In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 36

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 36: First lesson at different world

First lesson at different world

Lying on the bed, Ren Tianyou no longer thought about those troublesome matters. Ren Tianyou believed that if he believe in his own strength and cultivate, then there will come a day when his strength will soar to the heavens.

Although he possessed an ultra-powerful good item—-Naruto System, nevertheless this system merely made his starting point to be a bit better compared to other person, nothing more. So the most important thing to become strong was to relay on himself and his own effort, nothing else.


After that Ren Tianyou fell into a deep sleep, early in the next morning he woke up. Today he wanted to report and attend the class in the academy.

Although he already possessed all the inheritance of Naruto world, nevertheless the cultivation system of this world also had the heritage of over millions of years, so it definitely had its own merits. Ren Tianyou intends to borrow this worlds’ cultivation system, and adding it together with his Naruto System, he wanted to create one or two unique ninjutsu which only belong to him.

Furthermore this Supreme Light Academy still had that mysterious Tower of Babel, and Ren Tianyou was extremely curious about this tower. This was the mysterious tower that existed even before the establishment of Supreme Light Academy, and the information about it was tightly sealed, so no information about it could be found. Ren Tianyou was looking for an opportunity to enter this tower.

After getting out of the bed, he performed all his morning duties, and freshen up. Then he stealthily walked out from his room. ‘Grandfather’s, this is my own dormitory but I am forced to behave like some thief.’ Ren Tianyou was never this depressed before. ‘That damn Li Yun, don’t let me meet you again, otherwise I will let you taste the pain of having your chrysanthemum explode.’ Recalling the time when Li Yun assigned the dormitory for him, he couldn’t help but grind his teeth and wanted to slaughter him.

After leaving the dormitory, he directly walked towards the class of Warrior Skill Court. Yesterday evening, Lan Yan had already told him the location of Warrior Skill Court. Today he wanted to directly report and attend this class.

Ren Tianyou walked for about 20 minutes, and arrived before a five storied tall building. His special class was located at fifth floor. Ren Tianyou entered the building and at the fifth floor he found his class. He opened the door and entered the class, then he saw a spacious classroom where about 30 students were sitting and a single beautiful lady was standing at the platform. This lady had red colored hair, and her figure was also slender. When Ren Tianyou opened the door and entered the class, the eyes of all the students including this female lady focused on Ren Tianyou.

“Hello, student, what’s the matter?” The red haired beautiful lady was staring at Ren Tianyou with her fresh eyes, and with her sexy soft voice, she asked.

“I am newly-arrived student, and it seemed I was assigned to this class.” Ren Tianyou crooked his head and slowly spoke.

“Oh, then take out your notice for me to examine.”

“Do you meant this?”  Ren Tianyou took out a piece of paper from his ninja backpack. That piece of paper was given to Ren Tianyou by Li Yun yesterday.

That young lady came before Ren Tianyou, at that time the nostrils of Ren Tianyou were filled with the hot aroma, which almost made Ren Tianyou intoxicated.

“Ah, you actually defeated………………” Looking at the result of test in that piece of paper, that young girl was surprised. Her lips parted involuntarily and with an amazement in her eyes, she read everything that was written on that piece of paper.

Very quickly she realized her misbehavior, and immediately controlled her surprise feeling on the surface. Then facing Ren Tianyou she said, “I’m Wang Jiafei, hereafter one of your guiding teacher, follow me.”

Ren Tianyou followed Wang Jiafei and arrived above the platform. Looking towards all the students, she said, “Everyone, today we have a new student in our class again, so let him introduce himself.”

“My name is Ren Tianyou, am an orphan, and currently 17 years old.” Facing all the students, Ren Tianyou introduced himself.

“Well, student Ren Tianyou, you can sit on the right corner at the back.” Pointing at the open seat at the back, Wang Jiafei said to Ren Tianyou.

“Okay.” Ren Tian walked towards the pointed seat.

Ren Tianyou sat down and looked in front of him, then he discovered that the mysterious boy whom he had met yesterday was also sitting in front of him. Watching this fellow, Ren Tianyou showed a mysterious smile in his lips. After that he no longer paid attention to that youth and looked at the platform.

“Students, just a moment ago, we were talking about the things we should know as a warrior. We are able to use Battle Qi because of Battle Qi Seed inside our body, this seed absorbs the energy within the atmosphere and turn it into Battle Qi. According to different deposition of individuals, they absorbs different types of energy from the atmosphere.” Standing at the platform, Wang Jiafei slowly explained.

“And the different innate talents of everyone affects the size of the Battle Qi Seed. With the exception of innate talent, Battle Qi Cultivation Manual is also extremely important.”

“As we all know, Battle Qi Cultivation Manual, Magic Secret Law, and Illusion Secret Book are all divided into Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow—-four main grade. Each grade is further divided into three sub grade (low, mid and high). And the quality of Battle Qi Cultivation Manual is influenced by the energy absorbing speed from the atmosphere.”

“For example, the most commonly found low-yellow ranked Battle Qi Cultivation Manual, it only contains the most basic method. So, mid-yellow rank Battle Qi Cultivation Manual is at least three times better that low-yellow ranked method.”

“The quality of the cultivation manual also affects the absorption quality of Battle Qi. Most of the common manuals teaches to directly absorb the energy which is filled with impurities, so they had to spend their time to refine that impurities. But some of the better quality cultivation manuals can decrease the amount of impurities while absorbing Battle Qi, this helps cultivators to save their time needed to refine the impurities. And they will have more time to cultivate.”

“All Battle Qi are divided into fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, light and dark, these seven large Battle Qi system. But there are also variation Battle Qi, such as ice system Battle Qi. Nevertheless, no matter what system Battle Qi are, they each have their own characteristics. Like flame system has scorching and explosion, water system has constant and continuous, wind system has elegance, lightning system has paralysis, earth system has thickness and heaviness, light system has heal, and finally dark system has corrode and so on.”

“These system of Battle Qi don’t have any rank, as long as we deeply comprehend our respective element, we can become an expert.”

“Teacher, I am fire system warrior, I pursue the profound understanding of fire system’s wild character. After advancing to Saint Class, do I really need to train our Battle Qi? Without doubt, I know that this is too early to ask. I asked this question because if we don’t need to train our Battle Qi after Saint Class, then currently we should focus more in learning element power rather than training Battle Qi. This may help us in ascending higher rank in the future.”

“Well, only comprehending the element power and not cultivating or training Battle Qi is not possible. It is so because, even if you comprehend deep level insight on elemental power, you will not have required strength to put it into action without Battle Qi. And without comprehension of element power, one cannot become powerful expert. So both of them are necessary for becoming expert warrior.”

“Now I am going to explain about my understanding on element power, this will be very helpful for you all to increase your strength in the future. So listen carefully.”

Carefully listening to the explanations of Battle Qi, elemental power etc. from Wang Jiafei, the first lesson of Ren Tianyou in the different world began.


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  1. Whaaat??? A student is also at the Saint Class? Wasn’t the elders at the Saint Class? So confusing. God is supposed to be the highest level too!(the highest we know so far).

    The person mc defeated was at the Great Master level or something and yet the teacher is surprised? Am I the only one who thinks this?

  2. Thanks for the chapter. God-like ninjutsus + Xianxia cultivation methods = ??? This will be something interesting to see.

  3. ‘Although he possessed an ultra-powerful good item—-Naruto system, nevertheless this system merely made his starting point to be a bit better compared to other person, nothing more.’

    Uh-huh. Sure. It just ‘made his starting position a bit better’.

    Like hell it did. It provided abilities for him from the level of an untrained nobody, up to and beyond this Saint rank people keep talking about. It also granted him tons of OCP abilities, and also made it so certain extremely powerful abilities were not only learnt easily, but lacked their negative side effects to a great extent. Heck, it straight up allowed him to transform his body, gave him access to a host of tools and items …

    ‘Made his starting point to be a bit better compared to other people’. Conceited brat.:/

      1. To be fair, those without this ability would have to do much, much more.

        So honestly, it’s not really much less of a cheat.

    1. He just lazy bun.. He can just hunt all beast in that planet for the point. But instead he always grumble about wanna go home lol .. Plot
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    1. won’t other high-level old guys see through his jutsu and instead mistake him for a spy …and boom..down the mc goes

      1. It doesn’t seem like they can just sense who someone is just from being close to them without looking. They’d just see a random person at the same level of cultivation. Before you say that they would be able to tell he’s the same person because he has the same level of cultivation, just think about how many people in a day they would be killing because they have the same level of cultivation as someone they wanted to kill. So far i haven’t see that they have some kind of spidy sense where they can tell everything from the size of your boots to how many back flips they did yesterday. So no, there would be no high-level old guy and “boom” down goes the mc.

        1. hmm…maybe continuously putting guard may put a mental strain in him( and the chakra consumed)…and IF he let anybody see his disguise then it would be troublesome to explain?

  5. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Can he absorb the element that he summoned with his chakra? It’ll be a whole lot purer than absorbing normally

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