In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 30

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 30: Selling Magical beasts’ core.

Ren Tianyou walked outside the door, and looked at the boundless blue sky. After thinking for a while, he turned towards the entrance of the academy and walked towards the city.

Now since he had decided to attend this Supreme Light Academy, it was essential to be wealthy. Although he had good relation with Lan Yan and others, however Ren Tianyou didn’t want to use their money. Even if they don’t mind, he himself won’t agree to that proposal. So Ren Tianyou had decided to sell some of the magical beasts’ core which he had obtained while he was staying inside the Magical Beasts’ Forest, for some spare gold coins. He planned to sell only few high level magical beasts’ core because he had accidentally discovered some something, i.e. he could let the Naruto System inside his body absorb the power contained within magical beasts’ core for system points. But this exchange rate was extremely low. The system didn’t absorb the core of class 3 or lower magical beasts, it only absorbs the core of class 4 or higher magical beasts and exchange some system points. Even the core of class 7 magical beast which is equivalent to human Great Sword Master, only gave 200 system points, wasn’t this income falling short of expenditure.

Nevertheless, now he was no longer inside the Magical Beasts’ Forest, so he didn’t have any other good method to earn system points. Also now he had already awakened Mangekyo Sharingan, and every time he used the doujutsu of Mangekyo Sharingan, it increases blindness value, and to offset these blindness values, he had to use system points. 50 system points, only offsets 1% blindness value. As a result, although exchanging magical beasts’ core for the system points was not cost effective, but currently he had no other method to earn system points, so he had no choice but to exchange system points using magical beasts’ core. Although killing a person could also earn a large amount of system points, still he can’t just go around killing indiscriminately, just for the system points. Even if he tried to kill indiscriminately in this continent, then with his current strength, he won’t be able to escape death form the hands of those hidden extremely powerful old experts.

After asking many peoples along the way, he finally arrived at the market which was located at the southern part. This was the place where most of the markets were concentrated in whole Imperial capital. And in the middle of this market, there was a 10 meter tall building, which was auction house of imperial capital Kalisi city. In this auction house, they often auction rather valuable items and weapons, even to the extent that sometimes they auction high grade skill book.

Ren Tianyou went towards this auction house named Lan Diyin auction house’. Ren Tianyou entered the auction house, and walked towards the central hall of the ground floor. Exactly when Ren Tianyou came inside the auction house, a beautiful looking maid servant came forward, “Hello, welcome to Lan Diyin Auction House. May I ask, if mister needs any help in something?”

“I want to sell few high level magical beasts’ core.”

“If mister wants to sell magical beasts’ core, then please follow this passage all the way. And at the right side fourth room from the end, please look for great master Gao Liyun.”

“Well, thanks a lot!” Ren Tianyou thanked and after that he immediately followed the direction. After a moment he arrived at the room mentioned by that maid, after that he pushed open the door and entered inside.

This was a wide room, everything that was needed in the room such as tables, chairs and other kind of furniture, were available in this room. And in the center of the room, there was an old man sitting on the chair and looking at the book attentively. Hearing the sound of the door opening, that old man put down his book and looked towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

“Hello, I want to sell some magical beasts’ core.” Ren Tianyou stepped forward towards that old man called Gao Liyun, and directly spoke straight to the point.

“Oh, selling core of magical beasts? Then take out the cores of magical beasts, and let me examine it.” With a little interest in his face, Gao Liyun said.

“This table might be a bit small, oh.”

“Hehe, then you can just take out in the ground.”

After hearing the words of Gao Liyun, Ren Tianyou took out a storage scroll form his ninja backpack. After that he opened the scroll and spread it on the floor. Gao Liyun didn’t understand the reason behind the action of Ren Tianyou, and he just kept watching.

“Open!” Ren Tianyou made few hand seals with his right hand, “peng, peng” then suddenly the scroll suddenly pop off with smokes. When the smoke dispersed, they could see several piles of magical beasts’ cores had appeared on the floor.

“This is?” Seeing the action of Ren Tianyou, surprise flashed in the eyes of Gao Liyun. After that he looked towards Ren Tianyou and said, “Youngster, very good item!”

“Thank you for your praise. Please check the total price of these magical beasts’ core.”

“Hehe, Ok!” Gao Liyun came near this piles of magical beasts’ core and started to examine carefully. After about 10 minutes, Gao Liyun stood up and said to Ren Tianyou, “269 class 3 cores, 257 class 4 cores, 193 class 5 cores, 127 class 6 cores, and 37 class 7 cores. All the energy within these magical cores were properly preserved, there is not any loss, so we will pay you according to market price. 20 gold coins for class 3 cores, 100 gold coins for class 4 cores, 700 gold coins for class 5 cores, 1600 gold coins for class 6 cores, and 8000 gold coins for class 7 cores. All together 665,380 gold coins. Do you have a magic card? If you have then I can directly transfer the gold coins.”

“Oh, um, I still don’t have magic card. Do you provide magic cards, if so then can I get a magic card for myself?”

“We Lan Diyin Auction House of course give this service. Please wait a moment, I will call a person to get you a magic card.” Gao Liyun called a maid and said something in her ear. Then that servant nodded her head and left.

“Haha, is there anything else to sell? Or do you have more magical beasts core?” Turning around, Gao Liyun asked Ren Tianyou.

“M-hm, for the time being, I don’t have.” Ren Tianyou shook his head. Now he had only a dozen or so class 7 cores, in addition to this he had only class 8 core, and saint class core. He didn’t have any intention to sell these magical beasts’ core.

“Oh, it really is a pity.” At this moment that maid came in. She hand over the purple colored card to Gao Liyun and left the room.

Gao Yiyun produce another similar card, and he stacked them together. After that a faint wave of magic flashed. Then he handed the card to Ren Tianyou and said, “Well this is ownerless magic card, if you drop a blood in this card, then it will recognize you as its master. Your total gold is 665,280. 100 gold coins are deducted as a fee to create this card.”

Ren Tianyou drip a drop of blood on the card, after that he clearly felt that there was exact 665,280 gold coins, then he said, “Well there is nothing left, I will leave first.”

“Hehe, looking forward to your next visit.” After watching Ren Tianyou leave, he waved his hand and all the cores on the ground disappeared. “Interesting, only at the level of Intermediate Fighter, he took out such a large number of high class magical beasts’ core.”

After leaving the auction house, Ren Tianyou returned to the academy. Just at that time, a surprise voice of a female appeared behind him, “Yi, aren’t you Ximen Tianlong!”

Hearing this, Ren Tianyou suddenly paused his steps. He had never thought that someone who knew the previous owner of the body would appear here. Ren Tianyou turned around to look behind him, he recognized the identity of this young girl from the memory of Ximen Tianlong. “Turned out to be her!”


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      1. if that is the case he might have to lie and state he is a different person i don’t think he is ready for the Ximen clan yet now that the father thinks he is not his son he has no support unless you count the Possibly Imperial prince and princess?.
        I also guess they don’t have any type of paternity test in this novel since he was kicked out. he may also have to lie due to his Sharingan as the Ximen clan does not have that Blood linage

  1. A class seven magical beast is equal to a Great Swordmaster? I assumed the ranks of beasts were equal to the ranks of humans but since Great Swordmaster is the eighth rank of a human warrior this must not be so since they are only comparable to a rank seven magical beast, or maybe it was a mix up of the rank names.

      1. Yeah, I figured they would be stronger because just like Kin said it is common in these types of novels however I just never expected the difference in strength to be so big.

        1. It is so but its won’t be any relevant because Mc of these kind of novel are able to fight by skipping the level.

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    ┳┻|ヘミ∧ Thanks
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    ┳┻|⊂ノ  Chapter!
    {Copied from atheistboi}

  3. So bruh, i mentioned last chapter about him selling the saint core. Ok he can use it for system points. But what does he need the body for? Why not sell it? Unless he is planning to resurrect it. Lol

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