In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 32

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 32: Mysterious youngster

At this time Ren Tianyou was already en route towards Supreme Light Academy. Just now Ren Tianyou had suddenly felt a formidable energy quickly approaching towards his location. Also compared to the energy of the mysterious girl whom he had encountered last time, this energy was stronger, so it meant that the approaching person was at least Saint ranked expert. Although Ren Tianyou was not afraid to confront this person, still if he fought inside this imperial capital, which was also the stronghold of other person, he would be the one to suffer most. As a result he had quickly left that place. From start to finish he had never cared about that kid from Zhao clan, as for Ximen Ziyue, she will return and report about this matter to Ximen clan.

Ren Tianyou didn’t think about this matter anymore, after all if his strength was strong enough, then he didn’t need to fear about any things or anyone. Just like Madara who alone confronted the whole ninja world and the past Shadows without any fear. He can do so because he had strength!

Before long, Ren Tianyou reached the entrance of Supreme Light Academy, there he suddenly discovered several human’s vague figure. After carefully looking, he found out that they were Lan Yan and others. Ren Tianyou quickly walked towards them and said, “Hello, uncle, why are you standing here?”

“F**k, didn’t I say not to call me uncle, but you are still calling! Do you need a beating?” Hearing the word uncle, Luo Tianxing violently rushed towards him.

“Humph, then let’s go to training ground ah, by coincidence, my hand is itching a bit.” Ren Tianyou spoke.

“You……… I am feeling unwell, sometimes later I will beat you.” Luo Tianxing knew that if he accept the proposal of Ren Tianyou, then he would be in great tragedy under the fists of Ren Tianyou. So he quickly refused.

“Haha!” After listening to the words of Luo Tianxing, Lan Yan and others immediately laughed.

“We were not waiting for you without reason, it’s just we wanted to hear about your enrollment test, but you were not inside the academy. So with no other choice we had to wait for you here.” Lan Yan slowly talked.

“Ah, so it was like that! I had just went to buy something, nothing more.”

“Well, why are we still standing here, let’s go inside the academy.” Ren Tianyou and others walked inside the academy. Just when Ren Tianyou was about to speak, suddenly a loud sound rang from the nearby training area.

“Hong!” Hearing the sound of explosion, Ran Tianyou and others stopped their steps and looked at the door of training area.

“What happened?” Long You asked with uncertainty. Just at that time the door opened, and a person suddenly came out from there. Seeing this person, suddenly the eyes of Ren Tianyou and others shrunk, as all the fine hairs on their body stood erect.

This young man was wearing a gray colored clothes, had an elegant face, and if you look at him calmly, then you could immediately tell that he was from a large clan just like Lan Yan and others. He had white colored hair all over his head, as well as his skin was also so white in color, that it was almost scary, as it felt like he was issuing a pale death aura from all over the body.

That fellow glanced at Ren Tianyou and others, and then as if he didn’t see anyone he walked inside.

“Gulp……who is this person, and why the aura of his is body like that, it remind me of dead person.” Li Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and asked stutteringly.

“I also don’t know. He came out from inside that door, should be a new student like Tianyou.” After thinking deeply, Lan Yan said slowly.

Just then, that door again opened, the same guard that Ren Tianyou had met came out while carrying unconscious Yi Yun. Lan Yan and others looked at each other and went towards that guard, “Hey, what is going on inside the room?”

“Yes, the test teacher is knocked out again by the challenger, just like your friend over there did in his test. Damn it, what is happening today? Only abnormal people are coming to take the test.” After giving a reply and muttering something to himself, he quickly rushed towards the treatment room.

“Oh, Tianyou, so you knocked out the test teacher?” Luo Tianxing was covered with cold sweat and asked Ren Tianyou.

“Eh, haha, I just come across a tough tortoise shell, as a result I use a bit more force.” Ren Tianyou replied.

“Great!” Li Feng and others all gave thumbs-up to Ren Tianyou.

“Wa, still big brother Tianyou is awesome!” With the stars forming inside her eyes, Long Luoluo spoke.

“Eh, hehe, hehe…………” Ren Tianyou embarrassedly laughed.

“Let’s go, I still don’t know the location of dormitory where I will be staying. So you should take me there.”

“Where was you assigned?” Li Feng asked curiously.

“Boys dormitory, third area, second floor, room number 202.”

“Oh, third area, what? You were assigned at third sector!” Li Feng roared in surprise, and Luo Mengwu and all others also had a look of surprise in their face.

“F**k, why on earth are you all surprised? I don’t think I said anything that shocking!” Ren Tianyou said gloomily.

“Nonsense, although third district used to be boys dormitory but now it is already decided to change that area into the girls dormitory area. Thanks to this, no male lives in this dormitory. Although currently there are not many students living in this dormitory, but all the resident of this dormitory are females. Mengwu also resides there.” Li Feng explained.

“No way!” Ren Tianyou was completely dumbfounded.

“Without doubt it’s real. In this dormitory you get a single room per person, and the living conditions is much better that other ordinary dormitory!” Luo Tianxing said in a bad mood.

“Mengwu, what is your room number, if I cannot fall asleep at night, I can come to your room for a heart to heart talk with you ah.” Ren Tianyou suddenly said to Luo Mengwu with a vulgar appearance.

“Die already!” Hearing to Ren Tianyou, Luo Mengwu’s beautiful face became deathly pale and in a bad mood she kicked Ren Tianyou.

“Hey, Tianyou, I am quite worried that you and my sister will be living under the same roof, so let’s exchange our room!” Luo Tianxing suddenly whispered in the ear of Ren Tianyou.

“In your dream!” Ren Tianyou directly refused, and inside his hear he thought ‘on the Earth, I had never got the chance to enter girl’s dormitory, but here at different world I got this opportunity and what’s more I can live with them under the same roof.’

Ren Tianyou followed Lan Yan and others, and walked all the way to the northern part of the academy. After about 10 minutes, crossing the bamboo forest, they arrived in front of five storied building. At this moment, Luo Mengwu said, “This is our dormitory, let go in.”

“Ok, Tianyou, go to your room and you all can wait me there.” Luo Mengwu said that and entered her room in first floor. Ren Tianyou and others went straight to second floor to room number 202. After that Ren Tianyou took out his room card, and inserted in the groove at the front of door. A surge of magic flashed and the door automatically opened. Then Ren Tianyou took back his room card and all of them enter inside his room.

This was 2LDK room. This room was comparable to the room of residential buildings on the earth without any electric appliances.

“Wow, I am more and more envious, Tianyou, you really don’t want to exchange our rooms?” Luo Tianxing again asked this question.

Seeing the facial expression of Luo Tianxing, Ren Tianyou suddenly shuddered. And coldly said, “Your sister, don’t disgust me!” And after this he kicked Luo Tianxing and because of the impact of kick Luo Tianxing fell towards the door.

“Humph, with only this much do you think this will hurt me, do not underestimate copper skin ability of 7 Stars Broken Bone, blood lineage of our clan………….” Luo Tianxing spoke while patting his body. But just as he finished speaking, “Bang!” the door heavily hit his head, this caused Luo Tianxing to roll on the ground while holding his head. Luo Mengwu came inside from the door and seeing her fallen brother, she was completely dumbfounded.

“Humph, copper skin…… Hey, Lan Yan, do you think the hit from this door can improve his brain?” Looking at the fallen Luo Tianxing, Ren Tianyou asked Lan Yan!


“Haha, laughter is killing me!”


Lan Yan and others laughed while holding their belly. Especially Long Luoluo, she was already tearing up while laughing.


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