In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 35

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Final Regular chapter.

In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 35: Return to the room of dormitory through the window

Return to the room of dormitory through the window

Limping Ren Tianyou and Luo Mengwu walked towards their dormitory. “Hey Mengwu, you are so ruthless, kicking me too hardly. Even now, my body is still hurting.”

“Who told you to take advantage of me? Do you think I’m that cheap? I think it was still too light of a punishment.” Luo Mengwu said disdainfully.

“But you still used me as your shield, how can you forget about this!” Ren Tianyou immediately argued back.

“Oh, is it? Why can’t I remember? When did that happen ah?” Luo Mengwu said with uncertain look in her face.

“You………… are something.” Ren Tianyou said while grinding his teeth. ‘Honestly our forefathers didn’t deceived me, ‘women are very difficult to deal with’, and this phrase is also applied here ah, f**k!’ Ren Tianyou cursed inside his heart.

“Hey, Tianyou, why did Lan Yin suddenly leave at that moment? I clearly know that he is a type of person who never gives up so easily.” Luo Mengwu asked curiously.

“Actually, I just merely created an illusion and told him something?”

“What thing?”

“That is secret, I cannot say.” Ren Tian shook his head.

After that they walked silently and reached the dormitory, but seeing the condition of dormitory, Ren Tianyou immediately ceased his steps and refused to move forward.

Because in front of him, Ren Tianyou saw several female student were talking, washing clothes and so on. If Ren Tianyou swaggered inside the dormitory now, he was uncertain whether he will be alive or not.

“What happened, Tianyou? Let’s go.” Seeing that Ren Tianyou was not moving an inch, Luo Mengwu felt surprised and asked.

“That, you go first. I will follow you soon.” Ren Tianyou resolutely shook his head.

“Haha…………so it is like that. Be at ease, these sisters are very gentle and soft. They will definitely receive you warmly.” After looking at the direction where Ren Tianyou was watching, Luo Mengwu understood the thought of Ren Tianyou. So she teased him.

“Haha……………no need, I will think about the way to go up myself.” Ren Tianyou resolutely shook his head in refusal.

“Since you insist, you are on your own. I’ll go first.” Seeing the resolute expression, Luo Mengwu no longer teased him. And she walked towards the dormitory.

Seeing Luo Mengwu disappeared inside the dormitory, Ren Tian once again looked at those female students in front of dormitory. ‘Grandfather’s, this is also my dormitory, so why am I afraid?’ Although he mumbled like this, but he didn’t have enough guts to brazenly walk inside the dormitory filled with only girls.

“*sigh*, since I can’t walk through main entrance, then I, your father will enter through window them.” Ren Tianyou gritted his teeth and quickly walked behind the dormitory. After some time, he arrived at the walls behind the dormitory, then he used his chakra to cover his feet and started to walk on the walls. Just when he was at the side of second floor room, he suddenly heard the noise from that room.

“Not good.” Ren Tianyou cried out in alarm and quickly started to make a series of hand seals, “Earth Style—Hidden in Stones Jutsu! (Doton—Iwagakure no Jutsu!)” After he completed forming hand seals, suddenly the chakra began to fluctuate around him and his figure disappeared from the wall.

After that he saw that the window of that room was opened from inside, and someone threw a basin of water from that window, after that the window was closed again.

At that time, space started to twist and Ren Tianyou figure suddenly appeared on the earth.

“Whew, that was a close call.” Ren Tianyou wiped the sweats on his forehead.

Earth Style—Hidden in Stones Jutsu allowed him to camouflage himself with the earth around him.

After that he walked towards his room’s windows. After arriving near his room windows, from his ninja backpack he took out a kunai, and then pry open his window and entered inside his room.

“Whew, finally came in, f**k, it really was not easy.” Ren Tianyou sat on the bed and wiped his cold sweat from his forehead. A moment ago, it was really dangerous, if not for the concealing ninjutsu, he would have been discovered. Then he would have become a big joke. At that time, he suddenly thought about a problem, how was he going to come and go from his room every day, should he use window every day? F**k, what a great thing ah!

Although he was depressed enough to cough blood, still there wasn’t any good solution to this problem, so he could only use window for the time being.

Ren Tianyou shut the windows of the bathroom, and started to have a pleasant bubble bath. After bathing he wiped his wet body dry and lied on the bed.

Right now Ren Tianyou was not feeling any drowsiness. From his bed he was lying, he looked towards the sky outside the window. After that looking at the 2 moons for a long time, he started to think about many things.

‘It’s already been more than two years since I arrived to this Divine Wind Continent, I don’t know how my parents are doing. In addition after they got the news of my death, I don’t know whether they were able to live normally again or not. But mom dad, your son is not dead, still alive in this another world. You can rest assured, as soon as I am strong enough, I will search for the way back and will definitely return back.’

Thinking about his current strength, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but become vexed and upset with himself. Although he is already at the level of elite ninja, still regarding to understanding the nature of chakra was the greatest difficulty for him. Till now he had grasped lightning chakra nature change, but as for wind attribute, he only got a clue nothing more. After he grasped the nature change of Wind attribute, he wanted to fuse two attributes to use bloodline limit (kekkei genkai) ninjutsu.

But during those two years, there was a huge improvement in the amount of chakra he possessed. And he could also exchange a tail beast from the system and borrow its chakra. Nevertheless, seeing the long string of zeros in system point’s requirement, Ren Tianyou felt sharp pain in his ass.

In addition there was Sharingan, which was the most important. He wanted to awaken Mangekyo of Obito. And also wanted to awaken Mangekyo of Sasuke so that he could fuse the mangekyos and upgrade the Mangekyo Sharingan to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. But just to awaken next 2 pairs of Mangekyo, he needed 20,000 system points, no need to mention about the requirement of system points to awaken Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

But even after Ren Tianyou had stayed at Magical Beasts’ Forest for more than two years, he didn’t earn altogether 20,000 system points, but currently he wasn’t at Magical Beasts’ Forest, and didn’t have any chance to earn system points, so only god knows when he would have enough system points to awaken Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Currently Ren Tianyou wanted to activate the Mission System, so that he would have extra method to earn system points. But he had no idea how to activate it. As a result, there wasn’t any mission listed there.

“F**k, I’m so sick of it, but I don’t want to sleep.” Ren Tianyou got more and more irritated while thinking about these matter. So he covered his head and tried to fall asleep so that he don’t need to think about these matters.

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  1. “Nevertheless, seeing the long string of zeros in system point’s requirement, Ren Tian You felt sharp pain in his ass.” wtf lol

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    living like a true ninja.. goes to his room through the window..

  3. The inconsistencies in the amount of system point from the author is amazing. Lv1 monster gave him 10pts and he munches at least 5 a day which means at least 50pts a day and 2 yrs shout be about 35000 pts minimum if he was only hunting lv1 but he sold quite a number of lv 2-6 cores so the amount should be way above this.

    Forgive my ramblings

    1. exactly if you count every core he had 269 class 3 cores, 257 class 4 cores, 193 class 5 cores, 127 class 6 cores, and 37 class 7 cores and that’s not including class 1 and 2 and considering class 1 = 10 and saint = 2000 it seems WAY too low

  4. The way he acts is good, except for how retarded he turns into when its about girls. I mean comeon why the hell would he let her treat him like shit, and his being way to retarded with taking the window in, why would he care what the girls think, that just dosent make sense.

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