In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 54

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 54: Ranking Competition (part 3)!!

Ranking Competition (part 3)!!

At 9 o’clock in the morning of the next day, there was a huge crowds of the peoples at the square of Supreme Light Academy. In the middle of the square there was a huge arena. All the remaining matches of this Cultivating room ranking competition would be held in that arena.

Ren Tianyou also arrived at the arena, then found the location of his classmates. When he arrived there, he discovered that Yan Xinluo and other participants were already there. He advanced towards the group of the participants of his class and was about to greet them, at that time Yun Leixiao spoke, “Four of you, listen to me. The matches of top 16 are about to begin. If you encounter Zhou Guangsheng of Illusion Court, with the exception of Yan Xinluo and Ren Tianyou, it is best if you two directly give up the match.”

“Why?” Hearing Yun Leixiao, Ren Tianyou and other three asked in unison. Their voice were full of surprise and they didn’t understand why Yun Leixiao had said so.

“Because that fellow called Zhou Guangsheng is extremely dangerous. His strength is at least at the level of mid-Great Illusionist Master, or it could be even higher. And all the opponents he had defeated, although they didn’t receive too big injurers, nevertheless all of them lost critical amount of spirit power, and are forced to lie in the bed for at least two days. So I am telling you two to give up without wasting any time if you encounter him as an opponent. Because I think Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo might have chance to defeat him, but if you two decided to fight against him, you will only be injuring yourself, nothing more.” Yun Leixiao explained seriously.

“This year, isn’t Li Xinyun the strongest from the Illusion Court? When did this Zhou Guangsheng come out? Also why didn’t I hear about him before?” Sun Chuqian doubtfully asked.

“I also never heard about this person.” Wang Haiqing also shook his head and added.

“It’s quite normal that you haven’t heard about this person, because just like Tianyou and Xinluo, he is also a new student who passed the test and entered this Supreme Light Academy. It’s only been about more than half a month since he started to attend the class. After watching several matches, we suspect that he probably come from Illusory Shrine. Because we discovered that he was using the distinctive illusion skills of Illusory Shrine.” Wang Jiafei explained slowly.

“Illusory Shrine!” Ren Tianyou exclaimed aloud and thought, “Never thought I will come across the member of Illusory Shrine this fast.”

“Correct, Illusory Shrine. So it’s better for you two to obey the advice of teacher Yun Leixiao.”



Hearing the explanation of Wang Jiafei, both Sun Chuqian and Wang Haiqing still doubtfully answered.

“Good, now there is nothing more to say. See you in the match.”


After almost half an hour, suddenly a breeze blew above the arena, and shortly afterwards the dean of the Supreme Light Academy suddenly appeared on the arena and then he spoke, “Good morning, everyone.”

“After the intense selection match for four days, the selection match of Cultivation Room Ranking Competitions of first grade is finally over and we finally got top 16 participants. Today we will have the match to select top 8 students. I wish every students make great effort to obtain the best result. Well, this old man will no longer waste any time by speaking more nonsense. Now I declare the official start of the competition.” Finish speaking, the silhouette of Long Feilu disappeared from the arena.

At the VIP stands of the square, suddenly Long Feilu appeared. Vice-dean Zhao Guanghui who was sitting at the VIP stand, seeing Long Feilu smiled and said, “Old Long, this year’s competition is worth watching oh!”

“Oh, what’s worth watching?” Long Feilu asked with the look of surprise.

“Heh heh, don’t you know, member of Death clan had come into this world. And one of their clansman is among the participants.”

“What? Member of Death clan is among the participants!” Long Feilu asked in a surprised tone.

“Correct. There is also the member of Illusory Shrine and Flame Phoenix Villa.”

“Oh, it looks like this time competition will be quite interesting ah.” Hearing Zhao Guanghui, the eyes of Long Feilu flashed, then he muttered to himself.


After Long Feilu announced the start of the competition, the huge magic screen of the square suddenly flashed with the name of every participants.

“Ding!” Along with the ding sound, the magical screen now display only the names of two participants.

“Eh, is this good luck, actually I was chosen for the first match.” Seeing his name on the magical screen, Ren Tianyou was a little bit dumbfounded. He saw ‘Ren Tianyou VS Cai Minghui’ was clearly written on the screen.

“Haha, Tianyou, you turned out to be the first one to appear on the stage, come on, be sure to win.” Seeing the name of Ren Tianyou appeared on the screen, Wang Haiqing was also bit surprised. But he still encouraged Ren Tianyou.

“Hehe, rest assured, I won’t let you down.” After speaking, the figure of Ren Tianyou gradually disappeared and he appeared on the arena.

Ren Tianyou took out his identity plate and threw towards the judge of the match and then wait for the arrival of his opponent. After waiting for a minute, a robust man carrying a huge two-handed sword arrived on the arena. Then he also tossed his identity plate towards the judge and stood opposite to Ren Tianyou.

“Well, since both participants have arrived, match start.” Judge announced the start of the match.

Along with the announcement of judge, fiery red battle qi emerged around the body of Cai Minghui. The heat of this blazing battle qi started to evaporate the air around him.

“Flame Lion Blood Lineage, activate!”

“Roar!” Along with the shout of Cai Minghui, suddenly an illusionary figure of fiery red colored flame lion appeared behind him. Then that flame lion looked up towards the sky and roared. After that it change into a fiery red colored rays of light and entered the body of Cai Minghui.

After that figure of flame lion entered his body, his body started to have a huge change. Gradually a fiery red colored energy armor appeared around the body of Cai Minghui. Even an energy helmet appeared in his head. In front of his armor, it possessed a huge portrait of the head of the flame lion. Now even his two-handed sword was covered with fiery red colored energy.

But in comparison to the huge change of Cai Minghui, Ren Tiayou still appeared ordinary and mediocre, there was not any hint of change. But without anyone’s knowledge, merely his two eyes had changed into blood color which contained three tomoe each.

After completing his preparations, Cai Minghui carried his huge two-handed sword and turned into a fiery red color light dashing towards the direction of Ren Tianyou. As the distance between them shortened, Ren Tianyou started to sense the heat wave from the body of Cai Minghui.

When they were about to collide with each other, Ren Tianyou disappeared living behind the afterimage in the original place. Then he appeared behind Cai Minghui and kicked towards the head of Cai Minghui.

However Cai Minghui was already ready for the high speed of Ren Tianyou. After all Ren Tianyou had used his high speed to defeat all his previous opponents. Cai Minghui used his huge sword to block the surprise attack of Ren Tianyou.

“Peng.” The heavy kick of Ren Tianyou landed on the huge sword of Cai Minghui, making a huge sound. A surprise flashed in the eyes of Ren Tianyou. Then he steadily landed on the ground.

“Humph, although your speed is extremely fast, but it is useless against me. You will lose this match.” Cai Minghui also firmly stood on the ground and said to Ren Tianyou.

“Oh, is it?” Hearing Cai Minghui, Ren Tianyou didn’t retort but just displayed a mysterious smile. Then leaving behind only his afterimage, Ren Tianyou dashed forward.

This way the competition officially started…………………….

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