In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 53

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 53: Ranking Competition (part 2)!!

Ranking Competition (part 2)!!

Ren Tianyou and others arrived at the second floor of dining hall. There they sat on the empty table, then ordered the delicacies. Just after they ordered the delicacies enough to completely fill the table, Luo Tianxing and Li Feng also arrived at the second floor of the dining room and walked towards their table.

“Haha, Tianyou, your match is already over, did you lose?” Even before Luo Tianxing arrived near the table, Ren Tianyou and others heard the big voice of Luo Tianxing.

“Nonsense, do you think I would lose?” Having a bit of ringing sensation in his ear, said Ren Tianyou in a bad mood while giving a supercilious look.

“Haha, just joking.” Luo Tianxing answered and carefully thought for a bit. ‘With the strength of Ren Tianyou, how can he lose in a first match? Perhaps the first position of this Cultivation Room Ranking Competition of first grade might really fall in the head of Ren Tianyou.’

“Haha, congratulation to you, Tianyou. Continue to win every match and become the champion.” Li Feng pulled a chair and congratulate Ren Tianyou.

“Hehe, thanks a lot. Oh, that’s right, why were you called by your teacher?” Ren Tianyou asked curiously.

“He called us to tell us some details regarding next match, after all the competition has just begun today. Even we are not that clear with regards to who would be our opponent in the next match. It is so because all the other classes hid their name lists of participants in advance. It is done so in order to not give any chance for other participants of other classes to gather the information and to not let their opponents to make the appropriate preparation in advance. Only after the match starts, will we know who the opponent is. So, just now our teacher had called us, merely to tell us to be more careful against the opponent and their powers. Tianyou, don’t tell me that your teacher didn’t tell you anything?” Li Fen explained to Ren Tianyou.

“Eh, this ah, our teacher also told us about it.” After listening to the explanation and question of Li Feng, Ren Tianyou awkwardly answered. Inside of his heart he was sweating heavily, “F**k. It looks like I made an unexpected big mistake. I never thought that there would be such explanations. I thinks the teachers are quite angry with me as I have already left the arena.’ Thinking about the anger of Wang Jiafei, the whole body of Ren Tianyou shivered.

Ren Tianyou clearly remembered, several days ago in the classroom, a student of his class was joking by using the talking accent of Wang Jiafei. By coincidence, she was passing by the class and heard it. The result of it was, that student was turned into ‘simmer-fried chicken’. All the hairs all over his body were completely burned by the Exploding Flame Battle Qi of Wang Jiafei. And the thick smell of roasting could be smelled from the body of that student. After seeing that, Ren Tianyou finally understand the temperament of this sexy female teacher. And he didn’t want to be roasted by her anytime soon.

While they were chatting, all the ordered delicacies arrived in succession. Then they started to eat while chatting among themselves. After they finished eating, all of them separated.

Ren Tianyou returned back to dormitory and lied on the bed. First he decided to take a nice nap for a while. The afternoon matches starts at 2 o’clock. So now he was bored with nothing to do. As a result he decided to take a nap for a while.

When it was 1:30, Ren Tianyou opened his eyes. Then he got off the bed and exit the door of his room and head towards the direction of match arena.

At last when he arrived at the arena, he saw Wang Jiafei’s face which was spitting anger. When she saw Ren Tianyou, in an instance she arrived before Ren Tianyou and said, “Where have you been after the morning match? Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that you had to come and listen to the information on other participants? I’ve been looking for you all this morning but I didn’t see even your shadow. Don’t you know the difficulty of remaining matches are as high as heavens and as deep as the earth? Fine, since it is already like this, if you don’t bring back the championship of this competition to me, see how I will take care of you.”

Hearing the condition of Wang Jiafei, the complexion of Ren Tianyou collapsed and he said, “Please don’t be so ruthless. I truly didn’t know anything about it ah.”

“Humph! Don’t give me any excuses. Last time I already stated about this matter in the classroom, so why didn’t you know! This time you must seize the championship for me, otherwise……….hee hee, you should know the consequences.” Wang Jiafei didn’t listen to the explanation of Ren Tianyou and directly gave such punishment.

Watching the beautiful figure of leaving Wang Jiafei, Ren Tianyou gritted his teeth until his gum started to itch. Nevertheless, he didn’t dared to refute. Otherwise, if she became unhappy, she might roast him, char-grilled or something like that. That would be a huge laughable matter. However to seize the championship, without exposing his ninjutsu and genjutsu would be bit harder. After all no need to talk about other peoples, even Yan Xinluo from his own class was not to be underestimated. After all he possessed the power of supreme blood lineage of Death clan, Heart Death. And Ren Tianyou didn’t have much information on the abilities of this Heart Death blood lineage either. He only knew two abilities, they were Undead Battle Qi and other was to summon soul of deceased person. Even this two were already terrifying enough, no need to mention about other unknown abilities.

Furthermore there was that Wang Yanli from Magic Court. And from the narration of Sun Chuqian, he knew that Wang Yanli was definitely not weak. He was also another formidable opponent. And furthermore there might be other hidden formidable opponents too. In short, to win this competition using only taijutsu was absolutely not a small pressure.

Nevertheless Ren Tianyou still had a huge advantage, which was his Mangekyo Sharingan. Although the powerful doujutsu of Sharingan was not that convenient to use in the match, but even the simplest observation ability could hugely increase the chance to win the matches.

Shaking his head, he no longer thought about this matter. Now he would proceed without any plan and if the worst comes to worst, he would just use ‘that’ trick.

All the matches of following three days, Ren Tianyou won all of them. So he was successfully qualified for top 16. Among the ten matches in those three days, thanks to his great luck, he didn’t ran into any strong opponents. That’s why he finished all of his match within seconds. Among the participants of his class, Yan Xinluo, Sun Chuqian, and Wang Haiqian also successfully entered top 16. But Li Yun had a bad luck and encountered last competition’s the runner up Li Xinyun of Illusion Court. And had his advancement stop at top 20.

Now all the following matches of top 16 would be elimination match. It was so because the real Cultivation Room Ranking Competition starts from top 16. All the students who were able to reach top 16 among the several hundreds of participants were already geniuses among geniuses. And each and every match from now on would be absolutely peerless.

The top 16 matches would officially start from tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock, in this square. On that occasion, vast majority of teachers would come and watch the battle. This could be said to be an unforgettable gathering. But Ren Tianyou was afraid about a matter, which was the match between the students of his own class. If one or more were defeated from the hand of the person of same side, then that would be a tragedy.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Just let everyone experience Tsukuyomi for once in their life then they would immediately surrender.

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Tian You got a lucky draw for a while.. i wonder if he’ll get a bad luck soon~

  3. I really dont like how he keeps making it worse for himself, with limiting himself for no real reason and getting scared of freaking every single girl/woman even though he is stronger than them. Please stop make him be a complete retard whenever its about females, stuff like that is such an annoying bs.

    1. I agree, it’s really starting to get on my nerves as well. It doesn’t make any sense for him to be scared of them just because they are female. It’s irrational. His beta mentality is bringing the story down.

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