In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 31

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 31: Genjutsu Shibari (Paralysis Genjutsu)


Seeing this beautiful young girl, his eyebrows gradually wrinkled. How could he came across her at this place, really a bad luck! The girl in front of him was Ximen Ziyue, Ximen Tianlong’s younger sister. From the memory of Ximen Tianlong, he learnt that when they were young they were extremely close, and during their younger days, she used to call Ximen Tianlong as ‘elder brother Tianlong’. But after she grew up, perhaps because she became aware of reality, she gradually distanced herself from Ximen Tianlong. Afterwards she started to treat Ximen Tianlong with freezing irony and burning satire.

“Why are you here?” Ren Tianyou frowned and asked. He never thought that he would meet someone from Ximen clan this fast after leaving Magical Beasts’ Forest.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect to come across you here!” Ximen Ziyue said with grinning. “Look at your appearance, aren’t you looking more comfortable! It seemed like leaving Ximen clan was best choice for you.”

“Ziyue, who is he?” A youth wearing a purple dress was following her. In addition to this youth, there were still four or fice bodyguards following her. Seeing that Ziyue was familiarly talking with Ren Tianyou, he asked with a frown.

“He used to be my elder brother, Ximen Tianlong, trash of Ximen clan. So our clan had expelled him from our clan.” Ximen Ziyue said while grinning.

“Oh!” That youth suddenly release the sound of understand.

“Ximen Ziyue, you better pipe down your mouth. First I would like to correct several things you said. First, I’m not your brother, second, my name is Ren Tianyou, and I don’t have any relation with your Ximen clan. And each and every insult you have given me, I will return back to you all with interest. Third and also the last, don’t utter the word trash, otherwise I will kill you.” Hearing the insult of Ximen Ziyue, the eyes of Ren Tianyou gradually changed into a blood color, and gradually Sharingan became visible, and staring at Ximen Ziyue he said every words clearly.

“You……….” Ximen Zi Yua face was filled with anger, nevertheless seeing those abnormal eyes of Ren Tianyou, a chill appeared inside her heart from nowhere. And even though she opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out.

“Humph, impudent, you trash…………….Ah!” Hearing the words of Ren Tianyou, the youth who was standing beside Ximen Ziyue, suddenly spoke with disdain. But before he finish speaking, he only sensed slight movement, then he felt a severe pain in his face, and after that he involuntarily gave a horrible shriek and flew backwards.

“Second young master!”

“Zhao Guanglei!” The bodyguards and Ximen Ziyue suddenly cried out in alarm.

“Humph, I said I don’t want to hear the word trash!” Without even withdrawing his right hand, Ren Tianyou spoke with complete indifference.

“Ah, this pain is killing me, bastard, you all quickly capture him, I want to kill him.” Zhao Guanglei was screaming and rolling on the ground while holding his right side of the face and roared towards the bodyguards.

“Yes!” Those several bodyguards answered. But before they could take out their weapons, Ren Tianyou had already started to take action. They could only see that Ren Tianyou change into smoke and disappeared and suddenly above f those bodyguards the silhouette of Ren Tianyou appeared. Then along with the several horrible shriek, the heads of those bodyguards suddenly fell on the ground and the blood started to flow from their neck.

Ren Tianyou was standing behind Ximen Ziyue while carrying Kusanagi sword in his right hand, and then Ren Tianyou spoke in the ear of Ximen Ziyue, “You better not get involved, otherwise you will lose your pitiful life.”

“You………..” Hearing the cold voice, and again looking at the dead bodies of the bodyguards that were lying on the ground, suddenly caused her to be so scared that she didn’t dared to even move.

“As for you, young master Zhao, how do you want to die?” Ren Tian turned around and looked at Zhao Guanglei. And with a faint smile in his face, he slowly advance towards Zhao Guanglei.

“You, you…………….don’t come, don’t come!” Watching Ren Tianyou advancing towards him with a sword in his hand, Zhao Guanglei was so scared that he couldn’t even retreat, and roared towards Ren Tianyou with complete fear.

“Step aside, Step aside!” Several voices started to come from behind the crowds of onlooker. Shortly afterwards, several armor wearing patrolling guards made their way inside. Seeing the guards, Zhao Guanglei felt that he had seen his savior. And towards those guards he roared, “You all quickly come over here. I am Zhao clan’s second young master, this person wants to kill me. He already killed all my guards, you all hurry over here and arrest him, no, directly kill him!”

“Is that so?” The guard saw the dead bodies lying on the ground, and questioned Ren Tianyou while frowning.

“I killed some damned people, because I loathe trouble!” Ren Tianyou didn’t deny.

“In that case, you should come with us. Defending imperial capital is our job, so today we must take you with us.” After listening to Ren Tianyou, even if he didn’t have any good impression on Zhao Guanglei, as he was the protector of Imperial capital, he spoke to Ren Tianyou, after that he waved his hand, then all the guards took out their weapons and pointed towards Ren Tianyou.

“I’m very sorry, I don’t have any interest to take a walk with you. So you might as well stay in that place, Paralysis Genjutsu! (Genjutsu Shibari!)” Seeing that those guards were approaching him, although he could kill all of them but he didn’t do so because he not an indiscriminate killer and he only kills those, who he thinks should die. So Ren Tianyou used the illusion of his Sharingan.

In the perception of guards, they suddenly found that a huge nails were inserted in their bodies, and couldn’t free themselves, no matter how hard they tried. This was the illusion technique used by Itachi to bind Orochimaru. Even the great Swords Master and Illusion Master could not struggle free for this technique in a short period of time.

After sorting them, Ren Tianyou turned back to Zhao Guanglei, just at time the voice of Ximen Ziyue could be herd, “Ximen Tianlong, you shouldn’t kill him. He is the second song of Zhao clan of imperial capital Kalisi city. If you kill him, you won’t be able to live in this city.”

“I said, my name is Ren Tianyou. Don’t call me Xime Tianlong. In addition, when did you start caring about me?” He didn’t even turned around and walked towards Zhao Guanglei, and at that moment, suddenly an attack came towards him. Ren Tianyou slightly smiled and mumbled, “Finally coming out?” he used his Kusanagi sword to block.

“Peng!” sound of metal colliding rang. Ren Tianyou unexpectedly saw the old person wearing black clothes who was holding a board sword with the one hand. And Ren Tianyou Kusanagi sword had collided with this person’s board sword.

“Youngster, who are you, and why must you kill the young master of our house?” The old man asked coldly.

“Bah, who I want to kill is not your concern, you just need to concern about yourself, old man!” Ren Tianyou said with disdain. After that he secretly made a series of hand seals with his left hands. Followed by the sounds of birds cry, a strong lighting suddenly appeared in his right hand and cover his Kusanagi sword. Then he slashed with Kusanagi Sword.

“Not good! Flame charge!” That old man was surprised to see lightning appear in Ren Tianyou’s sword, and he immediately released a flame ring from his body, but was still sent flying back by the impact.

“Tut!” Ren Tianyou suddenly spat, and then used Body Flicker Technique (Shunshin no Jutsu)! After that he withdrew his Kusanagi Sword and placed it inside the sheath, then used his right hand to make seal, “Kai! (Release!)” Suddenly those city guards could move again. Then he said to Ximen Ziyue, “Go back and tell Ximen Batian and Ximen Feng, within 1 year, I will come back to Ximen clan, haha!” After finishing speaking, Ren Tianyou turned into a smoke and disappeared. Shortly afterwards, another old man who was covered with purple lightning all over the body suddenly appeared there.

“Great grandfather!” Seeing this old man, Zhao Guanglei rushed towards that old man. That old man looked at Zhao Guanglei and those dead bodies of bodyguards on the ground for a while, and suddenly asked with a cold voice, “What’s going on here?”

Zhao Guanglei immediately started to state the matters occurred here and also didn’t forget to add more details, however Ren Tianyou had already left that place.

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          1. There are other ways to get point like the ninja missions, so thats probably gonna start happen some time soon

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