In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 41

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 41: Cultivation room ranking competition

Cultivation room ranking competition

“Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand! (Sanbon Nukite!)” Along with the shout, Ren Tianyou looked as if he had turn into sharp spear of lightning rushing towards the ‘Sky Dividing Sea Wave’ attack of Sun Chuqian.

In the Naruto world, Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand was one of the unique skill of the Third Raikage. The main principle behind this skill was to concentrate a considerable amount of lightning chakra into just the finger-tips of a single hand and then thrusting that hand towards the opponents. Initially use four fingers to attack, and with the reduction of number of fingers, the attack power continuously increase. And when used only one finger, it would have the strongest attack power, thus it was named strongest spear. In those year, when eight tailed-beast of Hidden cloud village had run amok, Third Raikage alone had prevented the amok of eight tailed-beast. And at that time, he had used this Thrust of Hell (Jigokuzuki) to completely cut off all the tails of eight tailed-beast. You can say that this jutsu was fierce and cruel to the extreme, and it was similar to Chidori but the power of Thrust of Hell skill was higher.


When Ren Tian who had turned into a lightning spear and the ‘Sky Dividing Sea Wave’ attack of Sun Chuqian finally met, in an instant the Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand of Ren Tianyou slowly split open the ‘Sky Dividing Sea Wave’ attack of Sun Chuqian.

From the very beginning, Ren Tianyou had a plan to learn successive Raikage’s ninjutsu. These ninjutsu of lightning system not only far surpass ordinary people in terms of speed, even the Fourth Hokage himself using Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Raijin Jutsu) is powerless and tries to avoid to engage them in a close combat. And there was also a ninjutsu to create the armor of lightning chakra for the defense of whole body. Even the Wind style—Rashenshuriken attack of Naruto was powerless to split open this defense. In addition to this, the attack power was also far more powerful, the Thrust of Hell skill——-Hell Stab One-Finger Hand (Jigokuzuki Ippon Nukite) was known as the strongest spear of Third Raikage.

In the beginning, Ren Tianyou had already discovered the method to learn this ninjutsu, but at that time he hadn’t mastered chakra nature change of lightning system. As a result, that time, he could only look at it enviously but couldn’t cultivate. So at that time, he memorized the learning method of this ninjutsu and prepared himself to learn it first after mastering lightning system nature change. Now Ren Tianyou had only learned the initial stage of this ninjutsu. He had already gone through many training, so his body was already capable enough to endure lightning system chakra and cope with fire chakra nature change too. Although the Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand attack of Ren Tianyou was only of initial stage, and couldn’t even compared to the same attack of Third Raikage, nevertheless it shouldn’t be underestimated.

The people on the audience saw that Ren Tianyou had rushed towards the huge wave (sword slash) without even taking out his weapon, but he was still able to cut open that sword slash, this……….

Ren Tianyou ignored the amazement of the audience, and still continued to change chakra into lightning system chakra. And continued to press forward his ‘Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand’ towards ‘Sky Dividing Sea Wave’.

This ‘Sky Dividing Sea Wave’ couldn’t stop the step of Ren Tianyou anymore. After split opening the ‘Sky Dividing Sea Wave’, Ren Tianyou continued to advance towards blankly standing Sun Chuqian.

When the right hand of Ren Tianyou was just 10 centimeter away from the forehead of Sun Chuqian, he stopped his hand. After all this was just a test, it was not necessary to kill the opponent.

Sun Chuqian blankly watched the lightning chakra covered right hand of Ren Tianyou in front of her. Because the distance between the right hand and her face was very near, her beautiful face was feeling slight numbness. She had used all the power from her body in that attack, but it was unexpectedly split open easily, how can she accept this fact!

“Match over, you lose.” Ren Tianyou withdraw his hand. All the chakra that was surrounding him also slowly withdrawn inside his body. His standing erect hair also subsided.

“You………..I……….” Sun Chuqian was speechless.

“Well, match over. Ren Tianyou wins.” At this moment, Yun Leixiao stood up and declared the end of the match.

Ren Tianyou jumped off the arena, and looked for a place to recover his consumed chakra. In this extremely short period of time, he had consumed about one-third of his chakra, so without losing time he wanted to recover his chakra. This jutsu was not good to use before he reached Sadow level. Because this ninjutsu consumes a huge amount of chakra, and only the person with a large amount of chakra can bring out the biggest might of this ninjutsu. Just like Third Raikage, he once faced an opposing force of ten thousand shinobi single-handedly for three consecutive days and nights, in order to allow his comrades to escape to safety and he eventually died in this battle due to extreme exhaustion of chakra. Due to extreme usefulness of this ninjutsu, Ren Tianyou had given more priority to learn this ninjutsu. But for this ninjutsu he needed huge amount of chakra, but after cultivating up to elite senior ninja level, the amount of his chakra was not improving significantly. So for the time being, exchanging one of the tail beast was his top priority.

“Well, now I roughly understand the strength level of you both. I must say, your strength is extremely good. I hope you two will participate for the Cultivation Room Ranking Competition, and achieve a good result for our class. And you all should still remember the humiliation of previous Cultivation Room Ranking Competition.” Yun Leixiao slowly glanced the students around the arena and slowly spoke. Hearing Yun Leixiao, veteran students who had participated in previous completion bowed their heads in shame.

Cultivation Room Ranking Competition was the specialty of Supreme Light Academy. Every class of Supreme Light Academy were required to deploy their students to the special purpose cultivation room. The effect of each cultivation room was different. The lowest level cultivation room have the effect of only ordinary cultivation room. But inside the high level cultivation room, not only there was the high level formation which could quickly gather the magic energy and help the student who cultivated inside to quickly absorb elemental power of voids, but also there were gravity magic formation, floating magic formation and so on other series of high level magic formation. Even inside the current room no. six cultivation room, there was a high level gravity magic formation. It could increase the gravity up to 12 times. This was extremely beneficial for warriors in their cultivation. Furthermore, there was illusion magic formation, and anyone who entered into this formation will enter into an illusion world. Inside that world there will be an opponent who had the same cultivation level as the person entering the formation, fighting against this opponent helps any warrior greatly. Also inside that formation one can choose the environment and skills to use too. This is the merely sixth cultivation room, the first cultivation room was even more perfect for cultivation.

If the representative from the class wins, then everyone from their class will have the right to use best cultivation room. As long as your strength was high or your fist was strong enough, best cultivation room would be yours.

‘Cultivation Room Ranking Competition’ is held once every six month, all the classes of Supreme Light Academy could participate in this competition. This was not the competition for only Warrior Skill Court but Magic Court and Illusion Court could also take part in this competition. But Alchemy Court will not participate because they were only few in numbers and type of people who completely indulge in their alchemy world.

Each class can send only five people to participate in this competition. The total points obtained by these five people were calculated and highest among them obtains the right to use the best cultivation room. This competition doesn’t depend on the personal strength or the strength of team, but it depends on the points system.

Everyone will have their points at the final. The final ranking of the class was determined by adding the total points obtained by all five members of the class. This was also one of the special rule which was applied by the academy, so that teachers of the academy do not pay attention to only those one or two students whose strength is highest or lowest but all of the students. As a result this rule was made.

In last competition, the Warrior Skill Court which Ren Tianyou belongs to, had obtained third rank. First and second was obtained by Magic Court and Illusion Court respectively. To sum it up their overall result was too poor, so they got only number six cultivation room. All the teachers of warrior court almost died because of anger, especially Wang Jiafei, this sexy beautiful lady, used her Scorching Fire Battle Qi and almost burned down the whole building. So when Yun Leixiao mentioned about last competition. Everyone was ashamed, especially those who had participated, their complexion was already becoming red.

“There is still two more months left before the next competition. I hope you all will make great effort to prepare for this competition. Don’t give me any garbage result this time too. You all are the member of special class and you are above the ordinary students. Try your best to get back your honor in coming competition.  Forget about it, I won’t speak about this nonsense any more. Since the test of two new students is complete and I got the rough understanding their strength level, the class will be over soon. So you all are free to cultivate until then. You all should know where the switch of magic formation is, so with the exception of Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo, all are dismissed.” After Yun Leixiao finished speaking, all the students found their cultivation place and started their own training.

Yun Leixiao came before Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo, took out a magic card and said, “Take out your student magic card, I will give you access to enter this cultivation room in your magic card. After you got this permission, you can freely access this sixth cultivation room and you can also freely use magic formations of this cultivation room to cultivate or train.”

Hearing Yun Leixiao, a card appear from inside the right hand of Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo, this was their student card. Yun Leixiao hold his card in his right hand and softly muttered the incantation, then a purple colored battle qi appeared from the card of Yun Leixiao and that radiance entered into the student card of Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo.

Yun Leixiao put away his magic card, then said to Ren Tianyou and Yan Xinluo, “Now both of you can freely access this cultivation room. In addition to this if you want to cultivate battle qi, over there is the special purpose private rooms. Inside it contains several magic formation, so compared to cultivating outside, the speed of your cultivation will be much faster inside that room.” Yun Leixiao said while pointing towards doors at right side.

“Number 33 will be the room of Ren Tianyou, and number 34 will be the room of Yan Xinluo. Inside these cultivation rooms, there is also gravity and illusion magic formation. You can activate these magic formation using your student card. Well, just now both of you had a match, so without wasting any time enter the room and take your time to cultivate. After that qualify yourself as a representative of your class and achieve a good result.”

“Ok.” Ren Tianyou replied and turned around and walked towards the cultivating room. And Yan Xinluo without saying anything, directly turned to leave towards the cultivating room.

Watching the back of two students, Yun Leixiao talked to himself, “These two are good seedling. Not bad, next Cultivation Room Ranking Competition will be something worth seeing.” Finished muttering, he walked over and sat on his stool, then he closed his eyes.

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