In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 56

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 56: Ranking Competition (part 5: Battle between two dragons)

Ranking Competition (part 5): Battle between two dragons

All the people in the audiences were firmly staring at this intense match with great interest, and were very much afraid to miss even a single moment of this match. All the students of other class were excited while watching this match, however the teachers and students of Ren Tianyou’s class were extremely anxious. Even though they know that Ren Tianyou was very strong and had the high chance to win this match, however despite knowing that they couldn’t help but get worried. Moreover now the arena was completely filled with smoke and they couldn’t see anything happening on the arena.

After some time passed, the dusts and smokes on the arena gradually dissipated. The already heavily damaged arena appeared before the eyes of the audiences. They saw that the arena was full of bumps and hollows, there was not even a single place left intact. But after watching the arena, everyone was more surprised because they couldn’t find even the shadow of Ren Tianyou. Even Cai Minghui himself was puzzled, because even if this attack had directly landed on Ren Tianyou two times, it was impossible to directly erase the person without leaving anything behind.

Just when everyone was searching for the figure of Ren Tanyou, suddenly a person’s figure appeared behind Cai Minghui. And without giving any chance to prepare, that person directly kicked Cai Minghui. That figure of a person was obviously Ren Tianyou.

At that time, when the Exploding Flame Meteor Fall of Cai Minghui almost hit him, Ren Tianyou had used Body Flicker Technique and in an instant appeared high in the sky above the arena. Then he used Earth Style—Lightened Boulder Jutsu (Doton—Keijugan no Jutsu) to make his body lighter and he slowly floated down from the sky. This was how he dodged the entire explosion.

After getting kicked, Cai Minghui stabilized himself in the air and steadily landed on the ground. Seeing Ren Tianyou before him without any damage, he suddenly cried out in alarm, “How is it possible? It is impossible to dodge my attack Exploding Flame Meteor Fall without any injuries!”

“Hehe, many matters that are impossible for you, is not always impossible for others too. What other trick do you have, quickly use it now while I am giving you a chance, otherwise you’ll lose without using it.” Ren Tian you didn’t answer the question of Cai Minghui, rather continue to provoke Cai Minghui.

“You…………” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Cai Minghui immediately became so angry that he didn’t know that to say. After grinding his tooth, he said, “Good, since you want to see my trick, I will help you achieve that dream of yours.”

After finishing speaking, Cai Minghui bit the wound on his right hand, then he let his blood of his right hand flow onto his two-handed sword. Along with the blood, he also poured his Battle Qi into his sword, suddenly a golden colored flame burst out from the sword. After that, that golden flame gradually surrounded Cai Minghui which made him look like a miniature sun.

“Brilliant Exploding Flame Formula—Flame Dragon Fall into the Sea!” Along with the shout of Cai Minghui, a roar of the dragon rang out from that golden colored miniature sun. Just when Ren Tianyou was feeling surprise seeing all the things happening around him, a golden colored huge flame energy dragon suddenly appeared from that golden colored miniature sun. That golden dragon floated in the air with its both ferocious eyes firmly staring at Ren Tianyou.

“Roar!” Golden colored huge dragon of flame system energy let out is roar, then directly rushed towards Ren Tianyou.


“Tianyou, be careful, ah!”

“Hurry up and avoid it, Tianyou.”

Sun Chuqian and others who were watching the match from the audience cried out in alarm and tried to warn Ren Tianyou, after seeing the circumstances on the arena.


“Humph! Just a big lizard, but dared to called itself a dragon. Good, since you changed into a dragon, then I will also make one. Let’s see whose is better.” Seeing that the huge dragon formed from energy was advancing towards him, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly with disdain. Then he started to spin his body in a high speed. When his speed became faster and faster, gradually a towering huge tornado started to appear. At that time, along with the sound of dragon roar, the whole audience saw the white colored huge dragon made from energy appeared at the place where Ren Tianyou was spinning. Cai Minghui had turned into a huge western style dragon with two wings and four limbs, but Ren Tianyou had turned into a white colored huge Chinese dragon with a deer horned in the head, fish scale all over its snake like body and having five claws. This was one of the unique taijutsu of Ren Tianyou—Leaf Dragon God (Konoha Ryujin).

“Roar.” The huge white dragon also issued out a roar, then directly dashed towards the incoming huge golden dragon formed from the flame system energy of Cai Minghui.

Finally they collided with each other, this caused an invisible shockwave to spread in the sky towards all the direction of them. The barrier surrounding the arena started to have the ripple because of this shockwave.

Seeing the fight between two dragons on the arena, all the audiences were not even blinking their eyes. This was the real battle ah, seeing this battle all the audiences were boiling with excitement, and were thinking if they themselves could have the chance to battle like this. Each and every one were stretching their neck, and were staring at the battle on the arena with a fixed gaze, as if they were afraid to miss even a moment of this battle.



Along with the roar of the dragons on the arena, both huge dragons unceasingly tried to overtake each other. Claw attack, bumping heads, biting with mouths, tail swings……………….every moves that could be used were used. The energy from their attack spread all around them, and because of the impact of that scattered energy, the ground was completely destroyed. It seemed like their strength of both dragon was of similar level.

But along with the each passing moment, the real difference in strength gradually became visible. The golden colored huge dragon formed from the flame system energy of Cai Minghui who was like a miniature sun, was gradually becoming dimmer. After all, Cai Minghui had use secret skill to elevate his actual strength, and that was not his true strength. So it was impossible to fully control over the power which was gained by using the secret skill to sustain this ability for a long period of time.

“Peng!” Along with the tail swing from Ren Tianyou’s dragon, the huge dragon formed from the energy of Cai Minghui was dispelled. And Cai Minghui fell towards the already heavily damaged arena like a meteor.

Seeing the opponent was already suppressed, the huge white dragon gradually shrunk, and within it the figure of Ren Tianyou was revealed. Ren Tianyou steadily landed on the ground, and stand firmly. And calmly looked at the already motionless Cai Minghui who was lying on the ground.

This time, the judge dispelled the barrier around the arena, and stepped inside the arena. Then he checked on Cai Minghui and discovered he had already lost his consciousness. After that the judge stood up and looked towards the audiences and declared, “I declare Ren Tianyou as the winner of this match.”

“Ooooo!” Along with the announcement of judge, all the audiences watching the match, suddenly made the noise and let out a loud applaud. Because no matter what, this match was quite excellent.


“Old Zhao, this kid is not simple.” Looking at the winner Ren Tianyou from the VIP area, Long Feilu said towards old Zhao Guanghui.

“That’s right. Cai Minghui was in the state of Flame Lion Heart, and he used two formulas of Brilliant Exploding Flame Formula. You should know this Brilliant Exploding Flame Formula took whole lifetime to create and perfect by old Bei Ming. Altogether there are six moves, every move is at least of low-earth grade. And especially that Flame Dragon Fall into the Sea is of high-earth grade. Even after using these moves, Cai Minghui still lost against him.” Old Zhao Guanghui sigh thinking that the descended of old Bei Mighu had lost so badly.

“That is not the crucial point. Look at him, even after such an intense fight, he didn’t even have a messy breath. And he didn’t even looked like a person who was having such an intense fight just a moment ago.” Long Feilu said seriously.

Hearing the reminder of Long Feilu, Zhao Guanghui also discovered same thing about Ren Tianyou.

“It looks like our academy have another abnormal person again ah.”


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      1. No, I find it annoying too. Previously it was mentioned that “I your father” was an arrogant way to address yourself, but everyone is using it. I highly doubt everyone is that arrogant.

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