In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 51

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 51: Ranking Competition Start

Ranking Competition Start

Even after hearing his name in the participant name list, he wasn’t bit surprised, because with the strength he had shown, it was almost guaranteed that he would be chosen as a participant for this competition.

“Well, the competition is already near. I hope, three days later, all the participant will give your best to obtain the best result. Now let’s begin our today’s lesson.” After the announcement, Wang Jiafei started the lesson.

As the time went by, the lesson also ended. After the lesson was finished, Wang Haiqing and Sun Chuquan came at the side of Ren Tianyou and said, “Tianyou, is there any certainty that you can win the competition?” Wang Haiqing asked.

“Haha, I am also not sure. Only after the competition ends, I will know the result.” Ren Tianyou shook his head saying he was not certain. Ren Tianyou was speaking truth. Because he was from Warrior Skill Court, if he use five element ninjutsu during the competition, then at that time he won’t be able to explain well about it to the authorities. So he had to use only taijutsu in this competition, so he was not too sure whether he could win or not. No need to speak about other student of different class or department, he didn’t have 100% certainty to defeat Yan Xinluo who was also the student of same class with only taijutsu. After all member of Death clan which was one of the ancient 100 clans was not that simple.

“Tianyou, in the competition you must be careful against someone.” Suddenly Sun Chuqian seriously said towards Ren Tianyou.

“Oh, who?” Seeing the serious expression of Sun Chuqian, Ren Tianyou curiously asked.

“Wang Yanli, member of the Magic Court and the champion for grade one in the last competition. In the last competition I fought against him, but under his magic attacks, I didn’t last even 30 seconds and was defeated. You should know that my Water Spirit Battle Qi suppress his fire system magic, however even if it was like that I was defeated under 30 seconds.” Recalling the match between her and Wang Yanli, also recalling that overwhelming fire system magic, involuntarily a trace of fear appeared in the eyes of Sun Chuqian.

Hearing the narration of Sun Chuqian, the facial expression of Ren Tianyou and Wang Haiqing became a bit serious. Sun Chuqian had Water Spirit Battle Qi and her strength is already at peak Swords Master level. Also water system suppress fire system but even with this advantage, she unexpectedly didn’t even last even 30 seconds against the fire system magician. This shows how terrifying the strength of Wang Yanli was.

“Rest assured, Chuqian. I am also not to be trifled with either, when the moment comes I will avenge you.” Ren Tianyou patted the soft shoulder of Sun Chuqian, and gave her a reassuring look. “Moreover, our class still have an abnormal, Yan Xinluo. The strength of that man with paralyzed face is not that weak either.”

They chatted for a while, after that Ren Tianyou left the classroom. Seeing Luo Tianxing and others, he told them that he will be participating in the competition. They were extremely happy to learn about his participation, and pledged that, at that time they will come to cheer him.

In the remaining three days, Ren Tianyou spend all his time in intense training of Naruto’s Wind style—Rasenshuriken. He had finally mastered nature change of wind attribute with a great difficulty, so it was natural for him for wanting to learn this S ranked ninjutsu which he was coveting for a long period of time. But even after three days of intense training, Ren Tianyou still couldn’t completely mastere this Wind style—Rasenshuriken. But he managed to master the prototype of this ninjutsu. Even if this was a prototype, compared to the power of ordinary Rasengan, it was several times more powerful. Just like in the original Naruto world, Naruto used this prototype rasenshuriken to completely destroy the ordinary rasengan used by Kakashi and nearly wasted the right hand of Kakashi.

Ninth day of third month, this was the day when everyone’s most anticipated Cultivation Room Ranking Competition began. This day several tens of thousands students were gathered at the square of Supreme Light Academy and waiting for the start of the competition.

Ren Tianyou and the other students of his class were following Wang Jiafei and Yun Leixiao and arrived at the square. They saw that several tens of thousands students were already gathered to watch the competition and the square was filled with the sound of discussions.

Ren Tianyou followed the other students of his class and waited for about 20 minutes, only after that two old men with white bread suddenly appeared above the arena of the square. Among that two old men, the taller one wearing a magnificent dress took a few steps forward and said, “Every students of Supreme Light Academy, good morning! I am dean of Supreme Light Academy, Long Feilu. Our academy’s Cultivation Room Ranking Competition is about to begin. Every one of you coming from different clans, or coming from different region of Divine Wind Continent, will have the chance to display their strength in this arena.”

“As all of you were able to enter Supreme Light Academy, I believe all of you are outstanding. And you have already cultivated inside this academy for a long time, so today’s test is to examine the result of your cultivation. So today is the best opportunity for you to display the result of your cultivation.”

“Now I declare the official start of Cultivation Room Ranking Competition. All the teacher, please guide the participant of your class towards the arena and let them draw out the number for the match sequence.”

“Well, other people dismissed. As for all five participants, follow me to the front to draw the number.” Wang Jiafei turned her head towards students and said and started to walk towards the arena.

Several students had already arrived here and already drew the numbers. Wang Jiafei walked towards the middle-aged man who was sitting at the side of the box and said something. Then Wang Jiafei facing Ren Tianyou and others beckoned to step forward, “Well, draw out a number from that box. Then register here. Then take care of your drawn number plate. During the competition this number plate will be your proof of identity.”

Ren Tianyou and other all advanced towards the box, then Ren Tianyou put his hand inside that box and fumble once. Then he casually drew out a metal plate. It was a gold colored metal place number sixty one written on it. Then he returned back to the side of Wang Jiafei, and handed that plate to her. Seeing the number written in the number plate drawn by Ren Tianyou, middle-aged man took out a Mystic Mirror Screen, then added the number sixty one at the side of the name of Ren Tianyou.

“Well, you can go to rest, Tianyou. Wait until your name appears in the magic screen of square, then go to the arena displayed there.” Seeing that the registration of Ren Tianyou was complete, Wang Jiefei allowed him to go for a rest.

Ren Tianyou stepped down from the arena, then walked towards the empty corner, then closed his eyes to rest. Almost an hour later, along with the sound of weapon colliding, the Cultivation Room Ranking Competition was officially started. Ren Tianyou was bored looking at the matches in the arena. Again nearly an hour later, in the huge magic screen at the side of arena, the name of Ren Tianyou and his opponent appeared. His opponent was from magic court named Li Yi and their match was at arena number six.

When Ren Tianyou stepped into the arena, that person called Li Yi was already on the arena waiting for him. Ren Tianyou moved towards the one side of the arena and waved his hand signaling the judge that he was ready.

“Well, both opponent are present. First I will tell you the match rules. In the middle of the match, if any party fell outside the arena, admit defeat, or when I decided unable to continue, that one will lose. In the middle of the match, one must not intentionally harm or disable the opponent. The violator of this rule is directly expelled from this academy. Well, match start.” The judge of the match told them the rule first, then announced the start of the match. Just after the judge announced the start of the match, a magic barrier completely surrounded the arena.

Along with the announcement of match start by the judge, in a flash Li Yi started to noiselessly chant the incantation. A strong magic fluctuation started to well up at the magic staff he was holding in his right hand.

Magicians had zero close combat capacity. As a result in a match against warrior, first thing they must do, was to distance themselves from that warrior and release the magic.

“Sudden Fierce Wind Dance.” Completing his chant, suddenly a strong wind blew up towards the sky from the magic wand of Li Yi. Then after two or three seconds, a strong tornado appeared on the arena. And under the control of Li Yi, that tornado advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

Surprisingly Ren Tianyou stood there motionless, and looked like he didn’t plan to dodge this attack of Li Yi. Then the attack of Li Yi completely covered Ren Tianyou. Li Yi felt surprised to win this easily, just at that time, he suddenly felt pain behind his neck. Shortly afterwards he fell unconscious without knowing anything. Ren Tianyou was supposed to be at the place of the magic attack of Li Yi, but unexpectedly he was already behind Li Yi and now his hand was stretched in the form of knife.

“Wow……” Seeing the match of Ren Tianyou, suddenly everyone cried out. No one was clear about what had just happened. Only the eyes of these experts present became serious. Only they had clearly seen what had happened. When that magic had almost hit him, in a split second he had arrived behind Li Yi with a very fast speed, then he hit the backside of the neck of the Li Yi by making his hand knife shaped.


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  1. I really hate when the author for no good reason has to make a tournament/fight difficult for the mc because he’s to op. I might as well read every other xinxia out there if he will only use taijustu during this tournament😑. This is supposed to be a Naruto novel so I came for the ninjutsu as well.

    1. ikr, and i think this author is making taijutsu from maito guy like an ordinary physical power up, like when he try to enroll and fight the test examiner he use hashoumon until gate 4 but the enemy is fine af i mean seriously even rock lee vs gara in chunin exam only using 4 gate almost overwhelm gara with his absolute defence,
      sorry for bad english

      1. Ikr, I mean guy when opening his gates is able to fight and injure 6 paths, and it’s actually the only ninja able to fight 6 paths using his own body and strenght. It show how monstruous his taijustsu is.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. I dislike how he referred to the Wind Release Rasengan as a Wind Release Rasenshuriken prototype, certain inaccurate descriptions just irk me at times.

    1. No no. He didn’t mastered real Resen shuriken, but only the prototype version i.e starting phase of rasen shuriken.

      1. He referred to the technique that Naruto used against Kakashi’s Rasengan as a “prototype Wind Release Rasenshuriken”, that technique is not a Rasenshuriken prototype it was an incomplete Wind Release Rasengan.

        1. the idea is to combine rasengan + wind nature chakra transformation.
          Wind release rasengan is creating rasengan with wind element chakra instead of chakra alone.
          The word incomplete comes from rasengan jutsu itself cuz minato create the jutsu with intension to combine rasengan with his own nature chakra.
          And yes, i agree with you. Its not a prototype

          1. I know that the Rasengan is an incomplete technique, but I said that Naruto used an incomplete Wind Release Rasengan because it wasn’t completely mastered/perfected when he used it. And Kakashi didn’t make a Lightning Release Rasengan because of the difficulty of it, but if you are talking about why he didn’t create one after seeing Naruto’s Shadow Clone shortcut than the answer to that is… I don’t know, maybe he became too fond of the Lightning Cutter.

    2. the truth its a prototype cause there a huge backlash to the user because after naruto fight kakuzu he didnt use it after he learn sage cause the effect of his arm is enormous.

      1. Hmm, yeah what you said makes no sense at all. The damage the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken has nothing to do with the fact that the Wind Release: Rasengan is not, by definition of the word, a prototype (which is what I was talking about) not to mention the self-damaging aspect of the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken does not make it a prototype. Don’t believe me? Go look up the definition.

    1. Nigga let me enlighten you . Ren Tian You ddnt want to use ninjutsu coz it would be weird if a warrior use magic to fight and it will become troublesome ..

        1. i think he just dont want to use some flashy moves that will attract some higher ups to make him explain what just move he just use

    2. I think, he can’t use flashy ninjutsu but will be able to use some ninjutsu as battle qi also have their own element too.

  3. Sometimes the author shows the power of some weak jutsu to be bigger and it seems like that is because the mc is using it so it was stronger butsometimes he shows the power of some strong jutsu to be weaker. The tournament where there are no saint level, how can it be difficult for the mc? If he just used maito gai’s eight gates, wouldn’t it be easy win against stronger opponent? And since he has saringan, isn’t he able to simply judge the opponents’ magic and dodge or counter attack it? He is supposed to at least saint level but now the author has added this ark to make many things contradictory, the author should not have made the author too op at the begining and make everything disarray. The author just did wishfulfillment for the readers at begining but now in the actual story things are a bit disorganised. I hope that won’t be the case for this novel. #fingerscrossed
    But thank you for the translation.

    1. I think the only problem is the facts from naruto. The author need to read more.
      iirc our mc only can open 4th gate atm. He need to finish the fight quickly after activate the jutsu or suffer a huge backlash.

  4. its a jutsu similar to “kawarimi no jutsu” , allows the user to create an after image and move behind the enemy for a few secs

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