In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 59

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 59: Ranking competition (Part 8)

Ranking competition (Part 8)

Hearing that lewd voice of Ren Tianyou, and in addition to that strange eyes of Ren Tianyou, immediately she felt like a cold wind blew at her body, as if she was not wearing any clothes. Then she suddenly screamed, then clutching her body she half squat on the ground, “You damned pervert.”

“Haha, your clutching is of no use. My eyes have omni-directional see through ability.” Watching Sun Chuqian who was hugging her own body and squatting on the ground, Ren Tianyou lewdly smiled and continued to tease her.

“Ah, don’t look me with those strange eyes. Quickly turn around so I can leave this place.” Hearing the magnificent ability of Ren Tianyou, the face of Sun Chuqian became even redder through and through. Then she angrily said to Ren Tianyou.

“Haha……………aiyo, this pain is killing me. Ah it’s burning.” Seeing the embarrassed appearance of Sun Chuqian, Ren Tianyou laughed feeling proud of himself, but just as he started laughing, he suddenly felt a strong heat wave behind his back. Shortly afterwards, his buttocks was on fire.

“Well Ren Tianyou, your blood lineage had such shameless ability. And you also dared to uses this ability to peep my body before, don’t you? Humph, damn pervert, see how I take care of you.” From behind Ren Tianyou, the ashen faced Wang Jiafei looked at lively Ren Tianyou and then said.

“Eh, teacher, please listen to my explanation.” With great difficulty, he put out the fire from his buttocks. Hearing the voice behind him, he turned around his head only to see the fierce Wang Jiafei walking towards him. Suddenly inside his heart, he realized that his joke was heard by Wang Jiafei and he immediately opened his mouth to explain.

“Explain the fart, you quickly gouge out your eyes and hand it over to I, your old mother. Otherwise be careful I, your old mother will make you unable to see the sun forever.” Wang Jiafei simply didn’t allow Ren Tianyou to explain. Seeing he was using his eyes to firmly stare at her again, immediately she got angry inside her heart and said in a stern voice.

“No, teacher, my eyes do not have see-through ability. Just now, I was only teasing Sun Chuqian.” Ren Tianyou hastily explained. If he hesitate to explain now, he would definitely create a disaster for himself. He already knew that he couldn’t afford to offend these females.

“There is no see through ability?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Wang Jiafei stared blankly for a while. Then she slowly withdrew her Battle Qi, and doubtfully looked towards the direction of Ren Tianyou. Sun Chuqian was also a little dazed, but very quickly responded, “No, if you don’t have see-through ability, then how you can see what is happening in the arena? You should know that currently the whole arena is covered with the purple black colored fog released by Zhou Guangsheng, so it is impossible to see the situation within the arena if you don’t have seen through ability, but you said you were able to see the situation inside, how can you explain that?”

“Oh this, how do you explain, I was almost deceived by you.” Hearing Sun Chuqian, Wang Jiafei was stunned, then she quickly put on her guard and looked Ren Tianyou.

Seeing the embarrassed appearance of Ren Tianyou, Wang Haiqing and others were covering their mouth and laughing. None of them stepped forward to rescue him.

“It is not that way, my eyes have the ability to see through illusions. All illusions as long as they do not exceed my strength won’t affect me. This purple black colored fog released by Zhou Guangsheng, in the end is also the part of illusion power, which was released by using a special skill. So, nevertheless before my eyes it is nothing. So I could see what was going on in the arena.”

“Really?” Sun Chuqian and Wang Jiafei still doubtfully asked.

“Without doubt, its real, two beautiful ladies. You should have faith in me.  I am not deceiving you.” Ren Tianyou pulled a long face and said towards them.

“Fine, we will believe you for the time being.” Wang Jiafei considered for a bit, then decided to believe in him temporarily. Because she had a bit of understanding on the character of Ren Tianyou after contacting with him for a month. As a result she decided to believe him.

“Fuuuuuuu…………” Ren Tianyou let out a long breath of relief, then wipe out the cold sweat on his forehead. “A close call.” At this time, from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly discovered the situation on the arena had changed. Without losing any time, he stood up and said, “Look, the match is almost over.”


After the Illusion Country attack of Zhou Guangsheng surrounded the arena, a section of strange power unceasingly enticed his state of mind and Wang Yanli sunk into unlimited illusions. Despite being a powerful magician with powerful resistance against the illusions, nevertheless he wasn’t able to compete against this illusion attack.

“I didn’t expect this fellow possessed move like this. It seem this fellow is also looking down upon me, but…………I will end this match now.” Seeing endless illusions before his eyes, Wang Yanli discovered that he himself was also being underestimated by Zhou Guangsheng. However he didn’t panic, the magic wand which he was holding with his right hand started to twinkle with red colored magic radiance.

“I have no choice but to say, this move is quite powerful. And I can see that you have a great confidence in this move.” Wang Yanli slowly said. Although he didn’t know where Zhou Guangsheng was, nevertheless he didn’t care about it.

But Zhou Guangsheng didn’t replied him, because Zhou Guangsheng was afraid about exposing his location, if he spoke now. And if his location was exposed then the magic could easily lock on to him.

“Actually, you don’t need to be this careful, because even like this you can’t change the result of this match. It is so because this move of yours simply don’t have any effect upon me, as I have this move, Flame Heart Skill.” After he finished speaking, the red colored magic radiances that was gathered in the magic wand of his hand changed into flowing light and entered inside the head of Wang Yanli.

“What? Flame Heart Skill, you actually possess this skill.” Even though Zhou Guangsheng had complete confidence in his move, but when he heard the three words ‘Flame Heart Skill’, his complexion had a great changes. His mind was in chaos.

Flame Heart Skill, one of the most supreme bluff magic of fire system magicians, was a rank eight saint class magic. But its learning degree of difficulty alone was grade three.

The main effect of Flame Heart Skill was to protect your mind, and increase the comprehensive power. In addition to this, for a short period of time, the user would become completely immune to all illusion skill below the level of saint class. Even the effects of saint class illusions skills would be greatly reduced by this Flame Heart Skill.

But this magic skill can only be learnt at ‘Magic Domain’, and outsiders had next to nothing chance to learn this skill. And all the members of the Magic Domain were not qualified to learn this skill, only the core members with the significant contribution towards Magic Domain or the leaders of Magic Domain and the next generation who were chosen to become future leaders were only qualified to learn this skill.

“In the end who are…………..”

“Humph, you will never have the chance to know who I am. I will end this match now. Wings of Heaven.” Along with the voice of Wang Yanli, suddenly inexhaustible fire system magic sprang out from behind Wang Yanli. Gradually it changed into two meter long fiery red colored phoenix wings. Then he lightly flapped his wings and rise in the air above the arena. Then he looked downwards to that endless purple black colored magic fog, then he started to chant the incantation.

“Scorching Hot Star Fall!” After completing chanting the incantation, a powerful fire system magic fluctuated above the magic wand at the right hand of Wang Yanli. Then gradually take the form of huge fiery red energy ball.

“Fall.” Seeing the magic was completed, Wang Yanli waved the magic wand. Immediately the huge energy ball directly fall down straight toward the arena.

“Not good.” Seeing the magic of Wang Yanli, the pupils of Zhou Guangsheng shrunk tightly, and his complexion immediately changed.


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    1. no he misdirection them.
      he tell them that his eye can ignor illusion… but dint tell them that he can also put them in illusion as well as boosting his meelee combat power and among other shiet!!!
      like most politician he let them know 1/10 of the truth then when he meet a foes they die because if insufficient information!

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    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    hahaha… better prepared to be bullied if you bully others~

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