In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 33

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In a Different World with Naruto System, Chapter 33: Babel Tower

Tower of Babel

Ren Tianyou and others laughed for a while, after that they went to academy to bring back some daily necessities to the room of Ren Tianyou. After that Ren Tianyou remembered about that Tower of Babel, which was mentioned by Li Yun, so he asked Li Feng and others about this tower.

“Tower of Babel, we also don’t know many things about this tower!” Shaking his head, Lan Yan said.

“We only know that, even before this Supreme Light Academy was established, this Tower of Babel already existed inside the ground of this academy. As far as where it located is, what it is, how it looks like and so on, none of us know about it. And it is also forbidden to spread rumor about this Tower of Babel.” Long You explained slowly.

“We all are only first grade. Currently we just need to inform teacher that we completed trial by fire assignment at Magical Beasts’ Forest, and after that we can obtain the permission to enter this mysterious Tower of Babel.”

“Can’t you ask about this to your clan elders? Aren’t the background of all of you not that simple?” Ren Tianyou asked curiously.

“Long You is the third prince of the royal family, Long Luoluo is seventh princess, as for Luo Tianxing and his sister, their father is Grand Marshal. He is in charge of one-third army of the empire, and is known as ‘Crazy Blood War God’, and he is Saint ranked warrior. The clan of Li Feng is also not weak. They are aristocratic clan of illusionists, whole clan members are expert in cultivating illusions. And as for my clan, heh heh, we do business.” Lan Yan slowly explained.

“Heh heh, the family of Lan Yan is very rich. Do you know the Lan Diyin Auction house in the imperial city? That is theirs’ auction house!” Li Feng added.

“F**k, that auction house belong to your clan!” Suddenly Ren Tianyou rolled his eyes and said.

“Yes, what happened?” Seeing the odd reaction of Ren Tianyou, Lan Yan asked.

“Today I went to that auction house, and sold all the magical beasts’ core that I had collected in those two years, and got more than 600,000 gold coins.”

“Eh……………” Lan Yan and others were a bit surprised, what is this, their good friend was shortage in money and he sold his everything he had in his friend’s house.

“Well, no need to speak about this anymore. Didn’t you all asked your clan’s elder about this Tower of Babel?” Ren Tianyou was mostly curious about this Tower of Babel.

“We asked about it, but they said that after we enter, we will know about it ourselves, and didn’t disclosed a single word bout Tower of Babel.” Li Fen said.

“That’s right, big brother Tianyou. My father always loves me very much, but even he didn’t tell me a single word about Tower of Babel. I’m very angry!” Long Luoluo added.

Listening the explanation of Lan Yan and others, Ren Tianyou started to thought, ‘why didn’t anyone gave any information on this Tower of Babel, even an emperor himself is keeping it a secret from his own sons and daughters. In addition to this, today he encountered that mysterious youth. That special aura surrounding around his body resemble the specific race which Ximen Tianlong had accidently read in ancient book. Still, truly interesting, seems like the decision to come to this academy was indeed correct.’

“Tianyou, what’s going on with you?” Patting Ren Tianyou who was deeply thinking, Li Feng asked.

“Hehe, its nothing! Just thinking about Tower of Babel.” Ren Tianyou replied.

“Well, don’t think any more about it. Oh, it’s already this late. Let’s go to eat something first.” Long You pulled Ren Tianyou and started to head towards dining hall.

After they reached the dining hall, Long You and others didn’t sat there but headed towards the second floor, which was reserved for nobility to eat. This shows that discrimination between poor and rich was present everywhere.

After ordering meals, Ren Tianyou again asked about the academy. Naturally Lan Yan and others answered every question about the academy. From this Ren Tianyou got general understanding of the academy.

The classes in the academy were divided into five courts—— General Magic Court, Warrior Skill Court, Magic Court, Illusion Court and Alchemy Court. Everyone who attend this academy, no matter the level of strength, and innate talent can only attend grade one of any court at the start. Only after you pass the trial by fire assignment given by the academy, you get the chance to enter Tower of Babel. And only after completing the assignment of Tower of Babel that was given by the academy, you can ascend to next grade. You can take these assignment anytime, as long as you think your strength was strong enough, even if that was your first day, you can attempt this assignment. But if you fail to complete the assignment, you are barred to attempt this assignment for next six months. Also if you didn’t ascend to the next class within two years of joining the academy, then you are expelled from the academy and forever banned to enroll this academy again. No matter what your identity is.

And every grade had a special class, this was the class where Ren Tianyou was assigned. This was the class where only genius and experts of the same grade can attend. Of course, entering this class didn’t give any chance to sit back and relax, as every other student of the same grade can challenge the student of special class of same grade. If the challenger wins, then the loser special class student will lose his place in special class to the challenger. Also the challenges can’t be refused, and refusing the challenge meant giving up the challenge. Of course there is the limit on how many challenges should accepted daily. At least 3 challenges should be accepted, after that you could reject any other challenges for remaining day.

“Interesting!” After listening to Lan Yan and others, Ren Tianyou muttered to himself. Just at that time, meal also arrived. They stopped their discussion and started to eat.

After they had eaten and drunk to their heart content, they left dining hall and started to stroll around the academy. “Little Wu, you came back from your trial by fire assignment.” Just then, they heard a surprised voice of male from behind them.

Ren Tianyou and others looked behind them, and saw a young man with a blue hair who resembled Lan Yan and Lan Xinmeng. And was running towards Luo Mengwu.

“Lan Yin, how many times should I tell you, don’t call me so intimately!” Seeing that male, Luo Mengwu suddenly had a headache, and said.

“Lan Yin? Same surname as Lan Yan and Xinmeng, furthermore that blue hair, don’t tell me this kid is…………..” Hearing the name of the kid, coupled with the blue hair, Ren Tianyou immediately speculated the identity of this young man. After that Lan Yan conformed his guess.

“Hey younger brother, I and your younger sister both are standing here, but even after so long you didn’t see us? Is Mengwu only the person in your eye?” Lan Yan said gloomily.

“Ah, elder brother and little sister, you are also here.” It seemed like Lan Yin had just discovered them, so he hastily greeted them.

“You……….” Lan Yan didn’t know what to say anymore. Lan Xinmeng was also speechless seeing the reaction of her second elder brother.

“Haha, never thought that the younger brother of Lan Yan was this interesting.” Ren Tianyou laughed in his heart.

“Little Wu, did you eat? If not then please come with me to have a dinner.” Lan Yin didn’t even turned towards the direction of his brother and sister but was only staring at the direction of Luo Mengwu.

“Well, sorry, this young lady has already eaten just a moment ago. Furthermore, I don’t want to eat meal with you.” Luo Mengwu was already having a great headache.

“Ai, Little Wu, this is already 383th time you turned me down when I invited you. Why do you turn me down every time?” Lan Yin said with a sad face. Hearing Lan Yin, Ren Tianyou shook his head. The willpower of this fellow was indeed high, even after getting rejected so many times, he still hadn’t given up.

“That is…….that is because I already have another person I love, yes, he is Ren Tianyou.” Luo Meng Wu suddenly pointed towards Ren Tianyou and said.

“F**k, what, me again!” Hearing this, Ren Tianyou felt like crying. ‘Ever since I came to this world, every time someone want fake boyfriend, they came looking for me. And what’s more, I have to take the hit of jealousy.’

At that time, Ren Tianyou suddenly sensed a powerful murderous intent. Looking at the source, he saw that the eyes of Lan Yin was shining with dangerous glint and was firmly staring at him.

“Gulp!” Ren Tianyou heavily swallowed his saliva, and he couldn’t help but retreat few steps.

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    1. One he’s not super cocky so he take every murderous intent seriously and two when a man is fighting for their women for someone reason they can always dish-out more strength than usually

    1. Yes its ‘gulp’ but in chinese ‘Gu dong’. Because I want to left sfx in chinese. thats why ‘gu dong’.

    1. Why are you saying he got the bad luck. he is getting to become the fake boyfriend of the beauty. is this wrost luck. I dont think so? *cough* *cough*

      1. I’m not saying being a fake boyfriend is bad luck I’m being used whenever there’s a free open chance is bad luck

  1. Thanks for the chapter. This is actually quite refresing. Haven’t seen a xianxia, even if it’s a fanfiction(?) one, with girls used MC as their fake boyfriend. This only happened in JP novels.

  2. if i am not mistaken long siblings should be Prince/Princess of the Imperial Family not Royal as it is an empire not a kingdom

      1. obviously the translator and i fail to see how my comment makes me a homosexual. but your Avatar clearly is

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