In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 47

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 47: Library


“I think this is the mistake of teachers. Since it is already like that, you can stay here.” Zhao Yunyun said to Ren Tianyou.

“Elder sister Yunyun, do you really intend to let him live here ah, he is male, so it will be inconvenient for us if he lives here ah.” A female student pulled the arm of Zhao Yunyun and whispered.

“Then do you have any better solution? After all this matter is not his fault, and we also don’t have authority to deprive other person’s right to stay here ah.” Zhao Yunyun whispered back helplessly.

“Since this is the case, then I’ll take a rest inside my room.” Hearing the conversation between that female student and Zhao Yunyun, Ren Tianyou smiled wryly inside his heart and said.

“Then we’ll not disturb you any further, schoolmate Ren Tianyou.”

Ren Tianyou entered his room and then shut the door.

“Whew.” Inside the room, he released a long sigh of relief. “That was truly dangerous, almost died back there, but form now on I can brazenly enter this female student’s dormitory. Haha, so cool!”


On the outside of the door, after seeing Ren Tianyou entered inside the room, towards all the female students who were still there, Zhao Yunyun said, “Everyone, you all are dismissed. Hereafter be careful while doing any matter in dormitory, after all a male student is living here from now on. It won’t be as convenient as in the past.” After saying this, she walked towards her own room. Seeing Zhao Yunyun leaving, all the female students also dispersed.

Inside the room, Ren Tianyou lied on the bed. After intense training of nature change of wind attribute in the morning, he was mentally tired. So lying on the bed, he fell into a deep sleep.


When he woke up, it was already afternoon. He looked at the time, but was still too early to sleep again. ‘What should I do? Should I go to the cultivation room for more training?’

“Oh, that’s right. Since this Supreme Light Academy is extremely large, there must be a dedicated library. Since I am free now, I will just go to the library and have a look.” Ren Tianyou muttered to himself, then he got out of the bed and move out form his door. After that he walked towards the direction of library.

After walking for almost 20 minutes, he arrived in front of the library of academy. In front of him, he saw a five storey ancient style building. And also saw that many people were entering and leaving that building through the main entrance of that building. It seems pretty lively inside the library.

Walking inside the library, he saw a huge space where many rows of bookshelves were standing and within those bookshelves, there were many books. There was a counter next to the entrance, and a 17 or 18 years old young girl was busily registering the books to lend.

Ren Tianyou walked towards the counter, spoke to that girl, “Hello, my name is Ren Tianyou and I am newly-arrived student. Can you briefly introduction about this library?”

After finishing her work, she lifted her head and she discovered a young man dressed in a strange clothing was standing in front of her, then she said, “My name is Xie Tingting, are you a new student?”

“Hehe, yes. Can you tell me general information about this library, please?”

“No problem. This library have all together five floor and each floor contains different books. First floor contains some miscellaneous writings about the incidents of this continent, history books and other similar books. Second floor and above contains manuals of Battle Qi, illusion and magic. But the stairs leading to this floor has a barrier. Only the person having enough strength can pass through. You should have at least the strength of Great Swordsman to enter second floor. To enter third floor, you should have the strength of Swords Master. To enter fourth floor, you should have the strength of Saint. And finally fifth floor is restricted area, without the permission of dean and vice-dean, no one can enter.” Xie Tingting sat on the stool and slowly explained to Ren Tianyou.

“To borrow the books, you must register the book from me first. The books of first floor can be borrowed for seven days. Second floor books for three days. And it is forbidden to take away the books from third floor and above. And the books must be returned within the stipulated time.”

“So it is like that. May I ask, is there any particular book you recommend which introduce all the big incidents of Divine Wind Continent?” Currently he didn’t want any secret manuals, he was more interested on finding the book about all the big incident of this continent, so that he could clearly understand this Divine wind continent. After all, the original owner ‘Ximen Tianlong’ also never before left imperial capital of Ailer Empire. So he was also not too clear on the affairs of this continent.

“You can read ‘Chronological History of the Continent’ book. This book is at the fifth row of bookshelf number three in the first floor. You can go and look for it.” Xie Tingting recommended the book to Ren Tianyou.

“Thank you very much.” Ren Tianyou thanked her, then turned around and walked towards the bookshelves. After he arrived before bookshelf number three, he found ‘Chronological History of the Continent’ book on the fourth row of that bookshelf. This was extremely thick book. He estimated that it would take several days to finish reading this book.

He took out ‘Chronological History of the Continent’ book from the bookshelf, and placed it on his hand. Then he again he carefully looked through the remaining books in other bookshelves. Finally in the bookshelf number seven, he discovered the book named ‘Five Great Danger Spot of the Continent’. He took out that book too, then he walked towards the entrance. Arriving before Xie Tianting, he handed these two books to her and said, “I want to borrow these two books.”

Hearing Ren Tianyou, Xie Tingting brought those books in front of herself and said, “Take out your student card.”

Ren Tianyou took out his student card from his ninja backpack and handed it to Xie Tingting. Then she took out a register card of those two books, after a while, registration was complete. Xie Tingting again picked up an item from the side desk which resemble a stamp, then turned over the two books. On the bottom right of the back of the book, there was a small-sized purple colored pattern seal. There was a light fluctuation of magic from this seal.

This was a special magic formation to prevent students from stealing the books. If someone tries to take out any book from the library entrance without registration first, then this magic formation on this book would release an ear-piercing screech. The principle behind it was, there was also a magic formation on the entrance of library, and the magic formation of all the books resonance with it, and when the books were taken a certain range away outside the door, an ear-piercing screech will rang out. Only that special alchemy item in the hand of Xie Tingting can temporary suppress the magic formation of the books.

Xie Tingting used that item and placed a mark above that purple seal of the books. Then she handed back the student card along with those those books to Ren Tianyou and said, “Well, now you can take away these two books. Remember to return the books within stipulated time, otherwise you will be punished. Furthermore, do not damage these books.”

“Ok, I got it. Thanks a lot.” Ren Tianyou thanked and then took those two books and walked towards his dormitory. Since he borrowed the books, it’s necessary to take a good look at these books.

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