In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 40

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 40: The waves of the world

The Waves of the World

Along with the shout of Wang Haiqing, a powerful tornado column appeared at the place where Wang Haiqing had disappeared. And this powerful tornado advanced towards Yan Xinluo at a very high speed.

“This fellow actually forced Wang Haiqing to use Wind Spirit Thousand Sword Dance. It seems the strength of this fellow is pretty good. Now I am looking forward to see the strength of another one too!” Seeing the tornado, a flash of surprise appeared in the face of Yun Leixiao, then he turned his head towards the direction of Ren Tianyou, and muttered to himself.

Even after seeing the rapidly approaching tornado, Yan Xinluo was completely calm. Due to this powerful wind, his hair was fluttering in the air, but only after the tornado arrived near him, did he made his move.

Suddenly the a strong radiance of grey colored Battle Qi increased sharply, and gradually turned into a towering grey light which surrounded the body of Yan Xinluo. This sudden increase of the strength cause the stones beneath Yan Xinluo to disintegrate and turn into fine powders. At this time, Yan Xinluo pull out the short sword in his right hand, and threw in the air in front of him. Then the gray colored Battle Qi was poured into that short sword. After that, the short sword was completely surrounded by grey Battle Qi.

Just now Yan Xinluo had released the strong Battle Qi and assimilated his Battle Qi with his short sword. After that he took a step with his right leg, and along with the light beam of grey Battle Qi, he charged towards the short sword in the air. When Yan Xinluo came in contact with the short sword, the gray colored light beam soared towards the sky from the short sword. From this it was clear that, a powerful Undead Battle Qi was gathered at this short sword.

“Dance of Death, First Verse——Undead Slash Open the Sky!”

Along with the voice of Yan Xinluo, this huge light beam of short sword advance towards the approaching tornado.

“Hong long long!” Along with the series of explosion, the powerful light beam of the short sword cut open the Wind Spirit Thousand Sword Dance of Wang Haiqing like a hot knife cutting through the butter. Then the tornado also gradually became thinner and finally dissipated. And Wang Haiqing who was in the midst of Wind Spirit Thousand Sword Dance flew out while spitting out a stream of mouthful of bloods, and heavily fell on the ground outside the arena.

When the light beam from the sword disappeared, Yan Xinluo appeared at the arena while holding the short sword. It took less than five minutes to complete the battle, and from the beginning they used only three moves and the match was over. But the blood of the students who were watching the battle were boiling with excitement. In this match Wang Haiqing had taken the initiative to attack and furthermore had used two high level attacks, but he was unable to change his fate of losing. It’s not like Wang Haiqing was weak, rather Yan Xinluo was far more powerful than Wang Haiqing. From viewpoint of Ren Tianyou, he felt that the last attack of Yan Xinluo was at least equal or stronger than the attack of that mysterious girl.

“Match over, Yan Xinluo wins.” Yun Leixiao stood up and declared the result. After that he walked towards the side of arena and check the condition of fainted Wang Haiqing. He discovered that there was not any serious injuries. After that, he placed Wang Haiqing near the stool where he was sitting. Then he went near the arena and took out an earth colored stone and placed it into the groove of the arena. Suddenly the arena started to release the yellow colored radiance, and earth system magical power started to emerge. After the yellow colored radiance disappeared, the original damaged arena was already revert back to the original undamaged state.

This was the repair magic of earth system. It can revert back all the damage which was caused within a day. But it requires to place repair magic formation beforehand. And only this arena had the repair magic formation in this training ground.

“Well, restoration of the arena is complete. Carry on the next match.” After seeing that the arena was repaired, Yun Leixiao announced the start of next match.

After hearing the announcement of Yun Leixiao, Ren Tianyou and that girl named Sun Chuqian walked on to the arena and stand opposite to each other.

“Match begin.” Without wasting any time, Yun Leixiao immediately announced the start of the match.

Along with the announcement of Yun Leixiao, Sun Chuqian extended her right hand. Then a light flashed from the blue colored ring on her right hand, after that a slender rapier appeared in the right hand of Sun Chuqian. Along with the appearance of that rapier, a blue colored Battle Qi sprang out from the body of Sun Chuqian. From this Battle Qi, Ren Tianyou could sense a moisture of water, this was gentle water Battle Qi.

“Sea Spirit blood lineage——Activate!” When Ren Tianyou heard the charming voice of Sun Chuqian, he felt like he heard the billows of the oceans.

“Make your move.” Firmly staring at Ren Tianyou, Sun Chuqian spoke.

“In that case, I won’t be polite.” Ren Tianyou carelessly smiled and didn’t declined the offer. Heavily stepping on the ground, Ren Tianyou suddenly turned into a blur and appeared in front of Sun Chuqian. And then heavily kicked her.

“Severe Leaf Hurricane!” (Konoha Goriki Senpuu!)

“Peng!” The body of Sun Chuqian flew in the air. But after flying three or four meter, she balanced herself in the air and landed on the ground. And then, she looked at Ren Tianyou with a surprise expression.

At this time, Ren Tianyou was just withdrawing back his right leg. Seeing that Sun Chuqian had firmly stabilized her body, Ren Tianyou smiled and said, “What is it like, beauty? Seeing that I am only an Intermediate Fighter on the surface, do not underestimate me. Otherwise the consequences will be very serious.”

“This kid truly is sinister. I don’t know what item he is using, but even I couldn’t see his true cultivation level. I was thinking how was it possible that an Intermediate Fighter level kid is assign to the special class? Now I can’t guess whether Chuqian with Sword Master level could defeat him or not!” Seeing the very fast speed and powerful kick of Ren Tianyou, Yun Leixian quickly revalued the strength of Ren Tianyou inside his heart.


“Humph!” Hearing somewhat mocking words of Ren Tianyou, Sun Chuqian coldly snorted, then the Battle Qi surrounding her body suddenly rose sharply and held her rapier in front of herself.

“Sea Spirit First of three Waves——–Sky Dividing Sea Wave!” Along with the voice of Sun Chuqian, energy suddenly sprang out from the body of Sun Chuqian. And all the gentle water Battle Qi started to accumulate at that rapier. And that rapier suddenly started to emit the blue colored radiance.

Seeing that Sun Chuqian was in the midst of preparing her big move, Ren Tianyou was surprised. Because he saw that an image of sea whirlpool had appeared behind her.

At this time, Sun Chuqian had already completed the preparation of her big move. She slashed her rapier which she was holding on her right hand in front of her body, towards the direction of Ren Tianyou. Suddenly the light of rapier slash separated from the rapier and advanced towards the direction of Ren Tianyou. And unexpectedly that sword slash quickly absorbed the moister of the atmosphere, and quickly changed into four or five meter big sea wave. And with an imposing manner advanced towards Ren Tianyou in a very high speed.

“Now it’s too late to open The Eight Inner Gates (Hachimon Tonkou). Forget about it! After learning nature change of lightning element chakra, I haven’t use it in a battle. So it’s better to try it now.” Seeing the rapidly approaching attack, his eyes flashed with a peculiar light and suddenly a strong lightning system chakra appeared around his body. And they gradually formed a protective chakra membrane. All the hair of Ren Tianyou was standing erect and he had bent the thumb and small finger of his right hand.  At this moment Sky Dividing Sea Wave attack of Sun Chuqian finally arrived before Ren Tianyou. Ren Tianyou immediately turned into lightning blur, and right hand pointing straight forward, just like a lightning spear, directly rushed towards the big wave of sword qi.

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    1. Maybe because his opponent is inside or soaked with water? If yes then lightning is a smart move

      1. you have to remember this is the naruto system Lightning is good against earth while earth beats water

        Lightning>Earth>Water>Fire>Wind>back to Lightning

        1. Yes I know that but that only applies to ninjutsu, not physics law, if I am not mistaken in the naruto shippuden where naruto fought a girl that can change her bodies to use all 5 element he said why the girl not use lightning when he soaked in water.

  1. i hope he unlocks kirin, if there is a tournament, it looks really cool as a finishing move.

  2. Oh cliff hanger!!!!!!!!
    I wish to know the reaction of the academy when they know our mc is able to use illusions and magic( ninjutsu)

  3. Thanks for the chapter. Seriously, since when did the Eight Gates require anymore prep time than the Lightning Chakra Mode of the Third and Fourth Raikage?

      1. I don’t complain every chapter. There are more chapters than there are comments from me.

        1. He got alot of time to use any jutsu including gates jutsu when that girl still charging her power. I think he meant for dodge when he mention gate jutsu the moment her atk launch at him.

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