In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 37

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 37: Sage mode

Sage Mode

“Just now we talked about the power of elements, roughly it is divided into seven elements, and everyone possess one of this seven elements. Some may possess single element, some may possess two elements or even three elements. But no matter how many element one possess, the elemental power of each and every one of us are absorbed from the void.”

“In the future, after we absorb these elemental power inside our body, we convert it into our own power. But these power in itself do not count as our own power, as this is the power we absorb from this world. As a result, we should deepen our understanding in controlling the power we possess.”

“Only after you have the ability to control your own power as you wish, can you bring out the true power of these elemental Battle Qi. Let’s take a fire element as an example.” Wang Jiafei slowly continued to explain.

“Among the seven major elements, fire element is the most ‘violent/wild’ in nature. It can also be said that it has the nature to destroy anything. And as a fire system warrior, first of all, they should be clear about the meaning of fire.”

“Although fire is one of the most common element, but once your energy reach high enough, you can easily burn and destroy everything. And just like the meaning of fire element, we as a fire system warrior, must have courage to destroy every obstruction before our path.”

“Before Saint rank, we all just use the elemental power which we absorb from the void. But since this elemental power is not ours, our own strength is always limited. But after reaching Saint rank, everyone begin to learn their own elemental power, and oppose against the elemental power of void and learn to use the endless free power of Void. After reaching Deity rank, they can combine their own power with the power of void and make their own unusual domain.

Listening to the explanation of Wang Jiafei, inside his heart, the power system of this world gradually became clearer. In this Divine Wind Continent, all the powers are originated from elemental power of the void. According to the words of the Earth, you can say ‘natural power’.

Cultivating this way was good, because from the start their power comes from nature. After their strength reached high level in accordance with Divine Wind Continent’s strength rank, i.e. after Saint rank, they can easily communicate with the natural power and form a resonance. Thus they can use the preliminary natural, similar to Sage Mode of Naruto world.

But their cultivation method also have two extremely big drawbacks. First, since they absorb the natural power from the beginning, it’d not be that easy to control natural power, as that the natural power is extremely violent. This is also the reason why, after reaching Saint rank, they learn to communicate with the natural power. Thanks to this, from the beginning they had to spend very large amount of time to grasp and assimilate this power. But unexpectedly initial cultivating method of ninja was to extract the power from inside the body, as a result, compare to Battle Qi, chakra was far easier to use, and also can be used freely in many different ways. For example, you could use chakra to climb trees without using hands, run on the water, and also after reaching high level, one could learn form and nature change and so on. But trying to do so by using Battle Qi is very difficult.

Second, since their power is completely originated from the nature, this is also one of the fatal weakness, i.e. if any warrior arrived at the place which is completely isolated from the power of natural elements, then in a short time the Battle Qi inside their body will be consumed and become powerless, as they won’t have any method to replenish their power. In addition, if earth system warrior come to the area of sea or ice, then their power will be heavily suppressed and weakened as well as it would be very difficult to replenish the consumed power. But the chakra of ninja is extracted for inside their own body, if they arrived at the place which completely cut off the natural elements, they can easily recover their consumed power by extracting chakra from inside their body and eating foods and resting can restore the energy within their bodies. Also if earth system ninja arrived at the area of sea or ice, then there will not be any suppression or weakening effects.

But Battle Qi also have merit, i.e. compared to ninja, they could easily comprehend the natural power, which is similar to Sage mode. In Naruto world, those who had grasped Sage mode were very few in number, such as Jiraiya, First Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, and finally Kabuto.

Chakra is created when two forms of energy—-namely spiritual energy and physical energy of the human are molded together. And adding the natural power in the chakra gives Senjutsu chakra. Before introducing natural power, the chakra is maintaining a balance between spiritual and physical energy, so when natural power is introduced in chakra, this balance is broken. And it is harder to maintain balance between these three types of energy. It is required to have one-third natural power to execute sage mode. If it is more than one-third then the user is swallowed by the natural power and if it is lower than one-third then they can’t enter Sage Mode. In the Naruto world, Jiraiya had put on a great effort to master it but even he couldn’t maintain the absolute balance, so when he execute Sage Mode, he would became a bit like a frog.

In Naruto world, if you lose control while practicing Sage Mode, then you would gradually become frog forever, and slowly turn into a stone. And only the person with a huge amount of chakra could learn this Senjutsu, otherwise, the natural power would quickly swallow that person. From this we can see that it is very hard to learn Sage Mode.

Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of Ren Tianyou, the Saint rank warriors were only able to use pseudo-sage mode. Because they could only use the energy produced from combining their own energy with only the preliminary natural power. Only after they reach God rank, they could use true Sage mode. They can combine their own power with the natural power and form a domain, and their every movement are combined with the natural power.

Senjutsu chakra is at least two or three times more powerful than normal chakra. Natural power is boundless, you can depend on the natural power to easily recover your consumed senjutsu chakra. Also using this senjutsu chakra can make user substantially stronger. For example, normally if you cannot lift a given huge boulder, then after using senjutsu chakra, you can easily lift that huge boulder.

In Naruto VS Pain battle, Naruto had depended on the Sage mode’s enhanced strength to fight because he couldn’t directly resist against Pain. But at that time, Naruto had just completed his training, so he could maintain Sage mode for only five minutes. So he had to use his shadow clones to cultivate senjutsu chakra while he himself fought Pain. But controlling the absorption of natural power was very hard so he could only left two shadow clones to absorb it. And these moves let him successfully defend against Pain.

The Sage mode cultivation method was also available in the Naruto System of Ren Tianyou. But currently he hadn’t even completely mastered his chakra elements first, so how can he have time to learn Sage mode. So Ren Tianyou intends to learn Sage mode after time was right for him to cultivate.

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  1. Author should just focus on his story. No need to keep explain his own facts from naruto world.
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. I don’t know if it is the wording or what but I fail to see the similarities between Sage Mode and these powers after Saint and God-level. And did this guy literally just say that he replenish his powers with chakra. Did he fail to realize that chakra is his power or was I the one who missed something?

    1. He is saying that he could replenish his chakra by extracting the energy from inside the body.
      Also sage mode is just adding nature power to your chakra. And when they reached god level they could use nature power along with their own power. This made it similar to sage mode.

      1. *sigh* Does this author even know how chakra works? Because it doesn’t work like that. Their own power as in the ‘free power of Void’, right? Aren’t they still just absorbing power?

        1. Prior chapters have demonstrated that he clearly does not know how chakra works. And I have no idea what the ‘elemental power of the void’ and ‘free power of the void’ stuff is supposed to mean, different kinds of Qi? Who knows, the author sure doesn’t.

  3. I don’t mind one or two chapter that technically explain about naruto but to do that every chapter or in ratio one story and three chapter about technical system is a vit to much I think

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  5. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    So this is the warrior’s cultivation technique, i wonder if it’s the same for the mages and illusionist

  6. >[T.L: is senjutsu chakra correct term? If not then what is the correct term for the power of sage mode?]

    Chakra itself is Sen Chakra IIRC. Process of using it SenJutsu.

  7. wait wait about people who can use sage mode, i know you only said ‘some’ but how the hell you include Kabuto and no Orochimaru ? did author forgot about kabuto sage mode actualy come from orochimaru dna?
    omg orochimaru is 1 of the best chara villain you know.

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