In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 50

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 50: Confirmed name-list for competition

Confirmed name-list for competition

After reading the book for a long period of time, Ren Tianyou slowly closed the thick book, then rubbed his somewhat aching eyes. And slowly try to digest all the information he had gotten after reading the book.

Reading these books made his understanding on this Divine Wind Continent even deeper.

“Interesting, it seems it might not be a bad idea to travel all around the continent when I have time to enrich my experience.”

He muttered to himself, “As for Ximen clan, heh heh, on behalf of Ximen Tianlong, I have prepared a big gift for them, I hope they will like it.”

Ren Tianyou lift up his head and looked toward the sky from his window as his eyes flashed with coldness.

He got up from the bed and decided to go and eat the meal, and then again continue to read.


In this fashion, time passed day by day. He also slowly adapted to the student life in this academy and also slowly get acquainted with other students too.

And Luo Tianxing and others also returned back to the academy after five days. Every one of them looked dead tired when they came before Ren Tianyou.

Although they looked exhausted, in their eyes there was a difficult to hide excitement. They had succeed their business at Tower of Babel and advanced to second grade.

But when Ren Tianyou asked about the details regarding their business at Tower of Babel, they had all selected to remain silent about that matter.

This silent response of them was within the expectation of Ren Tianyou.

Because from his prior understanding, everyone who had entered this Tower of Babel had kept the matter about Tower of Babel completely confidential. If this information was leaked then those peoples will not be able to survive at this world.

At last, Lan Yan told Ren Tianyou that he himself had to personally experience Tower of Babel to understand about it.

But this only increased the curiosity of Ren Tianyou towards this Tower of Babel.

Ren Tianyou decided to enter this Tower of Babel after the end of Cultivating Room Ranking Competition.

After Lan Yan and others came back, they also reported about their arrival back to their respective class.

Unknowingly one and half months had already passed after Ren Tianyou started his intense cultivating session.


More than a month later, within a small valley of mountain area behind the Supreme Light Academy, a huge waterfall was falling from the high cliff towards the pond at the bottom causing a continuous huge splash.

In front of this waterfall, a young man with his bare upper body and having a strange white colored kimono tied in his waist, was standing under the waterfall with his eyes closed. Oddly enough, he was standing on the surface of water without sinking down.

Suddenly a green colored energy well up in the right hand of that young man, those energy had relaxed and joyful aura. Suddenly that young man controlled that green colored energy in his hand and changed it into thinner and sharper shape.

At this moment, that man suddenly opened his eyes. Both of his eyes were blood red in color, and each of them contained three tomoe, which was spinning rapidly.


Along with the shout, that young man waved his right hand towards the waterfall in a slashing motion. Then that green colored energy of his right hand gradually became longer and flew towards the waterfall.

Along with the contact of this energy with the waterfall, a thunderous sound rang out. The waterfall before him was gradually split into two half by that green colored energy slash. And even the yellow colored cliff became visible below the slash.

This green colored energy had successfully split the waterfall into two half in the middle and the stream of waterfall was stopped in the middle. Then the green colored energy gradually disappeared, causing the waterfall to fall again and the waterfall revert back to its original state.

Seeing that the waterfall was split open, excitement was revealed in the eyes of that young man. The corner of his mouth also slowly raised. Shortly afterwards, he jumped above the cliff. Then he started to make some hand seals and said, “Release.” Along with the voice, unexpectedly the waterfall and cliff gradually disappeared and couldn’t be seen again.

…………This young man was naturally Ren Tianyou. Finally after intense training for more than one month, he had completed his training on nature change of wind attribute chakra.

He started training by trying to cut the leaf. It took him one week of intense training to finally succeed in cutting the leaf.

And after he successfully cut the leaf, he began the next stage of training which was splitting the waterfall.

But compared to the difficulty to cutting the leaf, splitting the waterfall was very difficult beyond words. It was so because, one must attain the absolute limit in controlling of wind attributed chakra. And also he needs to control a large amount of chakra perfectly in order to successfully split the waterfall.

He didn’t train in the illusion magic formation of cultivation room because training time in the cultivation room was too short. So he found this small valley behind the academy and used Earth style and water style ninjutsu to create this waterfall for training.

After more than a month of intense training, today he finally learned nature change of wind attribute chakra.

Ren Tianyou put on his clothes, then he looked at the time, it was already noon. Then he left this valley.

He directly arrived in front of dining hall and went to second floor. When he arrived at the second floor, Luo Tianxing and others were already there. Seeing Ren Tianyou, they waved their hand towards his direction and called him.

Ren Tianyou arrived near the table, found the empty seat and sat down. Seeing that the big table was full of delicacies, suddenly his appetite also rose up. Then he prepared himself to start eating and pick up the chopstick.

At that time, Luo Tianxing interrupted Ren Tianyou.

“Tianyou, three days later, Cultivation Room Ranking Competition will begin. What do you think, will you participate this competition?”

“Are you seriously asking? With the strength of Tianyou, how could he not participate in this competition?”

Hearing the question of Luo Tianxing, Lan Yan interjected and gave a supercilious look.

“Hehe, to speak the truth, I also don’t know. Wang Jiafei, that little girl still not have decided the name list of participant for this competition. Are you participating this competition?” Ren Tianyou replied with a laugh, then he asked Lan Yan and others.

“The competition of us second year is even more competitive. Among us Luo Tianxing and Li Feng will participate. And remaining including me will not participate in this competition.” Lan yan said slowly.

“Oh, only two of you will participate?” Ren Tianyou was surprised hearing that only Luo Tianxing and Li Feng would participate in this competition even though other were also not that weak.

“Yes only two of us are participating. Even though I am participating in this competition, I am not sure whether I could enter top five or not.”Luo Tianxing said with a deep voice.

“Hehe, never mind, take it easy. At that time I will finish the competition on my side as soon as possible and come to cheer for you.”

Cultivating Room Ranking Competition was separate for all grade, so altogether there were five competition. So one grade competition wouldn’t affect the competition of another grade.

“Well, at that time perhaps I can bring out even more strength.” Luo Tianxing patted his chest and said laughing.

While talking, they already finished their meal, so they head their own ways. Ren Tianyou walked towards his class as there was a lesson in this afternoon.

When he arrived at the class, other students were also coming to the class just like him. About five minutes later, Wang Jiafei, this beautiful sexy female teacher entered the class, then walked straight to platform. After seeing all the students had already arrived, she opened her mouth, “There is only three days left for the Cultivation Room Ranking Competition. The participants of this competition from our class is already decided. The primary members are Ren Tianyou, Yan Xinluo, Sun Chuqian, Wang Haiqing and Li Yundou. These five will participate in this competition. I hope you will make a great effort to obtain a good result for our class. Don’t obtain the disappointing result like last time.”


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      1. the dao of talking is profound… when practicing this profound art, you are able to explain any move’s strength, weakness(es), how plebs are pathetic and Mt Tai is awesome, the history of the move, then the history of the goddamn world itself just as soon as any character uses it. Even with all that, the character will only have just finished executing the move or is in the process of releasing it. it’s that profound

      2. I think there is a name for that!
        it call the BS dao, it even have the Liar cultivation and a whole sect dedicate for it…

  1. Nigga thanks for the chapter 😛 ( I am looking forward to the upcoming competition , i hope the fight is exciting 😀 )

    1. Dont forget. Some of the contents of this story is based on Naruto..

      So the Godly Filler technique x2 x2 x2 is also copied o3o

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