In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 42

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Regular chapter 4/5.

In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 42: Taijutsu training


Ren Tianyou arrive near the door of number 33 cultivation room, then he took out his student card and inserted it inside the groove of the stone door. Then along with the fluctuation of magic from the groove, the magic formation on the stone door activated, then the door opened automatically. After the door was opened, he took out his student card from the groove, place it back inside his backpack, and then entered this cultivation room.

This was a small sized cultivation room of about 40 square meter in area. With the exception of stone bed and stone table, there was no other facilities inside this room. On the stone table there was some magic paper, which was the peculiar type of paper created through alchemy. Pen was not used to write in this paper, rather energy was used. If you don’t have battle qi then you could use magic or illusion power to write in this paper. The things written in this magic paper can be preserved for a long period of time without any fading, unless it was destroyed artificially. Generally, martial skills, cultivation manuals and other important documents were recorded in this kind of paper.

Ren Tianyou picked up these papers and looked at them. There was the information regarding the methods to use all the magic formation in this cultivation room.

The magic gathering formation and illusion magic formation was only above the stone bed. But the gravity magic formation covered the whole cultivation room, and you can adjust the level of gravity according to your need, up to the maximum level of 12 times.

After reading those papers, he placed it back on the top of the table, then he sat down cross-legged on the stone bed.  Then he again took out his student card and inserted it inside the groove at the side of the stone bed. That was the switch of the magic formation.

Ren Tianyou was quite curious about the magic formation of this world, as he saw that a single card could control all the magic formation inside this room. But the understanding he got from the memory of Ximen Tianlong was not like this, actually inside the magic card there was a special rune of the creator of magic formation, and this rune simply simulate the magic formation, then with the special incantation you can start the formation. Each magic formation has their own corresponding rune and incantation to start. And these runes could be portray anywhere, for example Supreme Light Academy mostly portrayed the runes inside the cards, so it was extremely convenient to use.

After inserting the student card, he noiselessly chant the incantation to activate the magic formation. After he finished chanting, a colorful magic formation suddenly appeared on the stone bed where he was sitting. Along with the appearance of magic formation, he clearly sensed that the elemental power was quickly gathering around the stone bed. The elemental power was gathering at least three times faster than the time, when magic formation was not activated. After activating magic gathering formation, Ren Tianyou again close that magic formation. Because the chakra of Ren Tianyou was collected from within his own body and he didn’t need to absorb the elemental power, as a result this magic gathering formation was completely useless for Ren Tianyou.

Next Ren Tianyou again chant the incantation of gravity magic formation. Along with the completion of chanting, immediately earth colored magic formation started to appear above the whole floor and a bit of power of earth element spread all over the place. Sitting on the stone bed, Ren Tianyou clearly felt that his own body suddenly sank. And he suddenly felt like he was carrying several extremely heavy loads on his back.

Ren Tianyou stood up, moved his body for a bit, he felt his body was somewhat heavy. In addition, he was not as agile as before. Other than there, there were not any problem.

Ren Tianyou had merely tripled the gravity, nothing more. Although his body was very tough after going through the hardship for more than two years, he was still uncertain whether he would be able to bear higher level gravity or not. After he discovered there was not too big of a burden in three times the gravity, he continuously increased the gravity. When he reached nine times the gravity, Ren Tianyou felt like he was being suppressed by a mountain. Even raising a hand or lifting the foot was extremely difficult. So Ren Tianyou quickly reduce the gravity to eight times, then felt a bit better than before.

“Let’s train in eight times the gravity first, after my physique improve, I will increase the gravity too.” Ren Tianyou only increased the gravity to eight times, then he jumped off the stone bed and started to do single hand push-up.

In Naruto world, not only the close combat of qualified taijutsu user (Body technique user) was very intense, but their strength was also extremely fierce. Currently the distance between the taijutsu of Ren Tianyou and taijustu expert was very far. For example, Ren Tianyou use the taijutsu of Fourth Raikage, he can only carry out the initial ** lightning nature change, and raise his speed, strength and defense. But in comparison with Fourth Raikage, the increase in speed, strength and defense was extremely low. This was so because, not only the amount of chakra of Ren Tianyou is insufficient, he ** also couldn’t completely endure the brutal lightning chakra nature change compared to his ** fire chakra nature change. Although Ren Tianyou had always focused on cultivating and training ninjutsu and genjutsu, because it was very easy to cultivate and learn them thanks to Sharingan he possessed. But he shouldn’t slacken to train taijutsu. [** in raw]

“1, 2, 3………………” Ren Tianyou counted in his heart while doing one hand push up. Ren Tianyou discovered that it was far more difficult to train in this eight times gravity compared to normal training ground. Also training here required more effort. After he quickly reached 100, his forehead was already covered with sweat and his body was already feeling tired. At ordinary times, only after he quickly completed 500 times did he feel this type of sensation.

Time passed minute by minute. Along with the increase in number, he felt that his physical strength was gradually decreasing. Long ago, he was already soaked with sweat.

“467, 468, 469………………..” Ren Tianyou exert all the strength from his body, and repeatedly continued to do push up. His vision was already beginning to blur, and all the strength inside his body was flown away, still he didn’t cease rather continued to train. Because he knew that only after breaking through his body’s limit, can he rapidly increase his strength.

“479, 480………………‘peng’” After reaching 480, he couldn’t hold it any longer. Then he collapsed on the ground, motionless and was panting heavily. Only after about 10 minutes, he felt that his body was gradually regained a little strength.

“Whew, I haven’t felt this tired for a long time. This is really a good place to cultivate. It appeared it was really a right decision to enter this academy.” Ren Tianyou sat crossed-legged on the stone bed and inside his heart he thought. This word have various kind of magic to learn from, even though he could learn similar ninjutsu, but he hadn’t seen any ninjutsu having the similar effect as these magic formations.

“Now let’s test the illusion magic formation, and check whether the description written in the magic paper match with the actual magic formation.” Ren Tianyou finally started to chant the incantation of illusion magic formation.


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