In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 48

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Regular chapter 4/5.

In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 48: Six major super powers

Six Major Super Forces

Ren Tianyou borrowed two books and returned to his dormitory. Although while walking upstairs, other female students were looking at him with the expression as if they were guarding against some wolf. But this time they didn’t block his way.

Going against innumerable peculiar gaze of female students, Ren Tianyou ran inside his room and closed the door. Then he took off his shoes and lied on the bed. After that he picked up the Chronological History of the Continent book and started to read seriously.

As he was reading, more than four hours had passed unknowingly. When he lifted up his head and looked outside, the sky was already pitch-black. Although he had still not finished reading this Chronological History of the Continent book, nevertheless now he understood a great deal regarding this Divine Wind Continent.

At this Divine Wind Continent, altogether there were five heavenly empire, hundreds and thousands of king countries and countless general countries. The five heavenly empire are Alier Empire, Supreme Feilu Empire, Light Empire, Dark Empire and finally Divine Yu Empire. The King countries and general countries couldn’t resist the strength of these five heavenly empire. Once a ruler of a king country had offended the emperor of heavenly empire, merely within five days, this ruler of king country was captured. This shows the strength of these five heavenly empire. They not only have strongest army and war weapons, in addition they had a large amount of experts to take part in the battle. Although the experts at Saint rank and above were not permitted to join the war of secular world, nevertheless they still had countless experts beneath that level.

And in Divine Wind Continent, other than five heavenly countries, there were still several super forces. Namely Mercenary Union, Light Palace, Dark Dynasty, Illusory Shrine, Flame Phoenix Villa and Magic Domain.

Mercenary Union was the birthplace of all the mercenaries of Divine Wind Continent. And its main headquarter was at Mercenary city which was at the border of both Divine Yu Empire and Dark Empire. And in every large city or town of Divine Wind Continent, all have branch of Mercenary Union, making it easier for mercenaries to receive the tasks.

All the mercenaries associated with this Mercenary Union were classified in accordance with SS, S, A, B, C and D, these six ranks. SS rank mercenary was known as Mercenary King. The Mercenary Union specially grants an exclusive title for each Mercenary King, furthermore the birth of Mercenary King was announced to the whole continent, just like Ice Cold Heaven Sword—-Han Tiandu. Apart from Han Tiandu, there were still two other Mercenary Kings. SS ranked mercenary party was known as God of Mercenary Party, and currently there were only four God of Mercenary Parties. And among them, two God of Mercenary Parties already announced that they had joined Mercenary Union. From this, the strength of Mercenary Union could be seen.

Light palace was the holy land for all the light system cultivator of the continent. And this place was the gathering place of a large number of light system warriors and magicians. They believe in only one word, Light! They believe that light gave life to all the living things of the continent.

The ruler of the Light palace was referred as Brilliant Light. This Light palace have seven big palace, and thirty two hall. Each of this big palace has a single holy son and a single holy daughter. And Brilliant Light was chosen from among these holy sons and daughters. The strongest among them becomes Brilliant Light. The main headquarter of Light palace was at the imperial capital of Light Empire.

Dark Dynasty was exactly opposite to Light palace. They believe in darkness. A large amount of dark system cultivators resides in this place.

Illusory Shrine was the holy land for all the illusionist cultivators. Every illusionist dreams to join this place, because there are tens upon tens of thousands of cultivation manuals of illusion.

Flame Phoenix Villa, they were Fire Phoenix clan who inherits the Divine Phoenix blood lineage. This was a high-saint grade blood lineage. They can use the flame of divine phoenix, as well as if their blood lineage reached the pinnacle, then they can bath in rebirth fire while battling just like Phoenix and can revive from the ashes. Only the female member of Flame Phoenix Villa can inherit this Divine Phoenix blood linage, but the strength of this place should not be underestimate.

Magic Domain was a mysterious organization. Outsiders didn’t know anything about this place, even the ruler of this land was unknown. Many thinks that this place was the paradise for magicians. And this Magic Domain had the strongest magician army in entire Divine Wind Continent. Once the ruler of King Country offended Magic Domain, and its outcome was that a Deity rank magician of Magic Domain casted a strongest forbidden magic——-Meteorites Fall. This completely flattened that king country’s imperial capital. Till this date there was only pile of debris in that place.

Ren Tianyou carefully read this book and learnt those things. The more he read, the more shocked he became. He had never thought that, Divine Wind Continent had these six major super forces. And there might be many other super forces which were not recorded in this book. But even these six major super forces that was recorded in this book were not to be trifled with. Such as Mercenary Union, indeed was worthy of the title super force, not afraid to have a group or individual battle.

Light Palace and Dark Dynasty focuses on light system and dark system cultivators respectively. Their strength shouldn’t be underestimated either. Illusory Shrine also possessed all the elite illusionist cultivators available in the continent.

Flame Phoenix Villa could be called abnormal. They possess high-saint grade blood lineage called Divine Phoenix blood lineage. And the people possessing this blood lineages were definitely not weak. And according to the records, they could even bath in rebirth fire while fighting. Wasn’t this too abnormal? And this place only had females. As the proverbs says ‘only a villain makes it difficult for females’. This sentence was even more correct towards these females who excels in strength.

Magic Domain was a mysterious place. It was already recorded that a Deity rank magician from Magic Domain had used forbidden magic to destroy the whole town which shocked the whole continent. Because to destroy the town along with its ruler, the range of the magic should be ultra large ranged as well as it also needs to have equally strong attack power. Because if the attack power is not strong enough then it won’t be able to break through the defense barrier of that town. And Ren Tianyou remember that there were several ninjutsu that could bring out the same effects such as Limelight Jutsu (Raiton—Raimu Raito), Raiton—Kirin and in addition to this there were also Wood Style—Deep Forest Bloom (Mokuton—Kajukai Korin) and other similar level ninjutsu. And other ninjutsu having large range but not enough attack power or the ninjutsu having enough power but not large range cannot destroy the whole town. For example, Naruto’s Rasensuriken have enough attack power, but its attack range is limited. Also Garra’s sand styles attacks had large range but not enough attack power. But we don’t need to talk about Almighty Push (Shinra Tensei) and Catastrophic Planetary Devastation (Chibaku Tensei) of Rinnegan as well as Shattered Heaven (Tengai Shinsei) which was used by Madara. These are abnormal doujutsu, only few can use.

But currently Ren Tianyou cannot use all these jutsu. It was possible for him to use Limelight Jutsu and Raiton—Kirin, but even though he had already learnt nature change of lightning attribute chakra, he still need to train to use these ninjutsu. And also to use Limelight Jutsu, it needs four elite ninja so if Ren Tianyou used shadow clone and try to use this ninjutsu then there will not be enough chakra. As for Kirin, he had practiced it several times. In fact this was his current most destructive ninjutsu, although he have the assistance of Mangekyo Sharingan, he hadn’t perfectly mastered this ninjutsu so he had never used it before.


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        1. I also think it would be overkill to use susanoo against mere Saint class. Simple Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi will do the job. Hell he don’t even need mangekyo to defeat Saint class magical beasts!!!

  1. I think our mc stii has large advantages because his ninjutsu are varies and unknown to the other plus he had illusions and taijutsu power

    1. This meme… making me remember that you tube video about some niggas listening to boku no pico……and I don’t want to remember…..

      1. hey,, who know in the future he might become patriarch of his clan, then decided to build his own hidden village just like first hokage ? but that can wait until he return to the clan to get revenge first

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