Tianyou said towards Sun Chuqian with a serious face. Because even he himself felt pressure from Wang Yanli. If he encounter Wang Yanli in a match, perhaps he might really need to use ninjutsu too.

“Yes, at that time, under his fire system magic attacks, my Soft Water Battle Qi was completely useless. My attack and defense didn’t even had a slightest effect on him.” With a complex expression on her face, Sun Chuqian said to Ren Tianyou while staring at slowly descending Wang Yanli.

“He’s very strong.” At this moment, staring at Wang Yanli, Yan Xinluo also seriously said these three words.

“Oh, what a rare sight. You actually took the initiative to talk with us, paralyzed faced man.” Ren Tianyou was surprised and looked at Yan Xinluo. Then in a daze he spoke.

“Humph!” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Yan Xinluo just snorted coldly and no longer spoke another word.

“Hehe.” Seeing the reaction of Yan Xinluo, Ren Tianyou just laughed and shook his head thoughtfully.


After about three minutes, the next match was about to begin. The huge magic screen of the square was quickly flashing with the names of each and every remaining participants.

With the “Ding” sound, the two names appeared on the magic screen. Feng Wu VS Qian Dong.

“Who are these two people?” Seeing the names on the magic screen, Ren Tianyou discovered that he didn’t know anything about these 2 peoples. So he asked.

“I only know that Qian Dong is the member of Warrior Court’s class three. As for that Feng Wu, I also don’t know anything.” Wang Haiqing also discovered that he also didn’t know anything about Feng Wu. So shaking his head he expressed that he also don’t know her.

But to be able to enter top 16, this means she was not that simple. “It seems another mysterious expert have appeared again.” Ren Tianyou stared at the name Feng Wu and sigh with feelings.

Along with the appearance of two names in the huge magic screen, two people appeared at the arena in succession. Qian Dong was indeed holding a huge sword. His whole body was covered with muscles, making him look like a kind of violent person.

As for Feng Wu, she was a beautiful girl with a tall figure. She had a long fiery red colored hair which was spread out at her back. She was wearing a skintight fiery red battle dress. This dress perfectly showcased her beautiful tall figure to others. She had a perfect oval face, fair and clear skin just like pure water, and a pair of quick-witted big loveable eyes which make other people to feel lively. In her right hand she was holding a slender rapier, which was still inside the fiery red colored sheath. The hilt of that rapier depict a fiery red phoenix which was spreading its wings. Within the eyes of that phoenix, there was two fiery red transparent crystal stone. One look at the rapier and anyone will know that it was not an ordinary rapier.

“I now declare the start of the third match of top 16.” Seeing that both the participants had arrived, the judge announced the start of the match. Then he stepped down from the arena and release the barrier.

Along with the announcement of judge, the body of Qian Dong started to release a strong purple colored lightning, “Lightning blood lineage, activate!” Along with the shout of Qian Dong, suddenly a huge sound of lightning rang out of thin air. And the stature of Qian Dong seems to have increased somewhat. And all around his body was surging with a flickering violent lightning battle qi.

After finishing his preparation, he looked ahead and saw that Fang Wu had still not made any movements. Qian Dong let out a cruel smile, and just like a fierce beast he waved his huge sword and dashed towards Feng Wu in a high speed.

“Whoosh!” Qian Dong already appeared in front of Feng Wu. Then he waved his huge sword towards the small and frail body of Feng Wu, without any hint of pity in his heart.

When everyone in the audiences were worried for Feng Wu, a faint cry of the phoenix was heard by all those present. Everyone was dazed at that moment, and Feng Wu had already taken out her rapier. Then with her strength of slender figure and using just her thin and long rapier she prepared herself to block the attack of the huge sword of Qian Dong.

“Humph.” Seeing the preparation of Feng Wu, Qian Dong immediately snorted coldly. Shortly afterwards his right hand flashed, then the battle qi around his body quickly flowed into his huge sword.

“Thunderbolt chop!” The huge sword twinkled with lightning then it quickly advanced towards Feng Wu.

“Hong!” An explosion sound rang out. Feng Wu was hit by this attack, and was caught in the explosion too. Dusts rose up due to explosion and these dusts obstructed the vision of everyone, so no one clearly knew the situation inside arena at this moment.

When the dust dissipated, the circumstance inside the arena was presented before the eyes of everyone. When they saw the situation inside arena, everyone couldn’t help but become greatly surprised. They saw that the whole body of Feng Wu was flashing with battle qi of golden flame. And that battle qi around her body had taken the form of a golden yellow colored phoenix and covered her whole body, blocking the earlier attack.

She dispersed that battle qi which was surrounding her body, then waved her rapier and attacked Qian Dong, since the distance between them was already close. And from the tip of the rapier came out a fiery red colored phoenix head.

“Phoenix Peck!”

Seeing the attack of Feng Wu, Qian Dong smiled with disdain. Then he crazily stirred the battle qi all over the body, then he quickly waved his huge sword which was covered with his battle qi in front of him which took the form of a purple colored lightning barrier.

“Wall of Thunder!”

“Ding” sound rang out, the rapier tip of Feng Wu and the Wall of Thunder of Qian Dong collided with each other. Even though the penetration power of the Phoenix Peck of Feng Wu was very powerful, but it obviously carried insufficient power to destroy the Wall of Thunder. It was only able to deplete the energy of wall of thunder before the energy of Phoenix Peck completely disappeared.

“Humph! Flame Phoenix Slash!” Just when Qian Dong was about to laugh and ridicule Feng Wu, he suddenly heard the loud cry of phoenix from the body of Feng Wu, then along with the huge phoenix energy, the rapier of Feng Wu attacked towards the Wall of Thunder.


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