In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 49

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 49: Five major danger spot

Five Major Danger Spot

After reading these information, Ren Tianyou rejoice a bit inside his heart. Fortunately he didn’t rush to take revenge against Ximen clan, otherwise even if he had used Susanoo, it was not certain whether he could safely leave from there. It was so because Ximen clan was capable enough to firmly hold the position of one of the four major clan of Ailer Empire and also had the inheritance of mid-saint grade blood lineage called Dragon Roar blood lineage. Moreover this pheasant living at the lowest rung of Ximen clan, Ximen Tianlong was not capable enough to understand the full strength of Ximen clan. Since he had occupied this body, Ren Tianyou considered that he had the duty to help Ximen Tianlong to get revenge, but he was not that impatient to take the revenge. But once he start, he would attack like a thunderbolt and directly flatten Ximen clan. From the memory of Ximen Tianlong, Ren Tianyou didn’t have any good impression on these member of Ximen clan. If Ren Tianyou was still on the Earth, he might not be able to kill any other person, but since he had reborn in this world where only strength was respected and human life was cheaper than the life of the dog, he had no other choice but to contaminate both of his hand with the blood of other living beings and would also not hesitate to do so. In fact, after obtaining the Naruto System, it was already destined that his hands would be stained. To become a qualified ninja, whose hands were not stained with the bloods of human?

According to Chronological History of the Continent book, several ages ago, before ancient 100 clan went to seclusion and when those ancient 100 clans were flourishing, although mankind strength was not that weak, nevertheless they weren’t able to dominate Divine Wind Continent like now. Because at that time, Divine Wind Continent was facing the great calamity. At that time, the sky above the continent suddenly ripped open along with the deep long rift. Endless passage of abyss was opened, countless demons poured out from this passage. In order to defend their homeland, all the ancient 100 clans and others gave up their prejudice against each other and united to resist against these demons.

These demons call themselves heavenly demon. Among them there were twelve Demon Generals, three Great demon God and furthermore a Demon Emperor. And even after all people of Divine Wind Continent gave all they had in their power, they however were only able to kill eight Demon Generals and remaining four escaped back to the endless abyss. Among three Great Demon Gods, one died, one sealed and last one escaped back to endless abyss. And as for Demon Emperor, ancient 100 clans gave their all to knock him back to that endless abyss, and furthermore sealed the opening of that endless abyss. Afterwards ancient 100 clans went and live in seclusion to rest and build up their strength. After that mankind relied on their superior fertility rate, and gradually restored and furthermore dominate Divine Wind Continent.

“Interesting, never thought that this world is not limited to Divine Wind Continent. When I got strong enough and at that time if I have free time, then I think I should visit other continents to have a look. Maybe I can find the way back home there.” Looking at the book, he said to himself. Although it was recorded that those demons were very terrifying, nevertheless it has nothing to do with him. Currently the top priority was to increase his strength even more until he return back to Earth. Other issues didn’t have any concern with him.

He put down Chronological History of the Continent book, then he opened the Five Major Danger Spot book. While he read this book, time slowly passed. Ren Tianyou discovered that the information on this book was quite interesting.

Five major danger spots were Magical beasts’ Forest, Bewildering Shadow Ravine, Ghosts Plains, God Weeping Region and Ice Cold Veins.

Although Magical beasts’ Forest was paradise for adventurer, still many experts were buried there. Once a group of high level experts, massacred a large number of high level magical beasts for their cores, but after doing so, those experts never returned back from this Magical beasts’ Forest. Among those experts there was one Deity ranked expert. No one knew what happened inside Magical beasts’ Forest. In the end, some says that these experts arose the wrath of all the high level magical beasts, then they were attacked and killed by those magical beasts. Other says, inside Magical beasts’ Forest there was a slumbering Magical Beast King with fearsome strength, and those group of experts provoke the anger of this Magical Beast King, and all of them were killed within Magical beasts’ Forest.

Bewildering Shadow Ravine was a ravine which was completely filled with bewildering fog. A white colored thick fog was spread all over this ravine, and this fog would make those people who enters this ravine to become unable to differentiate the direction. And the most terrifying thing about this fog was the power of illusion contained within these thick fogs. Once anyone enters this ravine, they would be caught into an endless illusions. Even if you have high strength, and ordinary illusion didn’t work on you, nevertheless you won’t be able to withstand these endless illusions. As a result once anyone enters this ravine, basically no one would come out.

Ghost Plains was a death zone. Throughout the year the sky of this place was enveloped by the pale grey colored fog and no one knows why. Inside this plain, there were many terrifying undead roaming around. At present no one dares to enter inside this place. Because till this date no one was able to return back alive after entering this place. Once someone enters, immediately all the contacts with that person would be lost, every kind of magic communication equipment were useless. No one knew the reason and also no one dares to probe this place for this reason too. Because if someone enters, it would only add one more ghost, that’s all.

God Weeping Region was a place where even if God enter, then he would cry. This was a small island far in the outside sea. Inside this island, there were mankind, magical beasts, spirits, giants’……………skeletons. No one knew what happened inside this island. But the strangest thing was, once anyone entered inside this island, suddenly an endless aura of grieved would gush out from their heart without any reason, and everyone could only shed their tears continuously. From this incident the name God Weeping Region was given to this place. And if a person with not enough strength enter this region, then it was possible that he would be buried in this place forever.

Ice Cold Veins was a mountain range which was covered by the endless snows throughout the years. The year-round temperature of this place was more than 40 degree below 0. Even if a person with a high level strength enter this place, the inexhaustible cold air envelopes their body causing them to lose at least 20%-30% of their strength. And inside this place, there were many ice system magical beasts roaming around. Legends says that, there was a Giant Frost Dragon at the top of this Ice Cold Veins. Also there were many ice system treasures inside this place, such as Iciness Fog Fruit, once a person eats this fruit, he obtain the ability to control the cold ice. Cold Ice Crystal, this was a gem of ice system, which all the ice system cultivators crave to possess even in their dream. And if this gem was worn on the body, it had the effect of purifying the mind.

When Ren Tianyou read about the information about the Magical Beasts’ Forest, his forehead was completely covered with cold sweat. He ceaselessly rejoiced within his heart, originally he had massacred quite a number of magical beasts in the magical beasts forest to obtain system points so that he could exchange Mangekyo Sharingan and other things. And even now he had thought to return to Magical Beasts’ Forest to again massacred even more number of magical beasts so that he could earn system points, but he hadn’t done so, which was lucky for him, otherwise it might be impossible for him to stand here.

Ren Tianyou wiped the cold sweats above his forehead and continued to read the explanation about Bewildering Shadow Ravine. He learnt that this place was filled with the fog containing illusion, even if expert illusionist enter this place, they would eventually sunk in the illusion of this place. But he had Mangekyo Sharingan which could easily see through every illusions, so the illusion within that place would not affect him. But the thick fog would be the problem, as his Sharingan didn’t have the ability to look over 360 degree like Byakugan. So he might lose the sense of direction if he enter this place.

Ren Tianyou read about Ghost Plains, but he didn’t find this place interesting. According to the information on the book, this was the death zone, no matter who entered, they die. By no means was he stupid enough to enter that place.

Ren Tianyou was actually interested in Weeping god region. He discovered the crucial point ‘no matter who enters, they all cry’ very amusing. But according to his guess, this should be illusion but in the end he had never entered this place so he wasn’t sure.

As for Ice Cold Veins, he wanted to go there when he had time. With regards to the treasures of this place, he was quite envious.


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  1. There’s nothing worth reading from these past chapters, utterly boring info dump.
    The anime is famous for it’s filler, and the novel is famous for it’s info dump.

    1. Yeah, the author is pretty good at writing actual content but it seems like he’s not so great at info dumps. Hopefully this will end soon and get back to the good stuff.

  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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