In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 44

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 44: Combat skills

Combat skills

Unknowingly, more than an hour already passed, yet the result of training of Ren Tianyou was still less than ideal. He had already exerted his effort for more than an hour but he was still unable to completely cut off this single leaf. At most he had cut off only half of that single leaf.

He stood up, then he threw away the leaf which was in his hand. Looking around he saw that his shadow clones were still struggling hard. Inside his heart he sighed with emotion, “Ai, it seems, it would take a bit longer to completely master this nature change of wind element. And right now this waterfall is also useless.”

“Release.” Ren Tianyou got rid of shadow clone jutsu, immediately all the shadow clones turned into smokes and disappeared. And Ren Tianyou stood there with his eyes closed, while reflecting and absorbing the experiences of the shadow clones. Of course the fatigue of all the clones were also passed over to him.

“It seems I still need to make a great effort to cultivate.” All the unsuccessful experiences of shadow clones appeared in his mind, then he sighed. After that he concentrate his mind, and all the surroundings around him start to distort. After his field of vision restored, he found himself sitting on the stone bed, back at his stone room.

Then he get off from the stone bed, opened the stone door and exit the cultivation room.

With the exception of Yun Leixiao who was sitting on the stool with his eyes closed, there was no one else in the training room.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Yun Leixiao opened his closed eyes. After seeing Ren Tianyou, he smiled and said, “Tianyou, how come you came out so early, there is still half an hour left for another class to start.”

Hearing Yun Leixiao, Ren Tianyou came near Yun Leixiao, pulled up a stool and sat down next to him and said, “It’s nothing. I’m merely bored, nothing else. So I came out.”

“Haha, how was the effects of magic formations of the cultivation room, was it any good?” Yun Leixiao asked with a smile.

“Hehe, not bad, especially that illusion magic formation.” Ren Tianyou spoke his honest feeling. Although ninjutsu had extremely large advantage, still these effect of magical formation, couldn’t be created with ninjutsu.

“Actually, the effect of this sixth cultivation ground is not that good. First to third cultivation grounds have the best effects and all the magic formations there are many times stronger than here. But you need to fight on your own for those cultivation room.”

“Teacher, can you tell me more about this Cultivation Room Ranking Competition? Since I am a new student here, I am not that clear about it.”

“Hehe, I can tell you about that.” Following that Yun Leixiao gave the detail explanation about the rules of the competition and finally said, “In Last time’s Cultivation Room Ranking Competition, our class overall result was too poor. So we were assigned this sixth cultivation room. Originally, first to third cultivation room were prepared for the three special class of our Supreme Light Academy. But now actually…………ah it’s driving me mad.” Yun Leixiao became angry while speaking about the last Cultivation Room Ranking Competition. It was so because, due to this matter, Yun Leixiao was many times ridiculed by other teacher.

“So it is like that.” Hearing the detail explanation, Ren Tianyou clearly understood about this ranking competition. The competition of this Supreme Light Academy adopts the unconventional method. The most important factor of this competition was the accumulated points. This competition not only tests the strength of individuals, but also the overall strength of whole class. This was so because the teacher of Supreme Light Academy attach great importance to the development of strength of all the students, and not worship individualistic heroism. After all, if the strength of only one student is high and everyone else are mediocre, then that teacher is not qualified as a teacher. As a result the top level of Supreme Light Academy implemented this rule in the competition.

“In last time ranking match, strongest student of our class obtained third position. And among remaining four, only two of them were within top ten, and remaining didn’t make into top ten too. So the overall result was extremely poor.” Yun Leixiao sighed and carried on talking, “The one to obtain first position was Wang Yanli of Magic Court. He is peak Magic Master of fire system. Second was Li Xinyun of Illusion Court. He is also peak Illusion Master. Both of them are extremely strong.”

Ren Tianyou actually didn’t care about the strength of these people. If he and that Yan Xinluo of Death clan took part in this competition, then it was guaranteed that the top two position would go to their class. Now experiencing the effects of magic formations of sixth cultivation room, Ren Tianyou was quite interested towards the first three cultivation rooms.

“There are still more than a month time from next ranking competition. From the test before, I have the rough understanding about the strength level of both you and Yan Xinluo. I hope both of you will make an extra effort to get a good result for our class in next ranking competition.”

“I got it, teacher. I’ll do my best.” Ren Tianyou answered. Without regard for whether it for his personal feeling or for others, he would try his best. And after he had started learning ninjutsu, compared to before his desire for battle was very large. And he himself was doubting whether he had become more violent or not!

At this time, a strong magic fluctuation spurt out from the cultivation rooms. Ren Tianyou and Yun Leixiao stopped their conversation, and looked towards the cultivation rooms.

Along with the fluctuation of magic, all the stone doors of cultivation room opened and then all students inside came out one by one. Actually there was the time limit to use the cultivation room, you could only use cultivation room for two hours per day. If used four hours or more, then the magic fluctuation inside the room will alert the cultivating people. After all, maintaining these magic formation requires extremely large amount of energy. So no one knows how much resources or gold coins Supreme Light Academy spends daily in order to operate these magic formations daily. So these magic formations were not possible to use for infinite time.

“Well, everyone come here. Now I will explain about several combat skills.” Seeing all the people had arrived, Yun Leixiao started to explain the content of the lesson.

“We already know that, the combat skill of warriors are divided into heaven, earth, black and yellow—these 4 grade and 16 rank. Combat skills are incomparably important for us humans, because combat skills maximize our strength. Even to the extent of 200% or even 300%.

“We warrior cultivate Battle Qi and it is the source of all our strength. And combat skills guides us to use this strength efficiently.”

“Let me give you an example. The most common low-yellow grade combat skill, Rolling Stone Fist. I believe everybody knows about it.”

When Yun Leixiao asked about the Rolling Stone Fist, everyone nodded their head. From this you could see that this Rolling Stone Fist cultivation manual was very common in Divine Wind Continent and most of the people possessed this cultivation manual.

“The principle of Rolling Stone Fist is to combine your Battle Qi with physical strength of your body. With this you can make a reasonable use of your physical strength. And I think I don’t need to tell any more about it.

“And the principle of higher level combat skill is also similar. But the higher level combat skill consumes high amount of Battle Qi.”

“For example, I cultivate mid-black grade combat skill, Thunderbolt Hand. The principle of this skill is to compress violent thunder Battle Qi in your hand then hit your target destroying the target from inside, i.e. shaking and breaking everything inside.”

“Higher the grade of combat skills, larger the help in the cultivation. And also help cultivator to draw out more strength during the battle.”

“The might of heaven grade combat skill is even more monstrous. It can be combined with the power of void and can extinguish everything before the eyes. For example, the mid-heaven grade combat skill of our dean, Angry Howl of Wind God. He had once used this combat skill against the low level methodological beast, Violent Lion of Magical Beasts’ Forest. And this combat skill had directly killed it and a mile radius of the ground was completely flattened.”


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