In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 52

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 52: Ranking Competition (part 1)

Ranking Competition (part 1)

“Winner, Ren Tianyou!” Seeing that Li Yi had already lost consciousness, the judge removed the barrier around the arena and simultaneously announced the winner of the match.

“This is your plate, you keep it well.” The judge took out a stamp like thing from his chest, then he placed that thing above the plate of Ren Tianyou and after that he tossed the plate back to him.

Ren Tianyou caught the plate. Originally there was not any design on the surface of the plate but now he saw that there was a star pattern above this gold colored plate. This was the proof of victory, and was necessary to participate in next match. The unconscious Li Yi was carried him down from the arena by his classmates.

Ren Tianyou also stepped down from the arena. He estimate that there won’t be any match for him in the morning, or at least until afternoon. So he decided to watch the match of other participant. At that time, Ren Tianyou discovered Yan Xinluo on the arena, he had just stepped into the arena. As always his face was completely devoid of emotion and was firmly staring at his opponent.

The opponent of Yan Xinluo was also from Warrior Skill Court, and had the strength of about Great Swordsman level. Along with the announcement from the judge to start of the match, the opponent of Yan Xinluo immediately dashed towards Yan Xinluo with a huge sword in his hand. When the distance between them was just about two or three meter, suddenly an earth colored radiance of the battle qi appeared around the body of the opponent. Then he waved his huge sword with his both hands and heavily hit the ground in front to him.

“Earth explosion!”

“Hong!” A huge sound of explosion rang, then the surface of the earth started to split open and the attack advance towards Yan Xinluo at a high speed.  This attack caused a deep crack to appear on the surface stone arena.

Yan Xinluo was calmly looking at the approaching attack. Just when this attack was going to hit him, a grey colored Undead Battle Qi suddenly appeared around the body of Yan Xinluo. And a short sword also already in his right hand. Then he poured his Undead Battle Qi into his short sword. After that, he quickly threw his short sword towards the incoming attack. Then his right foot heavily stepped on the ground, and then he dashed in a high speed following his own short knife.

Merely after two seconds, the short sword of Yan Xinluo and Earth Explosion made a contact with each other. In that instance, the grey colored Battle Qi pour out from that short knife and covered the earth explosion’s yellow colored sword slash. And the yellow colored sword slash was completely corroded. Even after that the speed of the short knife didn’t decrease, and still advanced towards the opponent of Yan Xinluo.

That guy saw that his attack was destroyed in a flash. And this single attack instantly made him to fall into a perilous situation. Seeing the speed of that short sword, that fellow was completely surprised. And without wasting any time he waved his huge sword to block that short sword. But was he really able to block it?

“Ding!” A metal colliding sound rang. Afterwards that fellow felt as if both of his hands were hit by the huge impact of ten thousand ton. Suddenly he spat out a mouthful of blood while feeling his blood flowing in reverse. Both of his hands were completely numb, and the huge sword he was holding dropped from his hand. After that he had no other choice but to helplessly look at the short sword in front of him which was advancing directly towards his face. So he gave up all his hope and closed his eyes.

But even after a long time, he didn’t felt any pain, so he couldn’t help but open his eyes to confirm. Just when he opened his eyes, he saw that the tip of that short sword was just before his eyes. It was less than three centimeter away from his nose. Seeing this he couldn’t help but suddenly feel deep fear causing him to retreat few steps back and fell down on the ground.

Seeing this, the judge announced Yan Xinluo as the winner of the match. Hearing the announcement of his victory, Yan Xinluo withdrew his sword and returned it inside its sheath. Then he stretched his hand and catch the number plate which was tossed by the judge. After that he stepped down from the arena.

“I have never thought that, this Undead Battle Qi actually had this powerful corroding effect. Its power is comparable to dark system battle qi’s corroding effect. This Undead Battle Qi is quite abnormal ah.” Seeing the corroding effect of Undead Battle Qi, Ren Tianyou unconsciously muttered to himself.

Among the crowd, watching the match of Yan Xinluo, a young man wearing the fairly red colored magic robe showed the smiling expression. Then without looking back he left that area.

Far away at one corner, seeing the match of Yan Xinluo, a man wearing a close combat dress, suddenly creased his brows and mumbled, “I have never thought that a member of Death clan had also come out into this world. It seems Divine Wind Continent is going to be lively again.”

Ren Tianyou continued to watch several matches. Sun Chuqian and Wang Haiqing also won their respective match. Even Li Yun who was only at peak Great Swordsman level had smoothly won his first match. After watching the match for a while, he found nothing worth watching. So he walked towards the area where the competition of second year was being held. After walking nearly 10 minutes, he arrived at a big square. After looking for a while, he finally discovered Lan Yan and others. They were seriously watching towards the arena. And when he also looked towards the arena, there was an old acquaintance on the arena. That old acquaintance was love rival of Ren Tianyou, Lan Yin.

Although this boy was a bit different from Lan Yan and others, nevertheless his strength was not that weak. In terms of strength, he was already at mid Swords Master level. And the speed of this kid was so fast that only his afterimages were seen on the arena. He was wind system warrior and had inherited the blood lineage ‘Gentle Gale Dance’ of his clan, as a result the power of his wind system battle qi was completely maximized. Along with relentless attack of Lan Yin, finally his opponent was knocked outside the arena.

Ren Tian walked up and tapped the shoulder of Long You, “Who ah, don’t you see I, your father…………eh, Tianyou. How are you?” While he was watching the match, Long You suddenly felt that someone was tapping his shoulder. Immediately he turned his head and was ready to rain down the curses to the person who had disturbed him while he was watching the match. However when he turned around his head, he saw Ren Tianyou was that person. So he immediately swallowed back all the curses.

“Just now I seemed to hear, someone claiming himself to be my father ah.” Seeing the opened mouth of Long You, Ren Tianyou said smiling. But seeing the smile of Ren Tianyou, Long You suddenly felt a chill inside his heart and started to tremble all over the body. Then without wasting any time smiling apologetically he said, “Heh heh, Tianyou, you must have heard wrongly, I didn’t hear anything.”

“Haha, Tianyou, how come you are here? Don’t you have your match?” Hearing the voice of Ren Tianyou, Lan Yan and other also turned around. Then Lan Yan suddenly asked.

“Hehe, my match is already over. So I came here to watch the match of Tianxing and Li Feng.”

“Oh, Tianyou, you already finish you match, isn’t it a bit too fast! The match of my brother and Li Feng was very early today, so their matches are already over.” Luo Mengwu was a little bit surprised, she didn’t thought that he had actually finished his match this quickly. If they knew that Ren Tianyou had completed the match within 10 seconds, they would have been even more surprised.

“No wonder, you all are watching the match of Lan Yin. Oh, that’s right, since the matches of Tianxing and Li Feng are already over, where are both of them now?” Ren Tianyou already heard that both of them had won their match, but he didn’t see the figure of them. So he asked curiously.

“Both of them were called by our teacher.”

“Oh, I see.”

At this time, the match of Lan Yin was finished and he came towards Lan Yan and others. When he saw Ren Tianyou, the body of Lan Yin clearly stiffed. Although Lan Yin no longer hated Ren Tianyou for the matter of Luo Mengwu, nevertheless he didn’t have any good opinion towards Ren Tianyou.

“Didn’t expect you are also here.”

“Hehe, of course, I am everywhere.” Seeing Lan Yin, suddenly Ren Tianyou couldn’t bear but to make fun of him.

“Humph!” Hearing the obvious teasing voice of Ren Tianyou, Lan Yin suddenly snorted.

“Well, both of you stop it. Let’s go to dining hall and have a meal. Perhaps both Tianxing and Li Feng would look for us there.” Seeing the scene in front of him, Long You hastily called everyone to go for a meal at dining hall. After that all of them walked towards the dining hall.


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