In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 34

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 34

[T.L: no title]

“Well, that, listen to my explanation…………” Seeing that boundless murderous intent in the eyes of Lan Yin, Ren Tianyou suddenly shuddered. After that he hastily opened his mouth to explain, but before he could finish talking, his mouth was covered.

“Help me to drive him away, all right?” Luo Mengwu covered the mouth of Ren Tianyou and then whispered.

“Wu wu……” Pointing at the covered mouth and nose, Ren Tianyou tried to talk.

“Ah.” Immediately without losing any time, Luo Mengwu released her hand. After that Ren Tianyou took a deep breath and said, “So am I going to become a cannon fodder every time? Why don’t you just find a real boyfriend or find another person to act as a fake boyfriend or something else? If this continues on, then even if I have nine lives, it won’t be enough?” Ren Tianyou put on a long face and said to Luo Mengwu.

“Please, among all my friends, you are the only one he don’t know. So you are the only one qualified to become my fake boyfriend. Also, if you don’t help me, do you believe that I will tell everyone you molested me?” Luo Mengwu was annoyed, and rolling her eyes she said.

“You………, *sigh* since you say so, what I say anymore?” Ren Tianyou put on a long face and looked at Luo Mengwu, and inside his heart, he wailed, ‘I know you are different type of person than your brother. Unlike your brother who is only black in skin color, you have a black belly. Ah, oh god, why did you let me meet these evil friends, ah?”

“That, little Wuwu is correct. I’m her boyfriend.” After speaking, under the stupefied gaze of Lan Yan and others, he encircled his right hand on the body of Luo Mengwu and embrace her against his bosom and thought, “Heh heh, I, your father will not become your shield for nothing, at least I can take some interest.”

“You……….you actually take advantage of me.” At the bosom of Ren Tianyou, the whole body of Luo Mengwu was stiff. Till now with the exception of her close family member, no other man had ever embrace her. As a result her body was stiff.

“Oh, but currently I am your boyfriend. Embracing, hugging and cuddling is quite normal. I still haven’t kissed you yet, why are you so overwhelmed?” Inside his heart, Ren Tianyou was laughing evilly.

“You dare!” Hearing Ren Tianyou still wanted to kiss her, immediately Luo Mengwu glared at him. Inside her heart she was deeply regretting, about why she asked this big lecher to become her fake boyfriend.

“You…….you guys!” Staring at Ren Tianyou and Luo Mengwu with burning eyes, Lan Yin didn’t know what to say.

“Hey, Tianyou, he is my younger brother. Don’t play too much.” Lan Yan passed by Ren Tianyou and whispered.

“Boss, I am also being forced to do this by this black belly woman. She is blackmailing me by saying that she will shout out that I molested her, if I don’t do this. So, I will try to do what I can.” Ren Tianyou explained with wry smile.

“Ai.” Lan Yan sighed and shook his head, and didn’t know that to say anymore.

“You actually dared to snatch away my most loveable Little Wu. I want to have a duel with you.” Lan Yin yelled full of anger.

“I’m sorry. I’m not interested.”

“You coward, do not even dared to accept my duel. Are you still a man?”

“You don’t need to know whether I am a man or not, besides I think she is clearer about this matter, right Little Wuwu!” Ren Tianyou lewdly smiled and looked at Luo Mengwu in his embrace.

“You……….” Luo Mengwu immediately gnash her teeth and didn’t know what to say. Now she was really regretting that she asked Ren Tianyou to become her fake boyfriend.

“You, you guys actually………..” Lan Yin trembled all over and pointed towards Ren Tianyou and Luo Mengwu and was speechless.

Luo Tianxing and others were covering their face, they felt disgraced, and were asking themselves why they met such an evil friend! And especially Luo Tianxing, if this case was not for the sake of his younger sister, he would have already chopped Ren Tianyou to death. It was obvious that this couldn’t be dismissed by saying it’s a simple harassment.

“You, you bastard, I want a duel against you.” Lan Yin roared while glaring Ren Tianyou.

“Humph, again duel, don’t you have any other fresh trick! I’m not interested in duel.” Ren Tianyou picked his nostrils and said disdainfully.

“Ah, its already this late, we should rest. Little Wuwu, let’s get out of here.” Saying this Ren Tianyou turned around and walked away while still holding Luo Mengwu.

“You bastard, hold it right there.” Seeing Ren Tianyou and Luo Mengwu walking towards the dormitory, Lan Yin thought they were going to have an affair. In a flash, anger suddenly rose sharply, ‘grandfather’s, no need to mention about snatching I, your father’s most treasured woman, still brazenly showingyou’re your affection in front of me!’ Lan Yin directly took out his sword and attacked Ren Tianyou.


Along with the sound of blade entering the body, everyone was stunned. They could only see that the sword in the hand of Lan Yin had stabbed through the body of Ren Tianyou.

“Tianyou!” Luo Mengwu cried out in alarm, and from the side Lan Yan and others directly dashed towards Ren Tianyou. Just at that time, they saw that the body of Ren Tianyou suddenly turned into four black crows and scattered towards Lan Yin. This was the unique skill of Uchiha Itachi, Demon Illusion—Mirage Raven (Magen—Shinkarasu).

“Where is this?” Lan Yin looked all around him and asked.

“This is my world!” Suddenly the space in front of Lan Yin twisted, and Ren Tianyou appeared before him.

“You, you didn’t die?” Seeing Ren Tianyou, Lan Yin was frightened and asked stutteringly.

“Haha, Of course, I didn’t die.  I brought you here to talk to you about something.” Ren Tianyou said grinning.

“What something? Between us there is nothing left to talk.” Lan Yin replied with a disdain.

“I want to talk about the matter of Luo Mengwu. Actually, honestly speaking, there is nothing between me and Luo Mengwu. We are just good friends, but………..” Ren Tianyou said slowly, but before he could finish speaking, the pleasantly surprised voice of Lan Yin interrupted him.


“No kidding, without doubt it’s real. In addition I discovered that, although you like Luo Mengwu, but she seemed to be too cold towards you.” In a bad mood, Ren Tianyou said.

“I have been pursuing her for almost three years, but she always treats me like a younger brother and never before responded to my feelings.” Lan Yin said very depressingly.

“Why do you like her?” Ren Tianyou stared the eyes of Lan Yin and asked.

“I, I like………..” Lan Yin stammered and couldn’t tell even a single reason.

“Actually, you really don’t like her, you just purely wanted to obtain her, nothing more. Isn’t that right?” Ren Tianyou said. Inside his heart he was secretly sneering, ‘didn’t expect these pick-up lines that I had browsed on the internet on the Earth, to be useful in this different world.’

“No, I’m not…………….” Lan Yin complexion became ghastly pale, and tried to explain.

“You merely deceived yourself into thinking you liked her, nothing more.”

“I………..” Lan Yin sat on the ground. But he didn’t know what to say.

“I think Luo Mengwu is already aware about this matter so she had been refusing you all this time. If you want Luo Mengwu to really accept you, first of all give yourself a reason to love her.”

“I……… it!” Lan Yin lowered his head and spoke

“Hehe, oh, that’s right! You should hurry up, otherwise Luo Mengwu may like someone else and you won’t even find a place to cry. For example me ah, I am such an outstanding guy, so I can’t guaranty you that she won’t fall in love with me.”

“You…………” Lan Yin lifted his head and was about to curse Ren Tianyou, only to find the space was around him was gradually twisting. When he regained his vision again, he discovered that he was still standing at his original location. His sword was still inside his sheath and his brother and others were also standing at the side without moving from their place.

“This is?” Lan Yin tried to think, but he didn’t know the matter just now was real or not. He even started to think that all the matters happened before were his fantasies.

“That was my illusion skill, and the things we talked with each other just now, I hope you will think about that carefully.” Ren Tianyou said to Lan Yin while covering his left eye with his hand, as his left eyes was a bit tired.

“I know.” Lan Yin thought for a while, then turned around and left.

“Hey, Tianyou, what’s going on? Why did my brother leave so suddenly?” Lan Yan came towards Ren Tianyou and curiously asked.

“Heh heh, secret.” Ren Tianyou laughed. Then he turned towards Luo Mengwu and said, “Let’s go, darling Little Wuwu. It’s already late, so we should go to bed.”

“Go to hell.” In a flash, the face of Luo Mengwu was filled with dark clouds, and with a strong murderous look she lifted her long, slender and beautiful legs and kicked Ren Tianyou.

“Ah!” Ren Tianyou made a beautiful arc in the air ‘peng’ and fell on the flower bed on the side of the path.

“Ha ha.”

“Wa ha ha!”


Seeing the miserable condition of Ren Tianyou, suddenly each and every one of them laughed.

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    1. You here as well? Damn it. Call NAPOLCOM (countrys pest controller).
      Kiddding. How many names do you have ren.

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Sometimes this guy got good idea. Others take advantages of you so you will also do that to them.

  2. > “Ai.” Lan Yan sighed and shook his head, and didn’t know that to say anymore.

    “You actually dared to snatch away my most loveable little Wu. I want to have a duel with you.” Lan Yin yelled full of anger.


    1. first sentence was said by Lan Yan after hearing Ren Tian You.

      Second was said by Lan Yin after he said ““You…….you guys!” Staring at Ren Tian You and Luo Meng Wu with burning eyes, Lan Yin didn’t know what to say.” As he couldnt hear the whisper between Lan yan and Ren Tian You.

    1. LoL that was the most taboo jutsu in naruto !!
      even obito and pain surender after naruto use that skill

  3. haven’t even completed chapter, but so disgusted right now, can’t an author for ONCE just let the MC straight up refuse such a retarded BULLSHIT excuse from a girl, like bitch please, deal with your own problems, don’t pull the fake boyfriend card and threaten a FRIEND, a VERY powerful friend that you will spread such a rumor. If you have the gall to make such a threat, you aren’t a friend.

    1. Yeah i agree, this was complete bs. He should had not given a crap about her and tell her if she dared slander him. I hate these type of girls and bs.

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